European giants keen on tempting Arsenal with swap deal offer for Martinelli

Juventus are claimed to be willing to test the resolve of Arsenal by trying to tempt them into allowing Gabriel Martinelli to leave with the offer of Arthur Melo as part of the deal.

The Gunners are believed to have tried to land the midfielder in January, only to have their loan offer rejected by the Serie A side, but we are rumoured to have retained our interest in him.

Arthur is likely to be open to a move, especially with the World Cup coming up later in the year, with the likes of Adrien Rabiot, Manuel Locatelli, Denis Zakaria already vying for minutes in the central roles, and with Paul Pogba seemingly on his way there also.

Juve are now claimed to be keen on cashing in on our interest in the former Barcelona star, by trying to tempt us into a deal which would allow Martinelli to move in the opposite direction, a move which Gunners fans will not be hoping is entertained.

Our youngster has shown immense potential, and looks to be a superstar in the making, but he is so raw that it is hard to judge just how far he can go. I don’t think there is a single Arsenal fan out there that would be happy to see him go, while I would be even more annoyed given that I don’t want to see Artur arrive either.

I really do not rate the 25 year-old, and think that I would rather stick with Elneny and Xhaka then have him in our side, and needless to be said, I dont want Martinelli to leave at all either.

If Gabi had to go, how much would we have to accept for the fans to be content with his departure?


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  1. The only Arsenal employee that I would swap with melo would be Arteta that’s how crap melo is .

  2. 200M.
    This is a ridiculous idea, why would arsenal let gem go for a crappy player!!!!

  3. So Juventus want to offer us Melo. Who do they want to tempt us with, then? Fairly sure that one of their reserves who has so far failed in two European leagues is not what you’d call “tempting”, so you must be talking about someone else.

    1. Oh, and by the way, if Juve could just, in general, F off, please. No, you can’t have Gabriel. No you can’t have Martinelli. No you can’t have Partey. Or anyone else, unless you pay up. Which you won’t.

  4. My goodness, it seems Juventus are really desperate to get rid of Yellow Mellow.

    Maybe, if they offer to swap him for Pepe I might be a little more amenable to that trade,

    But then again, not even for Pepe!!!!

    1. They want an Arsenal player one way or the other by the looks of it. We have an attacker in Pepe is they please we will so a swap with Melo.

      Other than £150m upfront no questions asked, then we can let you have Martinelli. Every player has a price and that is our starting point.

  5. Surely this rumor is a jest. What fool would consider swapping one of our brightest young talents for the 3rd worst player in the Italian league?

    Melo is rubbish, couldn’t play his way into the starting lineup, now looking for an out rather than putting in the hard work to outplay his competition for a spot.

    Edu has starry eyes for anything Brazilian, and someone needs veto power to prevent stupid blunders like this.

    Glad the deal was killed earlier this year; imagine paying 40 million for someone else’s trash!

  6. Why the f..k Arsenal should even consider doing business with these f..king crooked Italian clubs and their players. They have no respect for Arsenal. What a shame though, as Arsenal is now seen as a feeder club by Juventus, Liverpool and others. When you’re no longer competitive and you lack ambition and vision, you eventually lose the respect and relevance that you once had. Arsenal must make some statement signings this transfer window to consolidate it’s status as a big club .

  7. A big nooo to juve they take that striker vhalovic from us now they try to be friends with us no

  8. We’re not the selling club any more! Martinelli is the future and should be central to Arsenal’s plans. As is Saka, Smith row etc.

  9. Silly rumour but I hope for Arthur’s sake he never puts on an Arsenal jersey. For whatever reason, and despite playing for one of the top clubs in Europe and being a Brazilian international, he seems to have grown a reputation with most Arsenal fans as the most useless midfielder this side of Denilson. He’d be crucified on here before he kicked a ball

  10. Bit late for April Fools day, Id suggest!

    Really though, the articles on who will be coming or leaving are becoming more far fetched each week.

    Some of the so called rumours on here are so obviously false as to insult our collective intelligence.

  11. Stories like this make me see red. Arthur Melo must be one helluva player for us to even consider this madness. In fact we are talking about losing a player of immense potential in order to sign a fairly run-of-the-mill Brazilian midfielder, and I don’t think even we would be that crazy.

  12. Please who the hell is Arthur Melo coz that name doesn’t sound like it belongs to a footballer

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