Everton decision proves Arsenal cashed-in at the right time

Arsenal made the decision to sell both Theo Walcott and Alex Iwobi to Everton in recent years, and The Times insists that the Blues are now looking to cash-in after they failed to make an impact.

Both players were Arsene Wenger projects, but the Frenchman finally decided to cut his losses in the manager’s final season in charge, selling Walcott in January when the Merseyside club came in with an offer of more than £20 Million, as stated on the BBC.

Walcott had his moments at Arsenal, scoring some impressive hat-tricks, and may well have hit greater heights had he not suffered with a number of injury setbacks.

Iwobi made his debut for the club in 2015, despite telling Standard Sport that he was nearly released from the club twice in his early years.

He left for Everton 12 months ago for an initial fee of £28 Million which could go up to £34 Million as stated on the BBC also.

Both were sold to the same club in Everton, for a combined fee of in excess of £50 Million, and with the club now set to cash-in, I can’t help but imagine they will return around half that total amount.

Arsenal’s options out wide however have vastly improved in recent summers, with Nicolas Pepe, Bukayo Saka and Willian huge upgrades on the pair.

Did our club sell the pair at their maximum values? Has our club gradually been getting better and better in the transfer market in recent years, considering we appear to have done amazing business over the past 12 months?


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  1. Thought exactly the same thing when I looked at Sky Sports this morning. Just proves we don’t always screw up! 🙂

  2. Walcott would ve commanded much more transfer fee had we sold him earlier. He could have got huge amont of transfer fee from Wilshere, Ramsay, Sanchez n Ozil. Welbeck, Chambers, Holding, Torreria would have also commanded decent fee had we taken decision in right time. Now we don’t get buyer for Mustafi, Sokratis, Kolasinac, Elhneny, Mhikhi who all are good players for premier league. We overpaid around twice for Pepe. So our transfer market is absolute shambles. There are just bunch of illiterate persons. Among all these failures only Iwobi sale seems to be decent piece of business. It’s no strange that our club has fallen from grace despite spending huge amount every transfer market just for non productive outcome.

    1. It was Wenger and Gazidis making an absolute hash of things! To be fair to the new regime, they are doing well overall, and have been trying to undo the mess they inherited, which has proved very tough, and we all know why.

      1. We live in the world of optimism. There were lot of enthusiasm when we got Ozil. Then expectation rose when we bought Sanchez. Then several high profile players were bought like Laca, Auba, Mustafi, Welbeck, Xhaka, Torreria, Pepe. We stopped chanting ‘spend some f#iii ng money’ but our result turned from worse to worst. But we live in the world of optimism so let’s just hope this time around this optimism will not go in vain.

    2. Viz Walcott would of commanded a higher transfer fee,are you serious when was that he was always injured and for a winger he couldn’t cross the ball,as a striker he wasn’t good enough, you could count the number of games on 1 hand the amount of good games he played

    3. boy you are Mr Negative arent you all doom and gloom !! wow anyone would think you are a spuds supporter the way you go on and on !! One Holding is not going any where and on this performances over the time he has been with us !! he doesnt have to the guy has been brilliant !! wilshere was never good enough and would never have demanded a high sale price !! Ramsay wanted to run his contract down that is nothing to do with the club,Sanchez was sold at the right time and we got 37 million from that sale !! that was great business !! Ozil simply didnt want to leave and at the time of his contract talks Arsenal had fans liek you waiting to jump on the board and manager for anything !! and selling Ozil you and the others would have gone mad !! fact !! Torriera has only been at the club for one season and that again is a fact !! so we couldnt have got more money for him if we sold him straight away and what club sells a player as soon as we buy them ??? God you talk total rubbish !! Mhiki is 32 yrs old again how much do you think we can get for a player of 32 yrs old ??? but he has saved us 90 k a week buy leaving for nothing.Mustafi under Arteta has been brilliant and if it wasnt for people like you he wouldnt of had the confidence beaten out of him !! Sokratis again we could just sell him when we just brought him and at his age to get rid of his wages for the final year of his contract of 90k a week is good business !! again wellbeck didnt cost the earth and we could never have sold him for more than we did !! never in a million years !! so getting what we did was great business !! Chambers is a good squad player !! why would we have sold him ???? Elhneny has been out on loan and come back a far better player !! if we had sold him earlier we would have got so little for him !! you seem full of rubbish and you cannot see past your nose mate !! Pepe cost what we paid because we wanted him and because he had a 3 year contract left !! that is life !! yes we paid over the odds !! but at the time that was the price for certain players liek him !! how can you say the club are a bunch of illiterate persons ???Arsenal football club havent been given a penny for over 5 yrs from Kronke but still managed to buy Auba Pepe Torriera Gabriel Saliba Leno Martinelli Lacca and got Cedric and Mari on loan before buying them !! and Ceballos back on loan !! seems to me it doesnt matter what the club does you and your sort will never be happy !! because you are a glory hunter !! you started to support the club under Wenger glory years and cannot handle losing and rebuilding !! maybe Arsenal are the wrong team for you and your kind !!! Liverpool city and UTD are more up your street !!

