Even Dortmund want Arsenal to get the deal done and dusted

When Arsene Wenger revealed that Arsenal were in negotiations with Manchester United over the Alexis Sanchez move, he told us that the deal would be finalized in 24 to 48 hours, or not at all. But it still took more than another week for the swap for Henrik Mhkitaryan to be officially announced, with ‘the next 48 hours’ being repeated over and over AND OVER!

Now it looks like the same thing is happening with Aubameyang, and with just a few days left of the transfer window we are definitely running out of time, especially if Dortmund are trying to get some sort of replacement in before the end of the month.

The Dortmund manager Peter Stoger made it clear that he wants this deal wrapped up as soon as possible so the team can concentrate on playing football, just like Wenger kept saying while waiting for the Alexis deal to go through. He said: “I can only say that we would soon like to have a solution to this situation.

“Whatever the outcome of this matter, everyone would agree that whatever brings clarity will help the team.”

Stoger has also said that he is considering playing Aubameyang on Friday, just like Wenger did with Sanchez, in the hope that it could rush things along, but now Wenger refuses to even talk about but still hinting that it could still happen. “The best is I don’t talk about that because it wouldn’t help.” Le Prof said. “I think if something happens it happens, if it doesn’t happen then we are strong enough to focus on the players we have and focus on the job with the players we have. I am perfectly happy with the players I have. We got Mkhitaryan in and I have a strong squad.”

Yes but we would be a lot stronger with Aubameyang in the squad, don’t you think?



  1. Innit says:

    Lemar all over again
    We will wait till the last day and Aub will change his mind.
    €12 mil difference
    They want €70 mil
    We offer €58 mil
    Sometimes you need to pay an extra €10-15 mil. It wont break the bank.
    Also Giroud doesn’t want to go on loan or wife doesn’t
    I seriously doubt Wenger has a Plan B
    Hes barely got a Plan A innit
    Meanwhile Unitef will get Seri
    Liverpool will get Lemar
    Chelsea will get Icardi and Mahrez

    1. Tas says:

      You would think that they would be embarrassed from the last cock up with Lamar and come good with Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, I supose they think they can run with this new way of not spending by pretending to spend is working if you look back almost every top player was on Arsenals radar but it never hapened, come to think of it..it could be going on for years that Arsenal has been fooling their own supporters for decades

      I’m tring realy hard to belive that they will satisfy their supporters and do the right thing but I’m not holding my breath

    2. dragunov762mm says:

      One clear thought in Auba’s mind : get out of here or you’ll never play for Madrid one day. Yes, we are just the stepping stone for him. I don’t care about it now, we need him a.s.a.p. It can be change anyway. Rumors says that Auba to Arsenal is separate by only 7m pounds deal. They asked 60 we offered 53. This dead wind situation could invite other clubs to snab Auba under our nose. Auba worth 60 in normal market, so Dortmund offer is logic. So Arsene, just pay the damn money, and kill this bs deal. Make the wise decision on your last year. Fans will even remember this lasting act if we success with Auba in the future. Don’t bottle up this time!

  2. Thenry says:

    You do realise that wenger is not doing the negotiation it’s gazidis and fhamy
    So why are you blaming Wenger ?
    As for no plan A or B this manager has won more trophies then most
    Fans of their teams can’t believe how stupid arsenal fans are the abuse that Wenger gets when he has regularly delivered trophies ven though we have no chance of spending at the level that city or utd
    The biggest problem is that toxic fan base at Arsenal
    The most moronic fanbase in football

    1. Tas says:

      for shore he has won more trophies then any manager in the EPL is because his been there for 21 years and other managers the best of them been around for just few years not decades

    2. John Wick says:

      Probably because he’s been here a life time and most of his trophies are fa cups! The biggest problem is men like you who can’t see the obvious you call us a moronic fan base.. how about no titles in 14 years you gonna blame the fans for that ? How about missing out on the champions league fans fault ? Beaten 10-2 by Bayern fans fault ? Missing out on all the top players fans fault ? Selling best players to rivals fans fault? Come on your just a Wenger lover you obviously have more support for the manager than the team so save your insults for fans who pay hard earned money to watch mediocrity week in week out.. how dare we speak our mind against the aging out of date Frenchman

      1. Maks says:

        Bravo John!
        Wenger lovers have their right to express opinions but more and more I think there are just some 5pur2 fans who have nothing better to do then to
        hang on Arsenal forums.

