Enough is enough – Do Arsenal fans still ‘trust the process’?

“Trust the process” – I don’t think so!


Enough  is enough! 


A small select number of people keep saying “trust the process, trust the process.” But I’m sorry what process is it that we are meant to trust?


The process that currently sees our beloved team sit bottom of the Premier League with zero points after just three games, conceding nine goals and scoring none?


The process that sees our beloved club out of all European football for the first time in over 20 plus years?


The process that saw our greedy, good for nothing, disloyal owners put the club in to the European Super League for money without a thought for the players or fans?


I really could go on but I think we all know the details here.


There is no process to trust. The board are a waste of time, Edu and every other scout and recruitment executive at the club is a waste of space and as for Arteta, he would be more fitting in League One if that, than he is in the Premier League, but I wouldn’t want to subject any other team to his management!


Arsenal does not deserve a manager as inexperienced and utterly clueless as he is. He has lost a lot of fans and he has lost the dressing room, something he never fully had in my opinion.


We always give the benefit of the doubt but this is one step too far and I can no longer sit back and “give the benefit of the doubt” to a person who was once a good player for Arsenal but does not have what it takes to get us out of this hole let alone manage a club as big as we are, a club who were once the Invincibles!.


I never fully  wanted Arteta as our manager and he is clearly showing why my thought process was correct, no tactics, no ambition, no clue! He needs to go and he needs to take Edu with him.


We know any manger coming in to a club that is at such rock bottom will have their work cut out that is for sure.


But any right and experienced appointment will surely go a long way in helping lift this club back up from the depths of hell!


If he does not go soon we can safely say that we will be in a relegation battle, where we will be seeing our team stay bottom of the league and relegated.


But come May here’s hoping that won’t be the case and, sooner rather than later, an experienced and deserving manager will come in to wake us fans up from this current nightmare and bring us back from the dead! Gooners?


Shenel Osman

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  1. Arteta still has time till November to rebuild the players’ confidence

    That will also be the deadline for the underperformers to improve their abilities, otherwise some of them might be shipped out in January transfer window

    If an EPL defender is unable to deal with simple long crosses, you must also question his effort in the training and in the game, regardless of the defending coaches’ qualities

    It takes two to tango, so both manager and players are responsible for our defeats. Don’t just blame Arteta, because we all know Emery has proven the players’ attitude were the major part of the problem

    1. Gotanidea, if we can’t get rid of the players now, what chance have we got in January? We’re stuck with them!

      Also, if players are not performing or responding to a manager, then the manager is wrong for the club. Sir Alex Furguson would never have slackers playing. We need a manager who won’t take crap. Someone who also has experience. MA is out of his depth and the players know it!

      1. I don’t think we can sell our players and buy the replacements within two days. So we just have to rely on the coaches to get the best of our players and the players’ efforts to improve themselves

        PSG fans also made similar comments on YouTube about Tuchel before his sacking, about how Tuchel had made their players regress and Tuchel didn’t have a playing style. Just compare how Tuchel’s PSG used a quick one-touch football against Hansi Flick’s Bayern in 2019/20 UCL final, with how Tuchel’s Chelsea played against Man City in last season’s UCL final

        Tuchel didn’t have Havertz/ Lukaku to do hold-up play and win aerial duels in PSG’s front line, therefore he was forced to use other system and failed to win 2019/20 UCL final as the result. PSG couldn’t replace Neymar/ Mbappe and their directors didn’t seem to like Tuchel’s attitude, hence he got the sack

        About Arteta, I think the board like his communication skills and attitude, therefore he survives till now. But all those skills will be useless, if Arteta can’t make our players play with high confidence

      2. He is clueless and as far as I’m concerned some senior players don’t want to play under him Özil was one of them

    2. gai Are you Arteta’s brother give him till November and if the players don’t improve ship them out he has been trying to ship some out but nobody wants them His time is up the egg timer is running out of sand

      1. Which unemployed top manager would like to replace Arteta without a big transfer budget, apart from Valverde?

        I also read on Transfermarkt that his contract is until June 2023, so he’ll get a huge severance money if he’s sacked now.

        The likes of Mourinho, Conte and him will get millions everytime they got sacked, but ones who suffer a lot financially are the club owners

        1. And? They hired him so they’ll pay the fine too for sacking underperforming manager.

          Conte can come in and change CURRENT players performance. If Arteta was backed for 150 millions, I cant see any reason Conte wouldn’t. I don’t remember Conte ever spending more in one window what MA has this summer.

          1. As much as I would love Conte, I just can’t see him coming to this sinking ship.

            But I definitely agree we need a fresh face just to introduce some positivity and to get more out of those players, because as bad as they are where we are is mostly on Arteta

    3. But still it’s the manger’s job to ship out the underperformers and put them on bench. . . . . What I see yesterday infact post Wenger era is slightly but completely the team is loosing the attacking flair, the defence is as rubbish as it was maybe worse.
      I mean what is Arteta doing? We are having difficulties creating chances let alone scoring a goal like Sheffield united, palace and Burnley

      Shift the ball to the left and creat an overload and put cross after cross and hope someone to meet it, this is Arteta’s tactic, so much for someone who is referred as a tactician

      Bring Rodgers!

      1. We didn’t have Odegaard in Brentford, Saka was unfit at that time and Tierney produced too many wasteful long crosses again, hence our left overload tactic didn’t work there

        You must’ve seen that it worked in West Bromwich, when we had six left-footed players behind Aubameyang and played with 4-2-3-1. You could complain if we use the same line-up against Norwich and it doesn’t work

        About a new manager, Bayern Muenchen paid 25 M to hijack Nagelsmann from Leipzig. Let alone Rodgers, whose contract expiration date is June 2025

    4. @Gai, pls is it until the pot is broken before we realize it has cracked? Let us face reality, waiting till November may be too late. There’s no 2 way about it, Arteta cannot handle Arsenal. He is still learning and inexperienced. Arsenal is too big for him.

      1. That’s why I asked, which unemployed top manager would like to replace Arteta now, without a big transfer budget? We have to be realistic

        If such top manager is willing to join us now, I bet the board would’ve replaced Arteta

        1. Got An Idea- I seriously doubt you actually appreciate just how big a club Arsenal is. We are, and always will be , a world renowned Football Club. If we went for Conte, and gave him the full control Arteta was stupidly given, Conte would accept the job in a heartbeat. So would Brendon Rodgers. So would most other managers.
          Never doubt just how big Arsenal FootballClub is, even though we are run and managed by a complete set of novices from top to bottom.