      1. Hear hear. You must stick with the club through the good times and the bad times, that’s what being a true supporter means. And our business hasn’t been as bad as everyone makes it out to be. I’m young, so I started supporting in the Van Persie years, but I can’t help but feel everyone is too harsh on a club that’s clearly rebuilding.

      2. Carl, they don’t like it up em mate😂😂😂
        Brilliant response and how I wish more of the silent majority would do what you have just done!!!

        The doom and gloom brigade never let up, even NOW they are still bringing up history from 3 years ago in order to spin what’s happening today.
        I always thought there was only one “Grim Reaper”, but our club seems to have a family of these negative soothsayers- rock on Carl, I’m with you all the way (which might be a hunderence of course 😂😂😂)!!! /

      3. Brother u seem to be quite juvenile in football n ur thinking is in perfect harmony with that of Arsenal board. You seem to be satisfied with whatever happening to the club. It seems u will defend the club even if it gets relegated n say that was the right move by the club. And yes brother I started supporting Arsenal from its glory days so cannot take it being such mismanaged, cannot take it falling to disgrace. Millions of supporters are concerned with the way Arsenal has been managed these few yrs. For u eight finish might be wonders done for Arsenal but for millions Arsenal is a club which should be challenging for absolute top honours.

      4. Everything you said in your well thought out comments are entirely true. I couldn’t agree more.
        Meanwhile we’re seeing an upturn in our team and I think that this is because some fans weren’t exactly helping by groaning and booing as soon as we’re not 6-0 up after 10 minutes.
        I’m just an ancient old dodger but my memory is good and 59 years ago I was a 9 year old on the Northbank and everyone cheered their team on me included the lesson ? SUPPORT YOUR TEAM WHATEVER HAPPENS ON THE PITCH SUPPORT THE MIGHTY GUNNERS WITH EVERYTHING YOU’VE GOT.
        Phew now I’ve said that I will have to take me rum medication .
        Up THE GUNNERS.

        1. Exactly that, Dan! 😉 I bet Phil is sat there with a huge grin on his face right now…… and whatever happened to TH14??!!
          One thing’s for sure – Everton won’t be making a profit!!!

              1. Ah yes good old TH14 ,atleast he was jerk and took it in good spirits ,as we should have all done .
                I wish him well really he just wasn’t good enough for us ,one of them players who got a lot of stick but never complained

              2. Dan, when an article was printed that all Ozil fans should leave the club along with the player himself, Phil took great offence to this – as you know, he has followed the club for about fifty years, home and away, in every competition.
                Never missed any cup final in his life of supporting The Arsenal and this statement was the final straw for him.
                We have missed someone with such knowledge of our club and, I believe, a real loss for JustArsenal.

                Perhaps those who make such divisive comments should think twice and I do hope this comment is not deleted.

                1. Oh I must have missed that thread .
                  ,but looking up this article it looks like he’s back ,Iwobi must have got his justices flowing again.
                  Back Phil👍

                  1. Just spoken to Phil, who sends his regards.
                    As far as Iwobi goes, this is his quote word for word :

                    Arteta should be sacked, Aubameyang sold and Iwobi brought back to the club. ”

                    He also misses TH14!!!!!

        2. Dan, I thought it was good business by Arsenal at the time to sell Walcott and Iwobi for the sale price and it has proved to be so.
          Unfortunately Everton have done better business from picking up Dacoure from Watford for supposedly £20 million.

