Everton confirm ‘bargain’ deal for Arsenal’s Giroud?

Everton scout Carlo Jacomuzzi has claimed that his side are set to sign Arsenal’s Olivier Giroud for £20 Million this summer, a fee he described as a bargain.

The Gunners are on course to land a deal to bring Alexandre Lacazette in from Lyon currently, with a club record deal expected to be confirmed in the near future, and Olivier Giroud looks on course to be the biggest loser in the deal.

Giroud had reserved hopes of being the club’s first-choice striker coming into the new campaign, but this record deal looks certain to see him fall down the pecking order, and with the World Cup coming up next summer, he may be tempted by the offer of first-team action.

Everton are now supposedly ‘going’ to sign our goalscorer in a £20 Million deal, having given up on signing Napoli’s Zapata, at least that is according to a Blues scout.

‘When asked if they were still interested in signing Zapata, Jacomuzzi responded: “Not anymore.

“We are going to sign Giroud for £20m – a bargain compared to the €25m being asked for Zapata”, Jacomuzzi added.

Giroud’s exit would mean that Lacazette and Danny Welbeck would be the only recognised central attacking players, although the latter has been known to be preferred in a wide position.  You would imagine that these options would be lacking, and that another attacking player would be on our wish-list coming into the new season.

Kylian Mbappe is still being speculated about, and would no doubt be a huge scalp should we manage to pull it off, but I’m refusing to allow myself to get too carried away with the possibility of signing him…

Are Everton trying to use Giroud’s supposed availability to lower the fee of Zapata or do they really believe a deal will be struck? Would we need another striker along with Lacazette if Giroud was sold?

Pat J

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  1. ZEN2OH says:

    Giroud already said he wants to stay at Arsenal and win the EPL, looks like he’s determined to Win the EPL with Arsenal which we have better chances than both West Ham and Everton.
    So he stays !!!
    Mean while Sanchez looks likely to stay with him staying till the end of his contract…but would have wished he signed a new deal because Ozil may also do the same too and if we don,t win the league next season both of them will walk out for free….That would be Huge loss. I think Wenger should persuade them both to sign now .

    1. funkyrith says:

      Copa final I wanted Chile, followed Chile, for one man. Alexis. This Confed cup I wished he lose in the final. Arsenal fans will take him back with open arms if he signs, else he will suffer a bad season with fans jeering him. He does not have to play well to get into Chile team for WC, so he does not care. Sell him for 30mil if needed to BM instead of letting him walk free, and hire someone like Lemar, even 40mil and 100k salary will save us in a 5 year term.

  2. Roy says:

    Stupid article 25m euro is 21 million pounds so hardly any difference in the cost why we sell cheap but buy expensive Sanchez either sign new contract sell him abroad maybe 35 million and the 15 mil will pay half his extra wages for two years or tell him he will be on the bench all year about time Arsenal was strict with these players COYA

  3. Ozziegunner@Newcastle upon Hunter says:

    Arsenal selling Giroud for such a small transfer fee, would be the height of stupidity. Arsenal have a strenuous season coming up with EPL, Europa League and the cups. Giroud adds to squad depth, offers a Plan B either starting or off the bench and provides the option of two up front with Lacazette, similar to his role with Griessmann for France.

  4. Simon says:

    Change of subject-

    Know most will disagree but believe Campbell can be as good as Mayrez if could get a game, what does he need to do?

    1. Simon says:

      Also don’t understand why Iwobi dropped from team towards end of season. He’s much more of a threat than Gibbs !

      1. Abel says:

        Iwobi was dropped in favour of Gibbs cos we were haemorrhaging goals and needed to be more solid. Iwobi’s defensive side is quite poor he needs to work on it.

  5. Jerick says:

    I believe that we should keep Giroud like many of my fellow Gooners but let’s be fair in our judgment. Giroud is a big player for France and having to sit on Arsenal’s bench because of his fellow international and soon to be club teammate would not be good for him if he is considering the world cup next year.

    We are all talking about having him as a “plan B” but look at Chelsea last season, Leicester the season before, City and Liverpool seasons before that. Did they have that “Plan B” type of player to “hold the ball up”? No they did not! Chelsea had Costa, Leicester had Vardy, City and Pool had Aguero and Suarez. These are the strikers who are similar to that of Lacazette.

