Why EPL transfer bids for Walcott can help Arsenal NOW

I must admit that I wanted Arsenal to keep our England international forward Theo Walcott the last two times that Arsenal transfer rumours were talking about his possible departure from the club. His contract was up for renewal on both of those occasions and a lot of Arsenal fans wanted Arsene Wenger to sell him and get another striker in, while I thought he just needed to be fit and get a run in the team to prove his doubters wrong.

Well he has been fit this season and was getting regular games but Walcott has failed to show that he can be good enough on a consistent basis for Arsenal, so I would have no problems with the boss calling it a day on Theo’s frustrating career as a Gunner.

And that is a realistic prospect as a number of clubs have been linked with him and The Mirror is reporting the latest to be West Ham who are apparently preparing a hefty bid of around £26 million for the summer. That is not a massive amount in today’s market but I think we should take it if the rumours are true.

I hope they are and not just to see Walcott move on, but also to get the best of him for the rest of the season. One of the things that was evident the last two times he might have left was that his performances were at the top level. Now whether Walcott is trying to save his Arsenal career or get the best possible move in the summer, we could really do with a sharp and in form striker for the next couple of months and nothing seems to inspire Walcott as much as transfer talk.

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  1. If the rumour is true I think we should just take the money.
    But I don’t think Wenger will sell him,because Wenger still praised Walcott’s ‘rare’ qualities last week or so..
    We are stuck with Walcott for now..
    The summer will be so interesting, at least one or two of Ox, Walcott,Sanogo and Campbell will leave on loan or permanently,my mind says Campbell is guaranteed to leave and if he does I will be sad…

    1. Wenger will praise Walcott to extract the most money for him. We should sell him and buy some top class striker like Lukaku.

      Also sell Ramsey for Xhaka.

      Get a worldclass centre back to take over from Mertesacker, sell Mertesacker in the Winter Transfer period.

  2. The article says the rumour will bring out the best in Walcott and he hit form again..c’mon! That’s ridiculous,is Walcott a kid?
    Has he ever lost form for so long like this?? Am not sure
    This is my opinion,We all know Walcott has always been unfortunate when it comes to International tournaments,so now maybe he is determined to make the Euros and to do that,he wants to avoid getting injured hence, the cautious display which has now lead to a big dip in form..that’s what I think..
    Because I don’t think Walcott has ever been so so useless that we even prefer Iwobi and Campbell to him.

  3. Look, unless any other club would want to pay 140k a week for Walcott he would simply not move. The irony is that I see why Walcott would be a better player at Westham and not at Arsenal, City or Chelsea.
    As for selling Walcott I have absolutely nothing against it since winter 2013. I absolutely loathe when players keep the club (who actually trusted and you dissapoint or fail to deliver) to the ransom. Just to be clear, I don’t want Ramsey gone, I don’t want Ox gone. Jenkinson and Gibbs can do as they please. There are already 6 players at the under 21 which can walk on the bench as they are now. And hold the talks with Wilshere. See what gives and if needed simply don’t extend or propose the same contract. My gut feeling (and I haven’t been right many times, must say) is that with that piece of metal in his foot he will probably not be the same. Hope I am wrong.
    As for the others Arteta, Rosicky , Flamini (I am not sure Wenger will not keep him around just to please Ozil) they can all leave.

    1. When did Ramsey work well for Arsenal is when he had Arteta next to him a footballing DM.

      Ramsey’s best position is not next to Coquelin or on the right wing. Is it the number 10 role that is occupied by Ozil?

      Another issue with Ramsey is how often he gets dispossessed. He loses the ball and we get a dangerous counter attack.

      Ramsey is good player but it does not seem to work within the way we play. Should we sell Ramsey to Barcelona and extract a lot of money and get Xhaka or Kante? Would Arsenal as a team be better of this way?

