Everton and Arsenal agree £35-40 Million transfer, deal papers submitted

It is being reported that Alex Iwobi will depart Arsenal and sign for Everton in a deal worth between £35-40 Million.

This one only came to the fore in the last 48 hours and did look a bit of an outsider but in a window that has created a few surprises, it has become a reality.

This is a good move for Iwobi, he has divided the fans at the Emirates for some time now and while he has undoubted talent it was not always on show.

Everton have been desperate to sign a winger, they initially tried to sign Crystal Palace forward Wilfrid Zaha but when that looked unlikely they turned their attention towards Iwobi.

The writing was on the wall for Iwobi in all honesty once Nicolas Pepe and Dani Ceballos were signed.

Across all competitions, the 23-year-old played 149 games for Arsenal scoring 15 goals and that is where the frustration came from the fans, the lack of goals from the Nigerian international.

Personally, I will wish Iwobi the very best of luck and hope it works out for him at Goodison Park, he never moaned, he accepted whatever role he was ever asked to play, even when out of position and he did try his best whenever he put on the Arsenal shirt.

Good luck Alex


  1. Thank goodness he’s leaving.Now his performances won’t cover the average performances of others.It will expose all the other frauds and those stealing a living.At least Iwobi was on demand.I can’t say the same for the other frauds in the squad.How Mkhi is still here is beyond me.
    Goodbye Iwobi and just give it your best shot all times in everything you do in life

    1. That comment makes no sense Kev
      So you want him to leave to show up other players ?
      I thought you would want him to leave because he’s crap ,

      1. What he said was spot-on. This transfer showed Iwobi’s real value compared to the values of his haters’ idols

        At least Iwobi was sold at 40 M, whereas inconsistent superstars like Ozil and Mkhitaryan have no suitors

        Can’t wait to see the new guys like Pepe, Ceballos, Nelson, Saka and Martinelli. Surely they cannot perform worse than the old guys

        1. How those frauds are still here is beyond me.Sick and tired of not seeing us compete for seasons.If they play a major role this season once again then forget winning anything major.The David Luiz signing saddens me.Good business to sell Iwobi for that price.
          Thankfully we didn’t naively accept the first bid from Everton.

          1. Kev
            Was happy to take the supposedly 40m
            Always said a good bench warmer but not a starter
            Wish him well and hope he finds his crossing boots at some point in time
            As for the fraudsters..we cant shift them.as they on huge amounts of money and no one wants to pay that…that’s down to the last regime who hiked up there wages..enough said
            In the next few windows they will.be gone and I expect them to go for minimal fees or on frees
            When that happens there will be people on here saying why are we giving these players away
            good window for us in my eyes

        2. Real value differs based on need. Its last day, Everton wanted someone and he was best bet. 2 weeks back he would have been 25m. Its a seller’s market today

          1. A lot is based on potential now also his age hads value. Some 20/22 year olds are going for £50-60 million based on potential.

      2. Everton don’t seem to think he’s crap, but hey, what do they know compared to a narcissist who sits on the right hand of god.

        1. A narcissist because I don’t rate a player ,you need to grow up and move on from the article that you wrote ,well done you wrote a great peice about him but it’s time to let that go now .
          What’s worse is your agreeing if someone who makes up transfer stories and someone who gets a stiff from inverted wingers .
          Let it go mate let it go

          1. Never did get on too well with gotanidea (inverted freakin’ wingers day in day out) or kev’s attempts to be a know all but now and then they do put up a decent enough post and I’ve complimented them at that time. So there you go – there’s even hope for you!!!:)

          2. @Gunner Jack I don’t pretend to be an ITK.I get info from them.
            I only laugh at those who think the only people who know of Arsenal news are the media and journalists.Some don’t seem to realize this isn’t the 80’s but the 21st century.Almost everything is leaked and you can choose to believe or not.ITK’s worked for me this window and next window they probably will again

          3. BTW Dan the article I wrote was more for fun and I wrote it in response to reading a page full of hate for Iwobi in a previous article the day before. (Maybe I’m a contrarian who just likes an argument – it has been suggested by my friends!) Anyway, I SUGGESTED that Iwobi might be better in the middle rather than on the wing but of course I did not know if he would or not.

            The problem was you professed (many times and not just to me and often not very kindly) that you ABSOLUTELY KNEW he could never play there. Obviously as he had not been played there by Arsenal NO ONE actually knew, except maybe if he was tried in that position at Colney.

