Erling Haaland could make Arsenal into the Young Invincibles

Odegaard could persuade Haaland to join Arteta’s Youth Revolution by Jideofor Ntephe

Arsenal are right now in a brilliant run of form. Great team spirit. These young fellas are loving rocking together.

Aubameyang did well in his day but became a deadweight at the end. But it was best he departed. Xhaka and Laca should please follow suit as soon as possible.

Yes, Laca assisted 2 goals last Sunday against Watford but we could have scored 6 on the day had we had an awesome hitman in his place.

Arsenal should forget all the names they’ve been chasing (Lautaro Martinez, Dusan Vlahovic, etc) and, instead, simply pull out the stops for Erling Haaland who’ll fit in perfectly as the arrowhead of our youthful team.

With Haaland’s buddy and his Norway captain, Martin Odegaard, firmly in place to play behind him, and Arsenal playing in the Champions League next season, we will be well able to pay Haaland what Auba was earning, Haaland will want to come.

And if he does, with Laca and Xhaka gone, we will challenge for titles next season and could have a young team that could equal or even surpass the Invincibles.

Jideofor Ntephe

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  1. Massive stretch to think we could get him but why not bid? From what I understand his release clause is around 75mil Euro which is really cheap for what we’d be getting and definitely affordable for us.

    Just don’t waste time on it that’s all I say, if we meet the release clause then it’s up to the player if he wants to join. If not then move on immediately, not like the Vlahović saga.

    1. Can we go for Kane instead? Former Arsenal youth player, lots of experience. We can guarantee CL football and trophies spuds won’t.

      1. Kane? For real? We don’t need any player from Sp*rsy. I’d rather we get a striker from a non-footballing nation than get him, besides, we’re building for the future, looking for players who’d give us 6 or 8 years of their career, not players who are near retirement.

        Yeah, he’s got the EPL, Champions League and other experiences, but we don’t need him.

    2. If we did manage to sign him, he would certainly make the rest of the team look handsome!!!

      I heard he was going to star as Shrek in the stage performance.

      Just some fun….

      1. I doubt the management will want to break the wage structure after all that happen to Ozil and Auba. Our squad now is in better shape in terms of team spirit and squad unity than ever. Patrick Bamford seems to be a better option than Calvert-Lewin, banging 17 goals in the PL for Leeds last season. If Leeds got relegated, no harm in trying to lure him to the Emirates. And one more thing, hope we will get Lacazette to sign the new contract. He will probably want if we finish top 4 at the end of the season. That man loves Arsenal.

  2. Haaland to arsenal I doubt it…. when Madrid, Barcelona and Manchester City call,you don’t look back,there are other vlahovic and other Haaland out there, Arsenal should do their homework very well and get them

  3. Haaland would be a fantastic addition to our squad, but he’d likely cost more than 150 M and is currently being rumored to sign for Barcelona/ Man City. I don’t fancy our chance to get him, despite having his compatriot playing for us

    We’d better look for another left-footed CF like Karim Adeyemi, who’s much smaller than Haaland but pacier and seems more skilled. Even if Adeyemi fails as a CF at Arsenal, he could be Saka’s main competitor on the right wing

    There were rumors about our interest in left-footed CFs, such as En-Nesyri and Vlahovic. I guess that’s why there is also a rumor about Paqueta

      1. While that’s true about his release clause, a bidding war could well mean the final fee is much higher.

          1. If there’s a release clause, then if you trigger it, the selling has to sell for that amount.

            So there’s no need for any buying club to offer more, because after triggering release, the selling club has no say in the matter. Then its up to the player to decide if he wants to move and where to move.

      2. Great info!

        But do you think Haaland will sign for a club that’s struggling to stay in top four? Unless he comes for an exorbitant salary, London lifestyle and Odegaard

          1. We just reached the fourth place after fighting for many months and we could be out of it if we lose against Liverpool/ Villa/ Palace

            1. By that definition, every club struggles for every place (unless you’re 12 points clear). 4th with 2/3 games in hand over closest rivals is pretty low on the struggle scale.

              1. What GAI means is this:

                How many days in this whole season have we been in 4th spot? We certainly haven’t cemented it

                1. so terribly sad that you had to spell that out PJ, but not surprising whatsoever because it was a nuanced statement, which is like kryptonite for far too many on here

    1. Jonathan David hold up play is as good as Lacazette and he is pacier and scores more goal. He is next after Mnape in France.

    2. Gai, I think E Haaland will come if Arsenal are ready to spend big it’s hard for this kind of young players to say no to a lucrative contract.. Their ambition is not always enough in their decision making. If the Kroenke are ready to take Arsenal to elite status next season they must surely spend good in the summer. Young promising players always requires a long term project which sometimes is always frustrating for the fans.

