Everton v Arsenal Confirmed Team News & Predicted Line-up with ESR out

Arsenal will take on Everton at Goodison Park this evening, with Emile Smith Rowe, Granit Xhaka and Bernd Leno still being assessed before kick-off.

The Gunners have Sead Kolasinac confirmed as missing with the defender having been ruled out since the international break. He is currently expected to return to full training in January, although we have sufficient cover for him at present.

Granit Xhaka could well make his return to action today, having been missing since having to be replaced against Tottenham back in September. The midfielder is being assessed having returned to full training early, and the club’s official website insists he could well become available.

Bernd Leno and Smith Rowe are both nursing groin injuries and are also being assessed before kick-off, with the latter having been one of our most important players throughout the current term.

Predicted Arsenal XI:

Tomiyasu White Gabriel Tavares
Saka Partey Lokonga Martinelli
Lacazette Aubameyang

I struggle to believe that Arteta will be looking to risk Smith Rowe with a busy festive schedule ahead, with eight matches to play inside the next four weeks. Martinelli has proven recently that he is ready to step-in as cover regardless, lightening the need for ESR to be playing, although ideally we would have them all available at the same time.

I also believe that with Auba currently struggling for form that we could look to bring Laca back in alongside him, to give us a little extra in front of goal.

Who do you expect to get the nod to start this evening?


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  1. Arteta will no doubt include Auba, but my team, for what it’s worth, would be:

    Tomi,Holding, Gabriel, Tierney,
    Lokonga, White, Tavares,

    I think Partey and ESR should be rested and Auba consigned to the bench.The prospects of Arteta picking that eleven are remote, but as set pieces may be the most likely way for Everton to score, particularly if Mina plays, Holding would give us more aerial power .Whatever team is selected, nothing less than a win will suffice.

  2. Arsenal fail every sida and i would like to advise team board and owners to be rebuild. Man (Arteta team) will finish lposition (6). Woman team will finish (6). Avoid racialism. Team need dood managers.


    THERE IS NOTHING “CONFIRMED” AT ALL ABOUT “TEAM NEWS”. Merely a prediction! Hype and more dishonesty instead of the truth! Sigh!
    It will not and cannot be “confirmed”until the teamsheets are issued very near to kick off.
    So please do not once again mislead with this false headline!

    1. It is confirmed ESR, Granit and Leno will be assessed before kick off. It is confirmed Kolasinac is ruled out. It is confirmed the remaining players are available for selection.

      Furthermore even if the headline was not true (it is!), it does not hurt anybody does it?

      1. HH So you believe that non truths are harmless then?

        Non truths are also known as lies! Still harmless in your opinion then??

        1. I don’t think a non truth headline of a blog post hurts anybody. It is a very small thing.

          There are always three articles before the game here. The build up and prediction one, the team news like this one (injuries, who is available and who is not) and the confirmed lineup which will follow this shortly before the game starts.

          I think you have confused the usual third article with this one so I don’t see how this headline is in anyway misleading.

    2. But it is confirmed team news! Not “confirmed line up”. To my understanding it ‘title’ is correct.

      1. Just Jon being Jon
        Moaning for the sake of moaning about the smallest things that the average human wouldn’t have care about in the world .

  4. Dan Kit.
    Your starts look tempting. Arteta might start them. But trust, he could start a different starts for the match. Whatever starting XI he start, Arsenal have to win the match unfailingly.

  5. Can’t say I’m happy Xhaka is playing. Not feeling confident, but hope the lads prove me wrong. Hope Martinelli can score a couple and become a regular starter.

    1. Lol I thought Xhaka was out till late December!
      I’ll give it to him he’s very rarely injured but when he is he’s like a rat up drainpipe straight into the team ,no given him a few minutes to get him upto speed straight into the starting line up ,granit by name granit by nature it seems

      1. Shame but we are seeing some odd team choices again from Arteta. I thought we were on the way up, but the Man Utd game was so disappointing and this line up today doesn’t inspire me.