      3. @Dan Kit-you know who I feel sorry for most of all?The Iwobi fans who paid good money to have the players name printed on the back of the New Adidas Club shirt.I am expecting the Club to refund the fan so TH14 will be getting his £19.95 in the post.
        If Raul had known this the fee would have been £40m+£19.95.I done see why the Club should be out of pocket do you?????????????

        1. Phil, can you believe this transfer window?

          So pleased I corrected myself about there being no changes regarding the transfer dealings, we can only appluad all concerned.

          It will be interesting to see, once all the deals are done and confirmed, exactly what the money out was compared to the money in – that will be interesting.

          Really hope the Luis deal has gone through as well, because otherwise we haven’t addressed that area at all!!

          I thought it was 99.9% a certainty that Iwobi was going to stay…you should have taken that bet, along with the Ozil one!! It’s never over till the fat lady sings is it?

          1. Well Ken-The manager obviously rated Iwobi lowly enough to allow him to be sold.And Everton will soon come to realise how badly they have paid over the odds for such a mediocre player.
            What is it with Everton?They have new ownership and investment,say they intend to buy big and show how serious they are about becoming a top side,then go and buy Iwobi for around 40 times his true value.
            What a strange transfer window this has been.We have got rid of the most over-hyped player we’ve had in a long time,(well over-hyped by those who know no better),strengthened the squad with youth, and experience in Luiz,lost the Club Captain, bought the best LB in Britain,and most likely have spent next to nothing.A few more windows like this and you just never know-we may not be too far off competing.As far as Everton are concerned they could well become a threat very very soon.Any club willing to spend £40m on a player who may occasionally sit on their bench must have real financial muscle.Either that or their Manager is dyslectic and thought he was buying Mr Wobbly-which to be fair are both similar in ability.

        2. Well Everton paid £20m for Walcott and £30m for Bolasie.. so they are not the best negotiators around..

          1. Good luck Alex Iwobi. A true Gunner. You played with your heart to the best of your ability. No you can go develop your potential more where you are truly valued, 40m? Shame to your haters who said you are worth nothing. You are leaving with your heads high. True Gunner, arsenal bred, Arsenal DNA.coyg

          2. For the money Arsenal have played and how much they will make this summer you have to ask what exactly are the totals for income and outgoings?

            Arsenal may actually be making more than they are spending by the time wages are also taken into accont?

          3. FOR JAY
            I replied to your disgusting comment further down and your shameful racist insinuation.

            I hope you read and respond as I would love you to provide examples of your heinous comment.

            Shame on you to make that accusation towards any person.

          4. FOR JAY
            I replied to your disgusting racist insinuation regarding Arsenal fans and their opinion on Iwobi.

            I hope you read and respond to your shameful characterisation of some fans.

            I gave you examples and I look forward to providing your own on such a shameful accusation.

        3. I read that they sold 7 iwobi shirts in June .i don’t know if that was just the arsenal shop or world wide .
          I just hope they get the paper work done by 7
          Feel sorry for justarsenal as they are going to lose a load of fans to justEverton now .?
          Wonder if TH14 will say goodbye before he goes and buys a blue shirt

      4. You should be able to understand I’m implying when I say “Now his performances won’t cover the average performances of others.”This implies he’s not good enough for the first team though I believe he was good enough to be sub.He was sold for good money and that’s good business from the club not naively and ignorantly accepting Everton’s first offer.
        Now that he has been sold the other average and underperforming players in the squad will be exposed too.More times some of his bad performances were used to defend them.At least he was in demand but what I’d give to see all the overrated and underperforming players sold.

        1. If he’s good enough for the bench why are you happy with the club letting him go? What’s the guarantee that Pepe would be an instant hit or won’t have an injury. If that happens we will be left with Mkhitaryan Who’s not anywhere near Iwobi’s level. In my opinion this is a wrong transfer business on the part of Arsenal

    2. Well said Kev – hope he doesn’t come back to haunt us, especially as we have no right backs who can actually DEFEND.

      1. GunnerJack, many , even most Gooners think he has been “haunting us” for some time already. THAT is why we are thrilled to see him sold!

      2. It was good business.Even the likes of Krystian Bielik,Ismael Bennacer and Reine-Adelaide are said to not have enough potential to come back to haunt us.The Bielik sale in particular is saddening.

