Everton v Arsenal Player Ratings – sub Giroud MOTM

Everton 2 – 2 Arsenal, Player Ratings by KJ

Szczesny – 6
He was sloppy today and was pretty cocky on the ball which meant he cut it close with a few decisions.

Debuchy – 5
He was poor all game and was absolutely destroyed by Mirallas. He didn’t have much support in attack and was constantly under pressure. He will need to improve sharply over the next few games.

Chambers – 6
He was good on the ball but his off the ball decisions were more than questionable. He clattered into Everton players more than once and didn’t sheppard Lukaku when he had passed Mertesacker (by fouling him). He’ll learn from that mistake though.

Mertesacker – 6
Clearly unfit and was slower than usual. Struggled against Everton’s strikers and seemed to be running through treacle all game. Will get better.

Monreal – 6
He struggled at times. He was composed on the ball was caught out too often.

Flamini – 6
He didn’t really do anything extremely wrong but didn’t really dictate the game by intercepting and tackling the opposition and starting counter attacks.

Wilshere – 6
He didn’t really get into his stride today but did try to increase the tempo of the game when he was on the ball. It just seems like he’s not suited to the rest of the team and Wenger is trying to shoehorn him into the team and is changing our formation into the 4-3-3 as a result. The rest of the team is struggling to play that formation and as a result, we are playing poorly.

Ramsey – 6
He was shocking today and only gets a 6 because he scored the goal that got us back into the game. Again, this is the sign of a world class player. He can have a terrible performance and yet still can decide the result of the game.

Oxlade-Chamberlain – 6.5
He tried to do a lot of things today and had numerous shots at goal. Unfortunately, they never really were close enough to really trouble Howard but it gave him something to think about early on. Went completely anonymous after half time.

Ozil – 6.5
He was clearly unfit and yet created numerous great chances. He did lose the ball quite often but he didn’t have the extra yard to take advantage of. If only we had a striker who can really take advantage of the chances created.

Sanchez – 6
He really struggled through the middle. He was too deep and with no focal point in attack, he couldn’t really affect the game.

Giroud – 7.5 (MOTM)
He changed the game when he came on. We actually had someone who could move us forward in attack. He did miss two really good chances but managed to enable us to create chances later on in the game and scored the equaliser.

Campbell – 4
He was shocking. He had no control and didn’t do anything positive when he came on. He clearly requires quite a few games at this level to get into the swing of things. But it is still to be decided as to whether he’ll make it at this level.

Cazorla – 6.5
He assisted the first goal and helped pile on the pressure late on. I’m hoping for something similar on Wednesday.

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  1. I saw the game again. The first goal conceded was Chambers fault as he couldn’t push forward to create the offside trap. If you see our previous season Kos and Mer were amazing in creating that, making less room for the opposition. Don’t get me wrong Chambers is an amazing signing but needs time to adjust to his new compatriots.

    For the second goal, I saw the sideline referee was exactly at line where the player ran to offside but he didn’t gave it. But 10 out 10 from that view any referee will give it a offside.

    Overall amazing comeback. Can’t ask for anything more than that.

    1. Chambers is just not good enough….

      players at 20yo are already world class….and playing for top top clubs

      Shaw, Lukaku, Aurier, Mvilla, Wanayama…etc..

      1. Yes he made some mistakes but look at his overall game.

        Tell me after the end of the season if he is still not good enough. No one turns into Cannavaro overnight.

        1. Also he needs time to adjust to a new team with a fellow cb who he just started playing maybe less than 3 – 4 days ago.

      2. Hafiz, out of curiosity what do you base your opinion of players on?? do computer games come into it at all??
        I’m not going to lie, and when it comes to the many leagues i don’t follow football manager and youtube compilations is a lot of the time all i can base my very uneducated opinion on and sometimes my judgement gets clouded because of this…
        But the lunacy to claim that our 19yo is not good enough when he has performed so admirably taking little to no time to adjust is just ridiculous. Especially considering he’s playing in what seems to be his third favored position.. I can’t help but think your opinions are solely based on FIFA which is a completely different ballpark?

      3. You say Chambers isn’t good enough but he was MOTM for the first two games of the season. Judging by this you must think we need to ditch the entire team.

    2. This game again showed we nee quality signings at back.Wenger has lost his tactical nouse.We can’t defend Set Pieces and Ox from his 8 shots,none was on target.Where is the improvement on finishing?

    3. how are you blaming Chambers? it’s Mertesackers fault for trying to play offside from a cross and Özil’s fault for not picking up his man

        1. Yes it’s every players duty to defend especially if it’s a set piece even CR7 at Real Madrid defends when they have corners or free kicks against them!