  6. Granite xhaka is back!🔥 Tierney starting, Lacazette starts upfront with Martinelli. And the surprise package is seeing Aubameyang on the bench😁

  7. Soares on the bench is just pigheaded from arteta balugon or amn shocking treatment👎

  8. Glad to see Tavares, Aubameyang and Lokonga on the bench. Never thought I’d be happy to see Xhaka start but I am! Lokonga is just horrible.

  9. What is wrong with Tierney? Since last season 90% of his passes is backwards. Every time you play ball to him he pings it back. I dont know why our fans hype him up so much.

  10. Process clearly working … worse football than under emery or Lundberg … partey hopeless xhaka consistently poor .. does he understand the game is to get the ball in to the opponents half? … tiernay out of it … saka has lost his mojo … but above all a manager with no strategy or motivational skills produces this kind of pointless uncreative football … thank god Everton are just as hopeless

    1. Partey

      Just some of the players that have gotten significantly worse in the last year or two

    2. If so many ex and current new players are struggling under Arteta including the experience productive players like Auba, Partey n Willian before as well then that is clear indication enough that Arteta is not the man clearly.

  11. 35 mins gone one shot not even on target against the least inform team in the prem
    Shocking pathetic and (insert)whatever anyone else wants to suggest .

    1. Some of us have been saying for sometime that we are going downwards under Areta but then we get shot down by these so called loyal fans for having better standards. Now we have given him time and money as well but don’t see any difference in our performances and results.

      1. You don’t need to preach to me mate
        I’ve been saying this for 12 months or more
        Seems some of our fan base have dropped their standards .
        I would suggest logic you don’t listen to the few clowns on here who pretend to know every thing Arsenal related

        1. 👍, I have been said all sort of things as well Dan just for refusing to lower the bar. We should be top 4 this season atleats not top 6 finish. We have no Europe so players are well rested, we have spent heavily in summer, squad is young energetic so they can cover lot of area and Arteta has more then a season under his belt. Really no excuse at all.

    2. Arsenal football has gone backwards. We play sideways and backward football instead of high energy attacking football.

  12. Regardless of this result .. we will not finish in top 6 playing this kind of football .. wanted arteta gone a year ago when his limitations were obvious to anyone with basic understanding of the game … want him gone today

  13. Imagine getting rid of Ozil and buying the same kind of player (Odegaard) and him having 10% of his skill .

      1. Yes Declan not the best timing of my post
        But I stand by it buddy ,just because he scored does not make my post any less true .

        1. I think you should comment more often about him. He scored last time too 😂

          If only Xhaka pulled out a goal every time I criticized him.

    1. We so so suck as a team!

      Everton a team who can’t buy a win and 16th in the table beats us when we’re a goal ahead, one defeat at pool and now business as usual again.

  14. This goal is just a cover over such a poor half of performance by Arsenal against a poor struggling Everton team.

    1. Spot on logic partey ,Tierney ,odegard have been poor. despite the lead I didn’t even celebrate the goal!

  15. If we win, which we probably will, then this is the kind of game we’ve been having this season.

    3 points but massively papering over the cracks that were very very clear before the goal came.

  16. Moan moan moan moan.

    I really question what the point of supporting a team if all you do is moan. Mustn’t be much fun 😂

    1. You mean you enjoyed watching that !!! Jesus no wonder we have been on a decade decline with no recovery in site … North Korea next destination perhaps?

    2. Must be hard to be a supporter.
      These lots do me head in I tell you.
      Moan about everything like we’re supposed to get on the pitch always and just walk away with the three points without working hard for it

      1. Please you’ve been making these idiotic Panglossian statements for as long as we have been falling further and further behind … how far do we have to drop?

    3. Bob your statement shows the kid table mentality you have, only then you can be happy and enjoying this shxt. If you had standards and expectations of a big club fan then you won’t be here jumping up and down about the type of performances and results we have had last two seasons.

