EPL striker’s worrying words on Arsenal boss and Ramsey

Even though in most matches that Arsenal play it is our team that has the better quality of players, we have learned to our cost that even the most technically gifted footballers will not get a lot of joy if they do not put in the effort.

When the Gunners are up against lower league oppositio0n on a cup, for instance, we often hear the old adage that we have to match the work rate of our opponents first and earn the right to play and exert that superior quality. We also have to approach games in the right way and the players have to put their bodies on the line if that is what is needed.

So Arsenal fans will be less than chuffed to hear the words of the Watford striker Troy Deeney who scored and helped the Hornets to that shock victory over us at the Emirates stadium a week ago, because he accuses Aaron Ramsey of shirking away from a tackle which could have stopped their opening goal and made it a much different game. Instead the ball deflected off our Welsh international and set the tone for a pretty pathetic week.

Deeney’s words are not much better for Arsene Wenger either, because he suggested in an Evening Standard report that a strong manager would not allow their players to get away with the sort of lack of commitment shown by Ramsey in that goal.

He said, “I think he bottled it a little bit. Ramsey’s mistake was our blessing.

“I have come up with (former Watford managers) Sean Dyche and Malky Mackay and if we had turned our back on the ball like that, they would have had strong words with us.”

I suggested in a Just Arse3nal post after that defeat that Arsenal might not miss the injured midfield much after his performance against Watford and although it may have been harsh, Deeney’s words support what I said at the time. Do you agree that Ramsey bottled it? If so should Wenger take some of the blame?



  1. Simon_MrMac says:

    I’m pro Wenger for the most part – but absolutely the attitude of the players comes from the guy in charge

    I like that we have a more aggressive team with Xaka, Coqerline, Sanchez but still need a true captain on the pitch to help instill the controlled aggression we need in the pitch

  2. leo...fourteen says:

    imagine..tears almost in my eyes…this is not the first time the opposition player offers our stupid manager some advice…
    nzozi is 2013 told wenger and the boys to become aggressive and visit the gym ASAP else he and other teams would bully arsenal to the core…
    rooney did the same thing several times telling wneger and his team to have some wining character..
    as for ramsey the so called welsh messi that wouldn’t even clean the boots of Michael carrick…I think we need to model our players to be responsible and play for the team like xavi and iniesta or modric did..but if players like ramsey leave their duties to become messi up the pitch then we are in trouble

  3. Wonder says:

    He is not the 1st and wont be the last Arsenal player to do that in Wenger’s era

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