Euro 2016 to see Barcelona bid £50m for Arsenal star?

The last thing Arsenal fans want to see is for the bad old days of a few years to return and for the Gunners to lose our best players to some of the big spending football clubs around Europe, which there are more than enough of these days. Theoretically, the days of Arsenal being forced to sell Robin van Persie to Man United, Nasri to Man City and Ashley Cole to Chelsea are long gone, as the building of the new stadium is no longer a drain.

There is a very real fear, though, that the way our club is run could mean that Arsene Wenger and the board would agree to sell our stars if the right offer came along. In the case of our young Spain international Hector Bellerin, that price would probably have to be a massive one, asthe Metro is reporting that the Arsenal right back is now the most valuable defender in the whole world.

This valuation comes from the well respected CIES Football Observatory rates brilliant Bellerin as being worth just a touch over £43 million, almost £5m more than the next defender on the list, Bayern Munich’s David Alaba. Hopefully this will put off La Liga champions Barcelona who are being linked with Bellerin in numerous Arsenal transfer rumours.

If not though, Arsenal may have a fight on our hands keeping the Spaniard, although he does at least seem to be happy to stay in North London for now. And amazing as that proce may seem, it could even go up if the right back excels with Spain at Euro 2016. He looks certain to get the chance as well, after the injury to Real Madrid’s Carvajal left him as the clear first choice.

So will a good tournament from Bellerin see Arsenal receive a transfer bid from Barca in the region of £50 million? And if so will we be able to turn it down?


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  1. Barca’s sporting Director has stated they are not on his case…
    Am not worried..

    But I am greatly happy that Bellerin has developed into a world class player right in front of us…I know he still has some way to go buh then you can’t argue is one of the best in Europe altogether…

    I wish a great Euros…

    1. Don’t know why this story is still going either but the only player that I would want to replace him with if it ever came to that would be Serge Aurier. Has some issues he needs to iron out though but a hell of a RB.

  2. £50 million is a lot of cash. I think many teams would consider selling. Bring in classy replacement and put extra cash in bank.

    My humble opinion is better start challenging for premier league title consistently, and actually be dangerous in champions league.

    Otherwise you better worry about more than just Bellerin; how much longer will Ozil and Sanchez tolerate celebrating 4th place? I know we finished 2nd this year, and most fans consider that underachieving this year.

    If Arsenal don’t win title or go deep in champions league next couple years, I would not blame Bellerin or anyone else if they leave.

    One or two top class players every summer is realistic and affordable for Arsenal. Keeps competition for places hot, reaffirms expectations, and helps cut dead weight.

    There are enough wingers to replace Theo in Wenger’s price range, same goes for CB and Per.

    1. Against selling Bellerin by the way, though opening statement seems as if I am advocating his sale. Sorry my friends, No, No sale.

    2. Yep for £50m I would personally flog Bellerin out. Buy a decent £20m defender and get Mahrez with the rest. Good business for everyone if you ask me.

      1. right now yes, but in 5 years when Bellerin is the best right back in the world, alongside Carvajal? Nah…

  3. This now is starting to get on my nerves selling Bellerin to abtain Vardy and pocket 30 trust me if that happens I will be disgusted and mad and would begin to dislike Arsenal for me keep Bellerin where he is at Arsenal and keep away from Vardy who is next Carol of Westham

    1. we dont need to sell to buy someone worth 20mill. Selling Bellerin under little to no pressure doesn’t sound likely. Bellerin has said he’s happy here and hasn’t edeged Barca on like Cesc and others have. Not worried, though we should probably brace ourselves in the future.

  4. Bellerin isn’t going anywhere. Barcelona are broke right now, can’t afford £50m, not least on a right back. Plus they’ve come out and said they aren’t in for him.

  5. “Well respected CIES” yeah no, they value English players higher than actual world class players so don’t take it seriously.