      1. Exactly logic where was Eddie and Bobby boy before the lucky goal went in .
        Oh yea hiding behind the keyboard waiting for the best .
        Now they have perked up 😂

          1. Because Bobby you only comment when things are going for your agenda ,unlike the fans you call negative that comment no matter what .
            We do t see you unless there is a win ,same as a few other fans .

              1. Why should i be proud ?
                I’m talking about fans like you that seem to have massive wide on for fans that dont toe your line but disappear when things go against us .
                I would respect you more and fans alike if you didnt come out your mums basements only when we win .
                Hope that helps your question bobby .

              2. Why should i be proud ?
                I’m talking about fans like you that seem to have massive wide on for fans that dont toe your line but disappear when things go against us .
                I would respect you more and fans alike if you didnt come out your mums basements only when we win .
                Hope that helps your question bobby .

        1. Because I don’t make comments and moan during games, except before kick off, during the break and after the game, but I wouldn’t expect you to come out clean about that.

  17. So much to learn for Tavares. That was beauty from Tierney. I love Tavares still and he is an able deputy.
    No debate about the two no more!!!

    More goals please!!!

  18. 30 seconds of good football doesn’t mask a pretty abject first half. Not sure who had the worst performance – Arsenal’s starting XI or Mike Dean.

    Hopefully they come out with greater purpose second half. Great finish by Odegaard.

    1. Imagine seeing a player stamp on another player’s face when they are on the ground and thinking “That’s fine, probably an accident.” These refs all need to be fired.

  19. Thanks for that goal. It’s eased my worrying a bit.

    Now let’s get through the 2nd half unscathed and with a win

  20. That was a poor first half.
    Everton seem to have more solid shape than we did.
    Rustiness might be part of it though.
    Partey been to underwhelming for me.
    It’s obvious we’ll have to work hard and more better to come away with the three points.

  21. Arteta is not the person to take us forward. This negative football we now play. Keep trying to play out from the back passing it back at every opportunity.

  22. Pretty fed up with this performance – we’re behind the spuds, you’d think this would mean everything to them to get back infrint

    1. Yes.. We are behind spuds…
      They have game in hand…
      And even after all these things we made such hype of our form, unbeaten run… this and that…
      End of day we are behind…
      And we beat them by the way

  23. We should take off Xhaka and Odegaard
    Because both are on yellow cards
    Ref is already annoyed by our time wasting…
    He is Mike Dean…
    1 opportunity and he will send off any one of them

  24. Can Arteta bring in Pepe please. I know there are some who dont want Pepe in the team. But what does Nketiah Offer?

    1. I 10000% want Pepe , he’s not treated unfairly by Arteta just like all the other French speaking players (laca, guendouzi, saliba, Pepe)

      1. Some fans seem to forget the goals Pepe was scoring towards the end of last season.
        He is not given enough opportunities like Aubameyang who is messing around in games and still start the next match.

        We are playing like a mid table team. Lokonga and Partey combination in midfield was going smoothly. But Arteta decides to bring Xhaka back. Not even coming as a substitute to get him integrated into the squad. But he started today.

        Lokonga did not play at all against Man United. So what was the reason for being on the bench tonight?

        Oh. it is about seniority when it comes to Arsenal. This is a team we should be beating 5:0

    1. Xhaka with a ballerina move totally responsible for the second goal. Why was he still on the pitch if at all?

  25. The reason behind Partey being so poor for us the coach…
    Partey was managed was one of the top class coach in at Athletico Madrid
    And here it’s Arteta

    1. Nketiah said he wasnt extending his contract. And he was brought on later in the game against Man United why Pepe was on the bench.
      Same as today.

      Arteta is officially a clown.


    1. @ Kev, i am tired of this nonsense. this is too much. We take a step forward and 5 steps backwards.

      1. Skills I said after the united game on here I can’t see us beating Everton and Richarlison scoring, I even predicted Everton to win 2-1. I don’t know why everyone was so confident we would win we are a mediocre team bang average.. Arteta is massively out of his depth.

        1. @ Kev, this game hurt me a lot.