  4. i think its more possible than Vlahovic in all honesty

    Will need 4th 100%

    Agent Ode will need to really persuade him

    But if we did pull this one off i would be totally impressed and shocked.

    I see us moving for a few Relegated Everton players in the summer, DCL could be alot cheaper than he is now and probably fits us more ?

    if he did come, what a statement by Arsenal

    1. I don’t rate DCL at all he will struggle at arsenal.let’s just go for karim adeyemi he is younger,cheaper and smarter on the ball let’s go for him not an overhyped and overpriced junk that could’nt even displace kane at the euros.

      1. I really don’t get the hype wit DCL either…another Auba..lazy, slow, not interested..we need goal threat, someone who fills you with optimism even when they don’t score, not just a poacher..give me a Darwin Nunez all day long

  5. Haaland to Arsenal after we get into the Champions league would be a statement of intent. This sort of player would catapult us into Challenging for the Premier League next season & for seasons to come.

    Unfortunately he had the pick of every top club in Europe as all clubs will activate that clause then its down to the player to decide where he wants to go. Wages won’t an issue for any club, even us after all the clearing out.

    Top4 means alot more to Arsenal than any other season before as we are in prime position to do so and have the spaces in the squad to fill with quality and the money to back these big player moves.

    I personally don’t see it but I’d say Øde would be the main reason as to why he would consider coming to Arsenal but UCL is Vital for any huge moves in the market for TOP players

  6. I believe Arsenal didn’t even look at Halaand’s way because of non-Champions league participation and secondly his agent/agencies…

    But if we do get champions league football next season then he should be a priority target, no matter the wages.. Especially having Odegaard already on board is already a sweetener…

    But in another scenerio if Madrid gets him..
    why can’t we go for a soon to be unhappy Benzema?

    1. Because Benzema is soon to be 35 years old. How many more times do you want to pay players over 30 massive wages ?!? Have you not learned your lesson sir?

      1. Some fan didn’t study leagues before they started touting players. English Premiership is tough and too fast for over thirty years old strikers. Ronaldo, Cavani, Aubameyang just to mention a few. Arsenal need younger and bustling strikers.

  7. I think you over-estimate the pulling power of friendship in career decisions. Many players are seduced by the lifelong dream of playing for Barca or Real, regardless of their current world status, and can make what seems to us irrational transfer decisions. For Italian players we have seen the same magnetism for Juventus.
    Odegaard had experienced Spain and the shortcomings, and there were no serious competitors to us. Everybody will be after Haaland, will meet his release clause and much more, will offer an extortionate salary as well as a more established team with success at the highest level recently. An unfortunate fact we are all aware of is that almost to a man, the very top players value playing in currently successful teams far above playing for teams with the potential, however great, to become successful.
    But I agree – there’s no harm in throwing our hat into the ring.

  8. No harm in dreaming, sell Pepe as well and we have a
    team to be proud of and that can compete in uefa cl
    and have the Emirates rocking. Saliba would be loving it and Martin pulling the strings..

  9. Auba, Laca, Ode ets were signed without UCL football i’m giving my benefit of dout.. #welcome_haaland

  10. Alot of things can change if Champions League qualification is achieved. The sad reality is agents hold the cards not the player. Look at the Vlahovic deal, he did not suit Juve one bit but that’s the deal that made his reps the most money so that’s where he went.

    Juve are a negative anti football team under a dictatorship led by Alegri. Vlahovic was never going to fit there. He is and now the Italian media are confirming it saying he should have come to us. Don’t get me wrong he will score plenty of goals. But that’s mainly down to the Italian league being as poor as it is and Juve being a top team in it. He probably won’t hit the heights he might have done at another top team across Europe.

    As someone said above there are plenty of options out there and I dare say the club have a list of options. But it depends on so many factors as to whether or not we can land them.

    1. “Juve are a negative anti football team under a dictatorship led by Alegri” the irony of this statement certainly isn’t lost on me…btw Juve’s in 4th presently and struggled last season to secure that same position, so you might want to press refresh on your stats page

      1. Have you watched them play they are not a free flowing football team they are efficient well as you said their 4th so not as efficient as they have been over the last decade. To be fair to Inter they have stepped up as well as having some decent teams. Juve could get knocked out of the chpions league by Villarreal so yeah the Italian league is not at the heights it was just an observation

          1. WTF??? more gibberish, as per usual…the “irony” was the fact you were casting dispersions against Juve’s style of play, yet you regularly defend our manager, who on most nights since arriving in North London has provided the fanbase with a glaring lack of “free flowing football”

  11. To get Haaland, Arsenal must first qualify for champions league football next season by making top four finish. Then, Odegaard (arsenal future captain) will be able to convince further to join. Whether, he joins arsenal or not,is left to be seen. But, Haaland holds Arsenal in high regard as one of the best clubs in the world football. However, Arsenal should definitely bring in two quality strikers in the summer transfer window, with different characteristics like Karim Adeyemi and Darwin Nunez.