  6. I’ve watch a few games with Gabriel “Gabigol” Barbosa from Santos and that kid is going to be good. Wish we could get him, would be another miss like Dybala was. Thank GOD the Euros and Copa America are this summer to fill in until next season.

  7. Depends on Wenger`s objective, make big money in the short term (that`ll please Kroenke) or build another Invincible squad which will make much more in the medium/long term and get prestige back into the club.

  8. Bellerin at 50M pounds? The “tagged” price spoken by it self. That’s a big BS. I couldn’t remember when last time a full back sold that much. As he said, Bellerin will stay at Arsenal.
    At less, with Barca sniffing around, we don’t have to argue much more what class Bellerin is.

    1. L Shaw is still the most expensive fullback. Weirdly enough L Thuram is still the second most expensive. Then Alves and Danilo ..37.5m 36m 35.5m and 31.5m. All in euros. Id say in a couple of years time or so, they’ll need to break the record to get Bellerin.

  9. Let’s have a little faith in the lad’s [Hector’] integrity. Fabregas’ sense of integrity/loyalty was always suspect for me, even when fans accused Nasri and co of being traitors and beatified Fabregas as a saint who reluctantly had to leave, I still thought something was off about the guy and alas, he showed his true colors by not ‘having a choice’ again when he joined Chelski, yes, he is well within his rights but I have little respect for pretentious bullshitters, I respect when you show me the middle finger and do what you want like Nasri and RVP among others. We as the Arsenal need to do our part in becoming a place where the highest dreams of players are realized, even if we don’t always win trophies, we need to at least always have a ‘Genuine’ fighting chance, Real Madrid went a number of seasons chasing La Decima, spent loads of cash, played second fiddle to Barca for a few seasons even but still players still dreamed of playing for them in that period, we as fans need to grow up too and stop bitching and whining especially about our players, we create a toxic atmosphere for these guys when we do so and it doesn’t help nobody, little wonder our players perform better away than they do at home. Even after Suarez and the 40 million plus one saga where he was clearly angling for a move to us, the Kop still gave him a standing ovation during a pre-season game, a gesture I believed went a long way in making him stay at least for that season and give his absolute best to the club even if it were inevitable that he was going to leave at some point because the club clearly did not match his ambitions. On Bellerin, let’s not blow things out of proportion, news might arrive tomorrow suggesting he wants to move and typical us would turn against him, interestingly without even knowing if the story were true or not and even if it were, perhaps there are other forces at play like in the case of Nasri where the player was actually reluctant to leave but he was somewhat forced out because the club ‘needed’ the money, in fact Wenger had to play a waiting game where he assured Nasri that if Fabregas were sold that season he would persuade the board not to sell him [Nasri] since he couldn’t lose two of his best players in the same window, hence his continued respect for Wenger, clearly,the intention of the board was to sell both players and as much as I understand the need to balance the books, it is us, the fans {highest ticket prices in the world?] who ultimately get short-changed in such circumstances but then we take it out on the player and depending on the players temperament, we end up turning against a player who had no intention of leaving and bring out the petulant side of them, a vicious cycle is born!

  10. Bellerin will be at Barcelona one day, and it probably will be close to 50m which seals it. I have come to terms with this, but I hope it is a very long way off. As much as I was hurt with the Fabregas move, he did give us plenty of years, and quality too. I don’t think it’s fair for people to ask Bellerin if he is going to do a Fabregas. This is Barcelona we are talking about, and not only is the boy Spanish, but he is Catalan. It is understandable for a player to want to play for that club, doubly especial for anyone born there.

  11. We, must of us fans, would likely want Bellerin to stay.

    Arsenal admin will probably want to sell for 50 mil. That is reality. And that is a lot of cash for a defender. The sale, however, might be conditional based on Arsenal’s ability to acquire another suitable RB.

  12. Another fleeting thought on the issue:

    It seems like just yesterday when we were all wondering if Bellerin could effectively come up from the reserves in an emergency. Fast forward and Bellerin is the most expensive defender in the world?!

    You just never really know what a club has hiding in the dark.

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