Euro 2016 preview with Arsenal interest in Belgium v Italy

Although there will be no current Arsenal players involved in the last game of Euro 2016 today between the two fancied sides Belgium and Italy, there are good reasons for Arsenal fans to be tuning in with extra interest, mainly down to the possible transfer targets who may be on show.

We also have the former Arsenal captain Thomas Vermaelen to consider, and with Sky Sports reporting that the centre back has come through a fitness concern it is likely that the Verminator will be in the Belgium side from the start. With the defender said to be on the verge of leaving FC Barcelona. I personally think Arsene Wenger could do a lot worse than bringing him back to north London, but that is just a personal theory and not from any media source. It will be interesting to see what sort of form our old player is in these days.

He could be in for a tough time, though, with Italy and their attacking guile, and it is their front line, as well as the Belgian centre forward Romelu Lukaku, that will be of interest to Arsenal fans hoping for the boss to add some real firepower to the Gunners squad.

Italy have a couple of tricky forwards Insigne and Immobile that have been linked with us in the past and they also have a Giroud type of centre forward in the Southampton star Graziano Pelle, but for me it is the Everton centre forward that I would most li8ke to see at Arsenal.

His brother Jordan could also feature at left back and he has been linked with Arsenal before and even spoken about his love for the club, as reported by ESPN last month. Could he be a transfer replacement for the reportedly departing Kieran Gibbs? A good game against Italy today would certainly help his chances.

Anyway Gooners, enjoy the game which should be a good one between two potential winners of the whole tournament.


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  1. If Wenger wants to bring the Verminator back, I would love it!

    Am just worried about his injuries but the article seems like he has gotten over it…
    I am surprised cos’ when he joined us he wasn’t that injury prone…anyway, best of luck to him…..

  2. Limits of lukaku seriously exposed … He’s a slightly better version of giroud but not what is needed to take us up another level

    1. But why do we always find fault in all our striker targets..(Me included)

      Vardy..Age, one season wonder..

      Morata:He has other qualities but doesn’t score enough…
      Lukaku:just like Giroud…
      Icardi:He is not proven,doesn’t score enough too..
      Benzema: Similar to Giroud too..

      A few agree on Janssen and Milik notably Fatboy..I reckon its because they are prolific in Holland they cost very even if they flop,it won’t be too painful as we didn’t spend too much…

      The way we quickly rubbish even promising strikers am afraid we will rubbish them to the extent that we are left with unrealistic ones like Messi,Ronaldo,Neymar,Suarez..

      We should remember that the teams some players play for sometimes determine their efficiency,but that’s for another day…I hope we get a good striker as I dunno anymore..

      1. Maybe bcos they are really not much better than Giroud, I don’t think any of them will displace Giroud as our centre forward…even lukaku..

  3. I’m not Looking for anything in the belgium-italy match tonight!

    We’ve known Lukaku for how long?…. He is no stranger

    Is Armenia in the Euros?…..what’s there to hinder Mkhtaryan’s move already?

    Are we turning our entire focus to the matches and neglecting our obligations of the window?


  4. Please, no Lukaku on this match’s evidence, even if he ends up scoring. And people pooh poohing Vardy should take a real long rethink.

    1. @Dwon….

      Here we go again! Am not watching this game but surely you can’t join Lukaku on this match!….

      Aguero,Messi,Higuan,Di maria etc…they perform and deliver more for clubs than the National team…should their clubs offload them??????

      Right now,I will support any striker Wenger brings in..ANY one at all…
      Bcos no matter who we sign many will still find one thing to moan about…smh…

      1. @GB, but I was watching and he showed the same shortcomings as he does in the EPL.

        Basically, he doesn’t offer enough of an upgrade over Giroud to justify the 50m Everton has supposedly slapped on him.

        Vardy, at 20-25m, on the other hand offers much at a price that lets us pick up Mkhi/Mahrez as well.

        Simply put, which should Gunners take – 1 Lukaku or Vardy + Mkhitaryan? It’s not even a close call!

        1. Dwon..

          If you are frequent here,you will know I do not hide that I want Vardy and Mhiktaryan…

          But Vardy’s indecision is really pissing me off!

          1. Yeah, but we don’t know that the decision hasn’t been made and they’re just waiting to unveil after Euro2016 (or England’s exit).

            Really, it’s years of Wenger domestic abuse wrt (Cech the One Man Army, Kim Kardashian: Broke Back Mountain) transfer windows that has fans so nervous. 🙂

            Otherwise, good start with Xhaka, and at least 2 more solid buys should be comfortably expected. But…Wengernomics.

  5. Man citeh wants to sign Laporte, Nolito , sane and stones

    and can’t meet Auba’s asking price of €82mil…

    Way to go……. Who to prey?

  6. A backline of cheillini bonucci and barzagli can make most world-class attackers look ordinary.. with that said though lukaku is not an upgrade on giroud so he can stay where he’s at or go elsewhere.

  7. The worst Italian team in recent history have just outclassed one of the most talented team in Europe.. what did they use? Cohesion team spirit and tactical discipline.

    1. They were running around like headless crackheads ?
      If their whole squad weren’t drugged up to their eye’s bulls then I’m slim ??

  8. Finally, Arsenal fans have opened their eyes that Lukaku is bang average. I’d rather have morata.

  9. Belgium is only talented on paper. When they actually play in competitions they’re trash. Can’t believe people think they have a shot at winning Euros. Maybe if they actually played with a bit more confidence they’d do better too.

    And Lukaku is a top class striker for mid table clubs. It’s just a fact and he’s not nearly worth his market value. Even in EPL he’s garbage against top teams.

  10. I think that we are being a bit harsh on certain players performances, especially the ones that play in the UK, as they don’t get a winter break, like the rest of Europe.

    We have to allow for fatigue.

  11. Off topic a bit, but I think the only person I would’ve left out of the England squad was Hodgson… any other manager in the world could win that game with that team….

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