England job likely to make Arsenal rush Wenger’s new contract

The Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has been very quickly tipped to be the new England manager in the wake of Roy Hodgson’s resignation after the debacle against Iceland, and the rumours are now becoming more widespread with some papers suggesting that Le Prof is taking the possibility seriously.

But the Mail is now reporting that the Arsenal Board are also taking this threat seriously and want to speed up talks with Wenger regarding an immediate two-year extension to his current contract to ward off the chances of this rumour any further-

I know that quite a few Arsenal fans would be keen for the Frenchman to declare his interest in England so that the Gunners can start looking for possible successors, but can anyone really see Wenger walking away from his lifelong “project” of taking Arsenal to the very top of the footballing tree. I personally think it much more likely that he will sit down with Ivan Gazidis and humbly accept a extra millionn or two a year and sign on the dotted line forArsenal again.

What do you think?



  1. Wenger must manage England.
    I of course would be
    heart broken to see Arsene go
    but it would be for the best.
    Now to bring in a new manager
    for Arsenal.

  2. England, Arsenal…..Listen Up. Arsenal need a striker in the team….

    England should allow Wenger concentrate and get us a striker.. .

    I doubt Wenger will move to England. Strange things happen in football but I see Wenger managing France if the option comes up. Just saying.. .

    For now Wenger please get us a striker as we all know you will be around next season.. .

  3. seriously …having just voted for brexit..and whatevery you think of that … england are not within weeks going to appoint a french manager to the national team …. come on … this is the dead cat tactic … we should be talking about why there is no serious move for two world class strikers without which we will have another failed season and why players like the whippet, ox mert and campbell have not been told they are surplus to requirements in a club with ambition to win top trophies …oh hang on maybe wenger is the man for the england job!!!!!

  4. That’s because most of top managers have been taken and we have no choixe but to keep him

    We pay him £9 million so we could afford Guardiola, klopp, Pellegrini, Lopez, Mourinho, Ancelotti or whoever

  5. Arsene Wenger is NOT going to manage the England team. If he turned down the France management job, why would he take England?

    On a more important note, the transfer window officially opens tomorrow. Lets go Arsenal

  6. It’s not at the top where England need a very smart dude. It is at the bottom, or in the beginning, so to get players accustomed to the art of ball control. Ranieri or Mourinho would be better suited for English players as they are now. A strong counter attack system would be Englands only real shot at doing well in tournaments. It doesn’t matter how attractive a manager likes his teams to play, if he hasn’t got the right players, it is impossible to play fast flowing attractive football. I agree up top, Wenger should manage France if he ever fancies the International move. At least Ireland know their limits, the same with Wales (minus Bale), this is why England end up falling flat and looking so poor. They think they’re better than what they actually are. Could be an arrogance, or it could be because they don’t realise that but for the quota rule, they wouldn’t be playing for the PL’s top dogs.

  7. Madness. Stop giving this guy contracts. Let’s get this year over with, get 4th place and then find a better manager. Wenger Era must end. We’re achieving nothing.

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