England legend highlights the three Arsenal players key to their success

Paul Scholes identified three players he believes are integral to Arsenal going forward.

Paul Scholes believes that Mikel Arteta can achieve success as Arsenal’s manager if he can keep his front three players fit.

Arteta has taken charge of Arsenal for just a game and the Spaniard is still yet to come up with his best XI.

He has, however, been impressed by the application of some of his players after their draw against Bournemouth and he isn’t expected to make too many changes for their game against Chelsea this weekend, but Paul Scholes has identified players that he needs to keep fit.

The Manchester United legend believes that Mesut Ozil, Pierre Emerick Aubameyang and Alexandre Lacazette are three of Arsenal’s best players and rates them very highly.

‘I think the key to Arsenal is the front three players,’ Scholes told Premier League Productions. ‘I think if he [Arteta] keeps Aubameyang, Lacazette and Ozil fit, I think they’re three quality players.’

Paul Scholes is, however, unimpressed by the quality of Arsenal’s defence and he insists that Arteta must make positive changes there to achieve success.

‘It’s just, has he got the quality in behind them?’ Scholes continued. ‘Defensively has always been Arsenal’s problem and I think that’s the first thing he needs to do, try and shore up that defence.’

Have to agree with Scholes on the defence but he is wide of the mark about the three forwards in my opinion. Neither Lacazette or Ozil have been anywhere near top quality this season so not sure why he would categorise them like that.


  1. Scholes obviously seldom watches Arsenal. Otherwise he would have known that our attackers are a big part of our problems, as shown by our dullness in Bournemouth

    But I think Arteta would give them their second chances and I believe Lacazette would not disappoint again

    1. Laca has shown he is class in the past and he had shown it consistently when played regularly in France.

      I still think if we’re left with only Laca and Martinelli as CFs, it won’t be that bad because Laca will again become better if he plays more and Martinelli will develop faster with Auba gone (yes , I know he can play on the wing, but for someone who has such good headers, it’s a waste playing him on the wing all the time).

      Not that I want Auba gone, but it would be better to have a proper top winger on the left and Laca and Martinelli competing for CF than to either play Auba on the wing or have a 50 M striker on the bench (Laca).

  2. They are top players, no scoop nor issue really; but what he highlights as Henry did; just can’t have same errors from same players over and over and just watch and expect to improve.

    We all watch it since season started; Sokratis Luiz, that simply can’t work, nor Sokratis with anyone else!

    He must play a 4-1 formation with Luiz infront of 2 CBs, we have many options beside Sokratis who should not be in group period! Home, not even in stadium, bad luck!

    Does that makes it clear? And please don’t start ruining Saka as a RB rate him a 4 or 5, ruin boy’s so!

    Mustafi can play there , so does Chambers and indeed more secured then. Common sense!

    Bellerin- Mav!!! – Chambers – Mustafi

    He pushes game forward, rest of the team in higher position, pounding opponent!

    Gives many options to go for above LUiZ and that Central defensive zone more secured!

    This is our best current formation, until we get Koulibaly and Kurzawa as Tierny won’t be back for a long minute next year!

    Looks like it is on talk, Napoli wants Torreira and Kolas, market values of 45 and 20M, Koulibaly market value is 75M. Doesn’t mean it can’t go higher upon bets, lower for Torreira indeed. Kurwaza is 10M, loan first..Selling Xhaka for 25M makes this even, Kroenke will be thrilled!

    For now, let’s hope Henry sent a message, maybe a drawing or something to help out Arteta see who we mean but can’t say names! Or currently 12th equal with Burnley, did I just said that? Holly cow!

    Can drop 13th and can end week at 14th. Next game can see us drop to 15, then straight to 18th with 3 lost in our next 3! Even if we draw twice!

    Arteta must get that back formation right, he heard it from legends who are actually hopeful , supportive that way!

      1. VAR ; clear and obvious error. Yeah right! A two minute micro inspection with faulty equipment that we all know has a margin for error in the framing, proving it useless anyway, renders that “clear and obvious” as a blatant lie. VAR is ruining football and until it is speeded up to mere seconds and made clear in moments to all fans , both in the ground and watching TV, is is useless and will remain so. Only idiots introduce changes that make the game worse and spoil the all important joy when a goal is scored, without EVEN BEING SURE THE EQUIPMENT IS 100% ACCURATE. It is not and they are idiots for bringing it in without doing their homework properly.

    1. So DISGUSTING. So according to VAR Kavanagh’s communication to field officials Teemu was coming from an offside position and was therefore judged to be offside even though he had beaten that stupid trap when the ball was being played, infact he was half a yard behind that spud. The armpit argument couldn’t hold so they went with the most absurd explanation ever. This is blatant corruption by Kavanagh and co!

      1. It really is unbelievable! To see some consistency would be good, but I think they make it up as they go along… and of course it depends which team it is (LiVARpool)

      2. On top of that their first goal began with a clear foul on the Norwich player that started the Spurs attack. No VAR to check that, eh?

  3. If any player, no matter who, simply does not provide effective play over a prolonged period, it is laughably wrong to dub him as world class. Simple truth surely? Ozil waas world clasa as recently as 2015, a mere five years ago. On that basis maybe Stanley Matthews(GOOGLE HIM YOUNG FANS) is still world class; he has only been dead a few decades! Or Pele perhaps!

  4. Our Attackers are a big problem, what a joke!do you watch games or match of the day?scholes whonlike his mate couldn’tlast weeks at Oldham and Neville no better u Spain and you gonna give them credit, ludicrous!!

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