Even SPUDS think Arsenal could miss top 4! Should we worry?

One of the few positive things to come out of the Arsenal draw with Liverpool at Anfield yesterday was that, despite being second best for most of the game, the Gunners did come away without another heavy defeat away from home. And the point may be disappointing after Arsenal leading for most of the second half, but at least it meant that we went back above our north London rivals Tottenham in the Premier League table.

But we are only above the spuds on goal difference, although that difference is 10 better than theirs. And as Arsenal continue to stutter and struggle to build momentum, it is starting to look like their new manager Mauricio Pochettino is getting a grip and some good results.

I guess that is why their home grown young striker Harry Kane has felt bold enough to suggest that his team mates have the real possibility of finally finishing above the Gunners for the first time in a very long time, as reported by ESPN.

Kane said, “”I know how much it would mean to everyone around the club to finish above Arsenal,” said Kane. “I wouldn’t really remember the last time Spurs finished above Arsenal if I’m honest, it’s been a long time and we’re trying to put that right this season.”

I am sure that a lot of disheartened Arsenal fans might well be thinking that he could be right and this could be their season. But I am not so sure. If we keep losing key players to injury as we have done all season, then maybe we will continue to struggle, but with the likes of Walcott, Wilshere, Ramsey and Ozil due back in the team before too long, surely Arsenal will be able to finally put a good run together and enjoy a better second half of the season.

And as long as Arsene Wenger spends some money on the right transfer targets in January, will the spuds be set for another season below the mighty Arsenal?

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  1. Hahaha! Since when do we care what the Spuds say? How many times have they said this and how many times have we finished top 4? The only thing that will destroy the club are its fickle fans.

    1. It’s a pathetic article… We are 15 points behind Chelsea. That’s what’s matters. Small club syndrome talking about getting ahead of Sours at this stage. Appalling and pathetic

  2. Difference is that Arsenal can get better with players coming back in, and hopefully atleast one signing in January. For Tottenham this is as good as they will get this season.

    1. To be honest, the only player really missed is Kos …
      For Ozil, Cazorla is playing far better than Ozil …
      Ramsey and Wilshere were not shooting the moon …
      Ok Arteta is better than Flamini just because I don’t see Flamini can make it in any PL side …
      You cannot beat Chelsea, ManCity, ManUtd even with our full team fit … that’s fact …

  3. Spurs are lucky to have Harry Kane.
    English football needs a lot more
    white goal scorers to make the
    white majority happy
    Apart from Rooney there is ummmm
    ummmmm Lambert 🙂
    A talented, young, good lookng white
    English striker would be worth mega millions
    in endorsements. Beckham of course is the best
    example who has made mega millions.

    1. An Cesc has 12 assists before xmas.

      Thats more then anyone got in the entire league in the entire last season.

      Farted all over ourselves lettin him go

      1. He’s on course to breaking Henry’s record of 20 assists back in 02. Inexplicable decision not re – signing him

  4. F*ck the spuds and forget about those fools…

    I don’t understand why the conversation is switching to the “lowest” of the “lowest” scums?
    When is the last time we worried about Tottenham, even at our lowest or somehow “crisis”?
    NEVER, that’s right !

    We have our own sh*t to deal with under the guidance of a clearly deluded manager and a defensively “weak” squad (because Wenger rather sleep at the wheel and talk psychology in press conferences when everybody knows he is over his head and clueless…!!).

    Can wait for the January window to see if that “fool” will wake up and do is job.
    He is already talking about “not being scared of spending”, but will only do “on a special player”… I think we have heard that crap before…!!

    It is just unfair (to the fans), unacceptable, incomprehensible and just part a farce that a manager paid £8millions/year cannot find a way to deliver trophies, major trophies on a regular basis. Fans are being rip off every season (some willingly obviously) and no responsibilities or accountabilities are being raised!!!

    We are in December and out of the league title, already… And some fans find it normal because we are still on course for top four… I did not know that MEDIOCRITY was a quality, but again, a famous writer said that “stupidity is also a gift of God”…

    1. Exactly small club syndrome…15 points behind the leaders. Look at the massive difference. They see a difficiency in their team and fill the gap whilst we buy the same type of player every year and make the same mistake. Look at the difference between both teams performance at Stoke. We are 1 nil down after a minute to no ones surprise and they are 1 nil up

      1. Wenger keeps saying buying is not always the answer. Then how can giving the same reasons after every defeat be the answer?

          1. He’s a hypocrite. If signings don’t matter then he shouldn’t have boight Sanchez because he already had wide players. He shouldn’t have bought Ozil because he already had a no. 10.

            To him paying for a defensive signing doesn’t matter.

  5. I’ll stick by the gunners til the end however there’s never anything positive about Arsenal anymore, it’s so depressing supporting Arsenal, we never beat big opposition, constantly let down by the manager and players, constant injuries, never any positivity.

  6. Kmt i knew we’d regret not signing fabregas.
    Playing 100x better than any midfielder we have.
    Wish ozil could comeback and out perform him but we all know that aint gonna happen…

  7. Maybe we can just stop talking about top 4 as if it’s an actual objective. There’s maybe the biggest problem we as a team have….

    If we were more focused on building the best title winning team then top 4 becomes academic. Buy what we need to be a title challenger (CB, DM, Forward), and we would be above this mediocre conversation.

  8. We will get our best players back after January and maybe one CB thus we will make that coveted top 4 place that we love so much. No worries, top 4 still ours.