        1. John Wick says:

          Absolutely agreed Maks they always pop out of the woodwork somewhere ?

    3. MW supporter says:

      Unfortunately rather than focus on reality many followers of the site just want to find any excuse to keep saying Arsene out rather than have intelligent debate. I agree it’s probably time for a change but I guess we could go for Conte…… about to be sacked, maybe not, or Poch ….won nothing, or the idiot at Liverpool …. won nothing, or ….. oh how about Moyes the saviour that took over from Ferguson … Gosh there are so many that we should consider, let me sleep on it.

      1. ThirdManJW says:

        Intelligent answer for Wenger out would be: No league/European trophy for 14 years and counting, barely challenged for a league/European trophy in that time, 9 year period without a trophy, and all of our best players keep jumping ship, including the legend Henry.

        There’s probably an endless list of who could have done better!

        1. John Wick says:


    4. John Wick says:


    5. John Wick says:


    6. Xhakazette says:

      I’m with you thenry so many negative fans doing the opposite of what they are supposed to

  3. John Wick says:

    Big big changes needed at this club and fast before we get so far behind there’s no coming back! Get rid of that fossilized board.. sack Ivan Gazidis I’m sick of listening to his rubbish of how lucky we are to be overachieving and having the best manager on the planet blah blah blah replace him with Mansfield towns CEO Carolyn Radford she’s young, blonde and ambitious (Google her ?) get Eva Carneiro in there too just because its better than watching Bould and Wenger all the time ? really can’t see us getting PEA now we’ve messed about too much as we usually do, it’s probably just as well by March the poor guys confidence will be shot to pieces look at poor Laca last season he couldn’t miss comes to play for Wenger he can’t hit a barn door! Look at Kolasinac in German team of the season last year comes to play under Lord Wenger now all he sees is the back of Wenger and Boulds head on the bench! I just hope this nightmare ends soon all us fans would of been like kids on Christmas Eve getting PEA but this is Arsenal FC we never get what we want.

    1. BlaZing gunZ says:

      I know what the fcuk is going on…. It must be sabotage with a mix of kronke bleeding us dry for his new l.A rams stadium 4/slash complex

    2. Skills1000 says:

      What a funny comment. We should get PEA. Morata went to Chelsea for 58m pounds. Arsenal should increase the offer to 57m pounds. We need to start a run of wins to have a chance of making top 4. Arsenal should also consider replacing Wenger with Luis Enrique. we should wrap up this deal before Monday. Sell Welbeck. 3 Strikers in Lacazette, Auba and Giroud. Go back to 442 formation. A diamond midfield of Mkhitaryan, Ozil, Wilshere/Ramsey and Xhaka/Elneny.AMM. Auba and Lacazette to lead the attack. We need goals. Even Barca is playing a 442 at the moment and getting the results.

  4. Phil says:

    Sven and Ivan G simply MUST make this deal happen.They haven’t gone there sightseeing.They travelled to Dortmund to meet and negotiate with the selling club.They haven’t been kept waiting outside so they were invited or at the very least expected.Were they turned away?No.Were they sent packing?No.Are they still there?So we are led to believe.Sven M is the future we are told and with soon to arrive Raul is responsible for all future incoming players.He simply MUST make this signing or the credibility of the new regime is lost before it has begun.Its not as though he is unknown to the selling club FFS.

  5. barryglik says:

    Plenty of time.
    This is normal.
    Plus Wenger has 4 strikers if this
    deal falls through including
    50mill Lacazette, very consistent Giroud
    plus he is still carrying dead weight Wellbeck 16m and Perez 17m
    and with Auba desperate to leave Wenger holds all the cards.
    Wenger has often said all the big deals get done
    in the last 3 days of the window with many examples to prove this.
    Mertesacker. 10mill. 31 August 2011.
    Monreal. 9mill. 31 Jan 2013.
    Flamini return free. 29th August 2013
    Ozil. 42 mill. 2nd Sept 2013. In the late hours of deadline day.
    Kallstrom 31 Jan 2014.
    Mustafi 41 mill 30 August 2016.
    Wellbeck 16 mill On 2 September 2014. In the late hours of deadline day.
    Gabriel 16mill. 28 Jan 2015.
    Perez. 17m. Confirmed 30th August 2016.
    So with it being only the 26th of Jan it is early days
    in “Wenger poker ” time. 🙂

