Europa League exit may well be a blessing for Arsenal

Arsenal had an untimely exit to the Europa League competition shortly before football around the globe was brought to a halt, but that exit may work out better in the long-run.

Our side were humbled by the visiting Olympiacos side back in February, eliminating our side on away goals, but with the Coronavirus having taken a grip on Europe, the competition has had to be suspended.

Reports are now emerging that the Europa League and Champions League are to be rescheduled to play in August, starting on August 8-9, and played every 3 days, not too dissimilar to schedules used for international competitions.

This could wreak havoc on the Premier League who remain keen on completing their fixtures, and you would imagine that the league will hope to be finished before the European fixtures were to commence.

Regardless of whether the Premier League and European competitions do overlap, teams that have competed in the Europa or Champions League will likely be fatigued after the month of elite football, which will surely hamper any side going into the new season, especially as division supposedly has to begin by the first week of September.

Manchester United, Manchester City and Wolverhampton Wanderers all have the potential to go deep in their respective competitions, and any of them going deep while could give them a boost in morale, their team will surely face some fatigue issues going into the new season. Chelsea lost 3-0 at home to Bayern Munich so it is safe to say they won’t be hampered too much…

The above trio however could all be our rivals as we push to secure Champions League football for the 2021-2022 competition, and while we would have loved to have had a chance of winning the Europa League this term to try and play CL football next term, this route may well pose the best for our club in the long term.

Will the European competitions prove to cause havoc on competing teams league places? Will Arsenal prove lucky on their untimely exit?


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  1. Top Gunner says:

    All the three teams will probably beat Arsenal even if the experience fatigue. Are you trying to console Arsenal fans or you are protecting the dont have the drive to compete

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