    3. So Saddening

      Now we are going to rely on Pepe to open up space
      when we could do with both Pepe and Iwobi…

      We just spoiled this Window by selling Iwobi without a replacement….

      Nelson cannot run at people
      Nelson cannot hold the ball up under little pressure
      Nelson is not good in tight spaces
      Nelson is never comfortable on the ball….

      I watch Bundesliga very well….
      I watched many of his matches Last season…

      1. Reiss Nelson is the best arsenal’s youngster since Fabregas. I just hope that he gets enough playing time. Being able to watch him live in Belgrade, and all i can say that he is, in my opinion, future world class star.

    4. My! My!! My!!! Iwobi! I really loved that dude in our Red and White jersey but his lack of goal-scoring productivity was just unacceptable. Used to think my country man was only acting the script giving him to the minutest detail when instead of taking a shot he looks for a pass or attempts a dribble but that’s just so detrimental to our play that no gaffer would instruct any player like so. Clearly, a better option than he was a necessity for Arsenal to move forward and get better. I’ll miss my country man, no doubt but i hope he learns his flaws at Everton and gets better for our national team.

    5. Guys-we are up to 137 comments on this thread at 19.45.Just Arsenal are sure going to miss Alex Iwobi far more than Arsenal Football Club

    6. Sup kev,
      the guy never stoled a living, If I can recollect he came up from our youth team and gave his best. If that wasn’t enough for you then fair enough but to make that comment is rather unfortunate. Iwobi never lived to expectations and I wish him well at Everton.

    7. I regret seen him leaving,he is leaving as a Gunner through and through,he has been made a scapegoat for other non performance of Micky and Ozil who are draining us of our resources week in week out.those haters on this forum, watch out,he is going to blossom there because he’s going to a place where Nigerians players have had good representation, Everton has a long history of Nigerian players who has and they all left their mark on the sands of Merseyside players like Dan Da Bull Amorkachie,Yakubull Aiyegbani, Joseph Yobo all make a mark at Everton football club.Alex Iwobi will blossom at Merseyside.Alex Iwobi played 149 games for Arsenal, scoring 15 goals and 23 assists at age of 22yrs.i just hope that there is a buy back clause inserted in the contract.beleive or not Everton has pulled off a bargain,we will regret selling Alex Iwobi to them an accademy graduate with many years in front of him,in 2 or3yrs time, we will go back and buy him for #80,000,000 whatcha out.

  2. Good luck to Alex Iwobi. Raul has got to be one heck of a businessman.
    Wtf was Gazidis & company doing all this time?
    Arsenal is slowly but surely getting on the right track.

    1. Consider also that Iwobi is the most expensive player Arsenal have ever sold ???. The guy has a club record already

  3. Yes he is frustrating to watch at times but is also only 23 so has time to develop and does have some good attributes you want in a player. I hope we have a sell on clause or buy back because he could be one we end up regretting letting go. I need to change my pants again! Still can’t understand why we rejected a reported 40 million bid yesterday but accept 35 today?

  4. Sayonara Iwobi-san

    Now he can show his real potential at Everton

    We need Iwobi’s replacement ASAP, because I don’t think Mkhitaryan, Nelson, Aubameyang and Martinelli can play well on the left side

    1. They may even try him in the middle – who knows? Would love to have been a fly on the wall when he was discussing the Everton move.

    2. Hoping Bukayo Saka gets a few games, young as he is. He should learn a lot from Pepe and as they both have similar styles, i.e. they like to drive straight at the defence, that should help. Hope they get on well off the pitch also – would hope Pepe will be one of his mentors and give him a lot of encouragement.
      Maybe introduce Saka in some ‘easy’ cup games to build up his confidence and get him playing as he did for the U23s.

  5. Good luck Alex. One of our better players last season, and with us since he was a boy. Deserves a round of applause and respect instead of the hate he routinely gets. We consistently ask for players to play for the badge, and Alex did. Now for Reiss, Martinelli, Saka to step up. Great potential in those players.

    1. He was inconsitent last season.He proved not to be good enough for first team but all we can do is wish him well.Hoping he has a decent career.