          1. GAI
            failings they do not get rid of MA and I think he will be given time
            The top brass need to insist he brings in a senior experienced person to work.along side him
            Pep would fit the bill but can’t see him being a no.2
            MA has become a manager caught 8n the headlights
            His tactics and teams are so off I am not sure what he is seeing
            Yesterday’s game was shambolic
            Going to a 3 with players who are inept on taking and carrying out instructions
            A midfield devoid of fight and imagintion, a striker and captain who looked like he couldn’t wait to be taken off after we conceded
            I firmly believe we support the team which means we support the manager but I think a change is needed
            We might go and beat Norwich, Burnley but that will be masking over the cracks
            3 games in I know but boy this has been a long, painful and depressing 3 weeks
            What do you think

          2. If Arteta was sacked in July and if we didn’t spend 130 M to buy new players, I bet most top managers in the world would’ve liked to join us

            The problems are: There are only two days left before the transfer window closes and we have spent a lot to buy Arteta’s players

          3. @Alanball08 : I liked Arteta’s tactic in West Bromwich. Unfortunately he opted to use a three-CB formation, maybe because Pepe was injured

            Our midfielders don’t have the guts to turn to the opposition’s side, when they feel the opponents are near. As the result of this lack of confidence, they produce excessive backpasses and pressurize our defenders

            This confidence issue could be fixed within ten days, as long as they’re commited to be braver in the next games. Win against Norwich and Burnley will only improve that, so it’s not papering over the cracks

          4. Phil How very much I wish I could agree with you that Conte would accept the job if asked.

            I do agree with your central point about our world renowned status. But I do not see Conte or anyone in his class accepting the job withit a cast iroin guarantee that many hundreds of millions willbe available for Jan to completely restructure our squad and drastically so too.

            That will not be allowed, no matter who asks!

            I just don’t agree on that particular point , sadly. Perils of having our owner, I regret to say.

        2. GAI, I don’t think it’s necessary to employ a top manager to sort this mess out.

          Arteta has become an actual danger to this club and must be dealt with ASAP.

          I wouldn’t mind hiring the relegation survival expert big Sam for the rest of the season.

          1. There are 35 EPL games left, so we don’t need a relegation survival expert yet. We can only say Arteta has become a threat if we lose against Norwich

        3. What the f is always about luck of budget… Boss we have out spent everyone 129M and rumour has it we may spend an extra 40M on one other guy before window closes? That will take Arteta to 170M in this window… Count for me how many other teams in Europe will have spent more.

          1. Yes, I think we’ve spent too much for Ben White, so this transfer decision is on Arteta, Edu and Kroenke

        4. Hi GAI, I can list 4 managers that we can get in. The issue is the level of incompetence and lack of accountability in every aspect of our club.

          Arteta would not walk away because it is all about the money. Why would he walk away when he can be sacked and paid off? The club should sack him IMMEDIATELY and get in a manager

          List of Managers we can get

          Luis Enrique
          Steve Gerrard

          Arteta and Edu should be sacked ASAP. we can use the international break to get in a new manager.

          Zidane is a good option. Luis Enrique is also available.
          Arteta has lost it completely. Sack him now.

          1. Zidane and Conte would likely want a big transfer budget. Even if Kroenke still has 300 M to burn, there are only two days left for transfers

            Enrique is focusing on his Spain national team job, because World Cup is next year. I followed his Barcelona for three years and he also enforced his system to his players

            According to Transfermarkt, Gerrard’s contract will only expire in May 2024. If Bayern Muenchen paid 25 M to hijack Nagelsmann from Leipzig, let alone the cost to hijack Gerrard

        5. If by unemployed, you mean Conte, I agree, he will not come, but there are many others who would happily take the job at Arsenal.

          The problem is the board isn’t looking at all. If the board had even a shortlist, it would’ve leaked out to the media before any one of them was called.

          The Kroenkes just don’t care about the club as long as it makes money, but I tell you getting relegated will hit then hard in their favorite pocket.

          1. If Arteta can’t get six points from the next two EPL matches, I think the board will fire him

            About Kroenke, he’s losing money because of Arsenal:



    5. GAI I love your consistency. now you are on November November. But I hope he will be gone by November. From what I’ve seen Arteta doesn’t have it him to turn it around. he may may win a few match here and there but the style and match management will never come. Even when we may win, the play will be slow,the build up will be slow. Tierney will be out of position and trying to whip it in from the left to no man in the middle. Pepe may cut inside and score a one time beauty. happens once every 10 games or so. The defense will move the ball from left to right in a straight line which opposition know is no threat to them. ESR will huff and puff with no one else pressing. it’s just riddiculous, I could go on and on and i am not even a coach. Just imagine the high paying managers dissecting artetas garbage football. smh

      1. I always said Arteta should’ve been given time till November or December since last season, but I don’t think he’ll survive if he doesn’t get six points from the next two EPL games

        Tavares preferred to cut inside instead of whipping long crosses from the byline, so Tierney’s wasteful long crosses are based on his own decision, not Arteta’s. Pepe’s transfer was sanctioned by Sanllehi and Kroenke before Arteta came

        About our pressing, it’s on Arteta and the players

        1. @GAI After Brentford match people started demanding for Arteta’s sack, to save us from the calamity that is glaringly starring at us you said no we should wait until the Man.City match is lost. We lost again now in Emirates Chelsea and we still demanded that MA should make way you stood your ground saying you are sure Arteta will be sacked if Arsenal losses at Etihad. It has finally happened, WE LOST WOEFULLY. and you’ve come up with a new song/ lyrics – November – December oo-oh wtf🙆? See by that time we’ll surely be facing a worse situation. If they’ll sack him by then they better do it now, remember it’s said “That Justice delayed is Justice denied”. This same thing played out in the last ten years of Wenger and it’s part of what we are suffering, please let’s stop these rhetorics and get it right for once . This is not really the issue of lack of funds but lack of ability to do the right thing at the right time and I believe that is the process and I doubt if we have up to 20% that trust this hidden negative process. See! Arsenal is going down and down that they may soon discover crude oil below 😂🤣. For me now is the best time to dispatch Edu and Arteta, then gradually the board or Kronke should sell and Invest in another business football is not his stuff at all.

          1. That wasn’t what I said. I said I’d be surprised if the board keep Arteta after losing all first three EPL games

            I always said Arteta should’ve been given time till November or December since last season. I think you didn’t read all my comments since last season and you just joined JA

    6. we finished the season with the 3rd best defense in the league….this is not true if you don’t have quality in depth…we not the 3rd best…….I supported Arteta till the end of last season but now I don’t….it was cos of the love of the club….for the love of the club I want a top manager for the club…….I was wrong about preseason….it was a reflection of what’s to come……Xhaka is not a good enough midfielder…..that a lot of people know…….and Arteta is poor with tactics……..listen to professionals criticize Arteta’s tactics or lack of…………agree with the writer of this article……….!

      1. Xhaka played well in Euro. Those professional pundits have never managed a big team and some of them were much worse than Arteta when they manage teams, like Gary Neville

        Which unemployed top manager would like to replace Arteta now, without a big transfer budget? We have to be realistic

          1. I reckon Conte and Zidane as top managers because they have won major trophies in top European league(s), but Nuno hasn’t

            That’s why I mentioned about Valverde. I believe he’s the only unemployed top manager who’s willing to come next month

          2. You get cheque book managers like pep, mourinho and arteta and then you get managers who like a project, we need a manager that will come in and improve what we currently have at the club, then identify the missing pieces and bring them in, similar to what klopp did at liverpool, thats why its important we get a experienced coach, someone who the players can look up to. a coach with clear goals, objectives, not a student who cannot even act like a coach.

