Everton v Arsenal Preview : Why the Gunners are a good bet!

Arsenal desperately need to get their confidence back and their Premier League campaign back on track, and they can’t afford to be patient any more as a defeat at Goodison Park will leave them in a very precarious position indeed. According to the bookie 888Sport, the two sides are very evenly matched with Everton being 2.65 to win, while Arsenal are slightly shorter at 2.60. The draw is a very generous 3.60 but I think the price for an Arsenal win is a much better bet.

Everton were a notoriously hard team to beat in the past, especially at home, but there are reasons why I believe Arsenal can take all three points and get their season back on track. Last week, while Arsenal were being beaten by Watford in the FA Cup, the Toffees were busy putting Chelsea in their place and are now looking forward to at least one visit to Wembley. Hopefully this will be their focus at the moment, and as they are comfortably in mid-table they have very little interest in the League fixtures going forward, whereas Arsenal have nothing else to distract them now.

So I am going to look at some good prices for the Arsenal win, primarily because if we Bet on Arsenal this weekend with 888sport, and you will get TREBLE winnings on your first bet! Get in on this fantastic offer here.

Another reason I fancy Arsenal to do the business is that although Everton looked good against Chelsea, in their last 8 Premier League games at home, they have only won once, against Newcastle, and they actually lost 5 of those 8 matches. That, for me, shows that Arsenal will have every chance to start scoring again and get back to winning ways. As I said earlier, 888sport are offering 3x winnings on the first bet for all new customers – a £10 bet could win you £300 or more if you make the right bet! Get started by betting on Everton v Arsenal and putting your faith in the Gunners.

My recommendation for this game is Arsenal to beat Everton 2-1 which is priced at 10.00 and will give you a great return for 3 times your winnings, and I am also going to have a little on 1-3 as well, because Arsenal always score one more when I don’t want them too! Arsenal simply have to win this game, and I am confident we will. Are you?


  1. Save your money.

    Don’t bet and don’t go to the game.
    Do something more important with it.

    Arsenal just aren’t worth it.

      1. fairweather?! Funny.
        Been an arsenal fan for over 35 years and have actually been throughout them to watch AFC at Highbury and then the Emirates (unlike you I should imagine who never missed a a match on tv!).

        Born and raised as a Highbury lad, I’m just sick to the teeth of the circus that is now Arsenal. Sure, I will keep an eye on results but done are my days of blowing my hard earned money supporting a club with a board and management that apparently does not give a rats arse about the soul of their club; the fans and the results ON the field. Only in their Arsenal Fried Chicken vision of a Branded sporting entity.

        As I said, I will spend more of my money and time elsewhere In the hope that one day there will be a football club to return to. Perhaps if others did too things may change.

        You enjoy your blue ‘sky ‘now!

        1. So can you believe that not everybody feels the same way? I will be cheering the lads on today and I will be begging the team to win the League to piss off all you bottlers.

            1. Oh I will, but I’ll just let you know in my 50 years as an Arsenal fan I have been to many more games under many many different managers and have seen the good times and the bad times. I am also a North London lad and probably have been to more games than you given the age difference.
              The newly arrived brats that have been spoilt by Wenger’s trophies think we have a god-given right to win every game. But real football fans actually want to watch the football and support the team. You are obviously an ex-fan!

              1. It’s the last time I reply to you since you obviously seem to have some comprehension issues or just avoid the subject at hand.

                I am an Arsenal man but my initial statement was that I would stop paying money into the brand now as well as spending more time on more important/rewarding stuff. And then you come with your bottler talk etc..

                I am not the new generation you speak of so dismissively as I was there when George and Bruce were before Wenger took the silk route out from his European exodus in Japan.

                I doubt very much you are 50, and are a life long supporter and north London boy but if you are that makes your character even more dubious in my eyes as you
                should know better than to abide and what’s more defend this nonsense year after year as you do.

                Think that makes you the bottler here!

                Don’t write back
                Yours sincerely
                AOT x

                1. I am not 50. I went to my first game 50 years ago when I was 7.
                  And I can honestly say that Arsenal have never played such brilliant football before Wenger arrived. Thats the problem. The new whiners don’t even know what “the bad times” means!
                  You will get rid of Wenger one day, and then we can go back to being a mediocre team so you can all whine some more.

                  1. Go back to being a mediocre team!!!!! Are you for real???!!!;)

                    What are we then if not the very definition of mediocre? I will not list the reasons why because if you don’t know that by now then you probably never will.

                    1. @ grude and arse over. Sounds odd but it hurts to see you two arguing. Why not meet and have a friendly talk over a pint and pie?

          1. Taking a stand against the management in Arsenal isn’t the same as being a bottler. You’re the kind of supporter that makes Kroenke continue his madness, blindly cheering up the team, supporting them no matter what is being said and done. No ambitions…

    1. Hahaha………Gunners are a good bet…….. I hear…….

      Everton are hungry for a European place….have that as a clue

      1. Everton are in 12th. They have more chance of getting relegated than a European place. That hungry yeah?
        If they want Europe it’s simple, concentrate on the FA Cup.

        1. 9p off the EL spot… If they hit a good form, theyre more likely to feed that hunger than we are to surpass Leicester with an equally good form.

    2. Watford was 7-1 against Arsenal. Swansea was like 9-1 Be like me, bet against us and win either way.

  2. If we lose this one that will be the end of our season, unless you consider getting the top four trophy as an achievement of course.

    So if our season will be over with our next lose and a win for either L/City or Spurs, can we finally judge you Arsene and your team? Since have been hiding under the “judge as at the end of the season” blanket lately.

  3. Honestly I’ve never seen Arsene so unsure of his players and rotating so much. I think we’ll have huge troubles with their attack and if they score first, we are hardly turning it around.

    1. Maybe he has finally observed what we all have known for the past years that his players are not as good as he thought. I wouldn’t hold my breath on it though.

    1. Yes I know there will still
      be the Wenger to play for
      but I don’t want to consider the
      4th place trophy just now.
      This is the weakest
      league for 30 years and
      is/was there for the taking.

  4. Admini or Bob, I want you known the fact that there is no team in the Premier League that any club love to beat like beating Arsenal. Other clubs feel as if they’ve won the World Cup whenever they succeeded in beating Arsenal as looked to have super raised the level of their game beyond their normal levels just enabled them to beat Arsenal. Beating a Arsene Wenger high status Gunners team give other team a big satisfaction than to beat any other team in the Premier League. Did we see how lowly Watford team raised the level of their FA Cup game against Arsenal at the Ems just to beat Arsenal? Even if they don’t win the Cup afterall, their success at beaten Arsenal has given them an enduring satisfaction to cherish.

    To get a 4th place placing in the table is a big success. Because that means we’ll continue playing in the Ucl for the 19th seasons consecutively. A lot of clubs in the Premier will give whatever they have to make that grade. Imaging if Arsenal are not in the Ucl next season, even Uefa will abhorred such a happening. Because Arsenal have become a class member of annual Ucl participants they can’t afford not to have.

    Arsenal MUST be aware of the danger Romelu Lukaku and Ross Barkley can pose to Arsenal defending and therefore pay adequate attention to them to stop them doing any damage to Arsenal collecting all the 3 points at Goodison Park on Saturday.

    Will the Boss be generous to Arsenal fans to start the same starting XI team he started at Nou Camp against Barca? That Starts was a delight to watch as they have attacking pace that rip any defense-line open. But they lacked the finishing power in front of Barca’s goal. A situation I believe they will not repeat at Goodison Park against Everton on Saturday.
    Everton 0-3 Arsenal at FT + added time.

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