        2. @Josh37..You guys are funny, so what exactly does Ozil do for the team? everyone else tries to help out defensively but Ozil is a special case who is allowed to just float around doing nothing offensively and defensively??


          1. don’t patronize like that..
            but no.. Ozil’s about as pure a no.10 as you’ll find, so he usually, due to his weak defending skills, gets a lot more involved in pressing the defenders higher up the pitch. So marking an opposing fullback of Coleman’s quality deep in his own box after little over a weeks training isn’t exactly his forte…
            If Wenger really wanted to focus on defensive stability on the left-side there are soooo many other options he could’ve fielded. But i dare say Ozil’s killer ball intelligent movement and contribution to the attack outweighed his defensive liability, a gamble which obviously didn’t pay off…

            1. if Ozil is going to be back there to defend the set piece, he shold defend the set piece and track his runner! He completely let Coleman go, and actually ran in the opposite direction the ball was going. I dont care if he is a pure No. 10, your teammates are relying on you to do something if someone like Coleman is about to score a goal. If that were Giroud, would you be saying hes a striker, so he gets a pass. A large part of that goal is Ozils’ fault, sorry, but not really.

      1. Ozil did not do well there – that is certain. But there was likely a defensive breakdown somewhere – def schemes often identify covering players and I have serious doubts that Ozil was that covering player because he an emergency defender at best. Something else was missing there. Bould knows what went wrong – we don’t necessarily.

        But also it was a nice goal from Everton – they deserve some credit for the 1st goal.

      2. As they said on MOTD you don’t play offside when there is no pressure on the ball. Barry was able to wait and time the pass perfectly. Should always be a player closing down the ball. It is a collective error. Should not happen at that level .

      1. Of course he should have done better, but I wasn’t that mad at Özil yesterday simply because you know that Ozil marking Coleman won’t work. Still he could have anticipated better but in total I think he deserves a 7.
        He is not ready yet but we saw some great glimpses, especially in the first half. Enough glimpses to make me excited and I can’t wait to see him play the moment he is fit. He has had some struggles.. but I think the experience of last season together with the holiday ( he was overworked), world cup win and cohesion with our lads will bring the best out of him this season.

        I also want to mention that some minority should really F off right now in moaning our players. Giroud has been going on for a while now and Wilshere is starting to escalate. Give Jack some time.. He is one of the most loyal Gunners we have and for all dipshits reading this; also Ramsey has struggled because of his injuries. Jack has got the qualities to become a World Class player but give him some time.
        Yesterday he was decent, so don’t start saying he was awful.. he doesn’t deserve that crap

        1. Jack is overrated and is a victi of the English hype he has a lot of time to develop into a great player for us but he needs to show sign of improvement. Ramseys improvement came from simplifying his game.jack needs to follow suit he holds on to the ball too much and attracts the foul in att mid pos this can be a good thing if we have a set piece finisher, but when playing cm it leaves us open for the counter attack.
          When speaking of world class xavi should be the best example for him the thing about xavi he moves the ball allot quicker so he doesn’t attract heavy tackles.

    4. Where exactly did it go wrong for wilshere? He seems to be clueless nowadays, and by the way wenger should be bold enough to drop him and play Ozil in his normal position. Its not coincidence that we look better and score goals when he (jw) is off, in both C.palace and yesterday. And he is affecting Ramsey negatively! Its up to wenger to choice between team’s success and fitting wilshere in. Giroud is not as useless as we think, though he’s better off the bench. We need a better 1st option. Szchezny wasn’t impressive, ospina should be watching as soon as he’s ready! Monreal and ozil same side left?? Come wenger you must be kidding, no wonder both goals come from that side. +per was close to Monreal again ‘slow at its best’. Overall a better performance offensively but less impressive defensively

    5. Yes you might be right that we have sign 4 players already but don’t forget we have only replace the one’s out,Osipna for Fabiaski,Debuchy for Sagna,Chambers for Jenkinson,Sanchez for Lord Bendtner, Vermeline not yet replace and for me we really have not got a defensive midfielder. Mertesacker always a slow player when you play with him partner covers for him which does very well i never expect Chambers to do it perfectly. My all and all is that we still need 2 to 3 players.

    6. I was not surprised. That AR is the worst in the league and most of the time a bad call is made from the sideline in an EPL game, there he is. His father-in-law must be a high ranking official in the EPL.

    7. Watch the replay again from the above. Ozil is marking Coleman but he does not see him charging behind him. To add more to the injury, the ball would have been an easy one for Szceszny should he decided to go for it. And no, Chambers lack of sync was not the cause because Mertesacker also kept Coleman on side. If anything, I thought Debuchy should have been closing the cross so that he may have blocked it. But hey, is only the begining of the season, let’s see City in about few weeks from now.

