Even Arsenal fans will love Jose Mourinho’s International break comments

While the rivalry between Arsenal and Tottenham lives on, you can’t help but appreciate certain aspects of Jose Mourinho personality, and his latest instagram post has hit the perfect note.

The Portuguese boss has moved to criticise the international break with a hilarious Instagram post, and you can’t help but agree with every sentiment of it.

Arsenal will be without Mo Elneny thanks to his positive Coronavirus test, while fellow Egyptian Mohamed Salah has also given a positive test.

The Premier League campaign has already been congested, with football cramming it’s entire season into a smaller time frame than usual, and the current international break also has questions to answer to, especially with as many as three fixtures being crammed in, while many countries have featured in friendly fixtures also.

Mourinho has hit the nail on the head with his comments on the debacle.

Arsenal rarely have any luck when it comes to players coming back unscathed from the international break, or when it comes to suffering injuries in general, and while Elneny is the only casualty for the Leeds game thus far, I’ll be very shocked if he is alone.

Our team will be desperate for a strong performance at the weekend after the shocking 3-0 defeat at the Emirates to Aston Villa before the break, and that may not come smoothly if we were to lose too many of our key players.

Has anyone actually enjoyed the international break? Do we have any secret Mourinho fans in the Arsenal fanbase? I personally wouldn’t want him to become manager, but I do enjoy the stories that follow him.


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  1. Patrick, Shame you chose not to mention the exact quote that the article was about! HOW ARE WE TO JUDGE A COMMENT THAT WE HAVENOT SEEN, which you CHOSE not to tell us?

    1. Exactly my thoughts as well, Mr. Fox. Write an whole article about a quote and not have the quote at all???

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