      1. Ramsey to Barca?..that just made me chuckle…am sure Barca has players in their B team they can promote to the senior team that will do the same job saving themselves millions the Ramsey transfer will cost them…and personally I don’t think he is anywhere neat good enough technically to fit in the Bar a ethos

        1. He was linked in the past to Barca, and he apparently went on holiday to Barca at the international break.

  4. Part ot the reason Arsenal has consistently failed to reach greater heights is because of Wenger’s unfounded and stubborn reliance on players who are meant to be potentials and have been all their career, a prime example been Walcott….either as a winger or upfront like he wants he is just not hood enough….life is all about gambles, you win some you lose some, we have taken a gamble on the likes of Walcott, Gibbs and its not paid off so lets cut our losses and move them on, if they go to another club and realise their so called potentials so be it, we cannot keep giving them chances in the hope they will come good when all indications shows they are just average players who won the lottery with Arsenal….£26 milion the article said,well, Wenger should bite off the arms of whoever offered that for a player who at most should not command more than a £5million price tag…and yet we wonder at the dearth of home grown 2 English super talent lolll…..potential is realised driven by hunger and desire, when the home grown quota gives even the most average of English players the chance to earn 20 times more than they are really worth where exactly is the hunger to keep developing going to come from?….
    Any club that will be willing to shell out the crazy money required to get all the underperforming English players off our books will be doing so not because of the players ability or potential, it will be simply because they want to fill their home grown quota too…..and the same home grown quota issue is also the reason we might be stuck with these players, unless we have ready replacement already lined up…and looking afield I don’t see many out there good enough to improve the squad

    1. Are you crazy or just mad? Theo worth only £5 million, in what alternative universe are you living, and saying he should be earning £7000 per week. Loooooooool.

      Did you even engage your brain before posting this drivel?

      1. I will ignore your childish and incoherent drivel and tackle your comment with some basic questions am sure even a man of your limited intellect cannot fail to grasp….if Theo, with his average ability and goal scoring records is not English how much do you reckon his price tag will be? Factor injury record and utter lack of consistency please….i know its early in the morning, you are still half drunk from al that potent Cider you took last night b ut am sure of you can still manage that before you go out and claim your benefit???

    2. Yes homegrown quota rules does give stupid valuations. Hence why we can still offload Walcott for good money.

      Our current HGs over 21 are:
      * Coquelin
      * Welbeck
      * Ramsey
      * OXlade
      * Walcott
      * Gibbs
      * Wilshere
      * Jenkinson
      * Sczcesny (on loan)

      If we sell Walcott and maybe Jenkinson and loan Sczcesny, we go form 9 to 6. Lukaku needs then to be our main purchase as he is also classified as homegrown. I could also see Sczcesny come back and take the HG place and we sell Ospina.

      We have plenty of U21s that will become homegrown one day like Chambers, Bellerin, Iwobi, Hayden, Toral, Reine-Adelaide, Gnabry, Akpom.

    1. This is the reason Wenger does not listen to your opinions as fans when it comes to transfers. Some say sell Walcott, sell Ramsey and buy Xaxa. Walcott is very much in the Manager’s plans. He has been injured for most times. He scored some vital goals for Arsenal( the equalizer against Leicester home and away). The Manager can change his formation and have options on the bench. Hazard has fewer goals than Walcott this season but that does not make Hazard a bad player. Lukaku struggled against our defenders last time out and was ordinary. Why pay 50m for Lukaku? I would rather we pay 45m for Lewandosky and pay him like 200k per week. If we can go all out for Lewandosky, keep Ozil, sell Flamini, Arteta, Rosicky, AOC(or loan him out) Wilshere. We should be playing with 2 Strikers in games. 442 formation. Strikers: Giroud, Lewandosky, Welbeck, Sanchez, Walcott. If we can’t get Lewandosky, we go for Jesse from Real Madrid.

