English success puts big pressure on Arsenal to finish 3rd

It was bad enough for Arsenal to miss out on what looked like a golden opportunity to win the Premier League this season. And it will be an extra kick in the teeth if our north London rivals Tottenham finally break the stranglehold we have had over them for the whole of the Arsene Wenger era.

But to miss out on our annual prize of a place in the Champions League could just be the last straw and the chances of it happening became a lot stronger this week with the success of the English clubs in Europe. If Man City and Liverpool win their European trophies and finish outside of the top four then whoever does finish in fourth will lose their UCL spot.

Man City got past the French champions PSG to put them in the semi-finals of the Champions League and just three games from winning it altogether. And I reckon their draw against Real Madrid is the best they could have hoped for, with the other semi-finalists Bayern Munich and Atletico Madrid being tougher tests. With Barcelona surprisingly going out, Man City now stand a much better chance.

Meanwhile in the Europa League, Liverpool pulled off a shock by knocking out the favourites Borussia Dortmund and now face Villarreal in the semis, with either Sevilla or Shaktar Donetsk waiting in the final.

Arsenal are currently in a strong position to secure third place but we were looking good to win the title at the turn of the year and look how that turned out. Surely this season won’t get even worse will it?

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  1. Don’t bet against it..

    But if it gets le gaffer out and new blood in then it’s for the greater good IMO.

  2. No panic folks, we got this in check, soon as the slight if highly unlikely hope we have of winning the league title is finally vanquished you cam be rest assured we will start firing on all cylinders and end up 2nd or 3rd, that my friends I can assure you….Giroud will suddenly find his scoring boots and so will Walcott, our team of bottlers just don’t do pressure hence their regular capitulation…..so here os the conundrum, IF and that is a big IF LCFC should drop points and Spids do same we will be in a quandry cos that will boost our slim chance of overtaking them 2 and with that possibility will come the inevitable pressure to deliver, and all of a sudden all the matches we feel are winnable will suddenly become tricky because like I have been saying on here for months and months, we cannot handle any sort of pressure…..and I have been proven right more than once, anyone remember me saying way back in Dec/January when we were top of the table that the longer the season goes on the more the pressure will mount and we will collapse….i swear am no clairvoyant

  3. Wenger is a specialist and the King of finishing in the Top 4. Don’t worry Wenger has got this one.
    Wenger has NEVER finished out of the top 4 since coming to Arsenal

    Trophies he isn’t that keen on but Top 4 is his passion

  4. • Regarding the top three associations (i.e. Spain, Germany and England*): if two clubs from one of these countries win the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League, and neither finish their domestic league in a position that qualifies them for the UEFA Champions League (something distinctly possible in England with Manchester City and Liverpool), the following will happen:

    – The club that won the UEFA Champions League will go straight into the group stage
    – The UEFA Europa League winners will go into the UEFA Champions League play-offs
    – The club that had qualified for a UEFA Champions League play-off spot via their domestic league competition (i.e. finished fourth) will transfer into the UEFA Europa League

  5. Guys I have 3 questions:
    Will wenger be bothered if mancity win their first european championships?
    Or will he say its another oil rich money club that has bought a trophy.
    Will wenger be bothered if leicester win the premier league?
    Or will he say.They did not go what he went through and beat them twice already.
    Will wenger be bothered if tottenham finish above him?
    Or will he say I finished above those spuds for 16 years and I have won more trophies than them.

    The answer will come next season whether it would seem like wengers last season or not.
    Wenger might think of many things and regard them as achievements but he has failed to deliver when it mattered most.

  6. No pressure on Wenger ever. The board have no ambition and are happy as long as the cash tills ring…

    Yawn…can’t wait for next season:(

  7. The moment of truth and reality inevitably has arrived for all of the arsenal family to make a fair and sober judgement and to evaluate the situation at our club now and for the future..city are venturing into a new territory dèfying history and matching to the semis, liverpool continually improving and i predict will bag the Europa and yes leicester will carry the Epl (the alternative is tottenham). For us what do we have??? Almost all Epl teams will be spending big during the summer and our traditional conservativeness in spending will prove a disaster. This was a golden season for us as our traditional rivals had all given some as early as december(chelsea). With new coaches at chelsea,city and possibly Mutd and and expected summer spending spree then it looks alot harder…rem how klopp has performed without bringing in his own players? The painful reality is that we may never catch up if we don’t adapt to the demands of modern football…we need a daring owner who can splash the cash and a manager who owns up to blunders and willing to make ammendments when needed! clubs like stoke and westham are nowdays spending more than we do and honestly i don’t see any advantage we will be having going forward…can you outclass payet,kante,mahrez e.t.c with the likes of flamini,paulista,mert,arteta or giroud?… A Scarey future indeed!!!

  8. I am still pretty confident Arsenal can WIN the league but it’s not in our hands. For Arsenal to win we need a perfect run Totalling 74 points. We then need Leicester to have a major stumble starting this week. It would be interesting to see what would happen to Leicester if they lose this game with West Ham on Sunday (it could all fall apart) as the rest of games are tough games. Tottenham, we hope the same. If they lose 2 games from their remaining they will end up with a maximum of 73 points. In 1995/96 Manu overturned a 12 point deficit to win the league. Arsenal fans need to be cautiously optimistic and “Believe”.

  9. I don’t get why people are just so scared of how tough next season will be…
    The league has always been tough and can’t get tougher than this…
    We say the league is competitive but is it as competitive as we make it out??
    Chelsea topped the table from the beginning to the end of the season…
    This season, ManCity topped for some weeks, Arsenal for few weeks and a team from championship tops for most part of the season…
    Only Arsenal and Pool have beaten Lei in the league this season…that’s very poor..
    What am saying is,for all the “next season will be tough bla bla bla” “”klopp will buy his won players bullshit”..no one can predict how the league will be…
    We all said the same last season..
    The teams that will be stable next season…Leicester,Spurs and maybe Arsenal/westham..
    The other top teams will continue their building and next season will still be the same..
    So enough with all these “next season will be too hard” talk pls

  10. All Arsenal fans who are worring on if Spurs will finish above Arsene Wenger’s managed Arsenal team and Leicester looking to have won the title without haven won it yet, should all stop worring themselves.

    None of the above will happen to Arsenal who are still billed to finish 1st on the table and lift the title trophy with Leicester and Spurs looking helpless, hopeless and dejected and unable to do anything to stop the football tsunami that have swept them off their feet from this weekend which wno’t abate until the end of this BPL season.

    1. There needs to be one hell of an Earthquake for that tsunami to happen mate.
      Since I admire your optimism, ?I will eat 10 can’s of Baked beans and just maybe, I can brew a 8.5 on the Richter scale and let it rip in the Thames! ?????
      If the waves don’t hit them… the follow through will ??

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