EPL squad quotas mean Arsenal must sell before buying – Who must leave?

Arsenal’s Current Squad Numbers by Dean F

As most Arsenal fans are aware already we have a huge squad and wage bill to match, I understand the thirst for new signings, we do however have a slight problem regarding the Premier League non-homegrown rules that could mean we are trying to trim the squad not just for financial reasons, but maybe as we don’t have room at the moment for Partey or Aouar.

We desperately need to get rid of some players, if we sign this Goalkeeper “Runarsson” we would have 19 non-homegrown players over the age of 21, League rules state we can only have 17 in a 25 man squad, the other 8 can be homegrown over the age of 21, we currently have Bellerin, AMN, Holding, Chambers, Macey, which is just 5, we also have players under 21 who do not affect the rules, Saliba, Saka, Nelson, Willock, Guendouzi and Eddie.

So we would need to offload 3 players if we want Partey, that could be 4 if we sign Aouar as well, the choices look like Lucas, Kola, Sokratis, Mustafi, or Ozil, so we have to reduce the numbers before we sign more players, so 4 out of that 5 & we know Ozil isn’t going anywhere, there is also Elneny although it does look like Mikel Arteta wants to keep him.

I’m not sure if many supporters have considered this rule, the club are obviously aware of it so perhaps we are trying to clear some unwanted players, their big wages and get some transfer fees in the coffers before Edu will allow any new players join the Arsenal.

I don’t write with any inside knowledge, I just feel that it might be the way the club is working in the market.

The alternative is to have too many players of which some we can’t register in the Premier League squad, who can’t play, who we still have to pay wages to, I know it probably wouldn’t ever come to that, this is just my view on why Edu & Mikel aren’t pushing through the 2 deals just yet, as we have to get rid of at least 2 players minimum & more if we sign any players beyond that.

Who would you like to see gone (that I didn’t already list) to help reduce the squad to make room for some quality midfielders?

Dean F


  1. Well Sokratis and Torreira look to be gone. So there’s your answer.

    I reckon we will only sign one more player, that’s two if we haven’t signed a goalkeeper yet.

  2. Lucas and Socrates surely will be gone, so we come down to 17, we promote Ozil to the board room for a year (that is the only place we have comfortable seats and no back injuries) and do not register him. Kolasinca will go the Ozil way of sitting out his contract. The income from Emi’s transfer has ensured Ozil gets his full pay for the rest of his term. Indeed we can sign only one player. Good article, as most people bash the Kroenkes for not spending without understanding the intricacies.

    1. Hahahahaha.. Boardroom 🤣🤣🤣🤣

      Seriously though. The whole Ozil thing needs to sorted out ASAP! For crying out loud we might as well buy him out of his contract If he’s not in the future plans? At least then he’s off the books!

      This is just getting silly now 🙁

  3. I think Elneny and Gendouzi will still leave. But if worse comes to worst there might be a termination or two by mutual consent. MA desperately needs two midfielders that he’s already identified. Contray to numerous accusations being thrown around, the club is ready to do business but is hamstrung by the quota issue. It’s straight forward for me. Partey and Aouar will come after we manage to offload a few grifters willing to sit on the bench and draw a decent salary that isnt guaranteed anywhere else..

  4. Good article. I feel Torreira and Socrates will leave. Also rumour has it that WestHam are interested in Kola. If he goes, that makes it 3 and we can go in for either Partey or Aouar.

      1. Willian? Yeah why not! Already played a whole game and not even scored once Apart from three assists and a MotM at Fulham, he has done nothing else at all. An obvious sell!
        Now, whenever can I escape from this straitjacket?

  5. That’s why signing Raya is/was an option,he would have counted as a homegrown having come out of Blackburn’s academy,apparently Kola who was wanted by the Hammers
    among other clubs had a meeting with MA where he was told he was behind Tierney but told the manager he had a change of mind and wanted to stay and fight for his place, looks like he’s staying put for now!

  6. Pat…can we have the reaction emojis on comments that we used to have. It was a good way to quickly respond to follow up comments by simply thumbing up or down.

  7. Only 19 days left…I’m hoping we see a few outgoings and 1, possibly 2 incoming 🙂
    Although I can’t moan too much as our most important piece of business was done yesterday 😉

  8. Like I said yesterday that Folarin Balogun could’ve gotten announced instead of Auba when Arsenal said to turn on notifications.
    Folarin Balogun will sign new 4 years professional contract with the club.
    Y’all can stop moaning about losing that one for now

      1. Yep Sue he’ll sign a new contract…. That was why he posted the same time emoji as Auba.
        You know Arsenal rejected 3.5M while demanding 15M for him.
        That’s how you know they’re not ready to sell him 😂😂😂

        Oh BTW Sue, Bayer Leverkusen are interested in taking Kolasinac on a permanent deal, and they’re willing to pay the 12M fee that Arsenal demands for Kolasinac.
        I don’t know how that one will go since Kolasinac says he wants to stay. We need to move players out

        1. If Leverkusen dont match or improve his current wage, I dont see him leaving. Majority of players would demand transfer if their team cant guarantee constant football yet at arsenal we seem to have the complete opposite; a funny set of players ready to hang around despite the coach telling them first team football isnt guaranteed. IMO kola is behind Tierney, AMN and Saka at left back and left wingback.

        2. Eddie, that’s fantastic news regarding Balogun! I honestly thought he was off!
          I wonder if Kola will have a rethink? Thought he would’ve leapt at the chance of heading back to Germany… Our departures seem to have ground to a halt right now – not good!

