Europa League flops take the heat off Arsenal

It does not make the shocking Arsenal performance against Monaco on Wednesday night any better. Only a fantastic night in the principality in a few weeks or a bottle of whisky will do that. But I must admit that it cheered me right up when I saw that both Liverpool and our north London rivals Tottenham had also fluffed their lines and gone crashing out of the Europa League.

It does not make any difference to our own predicament in the Champions League of course, but what it does do is take some of the heat off Arsenal. Imagine how bad it would have been if they had both gone through. Not just their fans, but the football media in general would have had a field day. As it is they have two more teams to slaughter just a day after our debacle.

Those defeats to Besiktas and Fiorentina could also have a positive effect for the Gunners in our fight for the top four. The spuds and the scousers are bound to be demoralised, just like us, and if it helps them to drop points, all the better. Liverpool host Man City and after going through extra time and losing on penalties, they will struggle to get anything.

The spuds face Chelsea in the Capital One cup final and if they lose that after messing up the Europa League, you would not be surprised to see Swansea turn them over on Wednesday.

What Arsenal need to do though, is to make the most of this little let off and get back to winning ways against Everton on Sunday. Unfortunately for us the Toffees won their Europa League tie and will be feeling good about life so we might need Liverpool and Spurs to drop points as there is a good chance we will.

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  1. Who are writing these post that is one of the most pathetic post I have seen. We are suppose to forget that we were embarrassed by Manaco because spuds and Liverpool lost in Europa league? Stupid

    1. did you actually read it? It does not try to excuse the Monaco shambles, just that it takes some of the media heat off Arsenal

      1. Ok, I do understand. See, when we lost to Monaco, the Spuds and Loserpools were all scornfully laffing at us, but these things happen in football. Where are they now in Europa?

        However, it’s not good to be overly confident and underrate your opponent. I hope we learn…

        Guys, let’s hope for a miracle. I shall be locked in alone with the Universe for seven days, interceding on behalf of Arsenal that we do come out victorious in France.

        Now humming: “There can be miracles…”

  2. To be honest I’d rather have seen both go one more round in the Eurupa League as neither tend to put in a good performance in the PL following a Thursday night game (especially Spurs).

    1. I was thinking the same. When i seen liv knocked out i said this is going to make the chase more difficult, and then seen spu were out too. We see every year the difficulty of an away tie following on from a midweek european trip… major difference.

  3. As much as I hate How we played, I’m not a quitter.

    0-3 is not insurmountable. It will be extremely difficult to overcome but it’s not impossible. But we must concentrate totally on Everton now.

    The time to correct Wednesday’s wrong Will come in time. We have PL and FA Cup (God help us away @United. If we play the same we are out)

    1. You may not be a quitter Fred but the team is and has.

      If we score 3 and don’t conceed to go through then I will eat my own hands.

      Wenger nor his unruly rebel haven’t hot it in them.

  4. You have to ask, did Monaco really play that good to beat us 3-1? They just couldn’t believe our defense was so high up and gave so much space to them to run past. It was our own poor quality in finishing and defence that let them win 3-1. After 5 minutes we were too casual in our build up as well. At the end of the day they took 3/5 good chances they had. We took around 0/6 good chances. You cannot play with Gibbs and Mertesacker in the 2nd leg if you want to have a chance of limiting the goals we concede.

    Up the other end, mostly when we are building our attacks you will see players off the ball just walking to another position, or not moving at all, this happens especially when opposition have players back in numbers and its congested. They just don’t make themselves available for the passing.

    The bad thing about these first leg defeats is that you have to wait three weeks to see if you can come back in the tie, and in between you will hear a lot of nonsense in the media.

  5. Watch how some players show fighting spirit (those that normally don’t show any) and belief in the 2nd leg as opposed to the 1st leg and how Wenger will be proud of that even if we fail to proceed to the next round. I don’t want to see players falling to the ground after the end of second leg 1 goal short, for some reason they couldn’t settle for 1 goal and had to risk everything to get a 2nd half way through the tie like it was a final.

  6. What’s all this take the heat of Arsenal bull? F@ck that! The media and everyone else has a right to have a go at AFC as things stand! I want more heat and more heat until it’s so hot Wenger can’t stand the heat in the kitchen anymore.

    IMO It’s about time we started focusing on our own problems instead of the failings of others just to make us look less shite and as you put it ‘take the heat off’!

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