    It is ok to think from a fan’s perspective and wanting the best for our club but even though Giroud said he’d rather fight for his position, let’s be fair to him, do you think being on the bench for an entire year would do him any good?

    1. Simon says:

      Fair point-

      But I do genuinely think Giroud would get good game time. The opposition, form, and shape of team would decide which striker was started. If ever chasing game then have option to add the other for more goal threat

      Also means we can survive striker injury without too much fear

      Sounds like a good plan to me!

      1. Simon says:

        If do keep Giroud-

        Do we get rid of Wellbeck?

      2. Liam says:

        Yes, essential we keep Giroud as our second striker. Sell Welbeck to Everton or West Ham. He needs three or four chances to score 1. Giroud is an excellent plan B and will get good game time with Europa and other cup competitions. Also sell Walcott and sorry to say, Wilshire.

    2. Jim A says:

      If he is first team for France why does anyone think he won’t be for Arsenal, especially if the player being bought is below him at this time on that national team.

      1. Jay says:

        You do realise that different strikers suit different systems, right? Just because one striker is second choice for one team, does not mean that he is worse than the player ahead of him.

    3. Midkemma says:

      What if Lacazette takes a bit of time to adapt, would be nice to bring Giroud on who will be hungry to score and show he should be starting ^.^

      Also it could be good to bring Giroud on alongside Lacazette from time to time, Wenger has been known to throw all his attackers from the bench on and they could partner well, giving Wenger another thought to ponder…

      Plus it will be a long season, I want us to retain the FA Cup, for me it is still an important cup.
      I also want us to really challenge for the title as well and injuries have played a part in us failing…
      Then the Europa League, I want it…. Well, I want AFC to get it 😛

      It isn’t THE treble but why not go for it?

    4. RichSAAlao says:

      So for your fantasy football, Olivier is no better than sit on the bench for a whole season. Even with all he had done. He his not far behind in the count of top 9. That is his type of roll, that a different approach is bei?g used, should not diminish a person’s quality.
      I and I will feel crushed to see GOlivier in another epl team.

  6. Simon says:

    … or Perez?

  7. Wengers Coat says:

    Sell Perez to Everton he will fight to score against us as revenge. Perez shud move to Spain, if Giroud were to leave, he should move back to France. I hope he stays tho

  8. denny'. says:

    …. lets face the bitter truth here, Giroud and Lacazette will never be at the same club provide they challenge each other in the national team, if you buy Lacazette for that amount, how could you keep him on the bench?!, if he plays, what will be Giroud’s position?

    …. though i don’t like, but i believe Giroud is leaving, in order for him to cement his place in the national team for next yrs world cup.

  9. big g says:

    While Giroud gives us another option to play with he has already had 5 years to win the league and his goal scoring record is not that good, time to go.

  10. amb98 says:

    I would like us to keep Giroud as he offers us something different and can be extremely effective. I would understand him wanting to leave though. Next season, I feel when at home against teams that park the bus, Arsenal should consider playing 4-4-2 with Giroud and Lacazette up top. This system does not suit Ozil but I feel it’s about time he stepped outside his comfort zone. Against smaller teams, he should be able to play as a cm with someone more defensive alongside him.

  11. Jonm says:

    An everton scout says they are going to buy Giroud for £20m and its an absolute bargain. What organisation in a negotiation describes their prospective purchase as an “absolute bargain” before the deal is signed, the price would immediately go up. This is either a dodgy report or Everton are playing games.

  12. dennis the menace says:

    given a proper setup giroud is good enough to win us the europa league, not sure why we would sell such a player for a meger 20 million

  13. Vlad says:

    Giroud’s fair evaluation at this point, especially considering that he’s wanted by several clubs, is about 1.5 times that price. 35-40mil is what we should be asking for him, that is if he wants to leave, of course. However, he already squashed those rumors, so I think he’s staying, and given that we’ll be playing in Europa league, he’ll see plenty of game time. Lacazette needs time to adapt, and Ollie is a perfect guy to have on the bench, and/or to start in certain games. There’s also a possibility of player(s) getting injured, so we need bodies/numbers, and he’s a quality squad player, IMHO.

  14. Ken says:

    I have never understood the position which giroud should play ,he cannot run with the ball and score directly.He only needs crosses to score with his perfect head though will miss five crosses to score one with his foot .Also he plays with back at the goals ,I’m can’t get this system!!

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