    7. The same set of Chelsea players that suffered and were not good enough under Lampard end up becoming Champion league winners under Tuchel and they are still winning. Manager’s influence on a team cannot be over emphasized. Arteta is definitely a bad influence on the team despite taking off the ‘deadwoods’ and bringing in his own kind of players, the team has gone backwards.

      1. I agree that the manager is one of the biggest factors in making a team successful

        Tuchel just happens to be an exceptional manager, who didn’t have the players suited to his system at PSG, but found them at Chelsea. Maybe Lampard also needs different player types for his system

        As for their tactical knowledge, I think:
        Tuchel > Arteta > Lampard

    8. Arteta’s tactics, Arteta’s formation, yep we can blame him as he is totally clueless, and if you can’t see that, the I am afraid you have no idea

      1. Emery and Tuchel have proven that their previous players were also a major part of the problems

          1. I was just checking to see if it was really you or a glitch in the matrix…I guess that settles that…not cool that you clearly favour/coddle some and are so quick to admonish others, is that you Mikel? joking aside, you really should be an objective observer/editor in this process, don’t you think?

    9. GAI, bring in George Graham to coach the defense. Arteta needs help, even if his ego says no.

  2. The defence yesterday was a total shambles and I think one of the biggest problems is they do not trust Leno. He is not vocal and mainly stays on his line hoping the defence will deal with crosses. The cross for the first goal was met on the 6 yard line and yes the CB should not have been beaten to it but Leno should have come off his line and attacked it, but as usual he didn’t. Ramsdale would have caught it or at least punched it away. Still no one in command of the midfield either, yet Buendia has replaced Grealish seamlessly…….

    1. The first goal was down to poor defending by Chambers. Leno should not be blamed for that.
      I know some fans have an issue with Leno but you cannot blame him for everything.

      1. David, watch it again, they were both culpable. Leno should have come off his line, he can’t always think someone else will clear it for him.

    2. Declan Thanks to Leno or it could have been 10- Nil the defence is shit Holding and co wants dropping then sell if anybody stupid enough to buy them

  3. The club is a complete mess from top to bottom. We have owners that use Arsenal to build an empire, will only let Arsenal use the money they make to buy and improve the squad. Then there’s the recruitment how have we ended up going into a game with Holding, Kolasinac, Chambers, Elneny and Xhaka. They were part of the problem before Arteta. Yet were forced to go into a game against the £2 billion champions with all of them. Plus Soares who is a backup RB that should only be playing in the carabao cup.

    Edu must be held accountable first and foremost because he was here long before Arteta. The business he has done has be nothing shy of shambolic. He has had 3 years to turn the recruitment problem around. Sacked a load of scouts for data analysts now he’s hiring scouts again. Offering and signing off on massive contracts to players like Willian and Auba. When it should be players signing on our terms not theirs, he is a spineless fool. We need a new DOF urgently as edu has ruined 3 summers and 6 windows so far.

    Were took a massive risk hiring an inexperienced manager, he needed the backup of a experienced knowledgeable well connected DOF to support him. Like wenger had Dein by his side at the start. That isn’t the case and now all the cracks have become 10 times worse as a result. The Kronkes have gone cheap with their CEO, DOF and Manager and it has hit the club hard.

    Look I genuinely beleive that Arteta is not solely to blame. He has simply been guilty of inexperience and will become a great manager under better conditions than the mess at Arsenal. I admire him for having the cojones to throwing his hat in the ring to try and turn Arsenal around. But he has to fight too many battles for someone as inexperienced as himself. The guy took a massive risk with his reputation to join Arsenal during its darkest period and fair play to him.

    The issue is at the moment with the owners the CEO and the DOF are all shambolic. How can a manger perform with these people running our club. Why would anybody want to work with these people running our club. We have alot of issues that may deter anyone but Sam Allerdyce to manage us at the moment.

    Forget the manager for a moment, if a new guy want to potentially wants to destroy his reputation. He comes is and says I need money they owners say “any money Arsenal makes or on players you sell can be reinvested on transfers minus our dividends of course. We have to make some money for doing our bit”. Then he goes to the DOF here’s a list of the players I would like us to sign. Edu says ” Okay thanks, I have a list of Brazilian has beens here which ones do you think are good players. I’ll take a look at your list though, after I’ve come back from my 2 holidays this summer”.

    It’s not an environment that breeds success is it and I feel sorry for Arteta or any manager who has to put up with this

    1. JAMES an excellent and considered piece with much truth. I greatly appreciate deeply analytical pieces such as yours!

      1. Cheers Jon I think people in our fanbase have to realise that the buck does not just stop with Arteta. At Chelsea, City, Utd and Liverpool the managers have no excuse for failure. At Arsenal there is a bigger picture of problems at our club not just Arteta

        1. @James- Arteta has brought these players ( or extended their contracts). He has coached them. He has instilled in them his tactics. That is his job. That is what he was paid to do. If we had won all three games there would be no mention of the Management structure and zero complaint against an owner who has given this novice £200m to spend since he took over from Ljunberg.
          The performance on the pitch is solely the responsibility of the manager. He is the reason we are where we are, which is IMO a team with no confidence and no clear plan of what they are meant to be doing.

        2. Who wanted the extension for Xhaka’s contract, Arteta?, who plays the hapless Elneny, Arteta, he will never succeed as a top manager, he is another Steve McClaren

      2. Too bad Emery didn’t get the same patience and consideration in Board support in transfers and discipline. Arteta has been dealt a poor hand with injuries; however he hasn’t helped himself with loaning players away, transfers, selections, formations, tactics and getting the best performances from the player resources he has had available to him.

    2. But the owner still give Arteta the player he want since he came in, i believed Arteta not good enough to bring out the best from the squad he inherited, squad that finished 5th under Emery. Arteta don’t know the players that will improve his squad. Three good players will improve this arsenal massively by getting Declan Rice, bissouma, Maddison will help this squad

      1. Agreed mate we need to sign youngsters I can get on board with that but he needed a pat rice in his dugout to make it work. The aquas was bloated with overpaid dross so that has to be sorted and at this time that job is only half done. As a result and the type of owners we have we need to sell them players who nobody wants to fund new incomers.

        But the only way is up now at least lol

      2. Plus it’s all very well saying we should be signing this that and the other, do you think Rice and Maddison would want to play for us. I wouldn’t if I were them we really need to be so clever in the market and players like Lokonga, Tierney and using players like Saka and ESR is the way we have to go until we become top 4 contenders again

    3. @ James. it still doesn’t give excuse for playing piss poor football. That’s heavily on arteta. We haven’t scored. we have been no threat going forward. the football is atrocious. no amount of money can stop you from playing good football. teams have spent less than arsenal and or in worst situation than arsenal yet are doing better and scoring goals. the team under arteta is just a pussy cat.