  12. I strongly believe that,he’ll be an arsenal player and that’s my strong belief.I’m not a pessimist or a complextian.Everything is possible.He’ll be an arsenal player for sure.Now the problem with “Vlahovic” is that,the Italian mafia took advantage,of HIS “ILLITERACY” he didn’t know how to sign a contract, so the Italians signed it for him.every disappointment is a blessing.Who knows if he would’ve come to arsenal he would’ve been another “AUBAMEYANG” who refused to grow up,behaving like a spoiled kid.Thank God “ARTETA”followed his instincts rightly and kick him out.Now let him carry BARCELONA on his head.ARTETA,you’re the best.You’ll have “Haalan”next SEASON he’s all yours.👍🍾🥂😂

  13. I don’t think we are quite there yet to be honest

    I can’t see why Haaland wouldn’t go to City if they want him and I can’t see why they wouldn’t want him but I guess you never know

    We are still building and the next bricks in the wall will probably be strikers fit for purpose now

    Bamford for Laca and Mitrovic for Auba for me

  14. I Believe in arteta he’s da man he will bring da Dream team back haalad da clock is ticking pls join us be4 is 2late Gunners 4life

  15. A dose of realism is required here. Why on earth would Haaland want to join us when he has the pick of Man City, Bayern, Real Madrid, PSG etc. etc. Being a compatriot and friend of Odergaard is not enough in my view. Assuming we get into the UCL, it is still not sufficient to tempt the top players, not yet anyway.

    As a footnote, if RM get Mbappe PSG would be in the running and they can offer him a mega signing on fee and salary.

    1. Only reasons I can think of:

      -EPL football with more prestige than other leagues
      -Maybe he wants a genuine challenge? Everything looks so easy for him.
      -He’ll be worshipped and will be the complete stand out player at Arsenal where as the other teams are already packed with stars

      My second point is what I’m hoping for….everyone just follows the money nowadays. Imagine a player joining that wants to fight and prove himself in a huge challenge.

      1. no doubt a bit of a pipe dream PJ, but I do believe that all of this is moot if we don’t qualify for Europe and aren’t offering the most lucrative wage package, as you’ve likewise noted

  16. Alternatively if Lewandowski moves on there might be a vacancy for him at Bayern Munich (who you also noted Andrew) if he likes living in Germany and enjoys playing in the Bundesliga, Muller isn’t getting any younger either

    As you say he will have the pick of the lot and maybe won’t be just chasing money (although his Agent will be)

    He was born in Leeds because his Dad was playing for them at the time but I doubt Leeds fans are putting two and two together

    His Dad also played for City, they look a more likely prospect at the moment but not for that reason

    As a twist in the tale, maybe whoever buys him will come after Ode!

    1. Bayern maintain a very strict wage structure. They won’t break it for any body, not even Haaland. I am sure PSG and City would comfortably double their wage offer to get him.

  17. If Arteta can convince Serge Gnabry to sign having played with him and supposedly been a close friend, then Haaland might just think about joining. But we definitely need a star signing to show him that intent and bidding for Haaland after getting Gnabry would carry much more weight than just bidding outright when the window opens. Saka and Serge on the wings with Haaland up front and Odegaard behind him would genuinely make us Champions League contenders let alone the premiership …. we can dare to dream but ultimately its just fantasy for now. The fact that it’s not even half as far fetched as it would have sounded 12 months ago is more than encouraging though!

  18. Jide, your first article on JA and it reveals you as a fantasist. It is way beyond ludicrous to even begin to suggest a remote possibility that we could ever attract Haaland.

    If you wish to be taken seriously as an article writer, I advise you to start adopting reality. NOT LUDICROUS FANTASY!

  19. Haaland is great and every team will want him. But I think we should not break our transfer policies. We are going for hardworking under 21 prospects who have massive potential not already established. Funny old football, Haaland can arrive in Arsenal and massively flop! Not possible? I have seen crazier things! And again Dortmond have a way of making their players seem better than that are.

    1. Haaland Flopping is impossible.. He’s all over the pitch and just don’t stand upfront like some forwards do literally; his a real footballer. I’m not sure you’ve watched him play football. Cuz if you do, you won’t associate him with the word FLOP.

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