          What is the meaning of this nonsense? These guys dont play midweek matches

          I am just weak honestly. I may have to disconnect from anything Arsenal to get my sanity back.
          I am tired honestly

          1. Yeah Skills that’s probably a good idea, I have! I’m not even angry… Arteta supporters can’t complain they believe in this process but it’s only a matter of time before they wake up to the fact that Arteta is not a top level manager and never will be.

  26. Please please just get rid of the joker … what is wrong with this club … no Ffing self respect anymore .. it’s shocking along with most of fans on this site who are content with this crap

  27. 😂😂😂.. so now loosing to Everton. Arteta is the man. Let’s trust the process and stand behind the manager 😂🤣

  28. Anybody else expect that to happen. If you don’t kill teams off then there’s always a chance things will turn around.

  29. So where are the true Arsenal fans and those fountain of optimism hiding lol!. Who were saying they are sick of us moaning?

    1. I’m still sick of the moaning 20 minutes in, but moaning now is pretty justified.

      Arteta’s decisions for this game were shocking and it showed.

    2. Lets all be honest we are absolute shit if arteta had any honor he would resign immediately but there will still be so called “supporters ” on here using the trust the process bollocks please grow up and stop posting rubbish on this site. It’s not just arteta who should go but most of the players including aubameyang and the other clown who missed a chance a Sunday league pub player would have scored
      Rubbish performance
      Rubbish team
      And now turning into a rubbish club. I for one wont watch anymore of this crap while arteta is in charge

  30. Arsenal are finally back to where they feel comfortable – 7th place. We found ourselves in an unfamiliar territory, 5th place in the last couple of weeks.

    1. yes essentially 4 – 1, Var was never intended to count millimeters.

      Arteta is a clownhe peoved that today.

      we allow ManU to be resurrected and now we seem to do the same to Everton.

  31. Everton deserved it, they played better then us and actually we’re unlucky with one of the close calls but atleast they were trying. We have no playing style and our players are clueless what to do with the ball.

  32. What a hype about our form.. unbeaten run and all … Articles that We are on right track with Arteta..
    After all this, we are still behind Spurs and Utd even though they are having pathetic season..
    It seems our season is much more pathetic than them

    1. The realists have been saying this for a long time, our ability to sneak lucky wins playing dross football will catch up to us.

      The lucky wins papered over cracks and gave the non realists false hope believing there is a process.

      well, welcome to the process.

    1. In our fan base if you demand improvement, if you demand results and if you demand higher standards it is labelled as moaning. It’s that reason we are where we are.

      1. The problem with a lot of Arsenal supporters is they bought into this phantom process hook line and sinker, when the true realists saw that the football was total crap and the manager was clearly well and truly out of his depth but they will somehow make more excuses after this… Goodison park strikes fear into players you can’t judge Arteta on this 😂

        1. 👍..😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣. Some times I believe these fans work in creative team of some Ad agency the new and exclusive excuses they come out with its unbelievable 😂

          1. Hahaha soon enough these excuses will be award winning Logic 😂😂 Arteta must have a spell on them because nobody in their right mind would defend this garbage we witness weekly! Even when we win we’re crap 😂

  33. Always the same if you are a struggling team you want to play Arsenal as they will give you a leg up.

  34. Xhaka with a ballerina move totally responsible for the second goal. Why was he still on the pitch if at all?

  35. I said it ages ago you can give Arteta Barcelona if Xavi, inesta n Messi era and he will still find a way to fail. He will not only fail but make even those players to flip.

  36. If anyone still supports Arteta, honestly I don’t see you as an Arsenal fan anymore; I merely see you as a rival fan wanting our downfall.

    Let this be clear to everyone; with this rookie at the helm I don’t see us progressing. We need a proper coach ffs 🤦‍♂️. Who did we honestly offend as Arsenal fans to be getting this trauma??? Like who??? I’m sick to my stomach seeing this rookie every game of the week. #Artetaout

  37. Can we get the Atalanta coach to take charge?

    How can a club as big the size of Arsenal be bringing on a rookie like Nketiah who just informed the club he wont be signing a new contract? And our Rookie manager decides to bring him on as a substitute twice(Against Man united and now Everton)

    We have a Nicholas Pepe on the bench. a guy with skills who can create goal scoring moments at any time in a game.