      1. 3 games, one against a club buzzing being in the EPL and us with a covid outbreak and new signings still settling in and the other two games against EPL champions and EURopean Champions

        We had our off season plans scrapped when we didn’t tour USA and then a further outbreak keeping out 6 senior squad members. Partey injured a week before the start of the season, Gabriele knee injury are big factors when YOUR club is selling 15 senior members of the first team. This is a huge effort off field.
        Sokratis Mhikt, Ozil, Gendouzi, Mustafi, Martinez, Willock, Mavropanos, Macy, Luiz and we still have more work to do to sell more…
        where is the term deadwood gone? I don’t hear that as much. Well thank Arsenal for that. Because they are doing their job

        And all you want to consider in your reason is just 90 minutes?

        All of this during a period in human history where millions are dying from a deadly virus and the game we love so much became harder hit like most industries yet we continued to work hard….

        How silly fans are because 270mins of football is all they look at.

        1. @Tom. it’s not 3 games. its 38 last season. 3 this season plus all the others last season. I said before on my opinion arsenal only had one good game last season and that was against chelsea which was the introduction of ESR. we played rubbish against man u,got a penalty and won last season. we didn’t play well, but we won which was good. so it’s not 3 match. the tactics have been off since the whole of last season. I keep repeating myself…Tierney go byline and square into no mans land. Leaving whole lot of space for opponents. The build up from back poor from last season. take time and pass it to Gabriel or luiz or Tierney in a straight line,back to leno and then leno boot it upfield because he is closed down by opponents. The midfield plays high leaving the 2 central defenders isolated. too much space for opposition to run into. the play is passive. from midfield back to defense to midfield to defense to booting it up top. the movement on the ball and off the ball is slow. THIS IS ALL FROM LAST SEASON. go watch arsenal @Tom. you will learn how not to set up your team. Arteta is playing schoolboy football. its so sad, Pep didn’t show him the real deal, only the basics. in other words Pep didnt give Arteta the secret formula. he have to learn it on his own.

          1. I like to consider what is relevant.
            Point 1 being that everyone in the game said themselves that last season didn’t feel like a EPL season. No atmosphere, no fans, random covid outbreaks… new financial concerns from its impact weighing on the clubs decisions to come…

            also last season was weeks after concluding the postponed season from the year before. The players in the league said themselves it just didn’t feel like they had a chance to be refreshed to be ready.

            Arteta got the job and within weeks we were in lockdown. Ask yourself, how do you get to know your squad and train with them in such a situation? You can’t!
            Then players coming back (all teams in the league) were not fit.

            How can you judge fairly last season?
            Honest question I would like to gain your perspective

            Point 2 is everyone at the club accepted the squad wasn’t right. Balance, deadwood, overpaid under performances, previous mistakes from the board, no actual structure of management….
            so whilst our manager is trying to manage arsenal, he is also trying to move players out and find new ones. All this whilst say, Man U or Spurs or even Burnley were far more settled as a club and squad then us.

            On the note of judging based on this, I feel it is only right to judge arsenal and arteta now. They have made signings and they need to get into top 6. This will be what I judge arsenal on this season.

            On the other side, I accept our manager is in his first role as a manger and he will need to do a lot of learning on the job to get the fit right.
            We can’t of accidentally become the fourth best defence last season (even with all of the uncertainty which makes this more remarkable) if Arteta wasn’t doing something half decent.

            He didn’t win the FA Cup. Beating City and Chelsea along the way as a pure fluke.

            If people accept Arteta is new to management whilst the likes of Tuchel had 14 years of experience before he was even in his first league 2 manager of Mainz and also the fact he is 39 years old then we potentially have a manager with his best years ahead of him.
            He is an excellent coach, but as a manager he is gaining experience as our head.

            I know there is errors in what we are seeing, from the young team and the young manager but I understand why this is, and appreciate where it is meant to go.

            Do you have the patience to support it?

        2. @Tom. no matter what I will support arsenal to the grave. Patience or no patience. I Just dont like how we are playing.

    4. How much money did bielsa need to make Leeds a more serious footballing outfit? A third of what arteta has spent? The only question worth discussing is are there available managers out there who could get more out of this squad of players than arteta can … it’s not a high bar :.: the answer was obviously yes last Xmas when he should have gone as it was blatantly obvious he was way out of his depth as a manager of a team that still considers itself in european elite .. even more so in the summer when there were many managers available obviously superior to this bumbling buffoon… I am guessing it’s more difficult now although we all know of 2 quality managers notionally available and if we still consider ourselves a big team would be going for … so either they aren’t or we aren’t

    5. What is the problem with Holding and Kola? They are way better than Cedric and Chambers who are always MA’s favorite starting players. Dont know why.
      MA loaned out Saliba, pushed Kola, Maitland Niles in bench and use Cedric and Chambers. Wtf in his mind?

    6. Good points. But just to add to your depth of understanding, and giving you another way of looking at it.

      It’s easy and common To fault the manager, but we have to look at the issues more precisely because, as you write this goes beyond Arteta.

      Unai was sacked because he was an experienced manager who couldn’t get us into the top 4.
      It cost us financially So, we decided to take a young manager who himself needs time like that we ask of the young boys in our squad.

      This decision comes after what has been no clear plan.

      The main issue has been based on the fact, when Kroene purchased Arsenal, Wenger was the face and voice of our club and our owners was more then happy to work like the.

      This wasn’t an issue, but when the board wanted a structure around Wenger and he didn’t we just didn’t progress like modern clubs were doing.

      When we eventually did after Wenger, the boards lack of knowledge of EPL meant the decisions we made we got wrong. It wasn’t about bringing in a football director and a new manager. It was so much more.
      Chief negotiators for commercial deals. For salaries for all members of our playing staff, analysts, chief scouts…. and so on

      Only really now are we seeing these decisions, Lima, Garrick added to the staff…

      So the whole new structure needs to be given its time to breathe.

      Granted the last 15 years it’s been under staffed and poorly managed. It has resulted in the club spending more than most since wenger.

      So, I am one of the ones who is tired of the arteta bashing, I saw it with wenger bashing and unai bashing.

      With some fans It’s just a lack of knowing the real facts and assessing it beyond their emotional issues.

      I suggest mediation!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Arteta have no clue, I am starting to think he does this on purpose, he and Edu are intent on destroying our club, example, Lakonga started the first two games, and was one of the few positives from those matches, yesterday he is out of the 1st 11, Kola was no where near the 1st team for months he plays a average mid week game and he starts against City. It makes zero sense, look at how Tierney”s game are deteriorating, the owners can give Arteta 500mil he will still mess up. rant over

  5. In the first place Arteta is not suppose to manage arsenal, someone who never manage Under 21. Trust the process that never work out for us, stupid process that they telling us but dishing out players that were good under wenger & Emery but could not replace them with super quality one, you don’t want Ozil but couldn’t get replacement for him to take us forward, only get Ødegaard when the team is in relegation battle. Arteta came in November before Covid, Covid happen that made him to have time to understand what need be but Edu praise him when he got us Fa cup & Shield but when he struggled last season and beginning this season but telling us Covid is the reason he is failing. He was given a whole season bought players he want & then did badly and finished 8 again. Even Mourinho that is better than him was sacked ontime. He had this transfer window but could not know the kind of players he want, never add the kind of players that will improve the squad, still kept Xhaka, when we needed super quality holding midfielder, don’t know why we could not go for Declan Rice, also going for Ødegaard that not better than Wilock, how on Earth we still don’t want to pay Maddison valuation that will help us, but thinking Rowe is the player that will take us forward. Even this current squad come 3 years time they will never compete because all our rival buying more super quality players and have super quality Manager.
    By now i expect Arsenal board to sack Arteta after Man city game and employ Conte, also get Conte bissouma, Declan Rice and Maddison before window close.

