European giants to run Arsenal and Chelsea target’s contract down?

Borussia Dortmund are claimed to have decided to force Henrikh Mkhitaryan to stay for the coming season, which will likely see him leave for free next summer.

The Armenian international has just the one year remaining on his current deal, and has already turned down his club’s advances to extend that deal beyond the new season.

Mkhitaryan is also claimed to have sent family members to London to look at properties, ahead of a likely to switch to Arsenal, although Chelsea are also linked with an interest in his signature.

Dortmund are believed to have grown frustrated with their better players forcing their way out of the club, with Mats Hummels having followed Robert Lewandowski and Mario Gotze to Bayern Munich in recent seasons. The Bundesliga side are now said to be ready to force the attacking star to stay with the club for the new campaign, despite the likelihood of losing him for free in a year’s time.

That would be a huge decision to make, especially should reports prove to be true that he could be sold for as much as £46 Million in the coming window. That money could have been reinvested in more than one replacement, although I don’t believe we would be willing to pay such a fee, nor do I think they could turn it down.

Micky scored an impressive 23 goals, as well as earning 30 assists this season, and there is no wonder why the top sides would be linked with his signature. The 27 year-old is also his country’s all-time top goalscorer, although his side only played their first match in 1992.

Henrikh had looked the ideal replacement for IF Alexis Sanchez decided to jump ship, but with our club appearing to wrapping up their summer transfers early, the Chilean could be persuaded to stay put.

Would Dortmund really turn down £46 Million in favour of losing him for free in 12 months time? Is there another option to potentially replace Alexis?

Pat J

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  1. damochy says:

    First and foremost we have to start facing up to the sad fact that we are no more the attractive prospect for transfers that we used to be so even if his club will allow him leave chances are he will consider us as a last option and not a dream move, their is nothing we can offer him that Dortmund can’t in football terms…..2nd I think we have more pressing needs further up the pitch and we should only be getting involved with this dude after we have sorted out our striker situation and not before, he will not and all that dosh will be better use getting a proper striker because that is where we lost the championship this season and needs addressing sooner rather than later

  2. Fatboy Gooney says:

    It doesn’t look as if Sanchez will be leaving during the summer transfer window, As Arsenal have been juggling their shirt numbers around and Sanchez has been given the number 7 shirt for next season.

    I also doubt that the £46 million valuation of Mkhitaryan is correct, unless that is €uro’s and not Pounds?
    The original fee was suggested at around £25 million.

    This wouldn’t be the first time that Dortmund let a player’s contract run down and leave for free, Lewandowski anyone? ?. ..Now that must have really hurt!

    I also read that Gotze wants to stay at Munich and fight for a place in the team, next season… that’s if their new incoming manager gives him the chance.
    Personally, I think that’s the player where we should be chucking our money at and not Mkhitaryan.

    1. sevenitti says:

      £25M for a player who had 50 goals/assists in bundesliga, EL and other tournements? Go home :p

      I hope Mkhitaryan signs a new contract. Him, Reus and Aubameyang are complete savages, and breaking them up would just bolster Bayern’s already rock solid position on top of the bundesliga even more.

      I can understand Hummels for going (back) to Bayern though, he’s a bavarian with his young days spent in the bayern academy

      1. Fatboy Gooney says:

        Hahaha ? Okayyyyy! .. I’m at home now! ?
        Now you can go and look up Mkhitaryan valuation on Google, try Transfer Market. Com.
        He is valued at £22.5 million .. so the £25 million Sounds more realistic than the £46 million! ?

  3. nick vee says:

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  4. Gavana says:

    Dormond are falling apart! They sold Hummels, Gundogan ……. can we get Aubamayang or whatever from them? Arsene are you there?

  5. arsenalkid1970 says:

    Never mind better players out there
    He’s just not good enough and AW says he will be first choice next season? Ozill is a winner and wants class on the park. AW needs to buy 5 big players CB DM LW RW CS and few to go like chambers like Campbell and if the OX is not happy him to go to. TW needs to be told to play on the wing or sell him to a French or German team not EPL team. About time we got hard. Back room staff needed to Change it up a new number 2 ready to take over. Big changes needed because some GRT mangers coming in the one that scares me is kloop JM going to Man U and he will buy what he needs end of same a Chelsea then man city again spend. We are the 5th richest club in the world so spend some money and get class. Build a team around PC LK A S and Ozill

  6. davidnz says:

    Hummells looked quite
    laboured this season.
    Not a big loss for
    If an offer of over 40 mill comes in for
    27 yr old MKH, Dortmund would be mad not to sell.
    The one Dortmund must not lose is PEA.
    But if a bid of 70 mill came for him they must sell.
    70 mill is 70 mill and players lose form and get injured.
    There is a limit to holding on to players.

  7. jonm says:

    I understand that borussia doortmund are the only publicly listed team in the bundesliga, so they have shares and shareholders just like us. The situation with lewandowski and RVP was very similar, both wanted to go to a rival and would not sign a new contract, both potent strikers.

    The decision taken by both clubs was very different. Clearly borussia dortmund consider that they need a top striker in their team to maintain the share price, even at the expense of the striker then leaving for free.

    Arsenal do not seem to realise the importance of a top striker. I like Giroud, his stats are good and comparable to vardy and kane but there is something missing, perhaps it is making a goal out of nothing, but I cannot se us winning the league with giroud as our main striker.

    We sold RVP and he made the difference for manu to win the league. (Perhaps, however there was a hidden agenda, perhaps Wenger wanted manu to win the league so SAF would be tempted to retire!).

    To get back to this article, it has a ring of truth about it. Borussia are a team who value players who score goals and will keep them irrespective of what it costs them in lost transfer fees. Perhaps arsenal could learn from them.

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