  5. None of the top quality Gunners of: Walcott, the Ox and Campbell will be sold or loaned out by Arsenal next season. Despite the big Ucl injury to the Ox, he’ll recover and get back his top form again. And improve on his playing techniques to avoid big injury like the one the Barca defender gave him. He should have sold him to avoid a head-on clash with Mascherano’s big murderous tackle. Why didn’t Oxlade lift the ball over Mascherano’s head as he was approaching the Ox in a diagonal move. The Ox has pace. If he had lifted the ball over Mascherano’s head despite a 2nd defender was approaching, the Ox would have rounded Mascherano after lifting the ball over him. And as he got to be ball, he either got there before the approaching 2nd Barca defender or both of them will get to the ball at the same time. And if the 2nd defender brings down the Ox, the ref’ may blow his whistle for a Pen as the Ox has reached the box. So, with time, I believe the Ox will get more experienced and techniques to help him avoid injuries.

    The Ox and Walcott are asserts to the Arsenal attacking prowess in my view because they have pace. Walcott has appeared not able to cope with top form during the harsh weather of the winter. But plays more better during the summer and the spring season. As we can see, he has appeared to be hitting form again for club and country in his 2 last outings.

    Campbell can scheme and wriggle past his marker as we’ve seen him did in the Watford game. Not many players can scheme & wriggle past his marker to size up the godlee or cross/pass the ball to his team mate. Monreal with his wingback offensive can’t do that.

  6. £26m for Walcott? Take the money and run!!! Get rid of Ramsey, Sanogo, Giroud, Arteta, Flamini, Gibbs, Rosicky, Jenkinson, Chambers, Debuchy, Mertesacker, and start rebuilding around the players that are left.

    1. Walcott, Sanogo, Giroud, Arteta, Flamini, Rosicky, Jenkinson, Debuchy, Mertesacker need to be sold/released as soon as possible … Ramsey, Gibbs, Wilshere, and Ox as HG qouta

      1. Lukaku needs to be our number 1 target as he is home grown. ManU needs to avoid CL qualification so Arsenal becomes the only UK team to offer him CL football and can afford him.

        1. Wenger will not be interested in Lukaku. Wenger likes strikers who are generous, who’ll get pleasure from assisting the same way as a goal. A player who looks for others in better positions. He’ll look at both passing accuracy and shot accuracy. I will be fabbergasted if Wenger bought Lukaku, I know he said he looked into him when he was a youth player but he (lukaku) could be molded back then.

        2. Forget Lukaku. Buy the only Striker who scored FIVE GOALS IN NINE MINUTES. (LEWANDOSKY) . So many Options in a 433 and 442(diamond Formation) depending on Opposition. Giroud as back up for Lewy. EPL defenders would be scared of Lewy. He has pace, technique, directness. He knows how to find the back of the net. 30 goals a season Striker. A good dribbler. Scores amazing goals. Forget Zlatan, Lukaku. Lewandosky is the man.

  7. I detected some typographical errors on my last comment posting before it finally posted and I corrected them and post it. But it’s still my typo errors comment that got posted. Pls always help to post my corrected comments.

  8. Walcott is english, relatively young and above all homegrown….. as much as i would like him to leave, any value less than 40-45 mil would be ludicrous

  9. He’ll make a dash for the Euro’s. He won’t go into challenges instead he will do allot of running and when he gets face to face with an on the ball opponent he will just stand two feet from him. He will wait in the area to score goals and when he does, he will say allot of nice things about Hodgson and his England teammates. Next season, I can see Theo get a contract rise before seeing him sold. Pity, because there is a core of players here that if we were to build around, could actually bring us closer to the high energy, high concentration, and high quality that we all want to see.

  10. Theo the exit door is to your left…we can cash in for him and get a better replacement..free up wage funds..I think thats all we need to say on that..Mkhitaryan should be his more deserved replacement

  11. Walcott would be a good buy for West Ham……….Wenger has been very loyal to players like Walcott and maybe that has made them too comfortable in their role at the club, Walcott has not delivered but he has not been poor either if we are to progress we need consistant world class strikers and Walcott is not. Sell him to West Ham and wish him all the best. To add….. Campbell is more than just a prospect he has quality and a football brain as does Iwobi.
    Chamberlain should also be sold he just does not cut it same goes for Wilshere.
    Ramsey is someone I would like to stay.

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