Ethan Nwaneri gives Mikel Arteta a dilemma with stellar hat-trick for the Arsenal U21s

Is Ethan Nwaneri Ready to Join Arsenal’s First Team? by Jack

At just 16 years old, Ethan Nwaneri has already etched his name into Arsenal’s history books by becoming the youngest-ever player to don the Gunners’ jersey. His debut against Brentford in September 2022 was a significant moment, and his journey since has been nothing short of remarkable. With last night’s stellar performance catching the eye of manager Mikel Arteta, the question arises: Is Ethan Nwaneri ready to make the leap to Arsenal’s first team?

Nwaneri’s meteoric rise reached another peak when he put on a dazzling display in front of Arteta against Leicester U21s yesterday, against players much older and more experienced than him. Despite Arsenal’s abundance of options in both the midfield and the frontline, Nwaneri’s standout performance sent a resounding message to the first-team boss. The 16-year-old’s agility, skill, and tactical awareness make him a valuable asset that could inject new energy into the squad.

Arsenal’s U21 side showcased their prowess with an emphatic 4-1 victory over Leicester City, fueled by a hat-trick from the talented teenager and a goal from James Sweet. Nwaneri’s inclusion in the U21 lineup signifies his undeniable ability to thrive in high-pressure scenarios, even at such a tender age.

Following his impressive showing, Nwaneri’s has given a positive dilemma for Arteta. The young talent’s potential inclusion could serve as a wildcard off the bench even this season, especially if Arsenal finds themselves struggling to break through the opposition’s defense. The confidence he exudes, combined with his remarkable performance history, positions him as a formidable option.

His coaches’ trust in him is palpable; Nwaneri often takes on more advanced roles on the pitch, allowing him to showcase his attacking prowess. This versatility, combined with his constant progression, has earned him a spot in the upcoming EFL Trophy match against Swindon Town. The challenge posed by even more senior opponents in this competition could be the litmus test Nwaneri needs to solidify his readiness for senior football.

While the path to Arsenal’s first team might be paved with challenges, Nwaneri’s determination and undeniable talent make it difficult to ignore his potential contribution. As Arteta witnessed his skills firsthand, the football world eagerly awaits to see if this young starlet will be granted opportunities on the grand stage in the coming months.

Nwaneri’s journey is one of immense promise and potential, leaving both fans and experts alike excited about what the future holds for him at Arsenal.

He certainly looks like a brilliant prospect at the moment….

Jack Anderson

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  1. I think he can only be included in the senior squad if Vieira or Odegaard gets injured

    He seems to be pretty skilled, but he’d need to show more than high technical ability to get promoted. We’ve had Patino and Hutchinson who were as talented or maybe even better than him, yet they’re still waiting for their promotions

    1. What else do you want from him??? Since you know little about the club,I’d like to inform you that Hutchinson is no longer an Arsenal player and Patino is not half as talented as Nwaneri if and only if you know talent if you see one

      1. I don’t think he can grow bigger, but at least he should be as hardworking and pacey as Fabregas was in 2003

        I know Hutchinson was loaned out by Chelsea to Ipswich Town and Patino was also on loan

        1. At 16 years of age he will definitely grow bigger cos that’s when his body transforms from childhood to adulthood till gets 19 years of age in terms of height and in terms of build or body shape that’s up to him to decide.

            1. I was considered short for my age (teens) and it wasn’t up until the 21st year that I took a last growth spurt reaching 6ft, it was a noticeable spurt at 21

  2. Brilliant display from him, he is really knocking on the door but unfortunately there is no place for him in the first team yet as we’ve got a lot of AMs and CMs in our senior team squad which means he will have to be patient or maybe leave on loan for more first team football experience like patino which will be beneficial for all parties, under the right guidance i’m confident he will go on to become one of our top players in the first for the future he definitely is,vamos Ethan!!!

  3. He will never join arsenal first team, Arteta hasn’t brought any youth through in five years, yet he is reaping the works of emery in Saka smith row, martinelli and co. Balogun now is an outcast and Arteta wants in gone. We are now a spending club with a proper cheque book coach.

  4. By the time he’s 18, we might begin to see him on the Arsenal bench. I think Arteta making him the youngest ever PL player was his way of saying that he predicts this kid to make the grade at the Arsenal

  5. Fans who judge this player by comparing him with others are making a very common mistake It seems obvious, though clearly to SOME it is not obvious, but ALL people anywhere are entirely individual and as such, if comparted at all, shoud be compared only to the best THEY PERSONALLY can be

    Comparisons with others in life generally, omit the obvious fact that we are ALL individuals and therefore in many respects different to all others.
    Of course we also share many things in common with most others, but SOME seem to “think” no further than to compare any player with others of that age, who may or may not have made the grade ,either with us or elsewhere.
    No one knows just what progress Ethan MIGHT or might NOT make.

    Just lets be patient, give him every chance and hope for great things. To judge ANY 16 year old, even in life generally and not just in football,is foolish beyond words. Please think before writing !

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