England legend reckons Mikel Arteta will be in “a state of mind of pure anger”

Arsenal lost their second consecutive Premier League game to Brighton after the Seagulls came from a goal down to beat Mikel Arteta’s side 2-1.

It was disappointment again for Arteta who would have accepted that his team can be beaten by Manchester City because they were a man down in that match.

However, this latest loss has dented Arsenal’s hopes of playing in Europe next season even further and Rio Ferdinand reckons that Arteta has every right to be angered by how his team performed in the game.

The former England defender claims that Arteta showed his anger by his comments after the game and he reckons that the Spaniard will be looking for answers from his players in the weeks ahead after the game for that unacceptable performance.

He said as quoted by the Mirror: “Angry, listen, for a manager to come out and say his team are not competing he has got to be in a state of mind of pure anger and he’s going to want to find answers from individuals.

“He’s going to be pressuring these players over the next couple of weeks.”

“Two games, to come out of this period of lockdown, you expect your team to come out at minimum fighting, showing character and drive to get a result.

“But this team have come out almost flat-lined. They haven’t been able to get themselves going, or get into a game even.”

Arteta also has the big issue of losing Bernd Leno to contend with now after the German was injured in the game.

It is unclear how long Leno will be on the sidelines, but judging by how thick and fast the games will come until the end of the season, he might not play this season again.

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  1. Pure anger? Welcome to my world!
    I really fear for Leno…. reckon he’ll be out for months… well and truly screwed

  2. The shame that really matters is that Kroenke does not care at all and so is not angry. Only those who care , like us on here and Arteta really care , but only Kroenke can provide the funds to enable Arteta to have a chance to manage players who WANT glory. And sadly, Kroenke DOESN’T CARE! Precious few players here right now want anything except a comfy ride and bags of loot each month. They are leeches sponging off our club and I loathe nearly all of them. I never could condone or respect idleness and shirkers in ANY walk of life and certainly not in the club I have loved all my long life.

    1. Jon,
      I understand the anguish you feel about the supporters and Arteta, who like you, believe has a love for our great club.
      What is so upsetting is that he has to oversee a group of young men who have little interest in fighting for the cause. However, he must do something soon to stem this attitude because other top managers have had to pick teams up before. It will be a big test for Arteta’s resolve

      1. I am not sure that he can do anything. There are real problems in the organization, seems a lot of players don’t care and it seems infectious. This has been a long time coming and I am afraid it is going to take a long time and a new owner to fix.

        The organization has been making a lot of bad player decisions for years now and we are stuck with what we have.

        Other than not seeing Martinelli I can’t argue with too many of Arteta’s decisions. It is generally subbing one mediocre (and often lazy) person for another…

        1. Stewart
          Something must not be quite right with Martinelli, don’t you think? I would hate to think that Arteta was being stubborn and not using him for some obscure reason

  3. i think know as fans let us accept that we are like sunderland,swansea a mid,or even a relegation zone team wait you will see arsenal will loose its best player and it will be hard to replace

    1. Sunderland are in league one for a third straight season, and still have their 47k seater stadium. If we would end up in league one for three seasons we’d be kicked off the Emirates.

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