EPL rivals make Arsenal transfers look a bargain

Every single year, or even twice a year with a transfer window in January as well as through the summer, the prices of football players goes up and up. Some thought that Real Madrid paying around £80 million to sign Cristiano Ronaldo from Man United was crazy but we now see players of much less ability going for that.

£50 million now seems about the norm for a decent player, so even though Arsene Wenger broke the Arsenal transfer record to sign Alexandre Lacazette it was by no means a remarkable bit of transfer news. In fact, when you compare our signing of the striker from Lyon to0 some of the deals being done by other clubs in the English Premier League you could well argue that the Gunners have got a real bargain.

Man City have paid a similar amount to get the right back Kyle Walker from Tottenham after paying the same to get John Stones from Everton last summer. Man United have paid a lot more than us to sign Lukaku and it appears that Liverpool could fork out aeround £70 million to sign the holding midfielder Naby Keita from Red Bull Leipzig, with their former German star Dietmar Hamann telling Sky Sports he thought that was a fair price. Really? For Keita?

So despite breaking the club’s transfer record this summer, is Wenger still intent on getting value for money and saving Arsenal money?



  1. Wenger has a reputation of lets say being careful with the cash especially when compared to some epl managers. He has made some mistakes but more often than not he has found some real gems in the past and at 50mil for a top striker that athletico were ready to buy i think will turn out to be a bloody bargain…

  2. Well Kolasinac was a bargain lol
    One of the best LBs in the Bundesliga for free transfer
    Lacazette was a good price £52 million
    I’d much prefer Lacazette for £52 million than Lukaku for £90 million (£75 plus add ons)

    Last summer Holding for £2 million was a fantastic bargain
    He is a very good central defender
    Cech was a bargain fpr about £10 mil
    Alexis was a bargain at £32 million

    Xhaka, Chambers, Ozil and Mustafi are good players but were a tad bit expensive I think

  3. Wenger knows how to get players at a right price because you compare lukaku and lacazette.no one can tell me that lukaku is better
    than lacazette

  4. the level of money manu and City pay for players is totally ridiculous and that should not be our benchmark.
    Look at Bayern how they get players for free or very cheap

    1. Bayern has a different kind of pulling power when it comes to Bundesliga. They are the only sharks in the pond, and every young prospects from around Germany wants to play there, gives them upper hand in each young player transfer. Players willingly run down their contract or buy out their contract to go to BM, Arsenal or no other EPL club will have that ever for the financial equality we have in EPL. So either we throw the cash like ManU, City do, or sustain our model by buying young and selling them on as Chelsea,Spurs do(we used to do this), or be the Arsenal way, buy cunning, a mix of youth and experienced

  5. 50m pounds for a right back. Not even a striker. A waste of money. Holding was bought 1m pounds. Walker 50m pounds, Stones 46m pounds. Koschieny is better than Stones. Pep succeeded in spain because he had Messi. Simple as that. Zidane is by far better than pep and Mou. He introduced Casamero into the squad. A pure DM. Had the balls to bench James thereby having the stability. Even when Bale was injured for long periods, he brought in Isco. They won the Champions league back to back. And LA Liga. And be is an humble guy. Since Zidane came in, he only brought in Casamero, Asensio and Vazquez. No marque signing. These are qualities of a top manager. Pep would spend a lot and still wont win the EPL next season. He does not care about defending. Man city defence will let them down again. Arsenal will achieve more than Man City this season. Our three at the back will be very effective. Walker for 50m. A one dimensional right back. An expensive waste of money. Sterling, Stones, Walker, Lukaku, Pogba are all expensive waste of money.

  6. The Germans are the best when it comes to systems. Its not by chance that most of the national youth players come from bayern…..They also like arsenal have a pay structure so even if they buy at a high price the players and agents know what the salary will roughly be.
    As mentioned before oil rich clubs has made the transfer market ridiculous.
    However if we look at America at what they pay their top people in sports people the world of football or should i say soca does not compare. What will happen if China gets a foothold on the game.
    50mil for a top striker or 50mil for a spurs right back………..we all know who has the bargain lol

    1. I hate to say it, but I feel We wont buy Mbappe, since we already got Lacazzete. Lemar I believe is a big possiblity though. fingers crossed

  7. To arsenogenic if we pulled that transfer off Wenger can have a statue of himself as an early Christmas present lol.

  8. Let’s not get carried away here. Arsenal may not have spent as much money as Man U or Man C or Chelsea recently, but we’ve not won the league whilst those other clubs have all won it more than once.

    Thankfully the failure to get a top-four finish this season finally created enough pressure on Wenger and the board to spend some money and get a top striker, and look at getting other top-quality additions to the squad, as well as really trying to keep our star players like Alexis Sanchez.

    Obviously it’s better to get something good for less money than more money, and Lacazette seems like great value at the moment. Kolasinac also looks like shrewd business.

    I hope we don’t stop there, and get a top-quality creative central midfield to take-over from Cazorla, so this team can really challenge for the title next season. Otherwise I think we might be getting excited rather prematurely, while other teams are still strengthening their teams, albeit at expensive prices.

  9. Clubs buying established defenders etc for stupid money is detrimental to football, because the younger players have less of a chance to play at the top level. Bigger clubs won’t take risks by bringing players through their academies or even signing young potential PL players.

    Wenger is to be applauded for his desire to give the younger players a chance, even though it may be driven by money saving.

    I mean, Kyle Walker for nigh on 50 million. Do me a favour. Lazy City can’t be arsed to find talent, so pay over the odds for a solid defender. Twats.

  10. Arsenal need to invest seriously concerning top players rather than gambling on free players if they are to compete rather than participation every season…,

  11. Keita looks like he could add allot of value to a team. He has a mixed skill set. He’s hard working, energetic, good passing and shooting abilities. He’s the type we should be going for. I think we showed an interest earlier, but it seems to have dampened lately. If Walker is good value for 50m well then 70 for Keita would be about right, but it’s Euros in Germany so it’d be closer to 60 odd mil. I’d prefer a taller lad for us since we have mostly all short forwards. You need some big midfielders as you’ll get targeted physically and aerially if all you have is CBs that are good with this stuff, and even then you can’t always say they’ll be that. Carvalho might be useful, but if we were interested in him I think we would have gone for him before now. I’d say Goretzka but does Wenger even rate the boy, he’s got one year left so if Wenger did you’d imagine us bidding already. So we have to ask, does Wenger even want another CM player. I hope he wants more than Ramsey – Coquelin – Elneny – Xhaka and Cazorla if or whenever fit.

  12. No matter how many records we break, without a leader in the pitch is vanity of vanities. We need a person of Viera type who dictates the match to save us 20 points. Currently I don’t see any with my Gamma Specs

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