      1. Kev… Pls who was consistent in our squad last season.
        Our squad is a bunch of average players..

        That’s our frustrations

      2. Iwobi made the best cameos from the bench last year. The only reason for him not playing more regularly was Emery’s stubbornness to play both Laca and Auba at the same time. But I believe it was a good piece of business done by Arsenal for a change. We do have young players with potential for the left flank, although bringing in another experienced winger would have been ideal. Hopefully the likes of Martinelli, Nelson and Saka can fill in the gap on the left flank, although I believe Emery will start with Auba-Laca-Pepe in the most matches.

  6. Goodluck Alex Iwobi, go forth and shine. Phil, Jonfox, and co can now relax and adore under-performers like Ozil, Mhiki, Xzaka, Mustafi and Kolasinac.

    1. Yeah PAL-I will enjoy the moment don’t you worry.But here is a thought for all you Iwobi fans to consider.If he was in the Managers Plans why did Emery agree to sell him?Especially as there is no time to replace him?Its because he was only ever going to be a bench warmer and bit-part player until Nelson Saka and Martinelli are brought through.Thats why.£40m for a reserve?Yeah I will take that every day of the week.

      1. As for Arsenal they like players who steal a living very well.
        What’s David Luiz now doing here?He’s coming to make more money and make us concede more goals.
        Ozil,Xhaka,Mustafi,Mkhitaryan and Kolasinac are all big time liabilities.These guys are stealing a living from Arsenal.They dont earn their money well.All they do is put up hopeless performances yet fans will still hype them up.We won’t win anything with these players in the starting line-up.One step forward two steps backward kind of team

      2. I respect your views on this matter, however, name our bench, Please tell me we got a game changer like other top teams. Tell me Nelson is ready and the likes. Iwobi move was good but not at the right time. I wish him the best, he played his heart every time he comes on and in whatever position he is told to play. I hope he is not another gbnary.

    2. Splendid. You have hugely embarrassed yourself with your ignorant(of the well known truth) that I, more than almost anyone on here, have about the lowest opinion possible of OZIL Mkhi , Mustafi and have never rated Kolas either. If you are going to include my name, then you might at least have the courtesy to read ONE or MORE of my many anti Ozil, Mkhi and Mustafi posts. I have CONSTANTLY criticised the laziness and ineffectiveness of all Ozil and Mkhi and the crudeness and rank poor ability of Mustafi and have NEVER praised Kolas either. You rank amateur! I ASSUME YOU CANNOT READ!

    3. Spot on mate…Hey Phil, he’s gone. Happy now? SMH
      Best wishes Iwobi,you were and still are a true gooner. You honoured the crest. You will be missed.

      1. Yeah Pal -I’m ecstatic.The Manager Obviously didn’t rate him otherwise why would he have sold him?Thought of that did you?

        1. Phil, What is it with u and a player being sold because his manager don’t rate him.
          Guess you were crying your balls out when Cesc was sold to Barca. With ur reasoning, does it mean Arsene didn’t rate him?. I think not. Iwobi’s sale was a good piece of business at that amount though.

    4. Splendid I don’t his detractors will do that. They are more likely to find someone else to pick on – it’s in their nature. Looking forward to continued forum battles with them once they select someone.

      1. GunnerJack, I thought it was already decided. ..one of two…Ozil or Myk, but then again…Xhaka or Mustafi…or then again…Bellerin or Chambers…could it be Elneny or Guads???

        No, I think the real battle will be between inverted right footed left winger full backs and any player with only one leg!!!

        1. Very amusing Ken 🙂 However the problem I’m going to have now is finding someone to have a good old discussion (argument?) with as I too don’t believe the aforementioned players are good enough for Arsenal. Maybe Ozil if he finds his best form now he’ll have good players making runs etc but he let us down badly in the Euro final so the jury’s out on that happening.
          If I’m going to have to agree with the 2 narcs and the like then it’s hardly going to be much fun on here is it!? It’s all going to be very one sided and tame and not the more lively battles I look forward to.
          BTW when my wife sometimes read my posts in response to the posts of those I mentioned she did ask “When does this ‘old enough to know better’ lark kick in?” 🙂
          She also said I should ‘Leave the poor boys alone’! She thinks they’re young silly kids who I’m (almost) bullying – not grown men who’ve said worse things than me.
          Ah well, good luck to Alex Iwobi and I hope KT keeps Kola on the bench. Now there’s a thing… maybe someone actually thinks Kolasinac can play… I live in hope.