    1. Kept Xchaka because he is more valuable than 15mn Roma was willing to pay. We extend his contract to sell him with higher price later. In worst case, he can play as backup player for small matches. Right thing to do is to find a better player for the first team along with Partey.
      Of course Odergaard outperforms Willock.

      1. U said we extended Xhaka contract in order to sell him at a higher price later? 😆
        And you said Xhaka can play as backup player in small matches 🤣.
        The truth is, there are times you count your loss and move on. Xhaka and Elneny had no business in the first team


      2. Odergaard is a great player, but Arteta will never get the best out of him, he will come good, but the novice has to go

  6. I recorded the game yesterday and watched it late afternoon as I knew before kick off that it was gonna be one of those games and I didn’t want it to ruin my Saturday.

    I wished I didn’t bother as it was an absolute disaster.

    Are you telling me that playing a left back (that is a pretty sh!te left back) that we have been trying to ship out over a year is better than a centre back that is again on loan in France? That GX deserves a new contract seeing that he was one foot out of the door to sunny Rome and that MO was purchased as a unnatural CM when we also have Sambi and AMN that could cover that position. Don’t get me started on Cedric…wtf? He has spent a 140 million this summer and the team he put out yesterday was the same team he played last season. Where is the progress?

    I am totally bewildered in what he is trying to do and it appears so are the players. I understand that they are not performing but flip flopping the tactics (whatever they are) is not going to get a tune out of this bunch of players.

    I was watching the Arsenal fans at the game yesterday (bless em’) and what I saw was apathy… which is now the norm at Arsenal football club.

    I will support and love my club but it is becoming increasingly hard to support the team when this absolute dross is being put out week in and week out.

    This is scary and something has to change… sooner the better.

    Trust the process… my arse.

  7. There’s a couple fans on here that still want to give him until Nov/Dec.

    These are the same fans that said:

    – we have the 3rd best defence in the EPL
    – we’ll judge MA at the end of last season(they didn’t)
    – preseason games mean nothing and aren’t an indication of what we’ll see when the league starts
    – Xhaka is a great midfielder
    – Arteta is a tactical genius

    All I can say is I wish them well and hope they will be treated well whichever mental institution they get sent to…

    1. PJ-SA, a more mature and decent person than you would never use your foolish and unthinking last line.

        1. Furthermore I’d add that if people genuinely believe that MA is doing a good job that I hope for their own health that they go and speak to a professional.

          A lack of functional cognitive thought processes may be an early sign of bigger issues.

  8. Yes I do trust this seasons process.
    It took Arteta 2 embarrassing seasons to realize Arsenal is not Man City.
    Now the big cleanout is under way.
    A new younger group is coming in.
    But the job is only half done.
    This season we had a horror draw first 3 games compounded by injuries and covid.
    The real assessment begins from Norwich Burnley and Spurs onwards.
    Then we have Brighton Palace Villa and Leicester. Now after those seven games I will give my judgement not before.

    1. Fair enough fairfan.

      I will copy and paste my comment after the Leicester game as it will be exactly the same as it was this time last year.🤣

    2. I have never seen another club invest in so much youth to get so high. Only clubs that invest in players like Kane, Grealish as new recruits are able to be big teams. What process are Arsenal working towards exactly? Having so much youth is not good when senior players like Elneny, Xhaka, Bellerin and many more are not even good enough! The only process I see is a rudderless club drifting in any which direction without control or purpose.

    3. Are you Arteta Uncle Fairfan. Arteta the buck stops with him he can talk the talk but cannot walk the walk I wished he would walk right away from my beloved Arsenal and don’t stop

    4. Squad that cannot beat Brentford, what makes you think they will get maximum result against Norwich, Burnley, Spurs?. Sad to hear this from you. We Conte Now

    5. Good luck with that, using the same crap players from last year is a botched job, agreeing to an improved contract for Xhaka, still no apology from the idiot, and Arteta defending his sending off, the sooner he goes the better, he has no direction or idea for Arsenal, him and Edu Dumb and dumber

    6. @fair fan. we will win games this season. but all teams that play arsenal this season will believe 100% that they can take arsenal scalp. all our wins this season in the league will have to be grind out. we will not have much easy wins and games that we manage to win will have little game management in it. it’s a hard season ahead. the biggest issue is that the midfield need sorting. the midfield connects defense and attack and the team not doing it. we need a midfield general to keep the lid on arsenal imploding game after game.

      1. 👍 The Arsenal aura has been well and truly destroyed and will take some rebuilding given the mental and physical frailty in evidence.

  9. Which process ? Relegation process or what again? Arteta & all the board should put their self in our shoe and fill the pain, the sadness we are goin trough, i can count how many time we fill happy in a season, these team dont give us joy again !

  10. Look into my eyes, not around the eyes, but into them; Just believeeeeeeeee the ‘process’..there is a process, believe me…

    Arteta practicing for his new role as fulltime illusionist.

  11. This time I DO, albeit only broadly, agree with Shenel. I disassociate myself from her expression “the depths of hell” about a mere football match.

    The tragic and decent people fleeing from the Taliban have the right to use that phrase, but not Shenel about her team, however much we may all share her frustrations.

    Neither do I remotely accept the foolish and hysterical notion that we will soon be in a relegation battle if MA stays.

    I do NOT want him to stay but nor do I want or appreciate hysterical rhetoric designed only to release pent up frustrations.

    I DO think that we have precious little hope of top six now, if MA stays all season, which looks to my logical mind less likely as each game passes.

    I hope he will leave of his own accord but, if not, believe he wil be sacked before New Year. I perfectly understand the views of those who will say “why wait til then”!!

    Shenel is undoubtedly a keen though excitable Gooner but her writing skills lack ENOUGH reason but are too long on hysteria, even though I do, broadly, agree with her piece.

    To be more precise, I DO think she has writing ability but it is held back by overuse of too emotional rhetoric in place of reasoned logic.

    1. @Logic- “This forum is for football”. So why write chapter and verse as you did?
      Keep it real PAL.

    2. Mere football match, now I take it you don’t go to games home or away. Shankley of Liverpool said years ago “Some people believe football is a matter of life and death, I am very disappointed with that attitude. I can assure you it is much, much more important than that.”

      1. An immature and wrong post. Shankleys famous phrase as so often with historical comments tha tlose context , was taken completely out of context. A great human and manager like Shankley knew full well – as do all mature thinking folk – that what he said was not literally true. It was said for effect and it worked.
        I was around, as an adult, at the time it was said and well remember the reasons behind it . Your post is simply wrong.