    8. Giroud MOTM??????? he should have earned that had he scored the winning goal because he had a lot of chances created for him unlike Sanchez who had none.
      MOTM was the referee no close competition at all, What’s with the english pundits, press, media and referees and Arsenal???????????? they treat us like we stole a drum from a Church.
      Flamini was the weakest link, he could do anything at all and that position affected us a lot because all chances were created from the middle and he couldn’t move the ball from defence to attack.

  2. Campbell clearly cant make it he should go….

    the same with Carzola hes ageing….

    we should replaced them with Reus and Draxler……..

    Sanchez is very disappointing…….

    1. Dude are you even a gunner or just a troll.

      Real Madird, Barca have plethora of stars, you can cheer for them.

    2. Campbell has now played maybe ten minutes of EPL football and you are so clever that you have determined he is a dud which makes you really smart because that opinion contradicts the fact that Campbell has somehow performed well at all other clubs and for country before finally coming to London. Did you watch the WC by chance?

      You and KJ need to form your own club that is limited to 2 members.

  3. Giroud was fantastic today but he really needs to be more clinical. I dont think Sanchez will work upfront against physical teams, we didnt put a single cross in the box when he was on.

        1. 3 goals in 4 games what excuse me?We have played 3 official games Palace,Besiktas and Everton if you counting goals in a friendly against Man City then you’re mistaken!

          1. he has been a part of two defining moments which have won us 4 from 6 points..
            And ironically Hangeland’s goal we conceded from a set-piece was pretty much exactly in Giroud’s zone in our zonal marking of corners :O

            yes he was extremely poor vs Beskitas, but people are acting as though that’s his stock standard when it’s the other way around…

  4. Not a very encouraging summary . I`m going to say what`s on my mind and it`s simply, Wenger has no idea in the market place.

    1. Relax Mr. Aussie, the transfer window is not over yet. And already he has signed 4 players. Give the man some breathing room.

    2. I can never understand why Wenger keep buying pre-maddona midgets !!!!! they can play the fancy football but just look at our team and apart from the back 4 yesterday we had a team that can play fancy football but no-one in the midfield is strong none of them are what we can call big strong tough taking players, That is what we have lacked at arsenal for many years, we need so beef in the midfield, it is ok everyone keep saying we are over loaded with midfielders but they are all the same !!! We need some midfielders that can be strong and battle for us !!!! al our midfield are forward thinking and there is such a big hole from them and the back 4, It does not matter who we have playing at the back we will always get attacked with goals against us with the style of midfielders we have, Let get some steel in the middle of the park, Lets bring in some players that other teams feel fear playing against us, Look back at our best teams and we have always had players that will get back and cover and can tackle and win balls in the middle of the park, So many of our midfield now can,t even get back never mind win the ball back when we need it, It is NOT about the price of players it is all about buying players that can balance a good strong team, At time we need to buy a player who is not a star but is good at doing what we need him to do,

    3. Well thank fcuk he isn’t in “the market place”

      Roll on Wednesday, most important match of the season, which will decide Wengers transfer improvement levels. Win and we are going for reus cavani khedira and manolas. Lose and we are going for Ben arfa, remy, song and winston

    4. Personally I don’t think alexis was the right signing on the other hand Give it time and he can be our talisman. It would have been interesting to see if we could have added mandzukic and griezmann for nearly the same price. I’m not confident we can cope if giroud is injured because sanogoo isn’t ready.

      Griezmann is very good at defending so our left back won’t be exposed.he is also an excellent corner taker. Mandzukic is on A similar level to dzeko so we would hVe a better striker to share responsiblity

  5. one thing i have observed is that we always go for small one-twos in the opposition’s box,
    against good teams like everton ITS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN FOR 99% CASE
    once we get into the box why dont they simply shoot n work their keeper or in case of deflection we can get a corner. We loose the ball in their box and they straight away counter attack us.

  6. Shoutout for the away fans yesterday – out sung Everton for most of the game. Great support.

  7. Giroud absolutely made an impact when he came on but he just misses too many opportunities! In the end he’s a CF so it’s his role to finish… Missing the target on 3 separate occasions will cost us games

    1. What about Ox? His shooting was woeful, was grinding my teeth during the game.
      Different look altogether when OG came on, for all his deficiencies.
      Great cross from Monreal for goal as well, he looks improved this season.

  8. How come Wenger can’t see that we need a proper cf post our last 2 games!! I really hope he signs 2 more player before this transfer window shuts.

