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Europa League draw Live – Arsenal tough task confirmed!

The European draws are set to take place this morning as we anxiously await news on who we will have to beat to reach the final of the Europa League, and Atletico Madrid remain the team to avoid for Arsenal.

The Spanish giants have made two Champions League finals in recent seasons, and deserve their title as odds-on favourites with the bookmakers.

I know the obvious thinking is to want to avoid Atletico Madrid in the next round, but a part of me says we would have a better chance of beating them at The Emirates Stadium, and I can’t imagine either of the other sides getting past Diego Simeone’s side.

The draw is supposedly primed to commence any moment, and I’d just be happy to be drawn at home for the first leg, no matter who we rival.

And here we go!

Marseille confirmed to take on Red Bull Salzburg.

Arsenal get the desired home draw for the opening leg against the tournament favourites Atletico Madrid, and we now have the biggest task ahead of us to date.

Home leg to be played on April 26, with our trip to Spain booked in for the week after that on May 3.

Did we stand a better chance including a home leg or was the neutral venue the best way to go?

Pat J

84 thoughts on “Europa League draw Live – Arsenal tough task confirmed!

    1. Anko

      I am happy! We have the opportunity to deal with the issue over two legs, more time see what we can do. If we pass the test then winning the cup becomes much easier. My opinion though.

    1. Arsene Out

      I am really glad it’s Atletico, if we beat them we deserve to be in the final and winning this competition.
      If we go to the final beating teams like CSKA and Marseille who are inferior to us any day of the week but this run saves Arsene’s job, that would be horrible.
      I would rather Arsene leave and we start rebuilding this team then win the cup to be honest. But if he will end up staying, then it should be because he went through Atletico to the Final not Salzburg.

  1. Ackshay

    wanted them in the final since it is difficult to beat them in 2 legs game while a 1-off match anything can happen.

      1. Footballistrivial

        And after(a big if) we defeat Atletico the underdogs from the other game might fight for their lives and give arsenal a difficult time. This will be a very tough set of 3(if we qualify) fixtures for Arsenal.

  2. #Yo Iwobi - you wanna go away from here?

    It was good while it lasted. Our annual European thrashing has returned

    1. Mickew

      Wow that must be a dark place you live in. Absolutely no reason why we can’t do it, try a positive pill it makes life easier.

      1. Footballistrivial

        There are plenty of reasons we can’t do it. Athletico is very well drilled team, and our team is just a bunch of midfield ballerinas to be very blunt.

  3. tas

    Atletico Madrid i welcome it, its time to really earn our keep, lets hope Henrikh recovers in time it was obvious we missed him last night

    1. Anko

      And at Least we know what we are up against!!!!! We have to show we deserve this cup at some point anyway!

      1. tas

        agreed, we can beat anyone on the night or even two leg the problem is which Arsenal team is going to turn up on the night?

        we don’t need all the punters presenters and neighbors to say we won because of a easy ride and lets face it up until now it was an reasonable easy run almost as easy as Man-U last year NO sorry it will never be that easy for anyone 🙂

  4. Ignasi M

    We just have to treat the semi(s) like two finals.

    The problem is, i can’t see Wenger having the nous to beat Atletico over two legs. Our record the past 15 years over two legs against top teams has been dreadful. Wenger really needs to start a gameplay and execute is ASAP.

    Also, when we sell Mustafi in the summer, how much do you think we could get for him?

  5. OxInTheBox

    Athletico is the kind of team Wenger never knew how to beat. Strong defense, great two strikers. we will try to dominate, won’t find a way to score, and they will kill us on the counter- Kos and Mustafi are no match to Grizman and Costa. on top of that, Simeone is a top tactician, Wenger is probably the worst one in any big club.
    if we will play our usual pattern of trying to dominate without really pressing, and with huge gaps between attack and defense, we will be destroyed. Wenger will have to play more conservativly if we to have a chance and even than they have more quality. the thing is he is not flexible enough.
    so we should expect a humiliating trashing.
    the positive- after that there will be no more talk of Wenger staying.

    1. I

      Like guys like you predicted in FA Cup semifinals and finals last year. And also Carabao cup semi finals against Chelsea this year. Irrespective of the clubs recent failures, I am optimistic of our chances in Europa league. Let’s do it again.

      1. Gab

        Athletico are beatable, after all the lost there second leg to Sporting. We just have to take advantage of the first leg. Try and get a good result in the first leg. Atletico has good strikers but the hardly score more than 2 or 3 without conceiving as well. The problem is we do not have coaches for our defence. Both Koc and Mustafi are no longer good enough.

