Everton v Arsenal – Both managers expecting a tough day

So, the managers have spoken ahead of the all-important Everton v Arsenal showdown on Sunday and both Unai Emery and Everton boss Marco Silva have exuded confidence.

Emery has reiterated that Arsenal will continue the way they have been approaching games, he is confident that if we are efficient and competitive on the pitch then he thinks we will collect all three points.

Speaking about both the run in and how critical Sunday’s game is, Emery said:”I am very realistic. We are in a good moment. It depends on Sunday as well, these three points, but now each match is very important for that. If we win, we are third. If we don’t win, we can’t hold this position. But football is each moment to enjoy, to prepare, to work, to play”

“It depends if we are efficient on the pitch. If we are – for 90 minutes – competitive, then I think we can achieve these three points. But it’s a long way to go and we need to be positive, but also realistic and the reality is that Sunday is a very big challenge and a very big opportunity now”

“We are going to continue in our way and Sunday is the first. I think the players are very, very focused for this match and for our moment”

The Everton manager also had an air of confidence about him, he pointed to the mentality shown in the wins over West Ham and Chelsea and with the fans behind them he believes they can get a good result against us.

“On Sunday, we are playing another top team. I know how the atmosphere will be in our stadium again and how the fans can be a key for us” Silva said: “Together, our fans and players, can help us to get a good result.

“We will play with the same mentality we had in second half against Chelsea and in the last match against West Ham.

“We have to play with ambition and desire and believe in ourselves.

“We respect them, they have high-quality players, but the game will be tough for them. I don’t have doubts about that.”

Well, that sets that up nicely then, based on those comments you have to think they both teams will enter the field of play in high spirits, highly motivated and confident of collecting all three points.

If we did not know before, we know now, the Everton game is going to be competitive and tough.


  1. Luckyville says:

    I for one is very confident Arsenal will win this match, so am not worried at all.
    Meanwhile, after reading Emery’s comments yesterday, and I quote, “When I am training Arsenal I know we have targets,
    collectively and individually,” he said. “I earned titles in
    Paris and Sevilla and I think here we need the same objective.
    To win titles, in the present and the future.
    “To win the Premier League is difficult, but our progress is to be consistent and to create a big team to have the possibility to achieve that.
    “I am here for that. For titles, to be with the best teams in the world in the Champions League, have the best players in the world.
    “This is what I have done in the past and I want to do the same in the future.”
    This gives me hope that we have the right man in charge whom won’t sit in his office and be comfortable with fourth place as a trophy. I think Arsenal is gonna be very competitive next season when he brings in the players to fit in his system.
    And lastly less I forget, third place is ours this season and ain’t no one gona take it from us.

  2. gotanidea says:

    It’s gonna be tough for Arsenal, since they lose Bellerin, Holding, Welbeck, Torreira, Xhaka, Ramsey and Koscielny. Whereas Everton just lose Mina

    If Arsenal win, I will applaud Emery, his staffs and the players for their strategy/ motivation

    1. Declan says:

      Ramsey is fit and Xhaka has a late test.

  3. benex says:

    hope we keep winning, we can’t afford to draw, with our team in good shapes, i think everything could go as we wishes, i believe in UE, i believe in our players, let kip it going. we are the gooners!. our gun are full loaded, let’s unleash our daemons!.

  4. chekwube adaba filmz says:

    Wow! i can’t wait to watch this match..I promise everybody on this platform, a mug of beer each, after we must have won the game by 3 goals to 1(Eve 1 vrs Ars 3)

  5. Ackshay says:

    We used to lose pts in this type of games before when we came on the pitch expecting to win and not bothering to work for it. This season even we had a bad game we would always fight till the end. We should win this without much trouble unless everton plays a blinder and we have a bad day at the office at the same time.

    Only 1 team superior to us this season is man city which is obvious when you look at their oil resources. Liverpool referee fc if you remove all their offside goals and fake penalties they drop to our level this season.

    1. Sue says:

      Liverpool referee fc love it ?

    2. Declan says:

      They were denied a clear penalty last night though and finished well after a dodgy start. I still think Man City will win the league though.

      1. Yep, and Mane was robbed off a goal in our 1-1 draw at the Emirates. Honestly someone saying a team that is 19 points ahead of us is riding their luck is just hating.

        @Ackshay- Liverpool are better than us mate, that’s why they are fighting for both the league and champions league while we are scrapping for 3rd and 4th!

  6. I expect a difficult game and nervous display typical of an Arsenal away game. Chelsea already collected an L over there so am a bit worried about this game. I still think we will win the game, a hard fought 2-1 or 1-1 draw.

    1. Jah son says:

      If we start a front three of Auba, Laca and Ozil there will be no fight we will simply outclass them. Don’t you see how quickly those three move the ball and in which direction they usually go. We have a better team than Everton plain and simple.

      1. Yes, our attack is better, but is our defence better? Midfield? Idrissa Gueye patrols the centre for them and he takes no prisoners. I’ve seen him force out goal-conceeding errors from Xhaka many times before. Coupled with the fact we seem to play like a whole different team away from the Emirates I wouldn’t say tomorrow is a guaranteed 3 points in the bag.

        1. Jah son says:

          Whilst nothing is guaranteed I think the league table could best answer all your questions in one. Sir our midfielders are better likewise our defenders because there is not one player in their team that walks straight into our best eleven.

  7. Franklin Delandihno Jimlack says:

    For me, I have a totally different take on the Everton vs. Arsenal game on Sunday suppose to the high emphasis being placed on the match. This game with be one of the easiest away game Arsenal have played this season. We will drag and beat Everton 3 goals to 1goal. The players and the technical staffs are in the highest footballing spirit at the moment. Emery and his players have a lot at stick tomorrow and I am of the strongest conviction that they will get the job done. Bravo Arsenal, go for it the sky is your limit.

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