          1. So you only come on here to have an argument with me and Phil ? Shows your age I guess ,and you say you have a wife ,I’m shocked i would have put you at about 15 years old and a female ..
            A answer to one of your posts up top ,you started this silly arguing with me and I just responded ,you need to get over the fact that I sometimes don’t rate a player ,there is no malice or hate it’s just footballing reasons and it looks like the club feel the same way if they are letting him go

      2. Definitely they will pick someone as usual, but i don’t know how criticism will help your own players. It doesn’t really bother me when some few good ones eventually turn there back on the club at a point because we can never appreciate a little thing. All of this guys are professionals that will never like to make mistake on the field of play either because of themselves or the fans but when things are not working support them to boost their confidence, it helps them get back to their feet.

        If those criticising these boys has one of them as a son or a relative, they will forever be grateful for that.

  7. We sold one of the few dribblers in the team without no replacement

    What a shame

    This guy is not World class but is far more better than those fraud
    Ozil and Miki….

    Martinelly can still be given a benefit of a doubt

    But Nelson is useless

    1. Wow, Nelson haven’t played a single competitive game for Arsenal at 19 years old and you’re writing him off. Are you Nigerian by chance? Take off your Iwobi-tinted glasses!

      1. Am a Dutch
        I watched Nelson more than Fifteen times in Hoffenhaim shirt last season….
        He loves passing sideways and backwards anytime he sees an opponent coming….

        I just don’t see him stepping up like Sancho…..

      2. If at 19, he still has not played a competitive game for AFC, then it tells you how far behind he is

  8. Agree with the good luck wishes to Iwobi now that he is Everton bound. Also agree with the post which said we successfully mugged Everton for a total of £70 mill for Weed WALCOTT AND IWOBI COMBINED. Great business Raul! Phil,you can relax and exhale now! As a man I always liked the lad. As a player I shared the mass opinion of virtually all Gooners(Nigerians apart) that IWOBI WOULD NEVER BE ARSENAL CLASS. AND SO IT PROVED!

    1. Jon-trust me when I say that I have never been excited over a Iwobi and just glad Arsenal Football Club have started getting rid of the dross.He will never be missed because he just was not good enough in the first place

      1. …not good enough in the first place IN YOUR OPINION.

        Others would disagree. But then their opinions don’t matter compared to yours as they are all idiots aren’t they, as shown by your comment to RSH:

        RSH-Willock plays CM. Some IDIOTS believe Iwobi should be tried there.

        BTW – who will you be picking on in the upcoming season?

        1. It’s a good sale but it’s just that one could have only hoped all the other average lot were sold but I guess when you’re on a high salary and you offer nothing there’s more or less no demand for you

          1. Funny about that; which club is going to match Ozil’s, Mhikatarian’s and other unwanted player’s wages?

    2. Really? Anyone against your opinion on Iwobi must be a Nigerian. I am a Nigerian and I think he is a squad player for Arsenal at best.

      But the Most frustrating forward player last season for me was Mikhi, and Ozil did next to nothing. These ones are taking the large chunks of the club’s wages. I am wondering some here don’t get aroused at their mentions, like Iwobi

      1. At least Miki is running and tracking back and not walking like pathetic Özil. He was also mainly playing on the right flank out of position. I really hope DC United can convince Özil to join them, the way Galaxy persuaded Ibra or Beckham some years ago. If that happens then I’m going to be more than happy!?

  9. Good luck Alex.

    A decent squad player who always gave it his best and never complained, but failed to continue his development due to mediocre shooting. I hope he finds his personal success with Everton.

  10. Always rated the Nigerian and wish
    him well on his Merseyside futboling
    adventurers. Hopefully he’ll start
    scoring goals for fun against the
    likes of Manure, Oil City, Spool,
    Spuds and the fighting Girouds!

    WTS a great piece of last minute
    business by Raul and Edu! Would of
    loved a Top Class CB but a fantastic
    window nonetheless.

    Take a bow gentlemen

  11. To honest, I’m gutted to see him leave, not because he’s my country man but because I really like him. ??

  12. As a Arsenal player who has been with us since day one of his professional career, I can only say good luck to you and your new challenge.

    As with Jenks, the one thing you never did was disgrace the name of the club ( yes I remember the one incident ) and you will also be welcome back at any time fellow gooner.

  13. Not happy about this one.

    So is emery playing auba, laca and pele for every game this season or is martini better than what I have seen during pre-season as Nelson don’t play on the left?

