English and Greek sides interested in signing Arsenal defender

Arsenal defender Konstantinos Mavropanos reportedly wanted by Nottingham Forest Olympiacos.

Arsenal may sanction the loan move of defender Konstantinos Mavropanos next month after two teams became interested in signing him.

Mavropanos has been used sparingly by Arsenal this season as he has featured just once for the team and that came in the Europa League.

Reports from Sportwitness claims that English side, Nottingham Forest and Greek giants Olympiacos are interested in signing the young defender.

He was one of Arsene Wenger’s last signings before the Frenchman left, and there were high hopes for him, but for one reason or another hasn’t made the expected breakthrough.

The report claims that Arsenal has to decide if they want him to move to Olympiacos who Arsenal will be facing next in the Europa League or Nottingham Forest who are looking to return to the Premier League next season.

If he joins Olympiacos, he would be added to the Europa League squad and he could face his parent club early next year.

However, it seems that he would have a greater chance of developing his career in the English game if he moves down to the Championship with Forest.

Mavropanos may not be the only player who leaves the Emirates next month, but the club’s new manager will no doubt have a major say in who leaves or stays.


  1. I think an error was made keeping Mavropanos and selling Bielik. I think Bielik was further ahead in his development, mav is injury prone and not looking as good as he probably was. If we can replace him then let him go.

  2. So, we wona hit stats like a liverpool or City. Back where Arsenal where when competing with United.

    Today, Liverpool have scored 36 goals inside the box and 6 goals outside, they have conceded 16 goals in 17 games.

    Scoring in the box is still and always will be the best way to score most of your goals. No new science.
    A interesting stat is how liverpool average a goal every 36.4 minutes. So thays like them scoring on 36th min then 72nd min. 2 moments that are key moments in the game.

    Whoever the manager is, he will need to pin these stats on the dressing room door. Doesnt even need to read Liverpool on there. It just needs to be our targets.

    I think to get there we cant just assume we can buy buy buy. No world, not even football works like this, even if it appears so from the elite (it’s an illusion with all the commercial deals).

    So selling to buy or even selling to rid of rut is a must. Maybe sell some young talent like Mavropanos with a buy back clause of £15m. If he becomes a talent worth £25m then it’s a bonus return. Good money deal. If it doesn’t work out, we lost it doesnt matter.

    If Ozil, Sokratis, Mustafi, Xhaka or others are on the list to go, then january deals to rid might be as good as getting players in.

    I would take selling Mustafi, Xhaka in Jan for now (only so many deals can be done in 30 days where you have to eat, sleep, be with your partner…too) and bring in Saliba recall and someone like Fabino who can be pacey and strong and accurate at passing forward. Dont care if he is known or not.

    Just trust in the talent.

  3. What baffles me is that the kid doesn’t get a chance in the prem with the donkey stall we have at the CB. Is he THAT bad?!? To not be ahead of Sokratis and Luiz should mean you are reaaaaly unfit for the prem.

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