Everton Review: Another inexplicable, spineless home defeat by Arsenal

It’s become unbearable at this point and it’s not funny anymore. by KM

That’s seven home defeats this season lovely Arsenal people. Another Arteta masterpiece, where we self-destruct and give away a win to a team that barely did anything to trouble us.

You see the problem with Xhaka at left back? He was easily beaten 1 on 1, yet it still needed Leno to make sure, he’d somehow direct the ball through his gloves into our net. Is this what we sold Emi Martinez for?
Leno is not good enough for this club and has cost us many of our points this season. He even had the audacity to speak about a new challenge. I’d be happy to drive him to another club myself.
I don’t buy any more excuses. We’ve lost 13 games this season. Atrocious hardly scratches the surface of how bad this season has been. If this was Emery or Wenger, they’d be burned alive for such a record.
The problem is, nobody cares. I am full 100% Kroenke out and I sencerely hope that the protest wasn’t a one off thing, because our weakness crawls down from the top. If we had an owner, a CEO or even a footballing director that remotely cared about the success of this football club, Arteta would’ve been sacked already.
But as much as I hate the board, what’s happening on the pitch is just unbearable. The comedy show stopped being funny a long time ago, and if anyone remotely thinks I am in any way enjoying writing this, you are extremely wrong.
There’s nothing quite like Arsenal ruining my vacation from day one. This is beyond the Europa league, the failed super league or anything else. We’ve become a joke team that plays some of the most boring and terrible football I’ve seen, struggling to create chances.
There were some good crosses today, but nobody was there to attack them. Both our strikers are missing and we’re trusting Eddie who’s out of form and will probably be sold. Why not try Balogun or Martinelli? The young players are the only good thing to happen to this football club this season.
But I just cannot forgive another game where it’s clear we aren’t creating anythingh, and we’re only making subs once we’re a goal down. You can see it, I can see it, only on the Arsenal bench there is a fog that makes it hard to see the painful truth.
I know we’re relying mostly on the Europa, but the league games mean something to me. We could’ve caught Everton. If we hadn’t gifted Fulham an easy point in similar fashion we could’ve been chasing Tottenham. Even after all the misery they’ve put us through, there were some things to hold on to. Even using the league games just to give us some form for the Europa League would’ve been nice and we can’t even do that.
These are extremely dark times to be an Arsenal fan. If luck strikes massively with us and we somehow win the Europa League, do you think we’d suddenly turn to a top 4 challenging team with our current performances?
It will be more dust in our eyes. We were deceived by the FA cup before under Wenger when our decline started and now it’s even worse. This will be the second year in a row where we don’t make Europe through the league. Now we’re again hoping a cup competition will do the job.
What will be the target next season? Win the Carabao Cup for a Europa League spot and sleep through the rest of the season? It’s pathetic, but what really kills me on the inside is the disheartening lack of ambition.
Even Tottenham showed more by sacking Mourinho. We are just strolling along like nothing has happened. This is the mud we’ve been dragged to. It’s our level and it’s what happens when nobody is accountable for anything.
I want Arteta and Kroenke packing as soon as possible. Vinai should be freed of his duties as well. And let’s not forget Edu. A great player sure, an invincible! But nowhere near good enough in terms of managing the sporting part of this club.
Inexcusable, unbearable, difficult to watch, classless, spineless and cowardly. This is Arsenal right now. We’re run by a silent, money seeking businessman that has destroyed our values and class off the porch and on it our football has been so dead, but it just as so poetically reflecting the way we’ve been run as a club for more than 10 years!
It hurts. I just wish there was a way those people could pay for the misery they’ve put us through.
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    1. Don’t go near Thomas. That guy doesn’t deserve to play for Arsenal. Put differently Arsenal doesn’t deserve him, not this Arsenal!

    2. Don’t go near Thomas. That guy doesn’t deserve to play for Arsenal. Put differently Arsenal doesn’t deserve him, not this Arsenal!Don’t go near Thomas. That guy doesn’t deserve to play for Arsenal. Put differently Arsenal doesn’t deserve him, not this Arsenal!

  1. There isn’t a thing that you have said which cannot be echoed in some format or other.
    I know the performance was awful. I think yesterday was more about the protest than the game.
    At least under AW, we played exciting football except for the last 2 years.

  2. Stop tinkering with the team.With the sf next ,Arteta shd play a settled team with 2 changes at the most.
    Assuming we get to the final,MU most likely will be the opponents.If the defence plays like in the Everton game,the gunners will be ripped to pieces.

  3. Top up all that with we are told every time it is unacceptable!!! Why not give us acceptable ones?

  4. I think there is coming a point where even the diehard Arteta faithful just cant keep making up excuses for the way we are playing and style of football we produce. Arteta is stiffling our talent and making a top 6+ club a below midtable crystal palace or Southampton. Still everyone is happy!

  5. If Arsenal gets 10th in the league and still makes the CL via the 2nd tier EL will Arsenal fans protest against Premier League privilege?
    If not they can rightly be described as self serving hypocrites.
    As for Mr Kroenke was it his fault Lacazette and Aubameyang were unavailable? Was it Stan’s fault the make shift LB Xhaka got turned easily and did Stan cause our GK to make a calamitous error? Is it Stan’s fault we have insufficient LB cover?
    Was it Stans fault Var turned down a penalty shout or that Nketia is not good enough or that 72 m Pepe could not win us the game?
    Everything will be fine if Arsenal win the EL. The players will be heroes again and Arteta will be a genius.
    Will the fans thank Stan?
    More importantly will the same fans who flocked to the Emirates this morning to protest big team privilege demand Arsenal give back the EL trophy because it is a blatant example of rewarding the Premier League failures?

