Even if Arsenal lose to Watford, we mustn’t give up on the Top Four

Time to play a game of ‘what if we lose this evening against Watford?’ It would be a blow for sure but not the end of the world and we would still certainly be bang in the middle of a top-four position and in my opinion, still favourites to finish in a Champions League spot.

Let’s look at the scenario that would be in front of us. I will go with a loss of one goal so that would leave the table like this…

Tottenham played 33 – 67 points
Chelsea played 34 – 66 points
Man Utd played 33 – 64 points
Arsenal – played 33 – 63 points

Now, we would be three points behind Chelsea in fourth but will still have a game in hand and a better goal difference of three, our next opponents would be Crystal Palace and we would be at home.

Man Utd’s next three games in the league are away at Everton, home to Man City and home to Chelsea, I just cannot see them getting nine points from those games, can you?

Tottenham clearly has the advantage now and even a loss to Man City would not do significant damage when you consider they would have three of their final four games at home.

The point I am trying to make is that we would still have it in our hands over Chelsea even if we lose against Watford, we would have a game in hand and better goal difference and the fixtures that Man Utd have to navigate surely gives us the advantage over them even if we would have three tricky away games to play.

A loss would not be good in any manner but it would not be disastrous and we would still be in a good position to claim a top-four spot over at least two of our rivals.


  1. Goonerboy says:

    This is almost like we are expecting a defeat already, but I must confess that it eases my pressure and fear a little..

    Now am trying to give myself hope thinking we cannot lose two away games in a row even with our terrible away form.
    It will be interesting to see how Emery sets up his team today, but the sure thing is, we will get a reaction from him and the lads.

  2. georgie b says:

    Playing Ozil,Ramsey, Laca and Auba together seems a winning tactic.

  3. Uncle P says:

    I hate calculations, when my country men start permutating “even if Argentina beats us, we only need …” and we always end up dropping out from group stage.

    Why not focus on winning and play to earn our position on the table.

    If we put in the work necessary to win our remaining games what our opponents play won’t matter.

  4. Eddie Hoyte says:

    This whole what if we lose is a big worry.
    If I was the coach I won’t have my players and fans thinking what if we lose, I’ll have them thinking and believing this is our best shot to the UCL, we have to win these games at all cost, we sweep these teams away at home then why can’t we do it away? I’ll have them believing they must do everything to win, trust me it’ll be tough, they’ll work their ass off, and fatigue would come at the end of the season but then it wouldn’t matter to the players themselves because they’ll be glad and looking forward to next season with excitement. A little bit of doubt is as dangerous as a mountain sized doubtful thought.
    I hope Emery and the players aren’t there thinking what if we lose and all that stuff.
    They need to believe top four is our best way to the UCL, and Europa is our best chance at European trophy.
    it’ll work out, there’s no point prioritising one over the other, it’ll be putting all your eggs in one basket

  5. Sue says:

    As long as they try & work hard, which is something they didn’t do at Goodison Park… yes I’ll be p****d all the same if they do lose, but at least they will have tried

    1. Pat says:

      True Sue, as long as they give their best and be hard working. Also Emery need to not fall into Watford’s hand by not finding a different way to win. Am feeling positive though. Good luck to us.

      1. Sue says:

        Fingers crossed Pat ?

  6. gotanidea says:

    Lose against Watford is okay as long as it is our last defeat

    But I believe Arsenal would win today, as long the players do not think about Napoli and fully focus on the cojones team instead

    If they can’t win today, it means the players are not ready for Champions League next season and they should be replaced by the younger ones

  7. Joshua says:

    let’s go for a win guys! nothing less

  8. Roachie says:

    Defeat is not an option if we want a top 4 place. This is Watford, not Liverpool or Manure. What is the point of qualifying for the Champions League if we fear Watford?

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