Ever graceful in her achievement, that’s our Miedema!

If ever there was a time to be jumping up and down and celebrating it would be now, but Vivianne Miedema has remained graceful with her latest record-breaking achievement.

Coming out of the weekend after a 6-1 North London derby drubbing win against our rivals, spirits are definitely high in the women’s camp and as always North London pride has been maintained, but if you ask Miedema, although she has set the record now, her place at the top has not been cemented as it is something that can still be overtaken given how the rest of the women in the league are performing and speaking to the Arsenal website after the win Miedema stated:

“Becoming the Women’s Super League record goalscorer was a great achievement for me but it’s something that’s still open with lots of players still playing in the league right now. I’m happy I can help the team but I want there to be a lot more goals to follow. The season is long and I’ve still got a contract here until next year, so I’m hoping we can keep going and playing for prizes. Maybe by the time my 100th goal goes in, I’ll enjoy the limelight a bit more. Who knows, I might even celebrate!”

Surely even Miedema allowed herself to celebrate the achievement, I know she has broken a lot of records up until now and I hope she will continue doing so, but as we all know, life is too short and a footballers career doesn’t last very long, so when you break a record and create history by achieving something, then you have a right to celebrate.

There is still a long way to go and the record may even be broken further but for right now, Vivianne Miedema, take a bow girl! Gooners?


Shenel Osman


      1. It’s about time a female footballer got a bit of recognition. Arsenal Women have had two great strikers in Kelly Smith and now Vivianne Miedema. In her time Kelly Smith was one of the top 3 world strikers, Miedema has probably already achieved that at the age of 24. Tremendous achievement and a ‘must keep’ for Arsenal Women. Bayern must be wondering why they ever let her go. By the way Jordan Knobbs is no slouch, she has scored over 40 goals and being injured for over a year! COYWG!!

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