        1. You simply don’t get the quote, to a lot of true fans football is everything so it isn’t wrong

        2. everything I’ve got I owe to football, and the dedication I put into the game.

          “You only get out of the game what you put into it, Shelley. And I put everything into it I could, and still do. For the people I was playing for and the people that I was manager for. I didn’t cheat them out of anything.

          “So I put all my heart and soul into it, to the extent that my family suffered.”

          Rohde then asked him: “Do you regret that at all?”

          “Yeah I regret it very much.

          “Somebody said that football’s a matter of life and death to you, I said ‘listen, it’s more important than that’.” . Seems straight forward to me

  12. When Arteta got rid of Emery’s man, Saliba, Wenger’s man Mavroponos, and Guendouzi and Torreira, I knew he was sick with ego. He decreased the team for his own personal ego battles. That is UNFORGIVABLE. The results of what he has done are Shambolic….a SHAMEFUL disgrace. He put his own ego battles in front of the team and ARSENAL. He puts himself before the supporters, the team and the welfare of Arsenal Football Club. He should be sacked, he is a traitor to Arsenal who was massaging his jealous ego all the time. Now a quarter of a £Billion later. Nil points and bottom. Selfish failure.

    1. Just to correct your mistakes:
      Guendouzi joined Arsenal on 11 July 2018 and Torreira joined Arsenal on 10 July 2018, both are signed by Emery.

      From here, we can concluded Arteta select the players to play for first 11 (should we said first 6 or 7 because he never has fixed 11 which also means as a manager, he is uncertain). Hence, he selects players he think can perform under his “tactics/strategy”.


      He doesn’t has a strong knowledge of his players’ strengths and weaknesses.

      1. Can you imagine, Arteta taking over at Man. United in 1969,and dealing withGeorge Best, Denis Law and Paddy Crerand. These are players with personality and attitude and not grovelling yes men. Arteta would have hated their guts because he couldn’t fit them into his own narrow world view Football management is about dealing with individuals you may not like personally but using their strengths to the team’s advantage. Arteta does not seem to have this basic people skill. I am a teacher and my main strength is the ability to Intuit a person’s personality on the spot and decide how to integrate them into the group dynamic. It’s not something you can teach.

      2. Kenny

        He found problems with Emery’s Torreira, Guendouzi, and Saliba. Arteta big EGO problems. Arteta was so full of EGO that he wanted, Guendouzi out, Torreira out and Saliba out. What a moronic decision. Totally put his spats in front of the welfare of Arsenal FC. He is a &£#t.

        1. Remember Wenger didn’t think Mavroporas was ready when he first joined.

          After coaching him in training, Wenger changed his mind and kept him in the first team.

          That is proper management, compare that to Arteta.

          Arteta “believed” Saliba and Mavroporas “weren’t ready” despite never seeing them kick a ball.

          Saliba got 2 preseason games (played well too) and Arteta’s ego refused to change his opinion.

          Rather play Kola at CB than admit his mistake.

          Even after Arteta admitted he was wrong not including Saliba for Euros last year, he STILL refused to recant and change.

          Serious ego and arrogance issues with Arteta, based on nothing but his self-evaluation of himself.

  13. Watching Mikel Arteta barking out his tactics on the touchline is like watching a miniature monkey with cymbals powered by Kodak batteries.

    You get the occasional 15 minutes of flurry and then the the battery dies.


  14. Is anyone tired of how this “trust the process” trope is used to slap Arteta and Edu around?

    By all means criticise the decisions made on and off the field but this incessant mocking of a simple truth that any manager has probably said at one point or another is lazy. Maybe I missed all the quotes when Arteta and Edu used the phrase.

    I agree that Arteta probably has until November to turn things around. Unfortunately I dont think the results will be so clear to make it an easy call. We will probably win more that we lose until then with potentially a whole new efensive spine of Ramsdale, White, Gabriel, Partey and Lokonga. Xhaka, like he is want to do, will come back strong after his suspension until he does it again in ten or so games (unless Jose comes in with a cheeky offer again…)

    If Arteta gets sacked I hope it is 100% because he has failed and not because the players have down tooled. To some extent, that happened with Emery and would speak to a culture at the club that still needs to be dealt with.

    1. “it took Arteta 2 seasons to realise that Arsenal is not City”😂and this is the guy you want to lead us??

  15. Emiliano Buendía scored for Aston Villa
    Matteo Guendouzi scored for Marseille
    William Saliba did show a superb defensiv performance for Marseille. Food for thoughts.

      1. Why hasn’t anyone questioned, why Buendia chose Villa over Arsenal. It must had something to do with what he knew about Arteta and his football philosophy.

        1. We were never in for him, it was paper talk, find me one comment from the fool Arteta or Edu about him

      2. And to add to your post, I find it difficult to understand why he is finding it very difficult to even deploy players he (Arteta) has signed.

        Example is Party. Where is the Athletic Party we all rejoiced over when we sign him. No style of play and no identity.

        We can only hope for the best.

  16. There is no process and if there is it isn’t working. Both Edu and Arteta are floundering and have never done anything like this before. There is a distinct possibility we can get relegated because of our poor start. It is so obvious that Arteta hasn’t got a clue how to build a team, motivate a team and set up a team. Some/ most of his ideas, plans and decisions fail badly without any glimmer of success. We are an embarrassment of a club with a manager with no idea what he is doing. The proces must be now sacking the pair of them and replacing ASAP.

    1. If the owner was in the football game to win things this would have been the case long before..however, he isn’t..

  17. I am so sad and distressed with the performance of Arsenal. Arteta, should go with Edu, now and not later. Clearly, he cannot salvage the situation. He lacks the character, tact, experience and what it takes to manage a big club like Arsenal.
    Please something should be done quickly. The embarrassing results are sickening. Enough.

    1. In the coming weeks Arteta will turn it around, that’s for sure. Its the last chance for grumblers to open their mouth. 🙂
      This fixture list, worst ever for Arsenal, has been a perfect opportunity to complain.

      1. Really so all the games we lost last season, no bearing, Brentford a terrible fixture, that is so funny, you carry on believing that

      2. Websurfer, it has just been a ploy to blow out the odds with the bookmakers and betting shops, before the big Arsenal money goes down! 💷🤗

  18. I just dont see any process! What is this process they keep talking about?
    I would accept a “process” if we were playing with a young team and trying to build the players up – saliba, tavarez, sambi, guendouzi, willock, esr, saka, odegaard, martinelli. BUT arteta is clueless if he chooses to select a bunch of deadwood for that game! Whats the “process” with choosing players that have no future at the club?? Kola, cedric, chambers? They are all no way near our desired level.

  19. Loaning out saliba in order to select Kolasinac??
    Selling Willock and Guendouzi but keeping Elneny and Xhaka?
    Who is making those decisions??

    1. These decisions are borne out of hatred from Mr. Arteta.

      Arteta doesn’t instill confidence in his players. Sometimes I ask myself why is it that Mr Wenger was doing it with young players and Mr. Arteta can’t do same.

