Even El Tel urges Arsenal to sign more players!!!

Former England manager Terry Venables has no reason to want Arsenal to do well, having played for and been manager of our fierce north London rivals Tottenham, but even he is desperate for Arsene Wenger to see sense and see that the squad needs some top quality players bringing in to allow us to fight for major honours, as an Evening Standard report reveals.

Venables feels that the Gunners are on the edge of being able to challenge the likes of Chelsea and Man City, but unless Wenger signs another two players before the transfer window closes, which is looking increasingly unlikely, then Arsenal are set to come up short again.

And he feels bad for the quality players already in the side who he feels are being let down by the Frenchman in their hopes of winning more trophies with Arsenal. It sounds as though the 71-year old is almost as exasperated and confused by Wenger’s transfer policy as we Arsenal fans are and that highlights just how far from the common thinking our manager is.

Venables wrote, “For goodness sake, Arsene Wenger, go the extra mile tonight.

“Arsenal have so much going for them, excellent players such as Jack Wilshere, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Santi Cazorla and Aaron Ramsey but, as always seems to be the case, they’re still two players short of greatness. It’s the same shortcomings as last year and they need to learn from Chelsea.

“Jose Mourinho saw his Chelsea side were close so he brought in those extra key players who can change the fortunes of a team.

“By bringing in two extra players, Arsene would not only give himself invaluable cover against unexpected injuries, he’d also be bringing in extra competition. Suddenly his key players will be looking over their shoulders and going the extra mile to keep their places. Liverpool and Brendan Rodgers were bold in buying Mario Balotelli from AC Milan, and it’s those gambles that make the difference in the Premier League.”

But it looks like Wenger is going to go his own way as usual and that could mean that, as usual, Arsenal will be fighting for fourth place again at the end of the season. Why does he do it?

Brilliant Wenger Parody of Transfer day deadline – POKER FACE!

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  1. Reportedly £31.7 bid for Reus rejected. Why? HE’S TWICE WORTH THAT MONEY YOU OLD, DELUDED SCROOGE IDIOT!

    23 goals, 23 assists in 44 matches from left wing. Are you f’n stupid or what?!

    1. wenger rates are different man.

      marco reus- 30 mill
      eden hazard 18 mill
      lionel messi 25 mill (with add ons)
      magnum double caramel- 27 pence

        1. 2 years we’ve needed striker and defensive midfielder!

          2. thats TWO YEARS.

          do u realise how many unattractive girls i have had close ‘friendships’ with in that time ..unreal wenger

      1. Kind off looks lame this old chestnut about a panic buy to appease the fans. Isn’t it clear enough to you yet that appeasing the fans or anyone in fact ain’t in Wenger’s DNA.

  2. Wenger abduction #2: it seems as though the aliens returned last night and erased wengers knowledge of deadline day. As a result reports are out that wenger has been spotted refereeing a football match in rome. He seems to have no clue whats going on. When asked why he was a ref in rome he responded saying “the other referee had little bit niggle, hamstring? Maybe, yes. Look if i can referee i will. I feel com-for-table.”
    Arsenal fans are worried indeed

  3. Tip of the iceberg they said… We can afford the wages of players like Rooney they said… That smile and fist pumping after beating Besiktas said it all… He celebrated that more than he did when we won the FA Cup. I can just imagine him saying ”Yes, that’s another £15m in the bank for me, Kroenke and Ivan the terrible each”. 4th place is what they want, anything more means nothing to them unless they win the competition through luck. Can’t see us getting anywhere until Wenger and his crew are gone.

    1. It’s ridiculous money. IF Falcao is earning upwards of £350k a week, there is no way we would have come anywhere near that money.

      That said, any striker will do now……it’s getting silly. We could have signed a striker weeks ago, but we have an indecisive manager.

      That may be why he never uses subs, because he cannot decide whether it is the right thing to do….

  4. Disgrace. We’ve needed to cover a striker and a cdm for 2 years going onto 3 and he still doesn’t sign. I don’t know how we can’t have doubt in Wenger anymore. this is nothing short of appealing. Right now we have the worst list of strikers in the league. The arsenal are playing with a 21 year old that can’t stand up on two feet, yet Wenger still doesn’t sign. There are no excuses this time aswell. He had time had money but but did nothing. Ashamed

  5. so we are going into a hectic season with just 2 recognized cb one being as slow as a snail or if you add chambers there we are going into a hectic season with 2 weak dm in arteta and flamini

  6. Germany and Portugal closed. Italy closes in 1 hour and a half. England in Spain in 2 hours and a half. No Carvalho and Reus.

    1. dont you know how transfer windows work? we still can buy from them leagues its just clubs from those leagues cant buy

      1. Don’t you know that Dortmund and Sporting would be crazy to not replace players of such quality with the huge amount of money they’d get from these transfers?

    2. I think it is still possible to buy player from those countries, but the clubs inthose countries can’t buy they can only sell to the countries where the window is still open.

  7. serious my biggest regret will not be we didnt buy a striker it will be we didnt get defensive cover, did you see how lescister attacked us we look so weak expect another spanking from the like of chelsea lpool city

  8. What is the additional cost of completing the deals for our top targets? £5m, £10m? And what could be the cost of failing to qualify for top 4 due to working with a clearly below par squad? Is it worth it refusing to pay that extra £1m, £2m when it might mean we could miss out on our ambition for the season?

  9. WENGER IS IN ROME… He is kind enough to referee a charity game.

    The fans are unhappy at the moment (which is totally understandable), but, I am afraid, those are the same fans who will be running next to the bus after a meaningless winning trophy and will be jumping around if we make another top four… Same f*cking story!

    Until the fans decide to make some serious actions like in Marseille or even PSG (not going to the stadium for 2 or 3 games) nothing will happen.

    It has been 3 years since I got my season ticket… Enough being a mug… Spending money for very little in return.

    We have now few hours left and still in need of a striker and a CB at least… And I repeat, it would be the bare minimum.

    There is no ambition from the Arsenal hierarchy and players can come to the microphone and say how they want to push on and more, but the reality is that we have NOTHING in the tank and it is just “words” and “supposition”… And they want the fans to feed on that crap…!!

    17 years in the CL? Is that why we are a top club??? Even thought we have not a glimpse of winning the competition?

    We might get a run of games like we always do, but the end product is the same (same every season)… NOTHING TANGIBLE.

    Arsenal football club has an inexperienced 21 yo striker leading the line…. F*CKING HAVING LAUGH OR WHAT?? THAT IS JUST NOT RIGHT, NOT RIGHT FOR THE FANS AND WE DESERVE MUCH BETTER, WE DESERVE MORE…!!

  10. So We don’t sign players that we have to compete for. So who the hell are we gonna sign if we don’t compete. As soon as another team shows interest in a player we want, Wenger backs off. How long is he gonna do this. What is wrong with this man? He wants to dictate what the whole soccer fraternity should believe. And business should be done his way or no way. That’s why he keeps signing mediocre players.

  11. @dboy

    Wenger truly believes he knows best…
    When we call him “deluded fool”, people are jumping in his defence… This is not an insult, but just a fact, simple as is…!!

    We are one of the 2 smallest squad (in numbers) with Burnley in the league… I mean what the f*ck is going here???
    We are even short in defensive option since we only have 6 defenders !!!! WTF !!
    I am talking about the CM… Just begging for it!!

    Anyway, it seems that we going through the same old sh*t evry seasons… The fans are going through the same emotions and frustrations for years and years.
    It also seems that Wenger basically does not give a f*ck about the fans (proven) and he will always do it his way… So far we had very little to celebrate.

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