    2. Footballistrivial

      You make some great points about the lackings of this current Arsenal setup. This was also clearly apparent in wins that we did have over the last month. If we are going to flood the team with lots of attacking mids(i.e. by playing ozil, Wilshire, Ramsey, xhaka, mhikitarayan together), and thereby unbalance the team, we will be overrun if they implement their tactics properly. I just hope that individual atletico players have a howler in both the games, because it’s unlikely they will fail as a team.

    3. Kumagaya

      Conservatively. I have heard this word before. Sometimes its replacsd with playing with handbrakes

  6. Chiza

    Since no other club could do us a favor by dumping out then we have to do it ourselves… Trust be guys a. Madrid are very scared of us.. We would qualify

    1. Lexynal

      Thank you. It is unbelievable the level of negativity and unbelieve that I read from supposed fans here. We have just pulled a draw away to CSKA and we have not lost a match in the last 7. We were told we were average and stood no chance against AC Milan (who at that time hadn’t lost a match a home – not conceded that many goals and were enjoying an unbeaten run in all competitions)- yet we dumped them with victories on both legs. The same A. Madrid just lost an away match to Sporting when we were told all other teams in the EL were average and that A. Madrid is already crowned. I am not sure A. Madrid cherish this draw but our own fans are already filled with negativity. I am already proud of the achievements thus far and I believe this is achievable. No matter how slim, we will win at the Emirates and pull a surprise in Madrid. I support my team.

      1. jon fox

        YET ANOTHER PERSON WHO CONFUSES REALISM WITH NOT BEING A ” SUPPOSED” FAN. THIS IS SUCH AN INSULT TO THIS REALIST, ME, who has been attending for 60 years. I have never been a person who denies our own clubs faults or many good qualities(over the decades) to myself. Inability and/or unwillingness to face the clear truth is the enemy of our club and its necessary progression. I would have thought that ANYONE with a normal IQ would be able to see that , with all the evidence of recent years under WENGER. Clearly though, I have credited SOME fans with an IQ clearly beyond them! FYI, Lexynal, realism and negativity are NOT the same. Look in the dictionary if you still refuse to see this truth.

        1. l

          @jon fox

          I can see you are one of those who think IQ and football know how are functions of age grade or number of years spent following a club. No wonders you keep trying to force instances of your age and term of followership over the opinions of other fans who oppose your views. If your theory has an iota of truth, then you must be in the same projected league with Wenger. An association by old age.

          In reality, outcomes are not fixed in sports. Not even entirely a function of who spent more or who has the best coach.

          1. jon fox

            The point of my post was to pick you up for insulting me and others like me who do NOT automatically always think we will win every game. Esp these last several years under WENGER.You arrogantly used the term “negative and supposed” fans for those who think we will get beaten by the even money favourites to win the competition, ATLETICO. What gives you the right to think you can call me a “supposed” fan when I stated a life long attendance record with Arsenal? If you insult others, then you must expect come back,.Which you got! And then you didn’t like it. Well , tough, sonny! BTW, you obviously still haven’t looked up the difference between negativity and realism in the dictionary. Why not educate yourself!

        2. Break-on-through

          Come on Jon, he is saying that writing us off is ignoring the fact that we have a chance to progress. You cannot deny that its possible, this is football and it’s not as certain as your realism makes out. If it was the bookies would get eaten alive on a regular basis. Even if we don’t progress, that doesn’t mean it was certain from the beginning, it just means the 50/50 landed on your side. So it seems he prefers to be positive, you prefer to dismiss our chances … just like he mentions in his comments.

          1. jon fox

            I suggest you read my reply to I above. What you don’t and couldn’t know is that I am a betting man and understand odds and good /bad value bets. I use my head dispassionately when assessing our and anyone elses chances to win. I do not let my own desires inflence what I think WILL happen. So Im get nearer the truth, very often too, than doing things with heart over head , which is how bookies make much of their profits. From MUGS!

  7. Innit

    How many Atletico Madrid guys are better than our starters (inc Wenger and Aubameyang) or who could displace them ?
    Out of:

    Diet Koke

    Wenger, Aubameyang, Ozil, Mkhitaryan, Cech, Mustafi, Monreal/Kolsanic, Bellerin, Koscielny, Xhaka, Wilshere, Ramsey

      1. Gab

        Since you guys have given up already, they can as well hand them the trophy. I think the both semi finals are no longer necessary. we can all go home and rest. If Atletico are as good as you think then the should be in the semi-finals of the champions league not Europa.

    1. Break-on-through

      Greizmann and Costa are their two star players. Defence is marshaled better, because they defend in numbers. Oblak is a top keeper, or so his price tag suggests but he has got ten dudes closing down the space in front of him. Others have some good quality but not quite Greizmann or Costa type quality. Fairly even enough overall if you ask me, we have more goals they have meaner defence, but on our day we can defend dogged like we’ve seen and on their day they can open teams right up. We have slightly better going forward they have better on the other side of game. But Auba can’t play and he is our equivalent of Costa, so that tips it a fair bit possibly.