    1. totally agree !! and we all know the ones who kept saying Iwobi is brilliant !! should never have sold him etc etc etc and why they said all tht … pmsl !!

      1. But he is better than Nelson…lol

        Seriously, Iwobi is another who missed the way because, to this day, we still don’t know his best position.
        Playing on the wings, he can never reach his potential, he does not score enough to be an AMF, he should be a CM imo.
        Well, I’m glad he is no longer our headache, I wish him best of luck!

        I want Partey!

  3. So why doesn’t Slimy Stan free up some of his billions of dollars to buy two more midfielders. Oh I know, he’ll wait until we lose, then he will realise we have last years team and put some money up. Of course we must get rid of Torreira, Socratis first. Then give Mustafi away as a freebie to anybody. C’mon Slimy Stan…..we are two players short from challenging. Sorry I can’t hear what you are saying. Oh I hear…..you don’t want to spend money to challenge……you want the money for your LA projects…that’s why you bought Arsenal. Oh Mr Slimy!

    1. Giving away Mustafi is madness. The
      German was one of our best players
      after the restart and would of paired
      Gabriel against Fulham if that twat
      Sterling hadn’t recklessly ended his
      season. Even injured SM could fetch
      close to 20M in this window but I think
      MA will wait till January before he
      makes a decision on the former
      Valencia man.

        1. Well if your factoring In the # of
          MISTAKES that led directly to
          goals in the EPL over the past
          few seasons than I guess you’d
          probably be content with giving
          away VVD? 🤔

          Mustafi, whether you like it or
          not is the 2nd best CB on the
          Arsenal roster and is highly
          rated by non other than MA.
          Unless a good offer comes in for
          SM (probably in January) I can
          see the much maligned German
          signing an extension at the club.

          Personally I would be quite happy
          for SM and the club if he does
          carry on as a proud Arsenal man
          in the future

    2. Mustafi give him away ??? why ??? please explain yourself ??? Under Arteta Mustafi was solid and our best defender by a country mile !! so giving your best players away for nothing is what you would do ??? glory hunter with no brain !! but i bet you would keep Lacca and even kept Iwobi ??? of course you would !! fool !!

      1. Carl………he isn’t very good and panics. As far as a brain is concerned you writing doesn’t seem connected to your brain.

        1. Disagree Sean, but calling anyone a fool, makes you look foolish Carl… especially if you don’t know them.
          Just keep chiselling away mate, but keep it civil please my fellow Gooner.

          1. Ken1945

            Everybody has a different opinion…..thankfully. It’s not empirical, it’s all peoples views. Nobody is right and nobody is wrong. You are not right….I am not right. It’s debate. But when a few others **** each other off that’s pretty nasty. Anyway keep the debate going Ken.

        2. Well said mate. He still seems to believe in Mustafi, even Arteta doesn’t. That’s why we brought Saliba n Gabriel who r thought as an upgrade. Seems there r people who r delusional n cannot differentiate between real world n fictitious one.

    3. Easy Sean. We all share your pain but there’s the homegrown quota issue (noble idea if you ask me) that the club is grappling with. Make no mistake Arsenal doesnt need Kroenke’s direct cash injection ATM, there’s at least 170 mil that was freed up recently. Trust Edu when he says we could easily afford these targets ’cause the info is already out there . Biggest challenge is with our current prima donnas who prefer watching the game from the bench while drawing their salaries. On this one, Kroenke is blameless.

      1. Jay
        Lose Torreira, lose Socratis, lose Mustafi and there is room for two midfield players. Maybe it will pan out like that anyway. I have to disagree about Kroenke though. I have researched him for ages. He is not fit to own, as sole owner, our beloved Arsenal.

  4. Everton did us a massive favour paying over the odds for Iwobi and to some extent Walcott. At least we managed too fleeca some mug for two of our players.

  5. Should’ve offloaded Walcott (& Ramsey) when people thought they were good. We received an unbelievable price for Iwobi though.

  6. Iwobi was and is still a good player who needs proper coaching scoring goals – that’s what he lacks imo. Selling him to Everton was very nice for us financially. Apart from us needing the cash, he should have been a loan option for us, because he is Arsenal through and through.
    Selling him didn’t do his meagre confidence any good either. I still believe there is this excellent player in him waiting to explode someday just like Gnabry (sooner). I hope I’m wrong – I can’t bear going through that kind of regret all over again.

