England job offer to make Wenger go BIG on Arsenal transfers

Although the reports linking the Arsenal manager with the newly available job in charge of the national team of England were initially taken as something of a joke, it has become increasingly clear that there could be more to it. We will have to wait and see what happens with the three lions in the next year to know more.

But there has been talk of them getting someone in on a temporary basis until Wenger’s current contract with Arsenal runs out next summer. As reported by The Telegraph the Frenchman has refused to rule himself out of the job but will not walk away from his current deal.

So assuming that this will be his last season in charge of the Gunners, will Wenger change his transfer policy, which is often ruled by a long term outlook rather than the sort of quick fix that the likes of Jose Mourinho usually goes for? Surely he will be desperate to go out on a high and that is much more likely to happen if we make some big signings like Gonzalo Higuain from Napoli.

So could this possible job offer for our boss turn out to be great news for Arsenal and our chances of winning the Premier League title?


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  1. as the famous philospher Aristotle once said…

    “go hard or go home , has anyone seen my sandals?”

    1. @muffdiver
      Muff D…My Brutha. You prolly left yo sandals on that yacht in Marbella Playboy.

  2. I think this is another case of people not listening to what the man has said. When asked about taking the France National Team Manager he said: “The time has gone”. So if the time has gone to take the France job, why do you think he would take the England job where there would be more pressure and scrutiny. I don’t think that will happen. He will either be managing Arsenal next season with a new contract , or out of managing football altogether.

    Can I leave this planet and go and live on another planet for one full season. Please! The transfer window is becoming an embarrassment. When you start off like this then the season will also end with a huge disappointment. The deluded one very well knows we are in need of a WC striker and off he goes and buys some rubbish from the island….whoa!! I can’t stand this let me go off to Mars…one season!

    1. At first i was mad about the Asano transfer then calmed down and realized he will probably be sent on loan in the championship to be more accustomed to the English game. We are still in the market for a top striker and i believe we will get one.

      1. The Asano transfer is effectively a non-event in Arsena’s transfer season.

        He is a player for the future at best. Asano will no impact on Wenger’s overall transfer plans. Either Wenger will get some players or not – Asano is not a factor in the process.

  4. I’m not keeping my hopes up high like last season after Cech signing. Xhaka was a great start but so was Cech last year

  5. Why do grown men here cry over little things???
    Why the childish behaviour????

    If we hadn’t signed anyone its maybe understandable, or do you think you guys are the only ones scared or worried about the the way things are????

    But to come here EVERYTIME and lament,moan about lack of signings is boring,especially when window is still wide open…
    If it turns out we didn’t sign anyone then we can react infact I will be the number one critic..
    Calm down people!

    1. Hey goonerboy…thumbs up m8…although I think you make a big assumption about some of their ages.

      It doesn’t matter if it’s pre season, mid season, post season…they are serial moaners even when there’s fa to moan about. For a site that was designed to presumably celebrate being an AFC fan…it’s all a bit sad really. I think the lunatics have actually taken over the asylum.

  6. With regard to transfers we are all looking for signings which will win us the premier league. We are forgeting what we have been told,

    Speaking at the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference in Boston he (kroenke) said: “For me, being an individual owner, I have to have some sort of reality involved. If you want to win championships then you would never get involved.”

    Jack wiltshire on arsenal.com, “You have to give credit to the boss as well because, at a club like Arsenal, you are looking to win things, finish top four, get Champions League, win competitions, and to play a 19-year-old and keep your faith in him week in, week out… [Iwobi] has repaid him well.”

    So we have an owner saying that he is not involved to win championships and jack wiltshire confirming that aim is top four finish, not to win the PL.

    It is the top four business model that Arsenal are following, signings will be made to achieve this aim.We have to beat the likes of liverpool, tottenham, west ham and leicester. If we can beat one of manu, manc or chelsea then that is a bonus. How we keep ozil and sanchez in these circumstances I do not know.

