European manager accuses Arteta of being too aggressive on the touchline

Mikel Arteta can be one of the most animated figures on the touchline in any game and he is repeatedly getting stick for that.

The latest manager to be surprised and unhappy with the Spanish gaffer is FC Zürich boss Bo Henriksen.

Arsenal faced his team twice in the Europa League group stages and they were successful on both occasions.

The wins didn’t come with Arteta spending time on the sideline quietly, instead, the ex-midfielder was dramatic as usual.

Henriksen spoke about this opponent’s actions and insisted the Spaniard was over the top in some instances.

However, he admits Arteta eventually apologised after the game and it was accepted.

“We had some controversies in the match, where I thought he [Arteta] should have done some things differently because he incited his players. But like the fantastic guy he is, he came over after the game and said sorry,” he told Tipsbladet.

Just Arsenal Opinion

Arteta’s team has been successful this season and his passionate leadership style is one reason they are doing well.

As long as it works and his team gets the right results, we cannot tell him to stop.

He needs to keep his players focused and work hard towards earning the results they need.

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  1. Personally think he looks like a clown when he’s jumping up and down,but he’s styled himself off pep even down to the cashmere jumpers .
    Not a fan of the style ,but if it brings success likes it’s done for the two most animated managers in Pep and Klopp then so be it .
    Only a few managers these days that look calm and collected ,Howe being one of them and look how good they are doing .

  2. Said it before and i will say it again. He needs to calm down and be more professional when the game is on. Its not a good look or a good practice.

    1. DNt waste ur time, It’s never gonna happen. Dats his personality. 30% of coaches in EPL do that. He has been like that since he started managing arsenal, Everyone is suddenly angry now bcos his team is on top of the league table

      1. No! People are pointing out what could be something that undermines what he is trying to do. There’s a big difference between being passionate and being an ass. I have no problem with passion but like Xhaka, there is a massive difference between professionalism and boneheaded. As far as i am concerned, if he is losing it, he isnt doing his job properly. If he is level headed, he can make level headed decisions, that might need making.

    2. You people complain about just anything, Arsenal’s performance, playing and not playing first team players in Europa and cups, winning without scoring 5 goals and now Arteta’s reactions outside the field? God have mercy, we have the worst fans in the world pathetic.

          1. As i have said Sue earlier in another thread, i like passion but not to the extreme of losing it and losing respect of people around you. He isnt the first manager to bring it up and i dont think it is very professional for you manager to be jumping around in the other technical area and on the pitch when he should just stay where he is supposed too. Doing what he is doing could esculate a situation.

      1. Agreed! I have always said that Arsenal fans are the most miserable fans in the world. It is as if they are Schizophrenic and they truly don’t know what they want.

      2. You are spot on Angelo.

        I also wonder why the complains. Perhaps it
        would assist if we get to know how those who
        complains are affected by Arteta’s demeanors
        on the touchline, if anything it should have been
        the players complaining and not spectators

        The unjustified complains definitely smacks of
        either envy or animosity or both. People must
        learn to complain when football rules are violet
        and not to complain over the coach’s personality

  3. What if I tell you to change your personality just because you are Arsenal’s coach? You love your life, you love your personality but you another to pretend what he is not? One question please, does Arteta’s aggressiveness affect the opponent’s performance in any way?

  4. He is still playing every game from the touchline . He’s the non playing captain , He reads the game and makes changes as required and doesn’t wait until halftime . Sometimes it doesn’t work but so far in the main it does.
    I would rather have his passion on display than sitting in the Recaro seats fiddling with a zip.

    1. His passion is not the issue, i agree he should be passionate, that isnt the issue. Crossing the perverbial lines is. He will get away with most stuff as he and others do and should. Its going over to benches, getting involved, going on the pitch etc that will be his undoing. He has every right to question things he doesn’t like, there is a way to do it.

      1. @Reggie,for some reasons many fans think that if their team’s manager doesn’t do cartwheels and acting like a maniac on the touchlines,he doesn’t care,is clueless,running of ideas, heck he is even too old.i said it years ago,pretty soon to be a manager in the PL, you will need gymnastics on your CV!!

        1. Si, i want him to be passionate, just not like an out of control idiot. Stay in your area and control your team. He gives this very calm persona out of game time, then loses it sometimes during the game.

      2. People are agitated not by his crossing the line
        but by his being visible on the touchline

        Crossing the lines are a violation of course but
        that is not what the complains are all about

    2. In as much as his gingering on the touchline doesn’t attract the referee’s attention to him or a card then let him carry on because if you watch him carefully he is most concerned about the playing well of his players,their ability and concentration in being alert till the last whistle is blown

  5. Dear @Potter
    Reggie won’t listen….
    Leave him alone I guess Reggie is a better couch, couching no team without any couching experience but feels someone doing a great job isn’t doing it the right way….

  6. Honestly I do prefer managers that shows passion on the touch line.

    Can never picture Rafa Benitez or Avram Grant in our dugout, there are several reasons why so many cameras are fix on the dugout, it’s a part of the package.

    From Wenger and the water bottle to Morhihio sliding on the touch line, I see it as sheer entertainment and nothing more, but the passion from the coaches some time transfer to players on the pitch and in turn whips up supporters which in turns creates an electrifying atmosphere.

      1. Lol
        Reggie, Chelsea had a coach by the name AVB some time ago, he was very popular even Abramovich itvappers loves him,
        Most of us use to like him for the passion he shows on the touch line.

  7. This is all a nonsensical talk. All coaches can’t be the same . It will even be boring if all coaches act the same way.
    Go on Arteta… do your thing the best way you can .
    Who do not like it can jump into a lake and meet Mr Keys and Gray there .

  8. Well I think that has only work to our favour, arsenal needs this type of personality we’ve witnessed Wenger, emery why not try something different imagine the assist against watford from our dearly beloved coach that wouldn’t have happen with someone like Rafa on the bench or even wenger

  9. ………and besides, this young inexperienced Coach, called Arteta, is managing a youthful and inexperienced team for crying out loud; an ordinary eye cannot do it, not even the presence of GX, TP & ME with their experiences alone would take the team to where they are at present.
    These boys need an external stimulant to achieve this, this young man is just doing exactly all he needs to do to keep his boys on their toes.
    Please and please allow this man to do his job in the best possible way and the games officials too should do the needful if they think he has violated any rules.

  10. He is part of the team and he is doing his job to get the best out of his team and that all. No offence to anybody.

  11. That’s the work of the manager you have to make those folk knows you’re the one seeing both inside and outside

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