    I refuse to mention the Armenian and German.

    This don’t seem like a well thought out move?

  14. There are other players I would have wanted to see go before Iwobi. Iwobi was a useful squad player but I guess we needed to get some money because of the Pepe deal.

    Anyway Good luck to Iwobi and thank you

  15. We really need to grab soares zaha or another decent winger now if iwobi leaves
    Otherwise it leaves a hole
    Surely that’s the entent
    Does this also mean a few of you regulars are going to support Everton now ???

  16. Everton have gotten a good player. Slightly overpriced but a good player. Let’s hope ozil and mikhi can perform this season cos I remember the few times iwobi came off the bench last season (Liverpool, Cardiff etc) he changed the game. He would have been a great substitute to have. I’m having mixed feelings about this. I don’t want him sold but I can’t deny it’s a freaking good deal. Either way, I love and respect you iwobi and wish you the best

  17. Everton were in great need, which we could have taken advantage in a better way in my opinion. We could offer chambers or mustafi along with iwobi (which would amount to at least 55mil in total) and ask for keane or dare i say, (iwobi + kola) for my favourite, lucas digne.

  18. Not happy about spuds signing le celco that boys got some talent
    Hopefully he will struggle more in this league with less time on the ball

    1. Had they landed Coutinho and Dybala, we would all be really sad now. TheY were tracking down Le Celco and Sessegnon for the whole transfer window and they got them. Now if they lose Ericssen to Real, that would also be nice…

  19. Not an Iwobi lover but wish him well. Pretty pleased with the Transfer window. Luiz not the top CD we are crying out for but certainly an upgrade on what we have.
    My only regret is that Xhaka, Mustafi, Mik and Ozil haven’t followed Iwobi out of the door.
    It does seem though that we have turned a corner!

  20. Please iwobi shouldn’t leave. That’s weakening the squad. He’s a great squad player. Where’s the replacement. Please don’t spoil this window with this single act. Is it Saka that’s to replace him?? This is crazy. Hope it doesn’t go through

  21. Goodbye and good luck to a genuine Arsenal man.
    There may be yet more exits. We can still sell players into europe for a couple of weeks, it’s only the PL window which has closed.

  22. Does anyone think that with tierny signing kolo may be an option playing on that wing if we don’t sign anyone else
    He is good going forward he’s a beast so could help out that mid section and create chances aswell
    Anyway I’m still hopeful for last minute zaha or soares incoming would make my day

    1. Solly I respect your opinion and I don’t know what games you’re referring to but I’ve never seen Kola be ‘a beast’ to any defence.

      How could I? He’s the opposite of Iwobi and never takes on a defender and to my mind is the team’s pass backwards specialist.

      In fact I’m hoping the signing of KT relegates him to the bench – or maybe a position in the security team.

        1. Alee – the definition of a nurse: The first person you see after saying ‘Hold my beer and just watch this!’ 🙂

      1. GunnerJack, didn’t take you long to pick on someone….twenty minutes in fact!

        So is it Kola versus Monreal then?

        1. I think Monreal has been excellent for us and Kola is so far behind him he’s hardly worth comparing with. No, I want to have ‘discussions’ with those who think they’re never wrong and that everyone else is an idiot.

          1. GunnerJack,anyone in particular you have in mind?

            Hope it’s not me, because your wife sounds formidable!!

          2. Me and Phil Ken ,she as a problem with us because we don’t agree with her thinking ..
            Even though she’s just admitted further up the post she likes an argument.
            She’s living off past glory’s of an article she once wrote ,about a player who’s just left because the club didn’t think he was good enough ,shock horror will gunnerjack now be writing to Emery and starting an argument with him and calling him a Narc?

  23. To all those who continually slagged him off,it’s time to reflect on the fact that Alex Iwobi was so poor, that a club like Everton have paid £40m for him.As one who always gave 100% for Arsenal I wish you all the best Alex.If only we could sell on the likes of Mustafi, Mik, Xhaka and Ozil who cost us a fortune, but for whom there is not a market.Between them we could not realise £40m.In the words of the great Jimmy Greaves “it’s a funny old game”.

  24. At least IWOBI departure has added value to this club unlike some frauds that just keep draining our resources for no return.

    Who is the next scapegoat for our Shirt seller? Arteta, Giroud, Welbeck, Walcott, Wenger and now Iwobi are no longer at the club.

    In come Emery.