  8. Mduh

    You guys are so negative the game hasnt even played but you have already condoning to be out, if Atl Madrid were that good they would have been playing in Champs league and challenging the La Liga, they are the same as Arsenal, in fact Arsenal will beat them and win Europa

    1. Godswill

      So did we not stand a chance against AC Milan.
      Am surprise too about the negativity.
      They lost 0-1 yesterday against a Portuguese team and some people think they are going to trash us?
      We are playing home first. We are bad but not as bad in all occasions as some of us will want to convince us to believe. We are sending them out and play an easy final against OM.

  9. AndersS

    To be honest, we have been very lucky with our draw before this. Both in the group stage and in the knock-out stage, so we can’t really call ourselves unlucky.
    In my opinion Atletico are favorites to beat us, and we would have more chance of an upset in a one game final, than over 2 games.
    But, it will be exciting.

    1. Ted-Esi Samson

      that’s the spirit!!! the negativity from fans can really be irritating. I’m of the opinion that Wenger and some of the players should leave at the end of the season but I doesn’t stop me from supporting the team. We can beat atletico they aren’t special!! COYG!!!

  10. Sue

    I can’t stand Diego Costa, so would love to beat them! Hopefully we’ll do alright in the home leg, it’s the away game that’s a worry. We’ve been awful on the road! Next up Newcastle away…

  11. Babasola

    We will beat Athletic Madrid, there has arguably not been a time when Chelsea has been better than us this season (we’ve both been shitty) and Ath.M couldn’t beat Chelsea.
    Asides our defence, we are on the improve.
    Just hate Wenger’s away match attitude
    That we go to defend doesn’t mean we shouldn’t go for the Jugular.
    That’s Mourinho’s specialty, leaves the ball with opposition but still very hungry to score and win the game

  12. jon fox

    Worst possible draw and even worse to have the home leg first. Among the many one eyed and ever hopeful fans on this (and all fan sites everyhere), WE FEWER REALISTS ARE IN A SMALLISH MINORITY and in my case content to be so, since it helps our club not a jot to forsake realsm, as the regime and manager have been doing since 2007-8 season. One dimwit in the Talk Sport phone in this morning was even convinced thatWENGER WILL BE STAYING , WHETHER WE WIN OR LOSE THIS COMPETTITION. THIS IS WHAT WE REALISTS ARE UP AGAINST IN OUR WAR OF ATTRITION TO RID OUR CLUB OF WENGER. Good news , however , in that win or lose, the decision to sack him this summer is already taken. I am probably alone in being certain of this but I do not care, as those who STILL doubt, even after all the evidence of the changes already taken place in our club, will very soon now be having their “unwilling to see” eyes, forced open by reality. As to will we get past AM, what do you think, esp over two legs with Costa and Griezmann up against Mustafi and Bellerin etc! Mustafi is the only club employee whose many mistakes rival , in number,EVEN those made by WENGER. BTW, anyone is allowed to become a realist too. All you need is the ability to perceive and understand the obvious signs happening in our club. I WOULD LOVE TO HAVE OTHERS JOIN ME, AS REALISM IS A LONELY PLACE ON HERE, AS ALL FAN SITES.

    1. Mickew

      No you’re fine thanks suggest you stay there in your own. Positivity can sometimes work you know perhaps give it a go you might just like it. Or just carry on with that gloomy cloud over you.

  13. Lexynal

    It is unbelievable the level of negativity and unbelief that I read from supposed fans here. We have just pulled a draw away to CSKA and we have not lost a match in the last 7. We were told by the negative fans that we were average and stood no chance against AC Milan (who at that time hadn’t lost a match at home – not conceded that many goals and were enjoying an unbeaten run in all competitions)- yet we dumped them with victories on both legs. The same A. Madrid just lost an away match to Sporting when we were told all other teams in the EL were average and that A. Madrid is already crowned as champions. I am not sure A. Madrid cherish this draw but our own fans are already filled with negativity. I am proud of the achievements thus far and I believe this is achievable. No matter how slim, we will win at the Emirates and pull a surprise in Madrid. I support my team.

  14. Nayr

    the problem with athletico is that they are very strong defensively and we don’t have aubameyang.

    they wont even let ramsey make the runs he makes.

    guys we are out of the europa league.sorry

    1. Dare Johnson

      Arsenal fan are negative fans,I don’t see what athletico are playing write now,we will scape through to final,griezman is wasteful in front of goals,Diego Costa will brittle and collapse under great pressure, get our midfielder physically fit and pair xhaka and elney in deeper role,allowed ozil and Ramsey to roam freely,then we will upset A.Madrid

  15. RSH

    wouldve had to have faced them eventually. A 2 legged time is an advantage to them, but us playing home first gives us a chance.That defense is going to struggle against Griezmann and Costa. We’ll need to be stubborn, maybe a bit ugly just like in Chelsea tie for League Cup matches.

