England struggles good news for Arsenal stars

The Arsenal forward was the only one of the current Arsenal team included in the first England international squad selected by the new man in charge of the three lions. He did not start but will be pleased to have made an impact after Sam Allardyce brought him on for Raheem Sterling with 20 minutes to go.

Walcott thought he had given England the lead but was flagged offside and even though the ball was played back by a Slovakia, replays showed it had brushed the foot of an England man so the decision was correct if a little harsh on our forward.

With Harry Kane, Sterling and Lallana having made little impression throughout the game Walcott should be feeling good about his chances of featuring heavily for England in the World Cup qualifying campaign, as long as he is playing regular football for the Gunners of course.

The same can be said of the other Arsenal players and their England futures. Jack Wilshere, Kieran Gibbs and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain will all be hoping to force their way back into Allardyce’s plans and the players who were in Slovakia did nothing to suggest they won’t be able to. Rooney and Henderson were poor in central midfield and Danny Rose had a bad game at left back.

If Wilshere plays a lot for Bournemouth as we expect him to then I am sure he will be in the England squad at the very least at the next international break and if the Ox can find siome form he has a good chance as well. The situation with Gibbs is tougher but if Wenger does start to give him some game time for Arsenal then he must grab it with both hands or his England days could be over.


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  1. Its a gud tin dat walcott made a visible impact wit such limited time…sumtin telz me dat dude is abt to hit epl like a tsunami this season wit no injuries though!

    1. Dis Sanchez fella wanz a fixed price releez claws in hiz contract, innit
      Ozil wanz £200k per week in hiz contract
      They both wanz perks wit dar contracts innit
      They both be WC playerz innit

  2. WHAT???!! Theo made impact? He wasted two clear goal scoring opportunities. Right after coming on, he got a chance where his first touch was abysmal. Fair, his cross where Sturridge couldn’t put the finishing touch was very good but apart from that, he was rather anonymous. But one thing, the others were so bad that made Theo’s performance look decent. Honestly, I hope to see much better performances from him in Arsenal shirt. I thought Lallana was the best player on the pitch, that too by not by much. Dismal performance but somehow scrapped to 1-0 in the 5th minute of 4 minute stoppage time.

      1. FYI, I didn’t downvote your comment but, I am interested in knowing what makes you say that? Could you please reason or is it beyond you?

        1. Oh so are you ‘Twig’ too or are you merely responding? How kind.

          I remember you saying Jose was ” master of counterttackimg football”, now telling Jose is not a bad manager – they are two very different things. Its like – master player – Ozil/Alexis/Santi, not a bad player – Ox/Giroud. Know the difference eh?

          If you need the reason for that retort: Criticizing Theo (fairly) does not stop you from being a Gunner, whereas lavishing praise on Jose (kissing his a***, again that was your word), is altogether a different thing. As you may have noticed, not only you praised Jose “for winning with smaller clubs”, you also mentioned that Conte would work miracles while the Gooners call him as an overrated manager. That, imo, only a Chelsea fan would say.

          I think the upvote or downvote is not reflective of the comment but rather the person, atleast to some extent. I won’t blame you, but sometimes it is wise rather not to critize or generalize that all the club supporters are not appreciative of rival managers. I always thought that the opinion on the club’s players / managers divide the fans and opinions about the rivals unite them. Well…

          1. I know Jose is not the most liked guy and even I in my comments stated that clearly that he can be a jerk but as a manager he is a top one.
            I would still say the same thing he is a master of counter attacking football. His style.of.pragmatism has always been built by playing counterattack in football. Ask Amy real.Madrid fans , they scored 100 plus goals and also outscored peps barca, can you imagine a manager just playing a defensive football achieving that.
            By saying the obvious and stating truth if that make’s me a chelsea fan then so be it. The stats shows jose”s team always score more goals than most of the teams. Stats shows he has won more trophies in a tough condition than majority of the manager.

            Yes I said he managed small clubs and won major honours. tell me what would be harder, Winning treble with intermilan or with Barcelona. People point out he spends crazy money , whilst I pointed out how pep has also been culprit of overspending aka look at this season £170 million more than jose but yet peoplet have one rule for pep and one for jose.