      1. Listen,

        Everyone knows Mkhitaryan, Özil and Xhaka needs to be sold. Even Arsenal knows that.

        Problem is THEIR WAGES.

        350 for Özil, 180 for Mkhi, 100 for Xhaka.

        Nobody wants to pay such wages or even close to that, at least not for the kind of performances they put up last season.

        Our only chance to sell them is to perform so WELL as a team this season, that they will add value for themselves.

        1. Add to that, they are also not good enough.The sight of Xhaka alone in our midfield angers me.Such a dreadful player.
          Mkhi offers absolutely nothing to the team and Ozil must be the luckiest person I’ve known

          1. To all of you slating Xhaka, didn’t you fancy his left foot when he was constantly beginning our attacking play with his nice long passes or scoring goals from outside the box or from freekicks. For this squad Xhaka fits in also as a captain with more offensive duties. For defensive cover we have Torreira. I’m curious to see were Ceballos is going to play though. He may rival Özil or Xhaka for a place in the midfield.

    1. Who would be dumb enough to pay any penny for that lot? Lol

      We are stuck with them until their contracts end. Imagine a serious club wasting its money on such dead wood. They are so bad that even our 5th-6th placed club is desperate to get rid. But no other club seems to rate them.

      Absolute deadwood. ?

  25. I think Iwobi improved last season, a home grown, and has the stamina, and the potential to be a better player in the future. These words that does not describe other players in the squad. For now, he is a squad player. 40M£ for a squad player is a hood business, I have to confess.
    For me, it is a tough decision.

  26. Agree. Even Iwobi who isnt as quailty as some would say. At least, I think he is more efficient than the likes of mikhi, ozil and xhaka.

  27. Good luck Alex…….not the best player ever but by no means not the worst either………and a lot better than some still at the club !

    David Luiz is a funny one …………start taking bets who has the first brain fart between him and Mustafi !…………….at least with Luiz, if he is as incompetant as I think he is then with that hair we can always castrate and de-knob him and play for Arsenal Womens team as…….Davina Louise !

      1. Hi Sue…………………………..I bet you hope now that Zaha will becoming in January !………………although he will still be at C Palace ! 😆 😆 😆

        1. ?? very good, Le Coq!!!!

          Bloody hell what’s the hold up with Davina?? The hair??
          And Iwobi… I’ve been engrossed in Sky Sports all day… (just to see Jim and his tie!!)

          1. Not bothered whether we get Louise, Sue.
            I was watching SS too laughing at Scchteve van McClaren and his impeccable dutch accent !……………if I closed my eyes I could have been mistaken thinking it was DB10 !
            😆 😆 😆

          2. I had to rewind & listen again… after laughing, I thought I don’t remember him sounding like that ?? in and out of the studio there have been some rare ones!!!

    1. Before criticising Luiz check his statistics from last year over 37 appearances,he was either number 1,2,3 no lower,now we know who is the clown!

      1. Always wondered why I had big feet…………….would you like to sniff my flower ? 😆

  28. Good luck Iwobi, I wish you the best against the 18 other PL sides. £40 million too much to pass up for a bench player.

    Learn to shoot and achieve your potential my man. Arsenal Wasn’t the place for you to become the player you want to be.

  29. Never been an iwobi lover or hater as some would put it but supported him as a player of arsenal
    One thing I will be happy about is not having to read all these childish negative arguments about him anymore
    Disagree is one thing but it’s gone too far and a bit pathetic and boring
    Can we all just get behind the f**king team now and look forward to the season

  30. Such a disgusting comment from you.

    Walcott and Wilshere got blasted and they were english, Giroud was roasted, Mustafi and Ozil get blasted too.

    They all weren’t good enough after several years of opportunities, don’t you dare accuse people of racism.

    You should be ashamed of your comment, no one ever said they hated Iwobi that I remember, only said he wasn’t good enough.

    The same standard applied to all I mentioned above. I hope others rightfully give you a harsh reply as well.

    Shame on you

    1. That is not a good comment from @jay. it is also annoying to see @jon fox always calling out anyone that has anything even slightly good to say about Iwobi a Nigerian.

  31. Good news for Reiss Nelson. Iwobi leaving means he will be down for some games. I think it’s a great deal for us and a great deal for Reiss Nelson.

