Europa League to be a welcome ray of sunshine for Arsenal?

Admit it Arsenal fans, you were thinking at half time, when the under performing Arsenal team trudged off the Emirates stadium pitch trailing to a Cologne side that had lost all of their games so far this season, that the Europa League was going to be yet another nightmare for us Gooners.

I know that I felt that way, but after the final whistle I was left even appreciating the goal that put us behind, because it was a fine strike the like of which you do not often see and which makes us all love the game. Of course it was easier to like because it did not affect the result after Kolasinac and Alexis Sanchez scored their own peaches and Hector Bellerin secured the win with a reaction tap in to make it 3-1.

I don’t know about you guys, but I really enjoyed our first game in this second tier European competition, including the drama of a late start and the full on, slightly crazy and remarkable showing from the Cologne fans, in the ground at least where they sung their hearts out even, and especially, when the game was gone. It made me smile and the game was a real cracker.

It seemed to put a smile back on the face of the Arsenal players and Arsene Wenger as well. Perhaps the lack of real pressure helps, but maybe it was just playing an exciting game, getting the right result and starting to think that this might be better than being tanked by Bayern Munich or Barcelona in the middle of a title fight.

Wilshere looked sharp again, Reiss Nelson had hardly any time but still gave us a glimpse of his potential and Alexis suddenly found his form again, which is exactly the sort of thing we hoped would happen. It is early days, Gooners, but do you think that instead of a pain in the backside we do not want or need, could the Europa League actually be a nice ray of sunshine for Arsenal?



  1. Billy says:

    3B’s to the Arsenal

    Bellerin…..Beast…..Big man.


    1. Neil says:

      Look there are a lot of fans who seem to think we are owed something in terms of winning trophies all the time… its far more competitive than ever and with the toothless FA and UEFA not properly implementing FFP its pointless trying to compete financially with the 2 Manchester sides and Chelski.
      However I like the article because not a short while ago going to football was all about supporting your team and enjoying the match… we always used to applaud great goals by the opposition whilst still maintaining friendly banter
      So as Bob said lets look forward with anticipation to these European nights as a new adventure.. the Colgone fans showed how to support their team and enjoy the game… lets do the same

  2. Uber 4 Wenger says:

    Now we wait for sunday to deal with chelshit accordingly..provided old grizzly Bear Wenger gets his selections spot on..Mr. wenger as for you stop misbehaving and play players to their strengths and right positions…seriously we are tired..lets not here same old excuses after the game that we were not at our best and that the players were not motivated ..its your job to make sure they are fully motivated..and any player who has hangover for whatever reasons and is not motivated..plz bench him with immediate effect..btw Elneny was pretty solid i reckon you can start him alongside ramsey or xhaka..BE REAL FOR ONCE WENGER STOP FOOLING WITH US

    1. El Neny will be benched for Xhaka and Ramsey partnership because Wenger does not select players based on form but based on his preference…just wait and see. El Neny bench we can bet right now.

      1. waal2waal says:

        does it matter which two we pair-up against hazard, kante, drinkwater, willian, bakayoko we will be up against it and id be content coming away from stamford bridge with a draw. we’ve beaten the bundesliga whipping boys fair enough, but beating the english champions is a bit beyond us with our current mid-field and players we know have no desire to stay.

        conversely, most of the chelsea contingent (costa apart) far as we know are happy to stay at stamford bridge. sad to say it but in the scheme of things a CL side has greater mastery and comprehension of what it takes to win than a europa league side – and until we replenish our team, until we consolidate our mid-field, until our defence is rebuilt into a something much more [robust].

        *its difficult for me to envisage anything more than a draw against a team that has already humbled us over in the far-east and has strengthened even more.

        1. waal2waal says:

          dont just be a mug and thumbs down – if you think we are in good shape and that we are the finished item say how and put your point why we can confidently challenge cfc, because if you think we can it follows also you think we can win the league like they can

  3. Franklin says:

    Its good to see Alexis get on the score sheet with such an amazing goal, truely a beauty to watch. I couldn’t be moor proud to be a gunner!

    1. Neil says:

      Great goal and a shame that you could see his heart is not at the club currently… hopefully his real love of football will help him to enjoy every game and win us a trophy of two this year… if he goes in Jan or end of season who cares lets enjoy his spirit and quality whilst he is with Arsenal

  4. Sandeep says:

    Incredible Hulk with another goal love the way kolasinac plays.Looks like can smash ball and player as well?.

  5. Arsenal_Girl says:

    I love Kolsanic every time I watch him

    Maybe, if Wenger takes the competition seriously (which he seems to be doing) and plays strong enough teams. It’s a tough competition but we are good enough to win it. Teams like Zenit, AC Milan, Villarreal, Atalanta, Ajax etc will be no pushovers but yes winning this means trophy plus Champions League 🙂

    Our real test now is Chelsea
    We are 0-1 against big teams so far
    And that loss was 4-0
    The Chelsea match will give us a better idea of where we are
    We don’t want another big loss
    Also we are already 0-2 away. We don’t want to make it 0-3

  6. waal2waal says:

    wondering where Theo features in the strikers pecking order after last nights showing? there’s no invention to his game when compared to rival team strikers. we see giroud had several attempted headers on target, alexis sanchez can produce something out of nothing, welbeck has hard work and endeavour even new arrival lacazette has a knack for putting away chances – now what stiker attribute do we give walcott, im wont be surprised to find this player will be encouraged to return to southampton this winter – 100k p/wk for doing what exactly?

    1. Neil says:

      he was injured part of last season but still scored 19 goals… as a squad player he can play in Europa and League / FA Cups and give a rest to the key players – that in itself is a value… whether £100k a week is mute as no footballer is worth these stupid sums of money in my opinion but that is football in 2017 !
      He is one of the longer serving players and can help as part of the squad…

      1. waal2waal says:

        arsenal came to prominence by having functional players who could be relied on to perform at optimum at their best, your man no longer fit this template, its important to our growth as a force that “inefficiency” is identified and hastily moved on.

  7. bur says:

    A good result , fought back well. on the other hand it was a German team at the bottom of the league, then again we are not the most dynamic.

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