Even internationals cannot lift Arsenal star’s awful form

To be honest I was expecting the Arsenal and Wales international midfield star Aaron Ramsey to show something like his best form during this international break, just as he did for Wales last summer at Euro 2016 in which he was included in the team of the tournament. In some ways that would have been even harder for Arsenal fans to take after his pretty pathetic season.

That was not the case though, as Ramsey produced the sort of performance for Wales in their World cup qualifier away to the Republic of Ireland that has had Gooners groaning and scratching our heads all year. I hate to say it but Ramsey is making the loud mouthed rantings of supposed Arsenal fan Piers Morgan seem to make sense.

I really thought Ramsey had proved Morgan wrong but ever since that great season when the Welshman had clicked and it looked as though his goals and performances might lead Arsenal to the title until yet another injury setback struck, Ramsey has been going backwards and you could even say that this season has been his worst ever in an Arsenal shirt.

I thought that a lot of the blame for this was down to Arsene Wenger as Ramsey only seemed to be really motivated for his country, but yesterday’s lame effort which saw him replaced before the hour mark suggests differently. Is it time for Arsenal to give up on our misfiring midfielder?



  1. Arsenal_Girl says:

    I usually hate Internationals break but with our horrible season I only want domestic football to return so that the season can be over as soon as possible.

    Actually not looking forward to the summer either with Wenger in charge and more weak signings

  2. davidnz says:

    After a terrible injury in 2010
    Ramsey had a fantastic first half
    of the season in 2013.
    He was in sublime form running riot and scoring goals for fun.
    Arsenal won the FA cups with Ramsey contributing well.
    There was even talk of 40 mill transfers to Barca
    and Arsenal fans were saying like “Ramsey Arsenal for ever”
    Since then Elneny has come in Theo has come bacK
    Sanchez has come in Iwobi has emerged even Ox has found form.
    Ramsey has faded with only an outstanding Euro to show.
    What happened to the outstanding 2013 Ramsey?
    Can he come back ? I hope so because when Ramsey fires so does Arsenal.
    But then we can say the same about Ozil and Sanchez and Giroud and Walcott.
    How can we get all these players firing consistently?

  3. Samuel Akinsola Adebosin says:

    In the envisaged revamping of the Arsenal first team squad during the in-coming summer transfer window for next season’s campaign during which at least 2 world class players are expected to be signed by Arsenal in addition to keeping Ozil and Sanchez, and some underperforming Gunners for 3 consecutive seasons allowed to leave on the expiration of their contract deals this season or be sold if their deals are still active to recoup some funds used in signing the 2 world class players in addition to the signing of 3 other top quality new players making them 5 in numbers of: a LB, a DM, an AMD, a versatile world class Winger & a world class Striker whom Arsenal should sign during the summer imho.

    But for the constant hamstring injury and the other injuries that have plagued Ramsey for 3 consecutive seasons at Arsenal, he is not the only player there looking to be an Abou Daiby occupying squad place and linking a living currently at Arsenal who should be moved on during the incoming summer window if Arsenal fc is to win the much desired PL and CL titles next season. But this ambitious decision making project will only become realizable if Le Prof will for once, listen to the general opinions of his constituency who are of course the Gooners. Failure to do this will make Le Prof not looking to be very serious to see Arsenal win the PL and CL titles next season which Arsenal can, if he does the correct needful for his first team squad.

  4. jonm says:

    Playing in a qualifier Ramsey will have had little time training with the welsh squad, as opposed to the euro finals where there was a reasonable time beforehand for the squad to train together and for the manager to motivate the players.

    It seems to emphasise that the welsh manager can get ramsey motivated and firing on four cylinders, given sufficient time. Something which appears now to be beyond Wenger.

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