    1. Agree! Let’s see some magic from Nelson. In some pre-season games he’s been outstandig.

  32. My question now is: can we now buy another player with that money before the end of the transfers window,35/40,we could get a pretty decent player or is it too late?

    1. I’m afraid no, we have so much debt from Saliba & Pepe deal. My guess is the income will be allocated for future payments of the deals so any future income from sponsorship deals can finance next year transfer budget.

  33. i cannot wait for the next 2 transfer windows to happen. finally, we will be rid of the wenger ,overpaid dross, who are stealing from our club on a weekly basis. just imagine no ozil , no mhiki,no elneny,no more average players.can you smell the freshness in the air folks. however, i do have a little sympathy for the handful of wenger lovers who still hold on to the dream that he will return, lol, no way guys. funny thing is , these wenger lovers , they are all in the same age group. what does the french fraud have that turns these gents faces i wonder. guess i will`never know now.surely it is not that he is the greatest manager in the world, who left the emirates to manage a top european team from august 2018.what happened to those clubs that were meant to be queuing up for his services. surely they were not lies. anyways, good luck to iwobi, nowhere near good enough, not even carling cup team material.

  34. Excellent business .. At age of 23 it’s obvious whether a winger has what it takes to make it …and iwobi ain’t got it …. The idea that he would move in to replace ozil is too dumb to even address …Just like it was obvious that the whippet didn’t have it at that age … Sadly it wasn’t obvious to wenger who had him hanging around for 5 years past his sell by date milking the club until the same lot fell for the British media hype … Martineli has it for me so I hope he is nurtured properly Nelson I just don’t know … Only seen in flashes but worth the occasional Cameo this season in Europa etc to see … For me a good window … My worry remains Emery and his lack of style … Looking forward to being proved wrong

  35. Gunner jack
    That’s fair enough we all see things differently in games and he can be a bit of a let down but I have definitely seen kolasniac smashing past defenders putting balls into the box
    And with a brilliant lb behind him maybe he could focus on one job and be a decent winger I don’t know but could be possible
    Also agree with you on saka been waiting to watch him play properly for a while now
    He won’t be a starter but could be really exiting now with more potential opportunities

    1. As you say Solly anything’s possible and I’m really looking forward to seeing what Emery’s got in mind for the left wing position now. Maybe a front 3 of Pepe, Laca and Auba?

  36. I was no fan of Iwobi but the kind of hate he’s getting from some guys here is just so low & immature. It’s one thing to dislike a player’s performances, but it’s another to express so much hate.

  37. What an excellent piece of business! You know it’s good coz the Everton fans are having nervous breakdowns like in that movie The Happening! From Zaha to Iwobi, Zouma to Smalling rumours..I feel for them. Anyway, congratulations to the board for getting rid of some of the dross. @Sue, @Phil, have you already finished that champagne bottle? Do I bring more?

    1. I honestly can’t believe it, QD!! I shouldn’t laugh, but some of the tweets I saw from Evertonians were absolutely bloody hilarious!!! Poor sods… Theo… Iwobi…..
      Oh the corks are popping left, right & centre ??

  38. The Lord has answered my prayers. I have never seen a young Academy product dissected as Iwobi. So it was best for him to leave the hostile environment. I wish him all the best

  39. He may become something under the coaching of M.Silva, but whatever… 40m is too good to refuse.

  40. NO problem with selling Iwobi,and you have to say that was good business sense,but good luck to him,been with us a long time from academy i don’t think he would have got much game time if he had stayed.

  41. At the start of last season, i had mentioned that Iwobi should try to be more consistent, in scoring goals, final pass and decision making. There was some improvement but just not enough, the emergence of the young talents,new players, new coach and management were the cause of the decision.

    Young talents may not be physically ready for the league and new players might not have the desired effect the club expects, so i think Iwobi should have stayed and competed for the scarce positions. He is still a growing talent and perhaps needs more time to develop, unfortunately, the new regime cannot wait that long.

    I for one had expected decisions that i may not like, but i also had been asking for the management to move away from the habit of cuddling players and becoming more fierce in the way we deal with some players. I know that management is in a spot concerning players at the club on huge contracts and not contributing much, but due to huge salaries can not get to move them on out the club,, but who would want to go to another club getting less pay.

    Perhaps the decision made is not to my liking but understandable, i am hoping when it comes to some players in our midfield the same decision is made without bias. I wish for Iwobi the best and hope he becomes the player we all hope he could be.

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