    1. oh my life Iwobi a good player !! seriously stop smoking that tobacco !! Iwobi has never been and will never be any good !! please

      1. … like you know me beyond this forum as a tobacco smoker?
        People who can’t express their opinions properly resort to insults and disrespect of others.

    2. Iwobi is currently being managed by Ancellotti, who by all accounts has a bit of a record coaching players. If Ancellotti can’t help him who can. He has trouble finding the barn door, let alone hitting it.

      1. I respect Ancellotti no doubt – a section of Arsenal fans preferred him to Arteta before now. He is the older and has by far more experience in the job. But do you honestly believe Iwobi did better under him than Arsenal’s Unai Emery? And was Everton actually spectacular under him than before? For me, I don’t think so.
        Remember too that all Arsenal players arguably improved under Arteta, which luxury Iwobi did not have a chance to. Remember he was about the most standout player in a rickety Arsenal team under Emery.
        I’m happy we got good money from his sell though.However the point I’m making is that Iwobi was not anywhere as bad as some people are making him look. I will always have him back at Arsenal if possible (my opinion).

        1. Gily, fair enough; my point is that Iwobi loses it in front of goal with his poor shooting, evident at Arsenal and still evident.

  7. Vz
    I suspect there was something foxy about Pepe, Leno and Papa transfers because I heard we paid more than their exit clauses required.

    Only Sanllehi knows what happened. We were shafted

    1. That’s obvious n there r still bunch of people who thinks Arsenal has done smart piece of business in all these cases. God saves them.

  8. Neither Walcott nor Iwobi were of the calibre needed for any team with real ambition. Unusually for us ,we did well from their sales and they are now fringe players at Everton, which proves we made the right decision.On the same topic, is it wise for us to contemplate buying a 29 year old , in Partey, for 45m in the knowledge that he will have little resale value in 2/3 years time?Would we not be better turning our attention to younger defensive midfielders who are available such as Sangare, or Zakaria?.

    1. Grandad actually Partey has recently turned 27 (in June). Personally I rate Aouar, he is 22 and way better than the others. He would be my choice. He is the finished article, the others are too chancy.

      1. Grandad, Arsenal need Partey to improve the team now. If Arsenal get 4 top class years out of him, he will owe us nothing. He would be a great mentor for AMN.

  9. It is true that we got better money for Walcott and Iwobi than either were worth BUT these were exceptions. I can think of no other sale in even relatively recent times where we have been paid too much by the buying club Quite the reverse in most cases!
    It MAY WELL BE a new page now and MA and Edu have made a great start but the jury is still out on value for money for incoming players, given that all seem to have large wages.

    I am extremely hopeful about Gabriel and Saliba though as value buys with resale value(hopefully never needed though). Martinelli too!

  10. In as much as I agree that we had a very good business in Walcot and Iwobi, I have to state that the reason Iwobi is not getting playing time is based on this current Evaton set up. He is not suited to their set up,and again Ancheloti does not consider him useful in his pattern of play,the sole reason he does not like playing him. Iwobi needed time to adapt to Evaton’s style of play which is quite different from ours,but before he was able to do just that,they had a change in management. This change in management affected his progress because,the new manager found him unsuitable to his plans. This does not really mean that Iwobi is that bad. He is certainly going to do well in another team,just watch out.

  11. Yep, but let’s debate civilly, that way one’s viewpoint isn’t lost in rhetoric.

    As for Mustafi, if MA continues to improve him, why on the earth would we sell him, unless it was for a ridiculous offer?

  12. Please Gooners, I appeal to us all to resist the temptation from quarrelling with ourselves.

    For, it’s absolutely wrong by us to be abusing one another on this our Arsenal iorum site. Where us Gooners regularly meet to discuss, debate and argue on any matters arising that affects and concerns our beloved Arsenal Football Club.

    And in us doing all these is to see how our club can best move forward to conquer the club football world in general by winning the Premier League, the 2 other domestic cup competitions and the ELC to win a quadrupled in a single season’s campaign. Which it could be in this current season these winnings will happen for Arsenal. And be followed later with the club winning the Fifa’s club world-cup.

    I believe these titles winning by Arsenal more especially in this current season’s campaign should be on what us Gooners objectively be discussing upon and focusing our focus on them.

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