“Even if you put a bid in” Pundit reacts to suggestion Arsenal should move for Haaland

Robbie Savage has rubbished suggestions that Arsenal could sign Erling Haaland as his release clause is reported, which is affordable to the Gunners.

The Norwegian has been one of the most reliable goal-scorers in the world in the last few seasons and could leave Borussia Dortmund for a much bigger club in the next summer transfer window.

He has a reported release clause of around £63 million, which shouldn’t be a problem for Arsenal to trigger.

However, several other top clubs want to sign him and former Manchester United star Savage doesn’t think the Gunners stand a chance to land the former Molde youngster.

Chris Sutton asked him on BBC Radio 5 Live Sport via HITC: “He’s not going to go to Arsenal though, is he? “How much would you have to pay for Haaland?”

Savage said: “I think he has a clause, isn’t it £60 odd million? I get what you are saying, but you may as well bid for Mbappé then for £200 million.

“But you are not going to get Haaland either. Even if you put a bid in. He’s not going to go to Arsenal. Why would he go to Arsenal.”

Just Arsenal Opinion

Haaland would be a superb signing for Arsenal, but realistically he will not move to the Emirates.

While we can afford that reported release clause, he would want to join a club that is more stable and let’s be honest, more likely to win the Champions League.

We are still rebuilding and will look to end this season inside the top four as a sign of progress.

Because the top European clubs also want to sign him, he would want to join a team that would guarantee winning trophies.

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  1. Odegaard will help to bring him. the rebuilding is giving assurance we can compete with top teams at least in 2 years

    1. the price will escalate to 150m minimum

      it will be a price war

      fans would love to pay them whatever they wants


  3. We couldn’t have hoped for a better result. We need at least a draw at Spurs to keep our Top 4 hope alive and keep the pressure on Spurs to win their outstanding games.

    In retrospect, Wolves win at Old Trafford makes our loss there less painful and provides us extra motivation to beat Wolves at the Emirates, to make up for the loss at Old Trafford.

  4. The Spurs game is even more important now after this Utd loss.
    Take 3 points off them and we will be favs for Top4.

    2 games in hand, 2points beind. We need the win. Utd like West Ham look like they might just fade away in the Top4 hunt…

    We really have a huge chance to get back into the champions league after the clubs big spending on the new philosophy.

  5. Yes we have little chance of signing him but we should try cause you never know in football, a young talented team on the rise, a guaranteed starting 11 spot, odeggard presence and a good selling pitch could work.

  6. Why would Haaland join us when he has the pick of all the big European clubs? Let’s not get carried away.

    My opinion? He will join Real at the end of the season.

  7. Of course, I wouldn’t put a plug nickel on it, but I do think it’s rather interesting that Haaland has actually stayed as long as he has at a club who, in more recent times, has been considered one of the premier “selling” clubs in the footballing world…I would think that if it was all about the bottom-line he likely would have been sold on last off-season when the club held considerably more leverage

    so why was he retained? did it have to do with the fact that any teams on his list of desired landing spots didn’t have the financial wherewithal, considering the economic implications of the pandemic, to satisfy the demands of both parties in question?….if so, there’s no doubt Dortmund were holding out hope that a year later things would be vastly different and that a bidding war might ensue, which might not be the case…several of the “big” spenders are currently swimming in it and might not be as traditionally appealing as they once were…not to mention, not everyone wants to go full-bore PSG fantasy team mode, as a “too many cooks in the kitchen” proposition might not be his cup of tea…now if that’s the case, which certainly isn’t a foregone conclusion, it might provide us with the tiniest of openings

    much like the two Milan teams, who slipped into relative obscurity for the better part of a decade, we must use whatever historical capital we still possess to our advantage before we fall completely out of the “heavyweight” conversation…I think this is why some found the possibility of bringing Henry/Vieira/Bergkamp/Overmars etc,,,back into the fold so alluring…it’s likewise the reason why many were deeply concerned about the possibility that Arsene was going to take whatever cache we had left with him when the door hit him on the proverbial backside…regardless, this “capital” doesn’t last forever and as such we would be wise to use anything and everything at our disposal to lure this club-defining juggernaut of a player to the Emirates

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