European lessons – And Arsenal aiming for rock bottom!

Instead of learning by example, Arsenal will have to do it the hard way, again. by Konstantin Mitov

Hello everyone. After another Champions league night, you could see yet again how far off Europe’s best we are. Max Allegri produced a masterclass against Barcelona hammering them 3:0. Juventus might not have MSN up front, but they looked so determined, so tactically aware, so prepared to pounce on mistakes. Incredible.

When was the last time Arsene produced such a tactical masterclass? Try and remember that day. Elsewhere, Jardim took a victory at a suffering Dortmund team following an incredible stupidity from UEFA to play their game at an early kick off. Even Leicester with Shakespeare were only undone, because the ref put on the glasses that moved the penalty area by nearly a yard to award Atletico a penalty!

You also have to see that Bayern didn’t lose 5-1 after going down to 10 men. They lost 2:1 and true, Neuer made some miraculous saves, or it could’ve been worse, but despite the loss, 2:1 is still somehow possible to overturn. And we’re considering Wenger’s new contract. I am amazed, truly am. No other team would tolerate this in the entire world!

What’s worse is that reports suggest Arsene will be given the task of rebuilding the club. The man who destroyed it, is now going to rebuild it? It’s amazing how counter-intuitive is every action we here at Arsenal make. But next season will be even worse if he doesn’t leave. You cannot get rid of the entire squad, there would still be players who’d not wanna play for him and every bad result and genuine mistake Arsene makes will follow with a huge backlash from fans.

The new contract will be announced in the summer once all the negativity settles, but until then, keep voicing your opinion. It matters. We shouldn’t give up even when he stays, because things have gone too far. We need capable people to take us forward. Sometimes to start going up, you need to hit rock bottom first.

We’ll hit rock bottom next season with his extension when key players leave and no adequate replacements come in. Then every slightly wrong move would follow with a revolt. Then Arsene will see the respect, like he is showing us right now. Sadly, this is another lesson we need to learn the hard way.



  1. ThirdManJW says:

    Forget hitting rock bottom next season, we’re already there! Cannot get much worse than teams at the bottom of the table comfortably thrashing us, and our own fans fighting each other. Arsenal have gone from one of most respected clubs in the world, to an absolute laughing stock. Shameful what Wenger, and the board, have done to this once great club.

    1. Rscorpio says:

      No, we are still not rock bottom yet thanks to the first half of the season. Next year under Wenger we will be, when we fight to get in the top half of the table and struggle. Ridiculous!

  2. Dauda says:

    couldn’t agree with more, Konstantin. However, my main problem is with the owner and management of Arsenal. you see when a team is not performing as expected, two things are involved: it is either the person at the helm resign or is sack. I begin to wonder if Arsene Wenger has a stake at Arsenal that he cannot resign or axe out.
    Although I have a lot of respect for Wenger, he has done credibly well for Arsenal, but I think he’s trying to ruin it again. I aspect him to leave when the ovation is high, thinks are no longer working In Arsenal and may probably lose the elite football every theme is craving for in Europe.
    it’s time for stan to start talking, I fear the worst for Arsenal FC.

  3. Hugh g dildeaux says:

    Here’s how wenger turns it around.

    He uses one leg swivels his hip and…
    Ok dad jokes aside

    Were more screwed then me when father Donovan tells me….I am to stay with him and… Clear up

  4. bodman says:

    i dont understand how the board of arsenal cannot see the damage that arsene wenger has done and is doing to this club.even a blind man can see it.i guess they are blinded by greed and their own selfish interest because im sure they are quite intelligent people to have gotten to that position.
    As for wenger he is just showing us his true nature,a very selfish and arrogant man who cares only for himself,his deep pockets and his ego.That man has no love for the club but himself and let him be rest assured,he has totally destroyed his legendary status in arsenal.He will be remembered as a man who destroyed this club because of his selfishness.

  5. ks-gunner says:

    Its funny, when i remember how often the admin kicked me out of this site for pointing out the obvious. If there is a way to to look up on to old post, look for those who are more then 3 years and see mere there, calling fans out, in saying that this day would come surely.

    I remember the endless excuses which have been made to excuse the failuare. Money, stadium, players not being loyal enough, today we know thats its the incompetence of the manager alone which has turned us into a club full of shame.

  6. ger burke says:

    KS gunner, been there , done that , felt the admins boot many times.brothers in arms here . it seems a lot of people still have selective vision when it comes to the subject of wenger. i do not understand how some people still have any confidence in this man . some day , and sooner rather than later , i am hoping , you and i and those brave souls who have spoken out about wenger will be vindicated. it has been a long struggle , but i really feel , regardless if the clown stays on for another year or two , that the end of his tyrany is near.i will just put the love of arsenal to the backburner until le prof-it leaves , one way or another. i am arsenal through and through, not arsene the fool through and through .

    1. ugabooga says:

      I was another kicked to the curb by admin, only to be proved right.

      Thank you for that Wenger

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