Enough is Enough – Arsenal need change!

When is Enough, Enough? by dboy

We as Arsenal fans are dumb-struck. It didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what we needed to win the league when the season kicked off. We were in contention for the league up until December. And as most people predicted, the same old crisis kicked in. We knew that injuries would be an excuse, again, over crowding of fixtures would come, and some players form would drop, as usual, and we needed more adequate players to fill the gaps. Some players are still around that should have been sold and replaced. Players like Sanogo, Arteta, Flamini, Rosicky, to name but a few (cause my list has grown very long since the beginning of the season). Squad rotation is very important when playing so many fixtures. Yet, here we are today, and exactly what was predicted happened. Why? Because we have been seeing this for more than a decade.

Before December there was a lot of talk about winning the league. But many of us were not convinced, judging by the way we played. The Champions league gave a clear indication of how bad we really were. By February we were singing the same old songs of seasons past, while AW remained stubborn and defiant when questioned about his transfer policies and tactics. Playing on the emotions of fans, he continued in his same old ways.

Now fast forward to the end of the season and we find ourselves chasing Leicester and Tottenham. OH HOW THE MIGHTY HAVE FALLEN. To make it worse we are once again trailing the leaders by more than 10 pts (sound familiar ?). Though some deluded people may argue that we still have a game in hand and anything can happen, we know with this team nothing is guaranteed. So once again, in a season that had all the makings for success, our current team proved that they are nothing but average. For that, the manager has to shoulder the blame. He keeps sticking with the same players that have no pride in the jersey they wear. And some fans may point out Man Utd, Man City and Chelsea and say we not too bad. Please allow me? WE ARE ARSENAL and as such, we are in control of our own destiny. What happened to Man City, Man Utd and Chelsea is beyond our control. However, we should have taken advantage.

Arsene Wenger’s failure to plan his season properly year after year has reaped fruit of mediocrity once again. As things stand Leicester is leading the pack with 72 pts on the board, with five games left to play. Arsenal are currently on 59 pts, i.e 13 pts behind. It’s like we going in circles. Enough is Enough!



Oh! Please can someone introduce my chant at the Emirates?

Lift those banners high!
Chants echo through the sky!
No more bums on these seats!
Till Kroenke and Arsene leaves!

Change! Change! Is what we need
Oh see, how our Gooner hearts do bleed.
Arsenal! Arsenal! We came to see
Instead we leave with hearts full of grief.

Kroenke leave!
Arsene leave!
For the sake of our beloved Arsenal Please!


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  1. Finally! People began to understand what I’ve been crying out for in the past 5 years. We cannot go without change anymore. We need to build the system from the bottom up, starting with Wenger out the front door!

  2. Arsene wenger will stick with the same gentile poppey players…he is scared of stars like ibrahimovic who could tell him the truth face to face if something is wrong with his team management.

  3. I hate how we have become.
    I hate the delusion of our fans We are all average and mediocre with an exception of just 4 players.
    Sadly it took a long time for us to realise this.But better late than never
    Wenger must go.There are lots of talented
    managers in germany we can find.
    This arrogant old deluded brainless manager has been leading our club into turmoil.
    Change Change Change is what we need.
    Lift our voices high enough so that even the skies can hear.
    Log in to change.org for a difference

    1. Cech Koz Bellerin
      Ozil Sanchez Cazorla
      are top class players.
      The rest go from mediocre
      to useless and some are way to old and some injury wrecks.
      Chamberlain Chambers Gibbs Macey Walcott
      Wellbeck Wilshere + Iwobi are the compulsory English quota corpse.
      500k per week for 7 corpses and one promising youngster Iwobi.
      Sanogo Wellington Akpom Gnabry Hayden Toral Crowley Zelalem
      were all expected to be champions and the champion ship is where they belong.
      Finally Mr Wenger has 300 talent scouts scouring the globe,
      the sea floor and every planet in the milky way for 1-2
      players who are as good as Messi Ronaldo and Naymar
      but who cost less than 5 mill and who will not disrupt cohesion.

  4. Wenger is living proof that you can’t teach an old deluded dog new tricks!

    But unfortunately he won’t be going anywhere for at least another season.

      1. Seriously, on the managerial level can’t see how the old stubborn dog is going to compete with the new smart. astute and proactive crops of younger dogs in the league next season.