  9. Interesting article but no point whatsoever debating it yet.
    Sign Hummels, Kondgobia and Cavanni, (joking with Wenger obviously) in January 4th place is ours.
    Sign no one or worst still my Nan then it could be squeeky bum time!
    Ozil, Kos, Gnabry and Walcott coming back will help our cause. A DM player is needed more than anything though.
    Heard Sisokko is linked with us, not an out and out DM’er but wow what a player.

  10. I’ll stick with my Arsenal to the end however I just wanted to say how sad I am that it’s just depressing supporting Arsenal nowadays, constantly let down by the manager and players, our fans are split in two (Wenger out/in) we are a joke to the big teams who we can never beat, EVER. We are constantly ravaged by needless and careless injuries so we never have a fit squad, our best players are the most injury prone. There’s just not much positivity about Arsenal anymore. Same old, same old, fourth every f*cking season and our clueless manager and board being satisfied. But hey, I’ll still continue to go to the game every week, pay me ticket prices and what not because I’ll support the boys through thick and thin.

  11. I told you guys that Liverpool would be up for the kill. One good striker up front and they would have made goulash out of us. Unlucky bast#rds.

    Arsenal with the current team and managment doesnt deserve a Cl place. I told you that Liverpool is no pushover and that our players intimidated bec of the last year bashing. Some other dude had the guts in saying that, ,, but yeah, they beat us, but we also beat them in the cup game,,. A cup game which we should have lost aswell, like the last game.

    Wenger needs not one new defender but at least 2. A world class defender and some decent back up defender. Go for Vertonghen, go for Hummels, spend money before its to late, and in the end. Retire.

    1. who cares what wenger said?!
      the only thing i wanna hear from him is: I will fukin resigne by the end of this disgusting season!

        1. Hahaha, yes it has nothing to do with the article, but hell no, I do care and I guess many people do ..

  12. wenger out!

    its getting on my fukin nerves!
    get this man out of my club, already!
    cant wait till 2017… we will end up being on the same level as stoke with this man in charge!

  13. How far are we actually off of City and Chelsea? For me, really it’s only two signings – a top centre back and a powerhouse defensive midfielder. If you think about it, that’s really not that far off at all. A maximum of £50m in transfer fees really, even more frustrating when you looks at our enormous cash reserves that are capable of paying it. For me, £35m on Hummels, £15m on Krychowiak and we could easily compete for the title, heck even the Champions League at a push..

      1. Deluded. It’s not that simple. Chelsea and City have had a net spend of £50m for the last 10 years and they didn’t get success overnight. Overturning that kind of financial muscle is impossible with £5m net spend and now that the money is there it won’t happen immediately. The fact is that if the club stayed at Highbury they’d be getting not half of the match day revenue but perhaps a quarter because the big income comes from the corporate hospitality boxes. I wish people would realize that this barren period was a necessary evil and that it’ll take time to catch up. If you look at title winners it’s normally one of the teams that spend the most over the previous few seasons with a few rare exceptions such as Atletico’s win last season.

        1. Just to clarify Mick I wasn’t replying to you. I agree that despite everything Arsenal are only a couple of defensive players and an improved injury record away from being contenders. Performance against Newcastle was superb, against Liverpool just didn’t have the players available (due to injury) to compete in the middle of the park.

    1. I think we are further than that but it would make a big difference having them(only if fit most of the time!)at the end of the day Wenger will not buy the type of player we need

  14. I actually think there’s a real good chance Arsenal won’t be in the Champions League next season. We’re almost halfway through the season and we’re still trailing the likes of West Ham and Southampton! It’s truly embarrassing.

    People will point to the injures, saying we’ll improve once we get our players back. I agree that we will, but the major problem is that it’s almost a certainty we’ll have plenty more injuries in the second half of the season.

    Unless Wenger brings in at least three new players in January (we’ll be lucky to get one), I think his beloved fourth place trophy is at risk. If Wenger continues playing lots of players out of position for every game, and ignoring consistent poor form, then I think finishing between 5th-7th is fairly realistic.

    1. Here we go… The same defeatist sh1t every year, and what happens? Champions League football again. Blah.

      1. Exactly. We have two matches until everyone has played everyone else. West Ham still have to play Chelsea away (0 points) and Arsenal at home. In the last 13 meetings between Arsenal and West Ham it’s been 11 Arsenal wins and 2 draws. Southampton also haven’t played Chelsea yet. Southampton play Chelsea, City and United all away in the second half of the season. They already lost to City and United at home and who’d bet against them losing at home against Chelsea too. 3rd and 4th will be between Arsenal, United and Spuds, mark my words.

  15. To be honest, I’m sick of hearing about the top four!

    At the end of the day it doesn’t matter if we scrape into the CL places, well not to the fans anyway. The club may pocket £30+ million, but we have absolutely no chance of winning the trophy, so what’s the point? All we ever do is make up the numbers, we are in fact the Minardi of the CL.

    The management don’t have a winning mentality, which is being transmitted to the players, we don’t have enough quality to compete with the best in the Premier League, let alone Europe.

    It’s time we all took a reality check, and realised we will always be “also rans” in the top competitions while we have the current bunch of jokers at the helm.

    Just take a look at our squad compared to the top teams, how many would the other clubs want of our squad, Sanchez and that’s about it, and if we don’t improve, and actually challenge for top honours, he’ll be looking for greener pastures as well, and I couldn’t blame him to be honest.

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