  6. You can’t argue quality into a player so when you see such moments from Xhaka you’re just not shocked. I’m still hoping he’s sold this window and all his fanboys can follow him out if they want to. As for Leno he’s always been error prone and I’m not even confident in Ryan who’s been poor for Brighton this season. Leno would’ve been world class if not for his errors but as it stands he isn’t so some of you should stop defending him like he’s the best GK ever. Y’all just pick your favorites over the good of the team. You deserve it.

  7. Nothing inexplicable or spineless about the performance last night in my opinion.The players tried hard , and we were well on top before the Xhaka/Leno calamity.Against an Everton team who defended well we lacked the poise and quality in the final third to make the breakthrough we needed and deserved.Individual errors have cost us dearly this season and I only hope they will not recur in the Villareal matches .Defensively we are arguably the most unprofessional side in the EPL in terms of giving away goals.Even the sides which are in the relegation zone do not concede as many “soft” goals as Arsenal.They are down there as a result of a lack of ability, which no amount of effort can overcome.In our case the opposition must be elated by the knowledge that at some stage in the match one of our defenders will almost certainly have a brainstorm and gift them a goal.We have become a soft touch and are unprofessional in our attitude towards keeping clean sheets.Our defenders must learn to “hate” the prospect of conceding a goal if we are to eliminate the huge flaw in our makeup and Arteta has to drill this into them time and time again.

  8. ✍️Gutless ✔️
    ✍️Embarrassment to the badge ✔️
    ✍️Mind numbingly boring✔️
    ✍️Clueless ✔️
    ✍️Rather watch paint dry✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️

    Any body who defends that sh1t last night needs the head looked at

    Arteta Emery Mark II out
    Edu the car salesman out
    Vinnie the used cars salesman out
    Stan the Hunter kronk out

  9. Nice Rant from the writer but we can’t sack everyone at a go. If Arsenal implement this your suggestions, it will cease to exist entirely. I have been an Arteta die hard supporter but what I have witnessed in the last games gives me lots of concern. The players are underperforming, they hardly put two consecutive above average performances, the build up play is at snail speed allowing opposition to regroup, this point to a mentality , technical and attitude problem. Then it’s begs the question, what’s the manager doing about it? Does he have what it takes to get maximum performance out of them? Can he put them on their toes? Or they are a reflection of the manager? It’s been happening all season and I’m beginning to doubt if Arteta is the right man for the job. I can’t see the players performing like this if klop or pep were in charge.

  10. @SirJoe, you dare call Mr Konstantin’s post a Rant??
    You re d kind of Fans who makes up 60percent of d Problem@Arsenal..

    Fans who play d ostrich, bury their heads in the sand and Pretend not to see d Rot/ruins going on @Arsenal currently..
    Anytime Konsastin Mitov makes a post, hordes of fans call him negative, pessimist, moaner, etc..

    Doesn’t he say d truth most times.??.

    Arsenal which almost d Best team in Europe in 2004 is now a Shambolic Entity of a club..
    Clueless Coach, Overrated/unproductive players, selfish board n a Dimwitted Director of football..
    If Arsenal can be great again, we have to
    *Sack Rookie man, Arteta!!
    *Show Mr Headoo d door!!
    *Sell Auba
    *Sell Laca
    *Sell Pepe
    *Sell Xhaka
    *Sell Willian
    *Sell Luiz
    Then Let’s get Nagelsmann or Allegro..
    *Bring back AMN
    *Bring back Joe Willock
    *Get Wilfred Zaha..
    *Get an Aggressive/striker e.g Andre Silva, Raul Jinemez, etc..

  11. Newcastle didn’t sob they lifted their heads up and did it again. Joe Willock Arteta has no use for you.

  12. Arsenal have failed to score in eight Premier League games at the Emirates Stadium this season, twice as many as in the previous four campaigns combined. Blanks!!

  13. I understand everyone blame kroenke. He seems not interested. But still, he puts money in the club. Not as others yes, but still. We have more or less the same payroll as chelsea or liverpool. So what is the problem ? Paying guys like willian or Aubameyang crazily above their team value. I remember auba saying this is my family with the hand on the heart…. Lol, we are his family cos the other ones had no money with the pandemic last summer. Pathetic. The truth is that we give money, we give huge paychecks to players that does not deserve so much….
    I think the problem is more that there was no direction at the club for a few years. Brought mislintat, sanlhelli but get rid of them. Arteta and edu were two novices. Could have work if they were specially gifted but they are probably not. Edu is not overmars. And arteta has not been a pochettino or Guardiola. That is starting to be clearer.

    1. As far as I’m concerned, the table don’t lie! It’s clear, 13 losses! Unacceptable! Arteta is not ripe to manage at the highest level.

  14. In the past, I hate stubborn Arsene for substitution only after 70 minutes if there is no injuries. I also hate him for still playing the same 11 even if some players are not performing.

    Now, I hate tinkering.

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