European giants failing to deter €50M target from wanting Arsenal move

Martin Odegaard is claimed to be keen on making a return to Arsenal this summer, with Real Madrid’s asking price revealed.

ESPN insists that while the Galacticos remain keen on keeping the Norwegian going into the new season, it is known that he is favouring a return to North London.

Odegaard enjoyed an impressive loan spell with the Premier League club after joining in January, becoming a first-team regular under Mikel Arteta, before returning to the Spanish capital ahead of the pre-season.

It has largely been reported that he remained high on Arsenal’s wishlist in the current window, and the 23 year-old is claimed to be eager to make the return.

Real are not interested in another loan deal however as they don’t believe they would be able to find a replacement with their current budget, but would be willing to accept €50 Million for his signature if he continues to favour such a move.

It remains to be seen whether Arsenal would be willing to meet his asking price, but the club does appear willing to spend this summer thus far, and with the outgoings expected in the coming weeks also, we could well be able to cover such a fee with our own sales.

Will Arsenal still have the funds available to sign Odegaard after they close out White’s signature? Or could they have to raise the funds via our own transfer activity?


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  1. I actually think the funds are there to sign another €50 million player but I think Ødegaard is only worth half that amount.

    1. Lol.
      The Arsenal fans transfer system.
      Other teams cast offs are worth half their asking price.
      So Arsenal should only pay half Odegaard’s asking price of 50m Euro.
      But Bellerin is worth 20m or double the 10mill other clubs are willing to pay
      Arsenal can loan players and promise to buy
      but send them back if it does not work out.
      But other clubs must not be allowed to loan and return players but be made to pay the full price up front.
      If that was how it works Odegaard Bissouma and Aour would be training at Colney already while Bellerin Aubameyang Lacazette Torreira Kolasinac Soares Willian would have been snapped up by high paying clubs already.
      🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 :).

  2. Odegaard is quality no doubt.


    Any of the above 4 will do. We need midfielders who can dribble with speed. Goal scoring midfielders

  3. No. 50 million….? Are they taking the fish?

    5 million and I may consider, but I think that is outrageous after his few months with us.

    Time to move on.

    1. Look at Arsenal’s results prior to Odegaard’s arrival and post and you may change your opinion.

      1. The clear as day turning point of the season was the Chelsea game where we played a CAM (Smith Rowe) for the first time.
        Odegaard joined shortly after but it was the change in formation/playing style that improved the results more so than any one player.
        I like him but that’s because I think we’d see a lot more from him next season given the time he’s had to adjust to the league and new team – I think there’s a pretty big player in there that we didn’t fully see yet.

      2. Martin Odegaard was one of the factors. But, not THE FACTOR.

        Just considering players who started more than 8 games for us in the PL last season with better PPG than Odegaard. Our team average last season is 1.61 Points per game.

        Player – No of starts / Points per game / Total minutes

        Odegaard – 9 / 1.71 / 866
        Elneny – 17 / 2.04 / 1542
        ESR – 18 / 2.00 / 1449
        Chambers – 8 / 2.00 / 742
        Mari – 10 / 2.00 / 900

        Would anyone believe that we won more games when Elneny played last season.

        1. Such extremely brief and unequallyused stats (in all other areas than the ones you list), are beyong mere pointlessness!
          Those – almost all younger – fans who show this stats addiction but have not the wisdom to use them sensibly, sparingly, OVER A FAR LONGER AND FAR MORE RELEVANT PERIOD and in FULL context, are so boringly predictable in their less than bright intellect.
          I’d love to know your age, even approximately, Vas C.

          1. How could I contradict or deny Don jon fox in JA!!!

            I’ll let you in on a secret regarding my age, Don. Had our current manager and myself were born in the same neighbourhood, we both might have played together in the same age group.

  4. Arsenal are seemingly one of the few cash-strapped clubs that are willing to take a big hit just to get players off our books. This is partly due to our high wages, partly due to the age of many players, and partly due to values dropping after 2 poor seasons. Once you get a reputation for selling cheap the vultures circle, low bid and wait. Compare us with a club like Sheff Utd, who having been relegated seem to have put their prices UP.
    Why are we so bad at this?

    1. I don’t think we are any worse than any other top clubs. Barça and Real are in trouble, Inter and Juve too, wage bills at City, Utd and Chelsea are twice as bad as they are at Arsenal. Covid is deflating football’s enormous wage/transfer fee bubble and our difficulty in shifting players reflects that.

        So many fans seem to DEMAND, on pain of MA’s sacking which they clearly crave, ALL they want and they want it NOW!
        Just as two year olds do when having a tantrum!


  5. I don’t think it makes sense to spend £50m on a player who had half a season with Arsenal last term. There is no guaranty he will replicate same form if he comes next season. They can buy him because he is quality provided he is less the price say £30mplus. We need to be certain of players with experience that can push Arsenal up top5 like locatelli. or Yves Busuoma

  6. So, why is our Real Boy suddenly enamored with Arsenal again?
    Could it have something to do with the roasting he got for his poor performance in Real’s friendly loss to Glasgow Rangers?
    Has Ancelotti and the Real board decided that they do not like what they have seen, and want to let him go.

    Are they relying on Arteta’s continued bromance with Odegaard, making Arsenal susceptible to paying up $50m for him?

    It is bad enough spending that kind of money on Ben White, but paying it for Odegaard is the height of stupidity.
    (Paying it for Maddison is no less stupid!!!)

  7. Odegaard is quality no doubt, but the price is too high. We could get both Aouar and Bissouma after paying 15-20 million more.

    1. Don’t get why Brighton would sell bissouma for so little when they were so adamant on the 50m price for White. Bissouma has a big reputation, so can’t see them letting him go for much less?

  8. Wait, what does ode offer us that the players we already have cant complement with their skills? Lets stop the money waste. Buendia was everything and 2x better but we couldn’t get him for less now we want a custard slow player for 50m?

  9. With grealish seemingly about to join city Bernardo silva may become available and I think he would be a fantastic signing, would probably cost less than madisson and is better than odegaard. Problem is would he want to join us, maybe having previously worked arteta could sway him…

  10. Ode is quality but does not suit MA’s slow build up play. If you put him in Leicester for example he’s be fantastic.

  11. Odegaard is not good enough. He had a few great games but, in many others, he went unnoticed or had no impact. I prefer ESR and to start both of them in the same game didn’t really work that well since it moves ESR out to the flanks.

    We either get a player better than ESR or to push him (Aour?), or a backup (but you don’t pay £50 million for a backup).

    Between Martineli, Auba, Saka and Pepe we have enough players that can play out wide. No need to push ESR out wide to accomodate Odegaard. Remember we don’t have that many games next season and we need to look to for consistency in the PL. So once we find out best starting 11 for the PL no need to rotate that much.

  12. I really liked what I saw with Odegaard for the few months he was here. He was a bit hot and cold but i just loved his overall game. Very comfortable on the ball. Good link up. Hard working. Very vocal. And very silky.

    If we can get him for about £30 million or just another loan with an option to buy then I hope it happens.

    But not £50 million. Hasn’t proven it yet..

    1. My thoughts exactly. Similarly Maddison is overpriced at £70 million. Arsenal could by a quality CAM and DM for that money.

  13. We do need goalscoring midfielders as well, like Sander Berge, Ruben Neves, James Maddison, Piotr Zielinski, Joaquín Correa

      1. Yeah, I know I was a bit too hasty. I have seen his statistic afterwards. But he is a very attacking midfielder. 🙂 🙂

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