England team-mate tells Ben White he deserves Arsenal move

At long last the Brighton defender Ben White has finally been confirmed as an Arsenal player, with the Gunners having to be patient while White was coccooned away in the England camp while they made their way to the Euro2020 Final.


Although White never got to kick a ball in anger, he was still subject to the wall of silence regarding transfers during the competition, but now everything is back to normal (?), Arsenal fans have been put out of their misery and seen White in an Arsenal shirt for the very first time.


One of the first players to congratulate White on his move was his England team-mate Kalvin Phillips, who also played alongside the 23 year-old when Leeds won promotion to the Premier league two seasons ago.


Phillips, who played in all 7 England games at the Euros, responded to White’s post on Instagram.


He wrote………

Only time will tell, but I sincerely hope that Arsenal deserve Ben White as much as White deserves Arsenal!

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    1. so in 5 years if either or both clubs sell these players.

      UTD wont get 43m for Varane at 33 years old right, maybe 10?

      Arsenal selling White at 27 could be alot more than the 50m we paid.

      Even if we went in for Varane, he wouldnt have come here anyway due to no UCL football

  1. Ok so all of you guys that say ” why another CB ”

    Here’s why i believe he was signed

    Holding is not a great football player, a solid defender no doubt about that but he isnt a guy who wants or can receive the ball under pressure and pick a pass or come out with it – White can do this with ease and is class at doing so.

    The amount of goals we give away from playing out from the back and mistakes from it that could have lead to goals was far far too much.

    I honestly believe that we are heading in the right direction with the signings we’ve made and the players we are linked with with exception of the Ramsdale price, i like him, i think he can be alot better than Leno, is he now? debatable so the mooted price of 20-30m seems too much for a no2 keeper.

    So back to White, i love this signing and tbh i cant actually believe we got him.
    and personally i dont believe £50m is that much for a current England international who is still just 23 years old.

    Welcome to the Arsenal Ben!

    1. VAL, I agree that aged just 23 with his career in front of him and a real SPEEDY and classy ball transitioner from CB – I can’t remember WHEN we last had a CB with such abilities, (probably O’Leary back in the 70/80s tbh) – and like those who know and really rate this player, I see White as an absolute key player who, a year from now, most Gooners will be saying “I can’t believe we picked up this DIAMOND and at such a young age for just£50 mill”!

      Seriously, even among my fellow older fans, who can honestly even remember the LAST CB we had who would and could easily move the ball forwards? Not Kos, not Merts, not even Campbell. Mustafi, the wrestler, etc?(horselaugh!!)

      Possibly Kolo Toure came nearest, IMO but he was a converted CB who could actually PLAY.

      Not even Bould, Adams or Keown and certainly NONE of our present lot, TIL YESTERDAY. So well done MA , A GREAT SIGNING!

  2. Leeds: Young Player of the Season..
    PFA Championship Team of the Year..
    Brighton: Player of the Season..

    He’s the right side of 30 and we’ve just signed him for 5 years – what’s not to like?! Very happy and can’t wait to see him get started!

    Val.. Great comment, totally agree (on BW, not AR 😄)

    1. I think its 5 years + 1 optional year, which is great.

      Lautaro Martinez next with cash + Bellerin, please!

      Also, I would actually keep Torreira and sell Elneny who will be gone for AFCON and leave for free next summer.

  3. Every forms of laughter on Arsenal makes no sense because we now have Ben and they have Varane. At the tail end, Arsenal will still win as usual even with the varane. Up gunners!

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