  9. Torreira, and Socratis will almost certainly leave. If we are going to get a couple of star midfielders then Elneny will surely be sold and snapped up as he is 28 and in his peak. Mustafi should be given away and he won’t be playing for a while anyway. Just don’t name Ozil in the group….let him rot in his money. Let him ‘stink’ of it or pay him off and tell him to ££££ off and ban him from coming into the club.

  10. I will to the coach to decide who goes and who comes in. Good luck to Martinez and thank you for telling the world it is your decision to leave us and not because we have to sell you for money or for offering you lower wages than what you will get at Villa.

  11. The rule is very clear and the situation at Arsenal is very clear as well. The players/ Positions arsenal need is very clear to the management and probably the fans. The Manager mentioned that the team is not balanced last weekend and also mentioned at the end of the season that he needs someone who will be playing between the lines. It is evident that Super Torreira, Ozil and Sokratis are not in MA arteta’s plans. Likewise, Impending fitness of Mari and Luiz leaves door open to sokratis and chambers and MA blocking holding’s movement also gave room for Mustafi’s exit. MLN and Saka at left full back also opens exit door for Kolacinak.
    Surely, we are signing replacement for goodfortune Martinez and another player which is likely to be AOUAR. Nevertheless, our team structure and artetas plan is very clear for us to see. Best of luck to Arsenal this season.
    I have a thought! Use Martinez money to buy gunnarson, use the remaining to settle ozil, sell toreirra, sokraris, mustafi/chambers, use the money to fund PARTEY and or AOUAR.

  12. Dan Smith, I just saw your comment on the Ozil article, I’ve been offline.
    Really I’ve never said I had or I have inside knowledge at the club, I’ve said countless time that I follow a journalist who used to work and report from the Emirates.
    I actually post whatever information it is he puts up. Not every journalist has to be as famous as Fabrizio and David You know? Fabrizio also works with sources and contacts.
    I’ve never said I had inside knowledge once again I don’t.
    I post stuff I read from who I follow, and so far he hasn’t put a foot wrong for all I know.
    There are times I have my doubt also, like when he posted Arsenal have personal agreement with Aouar. I posted it hear and I also added that I’m finding it hard to believe too.
    Also while everyone kept contemplating about the whole Martinez scenario and were wondering if he’d start against Fulham.
    He wrote that Martinez’s medical would be on Saturday and wouldn’t play, and that was three days before the media started saying Martinez was out of the squad.
    I recalled I posted it also, I waited to see, and it turned out true..Martinez ended up having his medicals that Saturday.
    Also you should know, I’ve stopped reading newspapers and sites, the only sports sites on my history are Justarsenal and Arseblog. So TBH I don’t read stuff from papers or blogs before I write them here.
    Thank you

    1. Oh okay , I too have contact with a journalist
      Watch …..
      I been told sokertise is wanted by an Italian club
      But they might not be able to pay his wages lol.
      See if I’m correct lol

      1. Whatever rocks your boat.. Let’s pretend as if you all had any idea or news sites or blogs were reporting Martinez’s medicals would be on that Saturday 2 days before Saturday…
        Let’s pretend some of the stuff I posted were making the rounds on news blogs and newspaper during the time I posted it

  13. There is another solution if we don’t move the unwanted on.

    We can name different squads for the EPL and EL. Whilst anyone can play in the domestic cups.

    Mostly the “starting x1” don’t play in the Europa League. Also it is unlikely that Chambers and Mustafi will be fit enough to play in the EL group stages.

    If we have to keep any of the 6 unwanted (ozil, guendozi, mustafi, sokratis, kolasinac, torreira) perhaps simply leave some out of the epl squad and some starting x1 players out of the EL squad. Remember both squads can be changed during the next window.

  14. Soktratis,Kolasinac,ElNeny,Mustafi,Guendozi – OUT!
    Keep Ozil – I still think that he can be a playmaker if his confidence returns.
    We need a keeper and of course we’d love to see Party and Aouar.

  15. Informative article Dean, well done.I take it that Tierney cannot be considered home grown for the purposes of the EPL rules ?.

  16. I think MA wants to see what Elneny has to offer before making a decision on the midfield. He still has 2 games to make that assessment. If Elneny pans out I don’t think he will buy anybody just yet. MA also played Guendouzi in the past. We all know by now that MA improves players and Guendouzi has potential. If Guendouzi gets his head straight, we might have a pleasant surprise on our hands. Time will tell.

    1. The article clearly indicates that MG does not count in the list as he is under 21 and does not effect the rule so why some of the fans still put him in the list of players to get rid of to bring more players is beyond me. This shows why our board never listens to fans bec they are less bright then even Rooney.

      1. Mohsan: Some people think with their head, some with emotions.
        Besides, you don’t get top $$$ for players you keep bashing or you report on injury list. Why would any team buy your problems. Arsenal talks about MG like he is the second coming of AlCapone.

    2. @ICW you are very right about MG. These fans do not understand what how much talented this dude is. He ran the midfield for us in some of the matches being one of the youngest on the field while our so called experience players disappeared. He showed the fight and spirit when all the so called experience players were blaming other and went under the rock to hide. With MA guiding and nurturing him, he can become one of the best signing ever. If he leaves n goes to another club it will be great loss for us.

  17. Arsenal should look to sell fringe players on the cheap to balance the books. I think Sokratis, Mustafi, Torriera, Kolasinac, Chambers should be sold, while Ozil should
    move on [free/cancelled contract).

  18. Actually all long term injured players can not be sell in this window;namely:
    Chambers,Mustafi,Mari and Martinelly.Also MA will not sell Elneny until he gets Partey and that if its happened will be at the very end of the window closure.
    Looks like the Club have not the funds to cancel the Ozil contract;so MA will use him in some occasions.

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