Even this Liverpool legend thinks it is Arsenal’s title to lose

The Premier League title is Arsenal’s to lose; believe that.

The fact that Arsenal now leads the Premier League by eight points should be taken seriously. It should imply that the Gunners are now on the right track in Arteta’s project; it should imply that Arsenal could be crowned league champions for the first time in 18 years; it could imply that Manchester City and Liverpool’s dominance is being challenged by a dark horse.

The Liverpool legend John Aldridge has weighed in on this season’s title race from a Liverpool perspective. In his Liverpool Echo column, he acknowledges that Liverpool and Manchester City have been running the show in the Premier League for the last few seasons, but this season the two teams can’t mount a strong challenge for the title with Arsenal being better and stronger than them.

“Man City have continued to be a thorn in Liverpool’s side in recent years, preventing us from dominating the division. That this is the one season they happen to be off the pace and we’re not there to capitalise makes it all the more galling.” writes Aldridge.

“City are far from being at their best right now, as shown against Everton, but we are being caught out massively. This uninspiring season has come at the worst possible time for Liverpool, and it’s now Arsenal’s league to lose,”

When your opponents lavish you with praise, you know you’re doing something special. What an exciting time to be a Gunner!

Sam P


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  2. Especially Aldridge who absolutely hates us.( Has never forgot or forgiven 1989🥲)Must be sticking in his throat,big time.I Love ❤️

      1. Note I said two of the three players not all three, now Mudryk and Rice could cost a total of £160 mil , that would be an impressive window.

        Do you know the kind of statement of intent
        that would send.

    1. Oh dear, little boy! You seem to think Kroenke is SANTA CLAUS, instead of a multi billionaire, made through not wasting money. Your sort of post lets this site down so much. I MUCH PREFER ADULT DEBATE.

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