            Again if stating the obvious things make.me a chelsea fan then I can’t help but just laugh at the ignorance of our fans

            1. Oh! Certainly you can’t stop laughing at the ignorance of our fans. Our fans are ignorant eh? Tbf, I wouldn’t like either of Pep or Jose and in fact I don’t like Jose as his team (Barca) played unfair in the away leg after our home win (2-1) cue van persie red card, busquests dive etc etc. And the same with Jose, for his comments against Wenger, Arsenal and fans.Big managers eh? I have never seen Wenger’s team cheating in broad daylight nor Wenger dishing out a fellow manager a ‘voyeur’. Manager is the symbol of the club and certainly has a career span of more than three years at a club. I for one, don’t want Pep OR Jose at the club, but then again, would still cheer them if they ever came. Pep and Jose are winners, make no mistake. Winning UCL is not easy, either with Barca or with Inter (tbf, Inter of 2010 were certainly on par with Barca of today) or with any other team for that matter. When you are obsessed to do something, you change so that the originality is forever lost. If Arsenal would cheat / dive / buy cards and free kicks and still win, no doubt half the supporters will be pleased. But imo, better to win it fair than win by having players dive all the time, theatrics, treachery and speaking ill of other manager. You see it happen in football, but if in real life, you cheat and get ahead of someone in your workplace, you yourself will not have the right mind to accept, nor will you readily call your competitor ‘voyeur’. Old school, eh? But still that was how Arsenal have been most of the times,

              All said, that doesn’t undermine the credentials of either manager, but you viewing as though Pep had done nothing and Jose has done everything is quite baffling.

              1. Pep is now on his 4th club. The 3 previous were….. 1. Barca 2. Barca 3. Bayern

                As you correctly state he is a good manager. But frankly I could easily win with clubs that get the most money and the best players. It takes a terrible coach just make Bayern get 2nd place in the Bundesliga.

                Both Pep and Josey are good managers. But the only thing that makes them great is all the money and all the players and all the adoring hype from the media. No. They are NOT SPECIAL.

              2. I never undermined pep , in fact this whole argument started coz some said pep is number 1 manager to which I said jose and ancelottI deserve to be in their as they have done equally good if not better compared to pep. And funnily the moment I said jose fans here got riled up and you termed me a chelsea fan.

                As for thumbing down , he’ll never bothered with that. It’s easy to get thumbs up by just pleasing yourself by saying things that are not true. Anyways I am done with this subject. I am neither jose”s nor pep”s advocate. They don’t need one as their record speaks for themselves.

    1. We are all disappointed by the failure of Walcott to progress in football, but when he does well, he does well. And he looked to be one of the few bright spots for England. And I think he performs better for England than Arsenal.

      You are right however that Theo probably looked good by comparison to the others. But that is not Theo’s fault.

      Can someone explain to me why Sterling still gets the starts?? He has not had even an average England performance that I can remember. And he brings the entire team down every time he plays. He is like poison. Make him EARN a starting spot.

  3. Walcott made one great tackle, delivered several dangerous crosses, scored a goal that will have been given 6 out of 10 times, did miss a chance but it was offside. I think he should be pleased with his efforts for the few minutes he was on the pitch. Sturridge and Walcott in place of Kane and Sterling for the next game for me!

  4. I saw nothing from Theo’ cameo that impressed me or made me excited to have him in our team this season,

    Perhaps his best position is 15 minutes off the bench ala Ole Gunnar Sol.

    Anyway, Perez will resign him to that this season I believe. I desperately wanted him to be our new Henry all those years ago but it just never happened or even looking like happening.

  5. English national team is run by jokers. How is Henderson still playing for England and then there is our own Walcott who somehow gets selected and rooney who should be dropped. It was funny how Sam chose to ignore rashford and he against showed he is a better footballer than the players playing for his country.

    1. This is something that I would agree with. How Rooney gets picked is beyond me, and he is playing as a deep lying playmaker. International fixtures have been so about him. I don’t think a team should be subject to one man’s whims and fancies. 10 corners and 9 gone astray. Might have called in Joe Hart to take them and he would have definitely done better. Kane too looked jaded, was surprised not to see Drinkwater instead of Henderson and Vardy come instead of Sturridge. While the manager tells Wilshere and Barkley to get game time in order to play, Sturridge coming in was surprising given his lack of game time. But NT has structural problems that are beyond hopeless, picking players on names.

    2. im surprised how well sam,s appointment as your national team coach was received he is a roy hodgson 2.0,if you followed his teams during his time in the pl you know what to expect from him,long ball tactics,set pieces…..

  6. Anyway, When is Dat guy back? I hope he stays fit. United only let him go because of his injuries and Rashford being ready. I rate him, Fregie rated him, Wenger obviously does When is he back? 😀

  7. The England debacle is a sight to behold. Why is it that…..

    The U.S. team, comprised of very average players by top level standards, can somehow perform better than England – better in the last 2 WC competitions anyway.

    The U.S. was better in 2010. And the U.S. made it out of the group of death in 2014 (Germany, Portugal, and Ghana) and took Belgium to extra time in the knockouts, while England did……… well, I won’t even mention it.

    How can that happen? WHY does a group of average footballers out shine a group of quite good footballers? The answer must rest with the quality of the national organizations – coaching and management. And maybe even national confidence somehow comes into play? But it is not in the drinking water, that is for sure.

  8. Gibbs will be a super sub and will come on when we have a lead and we need to shore up things on the left flank. He has good speed. I like him.

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