    I am officially an Arteta Out Brigade.

    This experiment should end now.

    1. It’s artetas ego and arrogance bigger than all the players …

      Just because Arteta is a player that plays safe ball , he doesn’t like Pepe with the skills and flare

  38. I really don’t understand…. it was obvious that the midfield was not good enough from the first half. Why couldn’t Mr. Arteta see this and rectify it. Surely he must’ve saw this !!!!

  39. We will not sack Arteta until all good managers are taken then we will sack him and sign another shxti manager. Then we will be here saying same things.

  40. Mikel Arteta has to be held accountable for the way we’ve played in recent games. Im starting to lose faith in him now. Partey has been utterly shocking & starts ahead of wee Albert. Our manager seems to be making all the wrong decisions before & during the game. If this continues i cant see him being here by the end of the season.

      1. And how many players after players will you keep holding responsible. We have changed a lot of players since Arteta has taken over but result seem to be same. Only constant in equation is Arteta but you are saying don’t hold him accountable ??

      2. Nah no way mate. Everyone & their dog could see how poor Laca & Parety were tonight yet nothing was done until it was to late. Im not calling for Arteta’s head but these performances can’t continue for much longer or even the people that still back him will be against him.

  41. Despite yet another lacklustre performance I still think we’ll avoid relegation. It’s the least we should expect.

    1. We so so suck as a team!

      Everton a team who can’t buy a win and 16th in the table beats us when we’re a goal ahead, one defeat at pool and now business as usual again.

      What is it with xhaka and arteta?! The minute he can walk and lift a spoon unaided hes back in the starting lineup what happened to easing players back? Were so sh1t!

  42. Spurs sack Nuno even after sacking Morinhio, united sack Ole, Chelsea sacked Frank but we won’t sack Arteta even though he performed worse out of most of them if not all.

  43. We need to get Zidane….he’s the only one left. Pay for a good manager as well as players. Go big.

  44. Is it a surprise that Xhaka coles back into the squad and we go back to losing against piss poor teams..
    Man conceded the throwing that Tavares and another liability Partey decided to fumble..
    Now we 7th a point adrift Man U, who will surely get a new manager bounce and prolly end the year very strongly.
    We ain’t ready for the cahmpions league.. Look how nervous we are against Everton.. What happens when we find ourselves in Allianz arena against Bayern…
    I shudder at the thought..

  45. Looking at the situation of things we are in deep trouble. Spurs are back and playing well under Conte, united are having a new manager, West ham will only get better, the top 3 can only interchange positions up top and us? Diminishing.

    Can anyone tell me why we are delaying time cowardly at the 70th minute against a poor Everton side? Watching this team you will just know something isn’t right. There is an essential ingredient missing in the team.

    It took Conte 2 weeks to turn a shi**y spurs into a real team. It took Tuchel a few weeks to get an underperforming chelsea side to a top team. Moyes is doing an unbelievable job at Westham and all we get is this in 2 years.

    If they care they would have a plan B already. They would have been negotiating for the next manager already. I’m saying this because we are heading for an 8th finish again unless we act fast.

    Are you telling me this team will play like this against Conte? The obvious answer is No. Spars are now more ambitious than us. Shame on the Board.

  46. Ppl can say as much as they want but our fan base is shrinking exponentially and trust me club can not survive on so called loyal fans who advice every other fan who voice their concern to go support another club. With sort of football style and results we will loose big money from all earning avenues as we become less and less popular. We have already been taken over by other clubs in top 10 rich club list.

    1. That was a disgraceful performance whoever you are. We know what needs to happen. Tuchel, Conte, have gone to Chelsea and the Spuds and we have Arteta. Pay, pay, pay a top manager like Zidane, otherwise it will be 20 years before we challenge again.

  47. If the team were cartoon characters I guess they’d be the Powder Puff Girls, no fighting spirit whatsoever.

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