  5. Why not turn up and sing your laughable chant yourself?

    You want it chanted, but in your chant you ask for no more bums on seats? So who is going to bloody sing it?

    We all want kroenke out, but boycotting matches is not the answer, it’s fine for overseas fans to spout that but for those of us that would not live in another country because arsenal are not there going to matches is the only way to support our team. Boycotting merchandise would be more effective to hurt kroenke, no shirt sales would really hurt the sponsors who intern would put pressure on the club. Avoiding the purchase of catering within the ground again would hurt the club and it’s franchisees who would pull out if they have no sales.

    Fact is people won’t pay over £1k plus and not go in and they won’t give up their season tickets in the hope of change because there is nearly 100k of fans waiting on the list to jump in their seats.

    Until we out kroenke no point getting wenger out, bcos a new £8m a year manager will have the same targets set out by the board with the same financial conditions. I am a shareholderand I can tell you categorically that until the cash in the bank outweighs the debt the manager will have his spending controlled, but told to sing a different tune. Just like any manager of a big company where the owner is only interested in the results on the financial spreadsheets.

    1. the problem is we already almost have as much cash in the bank as we do debt, we seem to top out at £160 million mark at the moment with everything else taken out expenses and stuff, at the moment.
      but it wont be to long before we are over the £200 million mark in cash reserves net wise(not gross) with the new t.v deal coming in and our gross debt is around the £220 million mark so not far off at all in fact, so maybe two more years then we will defo have more cash than debt for certain.

    2. We should go to match with bright colored lunch boxes and hold them high and the writer can make up a chant for us about not buying till Wenger buys lol

  6. This is all good but Wenger will leave next season. The question once again is who to get. Our football philosophy will change, we’ll either play Chelsea or Atletico football, tiki taka or offensive. Wenger will leave sure, then we’ll be like Manchester United for at least 2 seasons or even more. I’m all for change, i just want the right manager.
    I see some of us fans are so eager to see Wenger leave they’ll take anything at this point. Put emotions aside and let’s hope we get the right manager. The only ones i’d want are pochettino or Conte or Klopp and they are all unvailable.

    1. there are some good managers out there, and i remember a while back jonker gave an interview/propaganda video to arsenal player. and he said he was told by gasidiz personally, that the club are looking for the next manager, to be exactly same philosophy as wenger. nice football and youth development are the main criteria, they will look for in the next candidate, so that narrows the field down to what they want him to do.

      frank de boer
      ronald koeman
      thomas tuchel
      jurgen low
      these are managers who are very good at this type of management, and will most likely be strongly in the running unless they promote internally, like henry or bould which also wouldn’t surprise me at all.

    2. Pochetino?, you must be joking. For one thing he is at the enemy. Besides, Wenger is easily a better manager than him, what has he ever done. Spu spend allot of money so it’s not like he has them punching above their weight. One season were spu are ahead of Arsenal but within touching distance and you think he’d be a better pedigree than Arsene ..bollix to that. Arsene even has some recent success in the lesser comp, and he has history of once being truly great. Also Arsene has never had a season outside top four, I know that isn’t winning but it is leaving a marker for how few managers have consistently finished above him. ..Poch doesn’t come close.

  7. OT:
    If Leicester wins the BPL
    If Tottenham are runners up
    If Man City win the UCL
    If Liverpool wins the EL

    What happens to Arsenal’s Champions league place?

    This might seem like a long shot, but it’s already happening.

    We seriously need change in Arsenal. No more excuses.

  8. As much as this crisis is indeed Wenger and the board’s, I also have to give the season tickets holders 3% of the blame, like ffs, why is the Emirates still full, after 12 years with no trophy?
    you guys have ALL the power!

  9. why blame wenger? the man is doing the best he can for our club only that he can not deliver more than that because he is an average manager.

  10. more talks here than on match day..why are the ‘Thanx 4 Da Memories’ bla bla bla banners not seen on match days..we need to act for a change not just talk..!

  11. For a banner at matches how about “us fans are involved to win championships”. Its a statement of the obvious, not asking for someone to be sacked but goes to the heart of the matter. Should get the point across to everyone that the issue of lack of ambition comes from the top.

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