  16. Sam

    we are better than Atletico Madrid if we can play with the right tactics. Dominate, Make forward passes with our fullbacks then Instruct Xhaka and to play dip as I see Mhkitanya Ramsey Ozil can destroy Atletico Madrid. The most important thing is to dominate and to dominate well. we need to be aggressive on the ball and that will make them sit back to defend.

  17. Break-on-through

    We didn’t even get the second leg at our place, they’re gonna pitch up at the Emirates and our away form is still a concern. But I do believe we have more goals in us than they do, so long as everyone is fit. We need to remember that we scored more goals than anyone else in this comp. Just a pity that Aubameyang can’t play because Lacazette’s desire last night was disgusting. Mkhit is a must because teams do a job on Ozil which harms our final third creativity. I really hope the whole team will be fit, and I’d start resting Wilshere if I intended to play him as he is a liability right now and he’s not adding anything in the forward sense. But if we get him fresh and try to build his confidence then he can be a good link player between our defence and forwards. Without Cazorla he could be important for this game as Simeone is gonna try and disrupt the flow, Xhaka will need to step up too whilst Ramsey just needs to play like he’s been playing. Defence is a worry, I don’t know how or what to say on that front.

  18. Sam




    I wish Mhkitanya quick recovery so he can take willpower’s position

  19. John Ibrahim

    Europa dream over…A Madrid is just too strong for us…

    Roma Vs Liverfool game has been decided before the draw is out

  20. Chiza

    If arsenal beat atletico Madrid to win this cup.. I wonder if so many fans will still want sImeone as coach of arsenal

    1. RSH

      guy who beats RM/Barca to La Liga vs. 4th/5th/6th place champion
      guy who makes multiple UCL finals vs. R16 participation trophy
      guy who makes great squads with pennies vs. guy who buys talented players and then they rarely perform/played out of position

      Lets not forget Simeone has already won this competition with AM before and AW has no European trophy. Wenger could end world hunger and it wouldn’t change the fact he needs to go this summer.

  21. Dare Johnson

    We have Better players than athletico,we should be clinical in front of goal and utilize our opportunities. They are not so special.we will scape through and play the final in Lyon.

  22. garfield

    Rumsey Ozil Welbeck Jack wilshere we going to be dominated not rocket science we can be positive all we want isn’t going to help

  23. jon fox

    As someone who despairs at Elneny, almost every game, I must admit that I thoght him our best player last night. His almost “unique ” forward pass for Welbeck’s goal was scarcely believable.

  24. Grandad

    They are strong where we are weak, in goal and at centre back.I dread the prospect of Mustafi and Kocielney coping with Costa and Griesman.I hope i,m wrong but over two legs it will be difficult to make the final.Perhaps Wenger will see the light before the semi and omit Mustafiand Wilsh ere who are woeful.

  25. Nothing changed

    Not sure if it matters who we play. We knew we had to beat Atletico at one point or another.

    Speculating about when it would best to face them (semi or final) makes little difference to me.

    If we deserve to win the EL we have to show we can beat Atletico over two legs.

    If we can not beat them we have to hope for no EL next season so we only have to focus on the PL.

  26. Break-on-through

    So long as we really get ourselves up for it and give about all they have to give, if that’s the case I couldn’t ask for anymore whether or not we go through.

  27. Dammy

    Why do people keep saying that it’s easier to beat Atletico in a single match than over two legs .
    It’s not. SIMPLE
    There’s no room for error in a single game and as we all no arsenal fc is very error prone.
    Over two legs we have a chance to right our wrongs , if needed.

    1. RSH

      arsenal generally stink at 2 legged ties, espescially against top opposition. Was surprised we beat Chelsea in League Cup. Look at our UCL record and we blow these ties within the first half usually. In a one off match anything can happen and you dont have to worry about away goals and you can just get lucky. Arsenal are way more capable of pulling a ChelseavBayern than a RomavBarca (and 2nd leg we are away from home so its hard to correct our wrongs).

  28. David Rusa

    Can Arsenal beat Atletico? My answer is why not? In order to appreciate this we need to ask ourselves how Atletico found itself in Europa when initially it was in Champions League? Obviously this is because Atletico ended up third in its group. The teams which beat Atletico were not much better than Arsenal. Arsenal will do it if we are focused and determined. Let us not become despondent and develop goose pimples because we are going to meet Atletico. We shall beat Atletico and prove the doubters wrong. .

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