Everton to approach Arsenal for David Ospina?

The Arsenal goalkeeper David Ospina could be moving out of the club but still staying in the Premier League for the upcoming season.

The Colombia national goal keeper is believed to be looking for a way out after the arrival of Petr Cech put his first team chances at risk. And the latest reports coming from the Colombian press indicate that the Everton manager Roberto Martinez is interested in his availability.

Ospina became Wenger’s first choice towards the end of last season. The 26-year-old understands that the experience and long standing form in the Premier League will propel Cech as Arsenal’s new number 1. This could mean staying at the club and accepting lesser game time or looking for new pastures.

The Toffees could be looking for a new keeper as their veteran Number One Tim Howard will soon be turning 37. Martinez could be looking to cash in on the American and boost his squad.

At the same time, there were reports published in the Telegraph, that Ospina will be fighting for his future at the club. Ospina hinted that he’s looking to impress the manager and challenge Cech for his place.

Ospina is given an extended break following his games for Colombia in the just concluded Copa America. He had a wonderful tournament and it looked as if he wanted to show his array of talents to Wenger and all. There was reported interest from Fenerbahce for the shot stopper but nothing is confirmed yet.

That leaves Wenger with a choice of three goal keepers in Cech, Wojciech Szczesny and Ospina. Szczesny lost his first-choice status last season to Ospina after a string of bad performances. He is also reportedly not looking for options elsewhere.

So, will Wenger be happy to keep all the three goal keepers? It is an interesting dilemma and a happy headache for the manager. Ospina staying put to challenge for first place could be good news for the Gunners faithful but bad news for Szczesny. This could mean a big threat to his place in the squad if Wenger decides to keep Ospina.

Any decision on the future of Ospina will have to wait for a couple of weeks before the Colombian joins back with the Gunners. If the interest of Everton is genuine, it may be tempting; both for Ospina and Arsenal.

Do you think Ospina should stay at the club rather than Szczesny? Will Wenger be happy to sell him to one of the Premier League teams?


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  1. Fantastic keeper but we should sell him abroad otherwise he will come back to bite us in the ass..If Everton are serious then we should make them fork out close to £10M..

    1. Seriously, I reaLly don’t like this. Ospina has done pretty well enough to stay. I honestly think if anyone must leave, fairly it should be the Pole. But this situation is confusing.

    2. or we loan out cech to them…till we prove he hasnt rusted 🙁 🙁

      1. i doubt his fitness…plus it may be Mourinhos master plan to kick us out of ucl 🙁 just like welbeck was/is 🙁 🙁

    1. Swansea did the double on us this season (Beat us twice). Swansea beat us in May. 0-1 at home. Clean sheet for Fabianski. They beat us in November too 2-1

      1. But let’s be honest Swansea,Stoke City they are our hoodoo teams they seem to always find a way to beat us this needs to be addressed in the new season!

  2. Maybe loan him to everton,scrap off points from other teams and leave a match unfit howard for us to aim at

  3. not worried about the GK position at all. The biggest concern is that apparently wenger is interested in di maria and higuain for ridiculous sums of money while the scousers are going for lacazette.

    1. Liverpool won’t get Lacazette. Why would he leave Lyon, a Champions League side, for Liverpool, a Europa league side?

    1. Yea don’t you just love it 🙂 even if it’s roumers I love its our turn now to be a threat HAHAHAHA

      Not that AW will pay the asking price but the table has turned yesterday Cech today Di Maria and tomorrow Hazard

    2. Of course it’s all nonsense, but Di Maria is absolute quality. People say he had a rubbish first season, but I think that’s quite harsh. Just compared his stats to Özil’s.

      Özil: Games played: 21 (1860 Minutes). Goals: 4 Assists: 5.

      Di Maria: Games played: 20 (1645 Minutes). Goals: 3 Assists: 10.

  4. Transfer priorities always set upward down by wenger.Look this we bought ozil when we needed suarez or higuani,chambers instead schneiderin now we have cech.arsenal shortage remains the same Dm and a st if we signed players according to priority now could be having two epl title In the last two season further progress in cl plus the tea cups.Wenger likes proving critics wrong when he is wrong and thats why he specialises in failure,he has completely ignored signing a dm for 10yrs now because people who have managed zero have said we need one.Wenger you are your worst enemy in terms successs,methink you are so old to lift a title in this era!

    1. I get this horrible feeling that our transfer business is done Though we still need another defensive midfielder and a goalscoring monster, WE ARE ONLY BEING VAUGHLY LINKED with he likes of Di Maria. If we don’t get the two afore mentioned players we will be no further up the ladder than last season.
      All of the available players that would fit the two roles are being snatched up and this means cheap alternatives or nothing at all and this is where I feel that we’re heading, I hop Im wrong but Im failing to see where wenger is going to get these two from.

  5. i think ospina will stay and fight cech for a place in the first team, its very important for cech to keep him on his toes throughout the season. otherwise he might slacken off a bit so this would keep him sharp knowing there is a class keeper behind him. ready to pounce and take over competition is very healthy for a title chasing side which is what we are are we not!
    this is the first time in a while, we will have a least two top quality keepers this pleases me very much. coyg

  6. Common man season ticket holder you need to take a chill pill…what’s the guarantee that AW won’t sign a DM? You are complaining out of fear not genuine concern – fear of losing the epl title…wenger has won the title before & even went unbeaten the whole season which is exactly what mourinho wants to replicate but seems impossible 4 him…arsenal intends to sign players that will improve the quality of the team all we can do is make guesses and share opinions but wenger holds all the cards…arsenal of today isn’t the same as that of four seasons ago – am sure u are aware of that fact.

    1. Blind faith eh? so who do you think he’ll sign when all the top players are being snatched up by other teams?? who are you suggesting Wenger will buy ? when the amount of top class players in any position are limited to start with and AW is apparently doing nothing!! tell me and make me feel better or do you have no idea and are merely going on blind faith alone??

      1. Ozzy, do a list of all the players that haven’t been signed in the transfer window and compare it with the confirmed transfers – tip of the iceberg stuff. And apart from Liverpool who has done any proper business this window? Chelski, City and Manure guys are pulling their hair out as well – a lot mentioning that even Arsenal has done decent early business – Cech. And you need to keep one eye on the exit door as well – one thing normally follows the other and we have a few on the way out. And you can’t just say Wenger is “apparently doing nothing” – you, we, none of us have the feintest scooby what he is doing with his time, if he was at it 24/7 we would be none the wiser. The best time to angst about it is on the closing of the window – then we can deal with facts and reality.

  7. Ospina isn’t going anywhere this summer but stay at Arsenal to fight for his place and so too is Szczesny. Is it a sin for Arsenal to keep their 3 top goalkeepers? Szczesny has made his stand openly known as he was reported to have said, he doesn’t want to leave Arsenal. And Ospina was quoted to have said, he will rather stay at Arsenal to fight for his place. So, why the initiative to sell Ospina have arisen from some quarters. Did Ospina said he preferred to leave rather than to stay as Petr Cech has been brought on board on Arsenal goalkeeping platform? Would it not be a level of strength for Arsenal to have 3 quality goalkeepers rather than just to have 2? I don’t ever believe the Boss will buy the quality declining Higuain and Di Maria. Buy them and do what with them? Whereas he has Giroud, Walcott and Welbeck than can productively play as his strikers this next season. Arsenal fans should not confuse the Boss doing what may turnout to be, had we know. It shouldn’t happen.

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