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Europa League to be Wilshere’s route back to Arsenal 1st team?

Arsene Wenger and the Arsenal players had to give it their all towards the end of last season, and to be fair to them we did win our last five Premier League games but unfortunately it was not quite enough as Jurgen Klopp and Liverpool pipped us to the final Champions League spot by a single point.

That left us without a place at Europe’s elite table but still having to cope with the extra burden of European games and we would have been in the Europa League even had we finished lower because of the FA cup trophy the Gunners beat Chelsea to at Wembley.

So unlike the last two EPL champions Chelsea and Leicester City, Arsenal must try to win the title while having the strain of midweek games to cope with, so Wenger has already suggested he will rest his big players and play a much changed line-up in the Europa League and this could be very good news for certain Gunners trying to get back into the first team picture.

Most notable of these in my opinion is Jack Wilshere, who we know has the talent but has not had the opportunity to progress and develop. Wenger has put the 25-year old England international into his Europa League squad and I think he will play him, perhaps as soon as the first match at home to the German club Cologne.

Could this be the route back to the Arsenal first team that Wilshere is looking for and that many Arsenal fans would love to see?


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  1. Atid

    Well I would certainly look at giving as many of the fit players a start aa possible across the two matches against Bournemouth and Koln and preferably in their correct positions.

    I believe we have the squad depth to give 26 players a run out in those two matches, especially with Chelsea up the Sunday after Koln. We then have matches coming thick and fast, so again the Doncaster rovers game and borisov should see the squad rotated.

    Players like Debuchy and Akpom, have been included in the squad, so let’s use them. Debuchy has played particularly well when used in a back 3, I would like to see him given a chance and chambers.

    I would also consider the international players fatigue when picking the Bournemouth match. Ozil for example might thrive against Koln rather than Bournemouth, whilst I am sure Wilshire would love to play against Bournemouth. Likewise Mertesacker has been well rested he would love to play against Koln, whilst former Southampton player Chambers would love to turn Bournemouth over.

    1. Remember Resource?

      Yes wilshere is needed as once he gets a full season under his belt, puts in some decent performances we can pull atlas 25m for him… Him plus bellerin will leave for upwards of 60m next window, we will make signing(s) worth 50m and net a comfy 50m in profits.. Amazing.. Look I’m all for sitting on cash for the club, but the cash isn’t for the club, its being yanked out by that ..

      1. Jonm

        You claim that cash is being “yanked out by that Kroenke”. You need to back this up with references to the arsenal accounts and specify the amount he is taking and relate it to what would be reasonable for him to take based on the investment he has made. Otherwise your comment is just meaningless speculation.

  2. Arsenal_Girl

    With Wenger selling OX and our best CM Cazorla out for most of the season having Wilshere will be a Godsend.

    Wilshere, Xhaka and Ozil could be our best CM partnership. I hope Coquelin will play consistently well this season. Last season he wasn’t. Same with Ramsey and Eleny

    I just hope Wilshere can remain uninjured for most of the season like he did last season.

    I’m still a bit bitter about Wenger not getting another Top CM. OX could have done well in that position. I will be curious how he does for Liverpool. Klopp will use him in a better position than Wenger

  3. Nothing changed

    Personally, I like Jacks mentality. He has toughness many of our player’s lack. Besides Jack’s injury problems he also has suffered a little by having been moved around the pitch by Wenger in many positions.

    Clearly, for us who miss Cazorla, it would be great if Jackie could stay healthy and learn the DM role where he has been tried a few times with limited success. Not unlike Ramsey, Jack’s natural position is as nr 10 and there for both Ramsey and Jack tend to forget their defensive duties when they decide to bomb forward. Santi was much more disciplined and experienced in choosing his moments.

    But there is also nothing wrong if Jack was the guy that kept Ozil out of the starting 11 after the German had a lazy performance or needed a rest. If Wenger wants to turn things around he has to stop giving automatic starts to his pets, Ozil is one of those.

    But first things first let Wenger show he can keep Jack healthy whilst giving him regular games. Last season proved it can be done (mostly).

    1. Ignasi M

      Spot on.

      However, it is unfortunate that Jack’s physiology is not built for football or any contact sport. He will eventually break down after a good run and be about for another long spell (see below).

  4. Ignasi M

    There really isn’t any point in building our expectations up again about Wilshere.

    My heart can’t take any more.

    This is how it goes (est. since 2008): 1) Jack He will start to have a run of games as sub; 2) Jack will gradually integrate back into the game after 8 game; 3) Jack will overstretch in a challenge; 4) Jack will be on the receiving end of a bad tackle; 5) Jack will break and be out for 12 months, or, Jack will strain and be out for 3 months

    Repeat ad infinutum.

      1. Ignasi M

        ya ya, but a lot of those were sub appearances. How many did he start and play full 90 mins? i don’t know the answer but i reckon its close to 10.

  5. Middle Man

    Jack Wilshere has a brilliant footballing intelligence , if he can stay fit , he is definitely world class !
    In the U-23 games i saw , he was everything i expected him to be ! i hope he gets europa game time and show his worth there ! i’m sure after that we will see much more of Wilshere 🙂

  6. Sal

    jack’s days are numbered he got all the chances in the world and blew it all away, don’t see anyone putting a bid for him come january so i don’t see why we would use him as a first team player europa or otherwise, back up at most for the team and would be available on a free next year. klopp won’t make the ox a cm he cant tackle and is constantly out of position when he plays there, any player with flair would get past him not speed, skills. so in that category hes very similar to ramsey, he will be a winger or a rwb which is his best position while warming the bench of liverpool.

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