Did erasing Stoke stigma prove Wenger can steer Arsenal right?

It is so hard for an Arsenal fan like me to know what to think about the future of the club right now, and whether Arsene Wenger can not only keep his job as manager but do what we all want him to and cement his great legacy by steering the Gunners to another Premier League title.

I have been behind the Frenchman for years but had this season decided that the best thing was for him to call it a day. The team seemed to have lost desire and the boss did not look able to fire them up. However, things have improved and this win away to Stoke City today showed an Arsenal that could beat anyone.

The problem is that we do not know if they will be back to the bad old ways at a crucial part of next season or whether this has been a big wake up call for all concerned. I have to hope it is the second one because I think Wenger will be in charge again next season.

If he and the players can maintain the sort of focus we have seen recently then it could be a great year for Gooners. If not, will we be experiencing deja vu all over again?



  1. Imran says:

    Seeing yesterday’s performance I would take benzema or aubameyang as my CF.

    1. Daymee says:

      I would never take Benzema as CF. Garbage, overweight and a liability.
      PEA absolutely.

      1. Break-on-through says:

        Morata has 15 goals 4 assists, in 13(11) games. 3 CL goals & 1 assist from 1(7) overall he has 27 goals from 49 games, with 24 of them coming from bench.

        I know it’s not great reading, Alexis is way better.

        But Benzema 9 goals 4 assists from 21(6), 5 CL goals from 11(1), overall 15 goals 4 assists from 43 games

    2. John Ibrahim says:

      This why we never win the title…

      you have fans calling for bench warmer Benzema to be signed

  2. Daymee says:

    No. Nothing will make up for what we have all seen this season. To ask the question is mind-boggling alone. Have we quickly forgotten all that’s happened in such a short time ago? All that’s happened in the dressing room? The 10-2 mauling, Crystal Palace, West Brom? A last-minute rally means nothing. Winning the FA Cup will ensure he goes with some respect. The Board have refused Ivan’s resignation. IG will only stay on if he recruits a DoF, which Arsene doesn’t want. So, someone will walk and I don’t think it’s Ivan (doesn’t have a contract that’s expiring). In a few days, Arsene’s contract will be up and he is not in a position to demand that he doesn’t want a DoF. He’s no longer contracted by May 31st so we’ll see. I want him out. It’s looking very likely that he will be allowed to walk.

  3. Janssen says:

    Sometimes I think it is not only Wenger who is the specialist in failure but also a certain section of there Arsenal fans. I am talking about those who screen “Wenger out” after one or two poor results or a poor season, same for those who then scream “Wenger is the man” after one or two good results.

    Wenger should go and not because of this being one of his worst seasons, no he should go because of the last 5+ seasons. There has been no meaningful progress under this man. Our consistent problems were the same problems that derailed this latest season, he fails to address the needs of the squad and he fails to install a winning mentality in the squad who then falter every season as soon as they threaten to be taken serious because they can not handle the pressure of title candidates.

    This recent run of wins, we have seen before, we do it when we are written of and when there is no longer any pressure of expectations.

    If Wenger stays next season will be a Verizon’s of the previous 10.

    Don’t insult the club and the man by flip flopping on his ability based on the last 10 games, that’s daft. Base you opinion on at least the last 3-5 years and those show he can’t fix the club.

  4. Yossarian says:

    Failing to get the right players in the summer. A good start to the season, followed by a total collapse when the pressure is on. Long-term injuries to key players without adequate cover (Cazorla). Picking favourites regardless of form. Refusing to change anything, until things get really awful. Constantly making excuses for poor performances, and never taking personal responsibility. Finishing the season with an unbeaten run to clinch a Champion’s League place, then getting absolutely hammered in Europe the following season….

    We’ve seen it all before, and if Wenger stays we’ll see it all again, and again, and again.

  5. kelis says:

    Arsene simply loves this 4th spot trophy and he will bulldoze any team on his way including the so called boggy team

  6. stubill says:

    Question: What if Alexis says he will only sign a new contract if Arsene signs an extension to his contract?

    Keep both, or lose both?

  7. AndersS says:

    The whole season + several before this prove Wenger can not make us title contenders and a top club in Europe.
    We have seen the same failings again and again, and couple of victories against a really poor Stoke side and a second string Man U, should not be taken as anything, that changes the bigger picture. Nor should a really lucky top 4 finish and/or a FA Cup victory. We are miles away from the top clubs and even a class below Tottenham.
    We desperately need a new manager or we will face more misery.

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