    1. I think your last sentence is the most important and troublesome for Arsenal. Arsenal are at serious risk of losing team confidence AND their top talent if Wenger does not get serious about transfers.

      The sad part is that Arsenal are not that far from being competitive. I think 3 players would really help. 1 striker, 1 winger, 1 CB. This would not guarantee anything but it would at least make Arsenal competitive and show Ozil, Sanchez and the fans that Arsenal have some ambition.

      1. Mohawk, it is what bothers me as well. I think us fans have accepted top four whilst stadium debt was forcing us to sell our best players, expecting things to get much better as the burden of the debt eased, as is the case now. My concern is that kroenke became the majority shareholder and thought, fans have accepted paying high ticket prices and top four finish, we will continue with that policy. It maximises kroenke’s return on his investment.

        The big problem however is then attracting and keeping top players and is the reason rvp left. Kroenke talked about the importance of the “brand” but made no reference to the need to win things to grow the brand. We have manc who sack managers for not doing well enough in the champions league and it is impossible to imagine abramovich saying that he is not involved to win championships.

        All we can hope is that kroenke understands that winning is important and convinces our top players that arsenals aim is to win.

    2. @jonm
      You must be a fan of Fox news. Because you just chopped up those mens statements to fit your fake agenda…In true Fox form.
      Next time, quote Stan word for word from said statement.
      Whatever Jack says doesn’t count. He don’t own or decide over jack…

      1. Nygunner, I do hope my agenda is fake snd arsenal are aiming to win the PL. However I have read a number of reports about Kroenkes verbal comments at the boston conference. I did not post all the quotes due to post being too long. I did not take a sensational headline and base my opinion on that, it is not the way i think. My understanding of kroenkes position is that Arsenal should be self financing without external sources of finance. It is difficult to determine what his aims are with respect to winning things. Perhaps you could give your opinion on this based on kroenkes comments rather than just criticising my interpretation .

        Moving on to jack wiltshires comments, he has been at the club a long time, and his comments were the subject of an article on this site. Could you please explain why his definition of the aims of the club do not count. Can you provide a better quote for the aims of the club.

        Also can you explain why arsenal have consistently shown over many seasons, grit and determination when top four is under threat. However, given a golden opportunity to get clear ahead at the top of the PL they bottle it? I think it is because achieving top four is ingrained in to the club.

        I do think that there is a problem with retaining top talent because they want to win things. Can you name one top talent since we last won the title who has stayed at the club untill their performances started to fade. As far as I can remember they all left to go on to win things elsewhere.

        1. @jonm
          Then why use part of his statement, instead of the statement in it’s entirety? And what ever Jack says the future of the club is, will never count. He merely an employee. Regardless of how long he’s been employed. He is no more privy to management/owner discussions than any other player.
          You knew your inent when posting that drivel…Own it.

  7. Lool funny enough i can see Wenger signing Robson-Kanu who is a free agent and has been decent for Wales and telling us ” Err he has been fantastic and top top during the Euro and will be a great addition to the team”.

    All jokes aside the window literally opened 4 days ago and will close on the 31st of August. I myself have decided to settle down and resume complaining and moaning about the lack of transfers if nothing’s been done by the beginning of the season and especially if we lose the opener.

  8. Just read that Sterling will not “walk out” on England despite the heavy criticism.

    Seriously? Is that the way it works? A dismally-performing player decides for himself whether he stays or goes??

    Silly me, I thought the manager made the selections and players had to EARN their way into the team.

    I rarely make predictions in politics or sports but this case was too easy. I predicted that any England starting lineup with Sterling would result in disaster. (Some things are just too obvious).

    When was the last time Sterling actually had even 2 decent back-to-back performances? Maybe 2 years ago?? He is not worth half of the 50 mil fee. Walcott has been far better and that is not a compliment to either player.

  9. i am starting to think of Arsenal as a club in either 1 of two ways

    1 Wenger and the club is a money making success and the dark days are on there way for fans


    2 the fans are delusional thinking we are a big club and we have been over achieving

    or could it be both

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