      1. Really so all the games we lost last season, no bearing, Brentford a terrible fixture, that is so funny, you carry on believing that

      2. Pray tell and educate us on how Wenger improve the youth at Arsenal, how many players made it through to the first team. Wilshire,Gibbs, that’s it

  20. I think this process that is based on rebuilding the Arsenal team by recruiting new young players and promoting some other ones at the club to the senior team, and use them as the cornerstone to build a new vibrant mostly young Arsenal team that can compete at the top level of the game successfully and win laurels for us has to be supported and trusted by us Gooners patiently please.

    I ascribe to the thought that, after the current international break Arsenal season will earnestly start to begin. What us have witnessed that saw our beloved Arsenal teams lost 3 PL games consecutively was unfortunate. But let us remember these are loses suffered by Arsenal due to the Covid-19 that broke out within the squad. And coupled with the injuries that some keys Gunners are having have impacted negatively on the Gunners performance in these 3 games.

    I am not giving excuses, but let us understand the conditions that led to Arsenal performing poorly in their last 3 PL games. Hopefully, if the injuries and Covid-19 that have ravaged through our senior team abate. And the Gunners attain 100% match fitness to play their next PL game at home against Norwich. Surely, Arsenal will return to the winning ways in the Premier League and thereafter once again.

  21. Out of the last 3 matches it was the Brentwood match that shook me the most.

    I honestly don’t see us in the top 6 by January. I desperately hope im wrong

    I have lost all hope in MA. Two 8th places in a row and last place after 3 PL matches

  22. Arteta should be sacked and replacement is conte,i knw conte will use formation 3_4_3 and defendas will be white,holding,mari and AMN as rwb and TIERNY as lwb in midfield lokonga and partey for attack saka,abu,rowe

  23. It’s really hurts to observe that something that is dear to your heart is being destroyed and you can’t do anything as a supporter.

    How has the mighty fallen. When will the fans smile again. The fans of our dear club is being thorn asunder. We wallow in anguish. Our hearts are bleeding.

    How do we rescue The Great Arsenal.
    The club that once brought joy to our homes. My prayer is that one day, just one day this our club will be rescued from these Kroenkes

  24. Everyone tells me it’s manager fault if a team isn’t performing and I know how we all praise players when teams perform because it’s players that translates whatever instructions a coach gives.
    I wonder lots of time what happen in the dressing room should players go against coach instructions on the pitch and the game results in win, is it possible for manager to discipline the players for not listening to his instructions despite winning the games?.
    I look at our performance since Wenger last few years , 3 coaches and same results with same set of players. Is it coincidence?
    When we player semi final last season, I looked at UE team and no disrespect, the squad isn’t better than what we have, then I asked myself what instructions did UE gave his new team to perform that good ,? How come he didn’t give similar instructions at arsenal? Or perhaps something is happening that no one seems to understand?

    Am not defending Arteta but at this point we need to look beyond now and see the true picture.
    As for me , I’ll say no matter what the coach tell players, all instructions ended before players entered the pitch and, from then on the decision lies with the players. Even if Arteta is bad as a coach, our players should prove they are better than what we see

  25. I thought I’d wake up to “Arsenal manager, Arteta; has been sacked”. It’s obvious we’re not ready for anything called success anytime soon.

    I’ve told myself I’d rather spend my Saturdays reading this season rather than subjecting myself to unending pain from the club I love with my heart and soul!

    I wish everyone a happy Sunday and I pray for those who’s got the nerve to keep lying to themselves on here that a miracle is going to happen when we all know no success comes from mediocre!

    Arteta needs to go! It’s as simple as that.

  26. Why remove my comments just because I spoke the truth hahahha…so where is freedom of speech Han 😂😂

      1. Ok, I am fine with my suggestion of only sticking to football only so can you also remove Jon Fox’s comment up.

  27. Only stability, support and logical adjustment will prove successful in the long term my fellow supporters.
    Brentford could always have gone either way, first game against an eager to impress, newly promoted side with nothing to lose and no pressure.
    Then arguably two of the best sides in Europe right now, at their strongest, when we are at the start of a rebuild and in a period of immense pressure, turmoil and plain old bad luck.

    How many sides, of any calibre, excluding the two I mentioned could cope with up to 7+ first team players unavailable through illness and injury?

    Willian (cant wont)
    Odegaard (Chelsea for Visa probs)

    As others have said, let’s get behind the club and see where we are later in the year when hopefully we can judge the team in a balanced way.

  28. We Arsenal lovers are all fed up with the lack of obvious progress at our club. I would say only 2 things, amongst many possible complaints. Firstly, for years now we have bought mediocre players who have been available on the cheap, instead of buying the players the team need. Secondly, MA has learned under PG who excelled at Barcelona at the passing game. But both Man City and Barcelona have far better players. E.g. Messi was quite good. The same style will not work with our players.

  29. I wonder what people think of Laurent Blanc……I think he would do well as a arsenal manager……..!

  30. Look at Tottenham they brought new manager and they are playing like a team and they are getting the results they want,
    and players are almost same in previous season. we are here taking 2 seasons to select the best eleven and even to find a formation for the team. trusting the process of a fraud edu and rookie manager like arteta

  31. Burnley currently beating Leeds.

    No , they don’t play like a 70s Brazil team but they DO have a manager who has a clear way of playing and demands the very maximum effort from them.

    It’s a defensive and strong arm midfield system that stops the other teams playing and allows them to stay in the game and maybe snatch a goal.

    Not saying that should be Arsenal’s way but having a clear and well communicated and non complex system of play should should be paramount.

    Personally I’d like a team built on a well drilled defence like George Graham’s AFC, with wengers more Dynamic midfield teams with big strong but technically gifted midfielders like Petit and Viera protecting a more diminutive ball playing creative (Santi/Berkgamp) behind a hungry and lethal centre forward (Henry/Wright). I’d have wingers (give me an overmars type player direct and defence scaring on each wing) any day of the week.

    So a 4-5-1 in front of Ramsdale who has time to develop and surpass the GOal keeping abilities of Leno.

    Arteta shows no managerial skill and should stick to coaching. You might say I also have no managerial future and you may we’ll be right but right now,..I can’t see how I could make anymore of a mess of Arsenal than Arteta has done.

    Thanks Stan

  32. First time EVER in premier league history that Tottenham are top of the table and we are at the bottom.

    Another record broken!

    Thanks Stan

  33. How Saliba and Guendozi can’t make arsenal team but Elneny, Holding, chambers, Kolasinac and Mari can still baffles me.

  34. Enough is enough!

    You are so right. Kroenke is so contrary that he won’t sack Arteta. Every other EPL club would sack him. Kroenke is spending money because he will put on the price he will take for Arsenal when he sells. Arteta is just poor manager and coach, Kroenke though is a bad human being.

    1. It’s pointless sacking him unless you have someone ready to take over. Assuming we are going to be lower mid-table once the initial mess is sorted, we might as well just write this season off, and make any change next Summer.

      1. Nooooo we will most likely be pointless if we don’t sack him. He has lost the dressing room and he is generally clueless as a manager (not as a coach) so whilst he stays he will hinder any upturn in fortune.

        Get a caretaker in his place (can’t do any worse) and will be a breath of fresh air for the team.

