Even Ozil thinks Arsenal is better with Smith Rowe in the team

Mesut Ozil has hailed Emile Smith Rowe after the Arsenal teenager impressed again in their game against West Brom at the weekend.

Arsenal has had to find a new number 10 after they decided to axe Ozil from their first team.

The club had been struggling for creativity before bringing Emile Smith Rowe into their starting XI in their last three games.

They have won each of those matches with the former Huddersfield Town loanee impressing greatly.

He was in fine form in the game against the Baggies again, and Ozil couldn’t help but praise him after the match.

The German took to the same Twitter account that he has spent most of his time on in recent weeks to praise the team for their performance, and he singled out Smith Rowe as the difference-maker in the game.

He tweeted: “Nice game my boys! Fire Great spirit – 3 wins in a row Red heartClapping hands sign Team looks good with a No10 like Emile Smith Rowe – the difference maker Flexed biceps #YaGunnersYa #COYG #WBAARS @Arsenal”

Ozil wasn’t registered by the Gunners for any competition at the start of this season, he will hope that will change as teams alter their registered squads this month.

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  1. This was obvious. Only arteta couldn’t see this. We needed a no10 and finally got it with cebellos and willock but the player we needed was ESR who is a true no10. Willock should be playing next to partey. Cebellos should be cleaning boots or something.

    Glad ESR is getting his chance. A huge talent who we have made.

    I see the future of arsenal in martinelli, saka, ESR and willock.

    1. Please remove Willock from equation, not arsenal quality .Let’s stop this hype of willock and Nketia they are not Arsenal quality, we should start looking for clubs for them

      1. Lol. I was about to say the same thing. I was with him until he put Willock above Ceballos. That’s blasphemy. Nketiah and Willock need more loans under their boots or they should be sold. On a side note, if wishes were horses, imagine Partey and Pogba playing alongside each other at the heart of Arsenal’s midfield and ESR or Housem Aouar leading the midfield line. If only dreams came true.

  2. Ozil was not the first and only one advocating for a player who can create.
    Even some of us hackers figured that out months ago.
    The latest results show clearly that MA made a mistake by excluding both Ozil and ESR.

    It is well known that ESR, Thierney, MN and other young players spoke very highly of Ozil.

    Reinstating Ozil for the rest of the season can only help them and make Arsenal better while acquiring a new player will hamper ESR’s development.

    1. it is obvious Lew, Thanks for nailing the truth,
      And we support our manager, sure he learn from this mistake.

    2. Signing another player would not affect ESRs development. Firstly I’d hope we’d have the foresight to sign someone who can play other positions so he could cover ESR or play in the same side, but even if we did manage to sign someone who could ONLY play no.10, ESR can play wide as well – he’s done it before and been very effective. Good players with hunger make it work. What is Martinelli’s actual position? I don’t think he even cares, he just does his best wherever you ask him to. Same with Saka and it’s exactly the same with ESR. Remember Ljungberg was mainly a CM before we signed him but would play anywhere and ended up our right midfielder. I swear Kolo Toure played a few games in midfield before we decided what to do with him, and he was good. Players with hunger make it work.

    3. If Arsenal isn’t going to buy a playmaker, they should at least reinstate Ozil until the end of the season. But what I don’t agree with is that signing another playmaker will hamper ESR’s development. It would actually help him improve by giving him someone to learn from and compete against. Not to mention, with all ESR’s bags of talent, he is sadly injury prone, and I fear he won’t last the season if he plays every game. If he is ever injured and there’s no back up, our season will come to a screeching halt.

  3. Is anyone interested in in what Ozil has to say ? I am not. Better to leave him to count his money and find new ways of ingratiating himself.

    1. I wonder how much Ozil demands in pay for the onerous hard work of having to give his opinion! Great to be able to reply to a fellow realist, chris!

  4. He is basically having a dig at Arteta in my opinion, by praising a fellow number ten.Quite a subtle comment from Ozil aimed at our Manager who has only recently seen the light as far as introducing a 4-2-3-1 system is concerned.

    1. “@Grandad: He is basically having a dig at Arteta in my opinion”.

      And in that case rightfully so because being told you are useless is worse than any dig.

      However he could also be 100% genuine.
      Apparently his personal relationship with the MA is ok.

  5. ICW
    MA did the right thing by excluding Ozil who in recent times never created anything but just strolled in games to collect 350k a week.

    Six months before his exclusion, Ozil assisted only once. In the last three games both ESR and Saka assisted more goals than Ozil did in his last 6 months

    Forget about, he still lives in his past.

    1. Havyn:

      When Ozil was playing we were winning. When he was not we were loosing.

      Ozil strolled in games to collect 350k a week (which seems to influence your opinion) is completely irrelevant.

      We can let our imagination go wild, distort the facts or rewrite history but we can’t change the facts.

      As for ESR and Saka, I hope they will be 100% better than Ozil or any other player at Arsenal.

      Careers are built with accomplishments and we are just at the beginning with those two.

      1. icw YOU have let YOUR “imagination go wild, distort the facts and rewritten history” and all one sentence!

        Please be very careful not to bump into nasty Mr Reality, as that would undoubtedly give you and your cosy fantasy land in which you live so blissfully, a nasty shock.

        As for ESR and Saka, they already start with a huge advantage over Mr Idle, as they have moral character, an urge to WORK for their wages and guts, all of which he lacks!

  6. The same Twitter account that he has spent time on? Are you in the knowledge of any other Twitter account that he uses? Another dig at MO in my opinion, for giving a genuine compliment. And if it is a dig, based on the circumstances, it is not a sin, though not a blessing either.

  7. This is why we Arsenal fans are bad at always having a dig at players managers etc…..
    Just support the team for better or worse

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