    1. Will says:

      You said bid deals, please explain how Kallstrom and Flamini on a free along with squad players Welbeck and Perez for under £20 mil we’re big deals? Heck even the value of Monreal and Mertsacker (who have turned out to be great signings) we’re still very small in value. January is a bargain basement for us with 2 exceptions in Ozil and Mustafi

  6. Ronny says:

    Every team in the world know we’ve money yet we come across as penny pinching and arrogant. Just because they want rid don’t think that they won’t keep him and pay wages until the summer.
    Don’t mess with the Germans! If they say €70m at least go in nearer than our first two offers.
    We so say bid 90m for Lemar but won’t put 65m on the table for bvb.
    Is this a smokescreen or again are we playing it too tightly and delaying too much?
    Just don’t get it if all of our rivals want a player they just get them ‘here’s the money, done!’
    Now hearing also that Giroud is not going to them on loan. I believe the giroud situation may have complicated things and now bvb are running out of time to confirm a replacement for auba. Hence the threats to play him on Saturday, similar threats we made about sanchez just before the deal was done.
    If he plays Saturday then the deals over for sure.

  7. Sue says:

    Oh come on just pay the money! Stop penny pinching, yes he might have issues but I want him at arsenal. Go back to 442 with him up front with Lacca. That’ll do nicely

    1. barryglik says:

      Good call Sue the 60 mill debit
      has just come through from
      your bank account.
      Knew you would not mess about 🙂

  8. Kedar Damle says:

    But According to Sky Sports Giroud will not move to Dortmund in this Jan… So I think this deal is 80% out of question because Dortmund will only agree for deal if Giroud is a part of deal…

  9. Maks says:

    Let’s wait and see what happens.
    Don’t let Wenger anger us anymore. There is a HUGE job infront of him and the Board: resign Ozil and Wilshere, and sign Aubemeyang and at least one of two: CDM or CB.
    We can’t do anything about it, so let’s wait…

  10. Nick2741 says:

    I am so sick of this AFC board if this doesn’t go through they are taking the piss out of us fan …it means it’s the board who are to blame and not wenger for the last 10 or so years garzidis and the board have destroyed us they will not get away with this if it doesn’t go through you will hear from us fans worst than ever before take note garzidis

  11. Jimmy Jazz says:

    Don’t think we can blame Wenger this time. We have the money and the transfer team are in Dortmund. These things can often take weeks/months to sort out. Hopefully we will get him. Loads of deals go through in the final few days. All clubs have similar issues. City wanted Sanchez but didn’t get him for money reasons. That made me laugh. They want a CB but still haven’t finalised the deal yet. Same with Chelsea and their need for a CF. Liverpool waited 6 months for Van Dyck. If we get Auba it will be interesting to see what happens with Lacazette.

  12. David Rusa says:

    It would be a great embarrassment and failure on the part of Gazidis and his team if they fail to finalise Aubameyang deal after spending nearly a week in Germany. It would mean loss of trust and the best course of action would be their resignation or sacking from their positions. However we hope there is still time and the deal will get done.

    1. Mikekobi says:

      Guys let’s just forget it, nothing is gonna happen, the deal for Aubameyang is off, this is another April fool, I blame Wenger and gazidis for this failure, they’re all specialist in failure, I just pity u guys paying ur money to watch arsenal play and all the same the money goes to there pocket and we fans are here crying and dying for the love of this club, Wenger and gazidis knows that replacing a player like Sanchez will require a lot and why they didn’t sell him all this while ❓ they know from day one Sanchez won’t renew his contract and now they want dortmund to offer them Aubameyang on a cheap price. Guys this deal is off, let’s not trouble our mind over this, I already had enough abt this April fool. Times up

  13. frank says:

    where is this Russian billionaire,can he just rent them 10m to complete the deal hehe.which trouphs are people talking about,we must be mediocre fans if we count the last 15 or more yrs as successfull.

  14. kroenkeBerkshireHunt says:

    Cash cow Arsenal is not a club that has footballing ambitions, it has only one ambition in the world: risk-free revenue. Auba is a risk-infested deal and it will never happen. Penny pinching is Arsenal’s way of saying “We were never really in for him to begin with, we’re just messing with you and our gullible fans. “.
    Anyway, we’ve got Chuba, who needs Auba, right?

  15. gooner4life says:

    Just go and pay the asking price after all we shoud just reinvest the fees we got for ox,theo, coq and gaberial. stop all this bartering we need to spend the money or we will be left further behind .

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