Even Man Utd legend cannot help but praise Arsenal midfielder

After criticising Manchester United’s midfield in their match against Arsenal yesterday, former Manchester United midfielder, Paul Scholes was full of praise for Arsenal’s new boy, Thomas Partey.

Partey is arguably Arsenal’s most important buy of the season and the Ghanaian proved why he was worth spending so much money on in the game yesterday.

He was one of the star players in the match and he helped Arsenal to overrun Manchester United’s midfield.

Yesterday’s Partey was reminiscent of the midfielder who helped Atletico Madrid to challenge Real Madrid and Barcelona and Scholes claims he is a rare type of midfielder.

He claimed that most midfielders have a speciality of being either a defensive midfielder or an attacking midfielder, but Partey seems to be an “all-round midfielder”

Scholes said on Sky Sports as quoted by The Sun: “He’s an all-round midfielder.

“You don’t see many players like that these days.

“Midfielders are attacking midfielders or holding midfielders but a midfield players’ job is to do everything.
“You have to contribute with everything and today he did a brilliant job in all departments.”

Partey is beginning to prove his worth for the Gunners and the club will hope that he can help them get back in the Champions League places.

Or maybe even more.

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    1. He felt really uneasy watching Wright grin and having to commend arsenal. It felt like being forced against your will to do something 😂

  1. Partey is beginning to prove his worth for the Gunners?

    Duh, he was MOTD in his debut game against Rapid viena. I remember after he was signed people said we should not overhype the player before he even kicks a ball and he might turn out to be another pepe, I told them there and then, even when we were heavily linked with Aouar, that this is one player I can bank on to not flop for Arsenal having followed his career.

    When everyone was going crazy for Aouar, who I was skeptical about, I remember myself, Sue and a few others kept yelling how Partey should be the priority for us. I almost feel like Aulas bragging about Aouar’s fee and Arsenal not being able to pay it was a blessing in disguise for us because for some reason, I felt if we had gotten Aouar, we most likely wouldn’t have gone for Partey and we won’t have that steel in midfield to bully teams like we did yesterday. I feel Partey was a last minute alternative by the club if we couldn’t land Aouar. I was happy we got our man. Aouar could easily have been another pepe who nobody knew except for a unique season in the champions league. Where as Partey on the other hand has been very consistent over the years. I had no doubt about him and his performances, like yesterday’s, didn’t surprise me one bit.

    1. Yep, I said when we was linked that we should go all out for him over any other midfielder as he is exactly what we have missed for most of the last decade and more.
      Yes i would have liked Aouar aswel but even when TP rumours died down and it looked like we were in 100% for Aouar, I wanted Partey.
      I am so pleased we have him and really can’t understand why we was the only team interested when it was a straight forward buy due to his release clause

      1. We were the only ones because he already told his Agent when we registered interest, that it was Either Arsenal or he signs his new deal at Atletico. Cos he’s an Arsenal fan from childhood. Thats the reason other clubs didn’t bother. Cos he already made up his mind with little help from his role models Kanu and Essien

  2. The praise from Roy Kean was even more unique than Scholes’ to the extent he wished Partey was a Man United player. What could be more tasteful than that praise from Roy? It was a day of PARTEY after PARTEY 😀😍

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