  35. The decline at the club has been progressive and looming for a long time. It’s more than coach the whole system needs a massive overhaul.

  36. We need to get all our first choices back, but if we cannot beat Norwich, then there might be a rethink. Some might consider the answer to be not when we’re picking players we are trying to ship out because they aren’t good enough. Kolasinac, Elneny etc., and even then playing them out of position. When your captain for the game which you had been trying to offload, gets himself sent-off, days after he has been given a contract extension. The problem is, when, given Conte is a non-starter, and the best alternative people can come up with is Graham Potter, followed by Ralph Hasenhuttl, you realise that the cupboard truly is bare. Perhaps we should give Arteta until Christmas, before putting in an emergency call to Sam Allardyce!

  37. A big team with owners who give a hoot about winning stuff would have fired him long before and got someone in place.

    If they really wanted success someone would be on the telephone to zidane or Luis Enrique convincing them (through the project, transfer money still available in this window and next, and with the number of 0s on their pay cheque).

    But we are and have not been a big team for quite some time.

    Thanks Stan

  38. I don’t see any process either.
    I think Arteta is changing g things too often with formation and personell then throw in too complex or demanding tactics that rhe players either don’t understand fully or are overthinking and losing the relaxed freedom to play.

    However 2 points on the flip side:
    1. I’m glad Auba said the players need to step up and get together for a chat so to speak. When on the pitch together mid game they are the only ones who can effect the game and change things and nobody seems to want to take charge with this.
    2. Ozil annoyed the hell out of me towards the end if his time at Arsenal with his childish games and comments and he’s still doing it from across the water, get a life and jog on Muppet Ozil!!

  39. Pep sums the game up “We know in the past that Mikel [Arteta] plays almost man to man, but after that we were able to drop them and after that our position was good and after 2-0, when they play with 10 men, it was another game.” Yet commentary and fans were pretending it was always this way before. Read between the lines on that he wasn’t happy at 2-0, felt lucky after 10 men easy.

    1. Will add never been stronger in my position of backing Arteta. Fans, media etc. have been talking nonsense and got lucky with results against play. Brentford should of been a draw or win worst. City should of been a small loss worst if Xhaka stays (Pogba not only stayed it wasn’t a foul and united scored a day later, in case you wondering if we’d see a similar foul escape punishment.) Luck struck and made naysayers look good but the actions on the pitch told a different story. So I have faith, we’ll smash Norwich (when everyone say it doesn’t matter, curious how the city game matters losing if the Norwich game doesn’t winning… preempting that buy y’know.)

  40. Just seen this as a comment on a story reporting The Kroenke family do not want a change of management…

    “As a Spurs fan I think Arteta is doing a great job’

    Says it all..

  41. I am totally shocked that a failure, a man who has no plan, no tactics, no intensity, no coaching results, plays Kolasinac, re-contracts Xhaka for 4 years , signs Willian, signs Cedric, Mari. Sent Saliba and Guendouzi on loan, and to top it Kroenke does not act, the board does not act. What a F up. You couldn’t make it up.
    There is a self-destruction button at Arsenal and Arteta, Edu, Vinai, the Board and the Kroenkes have all pressed it. Mismanagement, neglect and incompetence and bottom of the EPL, spineless…..and we will not sign Aouar, or Fekir and will stay creatively redundant. Arsenal are in a self-created, self- engineered…….MESS. Every one of that mob should leave….all of them.

    1. They should Sean but they won’t.

      Kroenke is there to make money off AFC and while he still does he will be linger like a bad smell. Irony is by his stewardship he will eventually lower his assets value so he will have to be careful here. But the price at which he bought and can sell will no doubt have a healthy profit margin of that we can be sure.

      As for Arteta he is unlikely to walk out since he is paid handsomely to deliver little and he isn’t going to give that up. Only if the Kroenkes sack him will he leave. Same with Edu.

      And that my friend has long been the problem at Arsenal Foortball Club. Contentment with mediocrity (and now lower than that) that spreader from the top like a disease to all facets of the club.

      Many many years in the making. Someone should make a documentary of that since it would be an interesting view. They can keep their ‘all or nothing’ documentary (which needs a re-brand to just ‘nothing’) because that’s what we are now.

      Aside from history we have nothing. No europe, no change of being competitive to with the PL, no chance of getting to Europe, a wiener who is apathetic, a manager who cannot manage, players and a transfer system not worthy of Arsenal with Edu chief bellend operating it.

      We are a absolute laughing stock across the footballing world where rival supporters pray Arteta will stay in the hot seat (it’s more a refrigerated seat at AFC) because they can see from an unbiased viewpoint how he is taking us down and backwards..

      Only fools raised and conditioned on lies and empty promises and the a complete spectrum of excuses for failure will still believe that we are a great club and will
      Be ‘ok’.

      Head out of the sand time . Wakey Wakey!

      Nothing we can do about it beside vote with our feet and stay away, show out discontent with protest and to not pay a red cent, yen, pound, euro etc into the club until they start running the club in a proper way. But again this may be when Kroenke and Co are long gone and a tidal wave of change has finally hit the emirates..

      1. Edit;)

        No europe, no chance of being competitive to win the PL, no chance of getting into Europe, a owner who is apathetic.

        A weiner also works (Freudian slip)

      2. 👍 “You dont buy sporting teams to win trophies.” One truth KS&E have told us, as against “we are moving to the Emirates to compete against the best in Europe.” Arsenal can’t compete with the rest of London, except maybe Queens Park Rangers, Fulham, Leyton Orient, Millwall, AFC Wimbledon, Sutton United and Charlton Athletic, all of which play currently in lower divisions.

      3. Couldn’t have put it any better, we are well and truly f..ked and will continue to slide until the Kronekes are gone, they are killing the club. Fans need to stay away, partial full stadiums will have a knock on effect for sponsorships and will cost the Kronekes money. it is the only thing they understand

  42. not only do i not trust the process , i do not trust anything that comes out of the arsenal. and ,it has been this way for many years.when a certain manager began to lose his marbles the untruths began, but he saw them as being honest and factual.the culture of lying sprouted way back then and has carried on since. wag the dog ,folks.

  43. There is no process, it is a random, disorganized progression to the bottom. This isn’t just Arteta but the whole management structure.

    We are not a top four team right now, but we are not relegation level either. Since his arrival Arteta has always been able to get less from his team than the sum of the parts – he just isn’t very good.

    His “vision” is to play like MC, only problem is that we don’t have many players who can play like that.

    If you accept that premise (and Arteta of course doesn’t) then you adjust to use your players as best you can. It may mean that we have to park the bus and focus on the counter attack to steal points when we come up against better teams (right now that is everyone except Norwich). It is great to run riot against West Brom (and it was), but we need to be competitive against EPL teams.

    I doubt that Conte would come here, but if he would, Arteta should be gone today and Conte be brought in. He then has the break and maybe a chance to do some type of business. He will definitely get more out of this group than Arteta can.

    We are fast on our way to being a permanent cup team, not returning to top four or winning the league. And a couple of wins in September is not going to change this…

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