Even Man City fans said Wenger should leave Arsenal!

Even Man City fans said Wenger should leave! by Konstantin Mitov

I really feel like there is no need to talk about a shambolic defending and a poor performance once again. City were there for the taking and we sulked it again. There was a protest again. It’s nowhere near as big as it should be, but can you see it now?

Have your eyes opened? Wenger is done. He is history! He is writing one of the worst chapters in our history. Fans fighting amongst themselves in the stands. He says he knows his future, yet why don’t we hear anything? If he is waiting until some good results come along, they ain’t coming.

We had two, 2 week breaks and no response from anybody. A lot of players will leave this summer if Arsene doesn’t go. Nobody trusts him. He just sits on the stands and hopes something happens. I don’t think I need 1000 games in my career to know things are wrong.

We’re missing the top 4. It’s a price that’s only worth if Wenger is gone. Man City fans said after the game Wenger should leave. I heard fans of all clubs honestly think it’s time for change, but the City fans said the change of manager is the best thing that happened to them, highlighting how Mancini and Pellegrini coming in won titles, then dried out and were changed.

I want the season to end. I am not excited. We’re not moving forward under Arsene and there is no way anybody in this club will do something, because the whole team is Arsene, and people seem to have forgotten Arsenal was once a big club, that has won titles before him.

The staleness has reached an unbelievable point. I am sorry, I cannot really write an article about anything else, because until Wenger, Gazidis, Keswick and all the useless people here leave. Kroenke gave Wenger 90 million this summer in the market. Our nett spend in the past 5 years is higher than Chelsea’s.

It’s not about money. We’re just terrible. We need a new manager, one that would unite the players and the fans. Even if we finish 7th which is where I believe we will land at the end, if Wenger leaves, it will be the biggest achievement this football club has made, because we can have a fresh start. We cannot do anything until, he’s gone.

He’s the symbol of failure and the reason for all the problems. Wenger out, out, out.



  1. Robin Vanpayslip says:

    Why did Wenger cross the road?

    His new contract was on the other side

    1. Tas says:

      How do you make AW confused

      just let him curry on as a manager

      1. Tas says:

        Q: How do you stop a Arsenal FC fan from beating his wife?
        A: Dress her in a Bayern Munich jersey!

  2. Tas says:

    i couldn’t bring myself to watch the game yesterday i know its bad of me but i just cannot take another disappointment it effects me the whole week and draw at home was a big disappointment to me so i made do with highlights today and no tightening of the chest, i have for a year or two stooped buying Arsenal merchandise that’s my protest

    1. muffdiver says:

      I Watch the games an whatever happens dust it off now. If I miss a game no biggie.
      My obsession for this club has weakened over the years.

      Probably a good thing.
      Anyway I reckon We beat West ham an he will then announce he stays
      Literally waiting months now for a win of note to announce it haha
      Lol its got silly now

      1. khangunners says:

        Exactly guys this is wengers biggest crime. He has destroyed the passion we had for our club

  3. AndersS says:

    Agree. I can’t wait for the season to end either, as it is just one long torture to watch Arsenal play with the same open midfield where opponents just walk through and create pressure and chances so many times. To me it doesn’t really matter, we got a lucky draw. The tactics and the play was the same s…, and there is no chance we can achieve anything like that.

    1. arsenalfan1 says:

      Under Arsene-about Wenger Arsenal have become a complete joke. The sickest part of the joke is that the man responsible,our Arsene, gets rewarded with a 25% pay increase (from a position in which he is already being paid more than current leading Premiership manager, Conte). You couldn’t make it up.

      And to think that our Arsene used to complain about ‘financial doping’ when Abramovich started splashing around the cash back in in the early 2000s. Well the board and Arsene have managed to conjoin ‘financial’ greed and ‘dopey’ behaviour in a new bizarre way that makes Abramovich look like a class act.

  4. mark says:

    Yes Wenger should go, because he is out of date, his ideas are stale and stubborn, and the whole Arsenal first team needs a shake up, which he cannot do as he was instrumental in its formation.

    That said, City weren’t ‘there for the taking’. They played quite well. Our game was not on top form, but we weren’t awful and showed some desire to score points. To say City were there for the taking is part of our problem. We think we are amazing, and the reality is, we ain’t.

    But yes of course AW should go. And all this dithering is destroying the clubs credibility.

  5. We were not at our worst but KEEP IN MIND we had to come from behind TWICE after allowing 2 very weak goals……proves character YES….did we play well MAYBE at times ……..BUT the team looks disconnected, there is obvious dissent among some of the players, there is a lot going on behind the curtains…..Walnut’s exit and how he snub AW, KOS mysteriously injured decides not to come back on the second half, that adding to Ozil’s long absence coincidentally got well in time for the International break, Bellorin lack of performance is abysmal from wonderkid to what he has become is shocking, Lucas long term injury seems to me another story…..Terrible atmosphere the players are there no more for the Manager but even worse for the Shirt and we the Fans are who ultimately pay the price…..I am Sanchez biggest defender, I can see his point and share his frustration, but I just hope that for hisn remaining time at ARSENAL he will play as he got us used to since his arrival…..boycotting the Club/Manager only affects us his Fans….hope he doesn’t disappoint and leave in a high note regardless of his obvious resent against Le Frog

  6. Disturbance says:

    Arsene made Henry leave, because he isn’t 100% committed. I think it’s because Henry had a voice and as we all know Arsene doesn’t like anyone questioning him.

  7. Vlad says:

    What an absolute clown you are, Konstantin. “City were there for the taking…” – did you even watch the game, or did you skip it once again like you’ve been doing in recent weeks, and just read some analysis online? Silva, De Bruyne, Sane were unstoppable. All three probably had the best game this season. Aguero was a handful as usual. Did we give up after going behind twice? No. We showed tenacity. We showed mental strength. We showed that we still have some fight in us. So give the guys, and the manager too some credit. But Noooo… you only see negatives. There’s no pleasing you, and there will never be any, no matter how good the team performs. You are the worst kind of a fan. The one who says he’s passionate about the club, yet wants us to lose just so there’s more pressure on the manager. Disgusting is the only word I can come up with here. Do I think our club is in need of a change? Yes, I do. Whether it’s the new management/personnel, or some new faces in the squad, things can definitely improve. But never in my lifetime of being a Gooner did I wish for my team to lose. It’s like wishing for an injury on a player you don’t like. Shame on you, Konstantin, and the rest of you who think this way.

  8. Thelinguist says:

    Very pitiful analysis..man city played really well…am sure you were watching the back of your TV?…the guys tried and should be given credit……Wenger is bad and should go..but you analysis is flawed.. Fake fan!!!!

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