    1. haha a ‘proper CF?’ i guess proper CF’s aren’t supposed to assist on extra-time winners or salvage points in the dying moments of the game.. In our two PL fixtures Giroud has played a big part in getting 4 from 6 points.

      1. Minus the missed opportunities right? I understand all forwards miss occasionally but giroud always tends to miss out every game and that keeps costing us just like last season.

        Sad to say but this team will not win CL or EPL.. Maybe we get to 2nd or 3rd, tops.

        1. What cost us was giroud not starting how many of use were wishing alexis started in front of him ? Now you see giroud is the best option and yes we need another more mobile clinical giroud to take the pressure of him. With poldi on his way now is the time to go for that player.(falqao>huntelaar>bony/remy)

  9. What a rubbish performance from the team! Wengers tactics have gone out the window. We have a better squad than dortmund and atletico but their manager makes the difference. If we keep on playing 4-3-3 we’re doomed… But we got a valuale away point so it’s not all doom and gloom YET!

    1. Drew. Dortmund get beat 2-0 at home last night.
      As for rubbish performance, you do realise we had to play BFG at CB, who, has had just a week or so practice after returning from holidays post WC, and, has never played with our RB, or, his CB partner yesterday.
      We played in Turkey Tuesday night, Everton had a week off.
      Giroud needed time out, so Alexis was thrown in the CF role, and, is clearly not yet 100%
      AGREED. not a great performance, but, taking those points into consideration, and, playing away to a team with a great home record, that thrashed us 3-0 last Season, and, with only Barkeley missing, a point was a terrific result.
      Chelsea were outplayed at home yesterday for 50 minutes, by a team just promoted, and, only broke them down after 60 minutes, with all their players available and rested from last week-end.
      Bit of reality is required. We will not just go to these clubs and turn them over every time. All our players will NOT have great games every week.
      Some players need to get match fit, some need to bed=in with the Club, tactics, team-mates, and for some, new league, new Country etc.

  10. I can never understand why Wenger keep buying pre-maddona midgets !!!!! they can play the fancy football but just look at our team and apart from the back 4 yesterday we had a team that can play fancy football but no-one in the midfield is strong none of them are what we can call big strong tough taking players, That is what we have lacked at arsenal for many years, we need so beef in the midfield, it is ok everyone keep saying we are over loaded with midfielders but they are all the same !!! We need some midfielders that can be strong and battle for us !!!! al our midfield are forward thinking and there is such a big hole from them and the back 4, It does not matter who we have playing at the back we will always get attacked with goals against us with the style of midfielders we have, Let get some steel in the middle of the park, Lets bring in some players that other teams feel fear playing against us, Look back at our best teams and we have always had players that will get back and cover and can tackle and win balls in the middle of the park, So many of our midfield now can,t even get back never mind win the ball back when we need it, It is NOT about the price of players it is all about buying players that can balance a good strong team, At time we need to buy a player who is not a star but is good at doing what we need him to do, BUY what we need not what looks good on paper !!!

  11. Gonna be a very exciting week.
    The final days
    of the transfer window.
    So many possibilities, theories
    who’s coming in who’s going out?
    Then there’s the ECL 2nd leg v Besiktas
    mid week + Leicester on the week end.
    Next the interlul and then just a few days to
    prepare for Manchester City.
    No rest for the shickered 🙂

  12. When the midfield is able to get the striker touches and/or he scores, he is deemed great and gets a high rating. When the midfield does not get the ball to the striker and/or he does not score, he is deemed to be sh#t. The truth is always somewhere in the middle.

    The reality is Giroud was never as bad as the “3” rating he received for his previous game and Giroud is also not suddenly a superstar because he scored in his recent appearance.

    When will KJ (and some fans) wake up and at least TRY to understand football. Strikers do not always get lots of touches nor do they score every game but they are still the same player and may still have put in the same effort. The football ignorance sometimes is amazing.

    1. Nice post Mohawk. The “slug, lamppost, fat boy” saved us yesterday when 90 per cent of us were celebrating his benching when the game sheet came out yesterday. Needing another quality striker (which most of us can agree on) is not incompatible with needing Giroud (which many can’t seem to accept).

  13. Over the past few months Roberto Martinez has really lost it. Remember his attacking Arsenal at the end of last season? He is back with more nonsense.

    Now he says HIS team deserved to win. Let us see. Arsenal scored 2 goals and Everton only scored 1 legitimate goal. Simple math and the rules of football contradict his nonsense.

    In football, the team that scores more goals wins – not the team with the prettiest passing – not the team that makes the fanciest moves – not the team with the most shot attempts.

    Goals determine winners and losers in football, Roberto. Goals. Your team did not even deserve a draw. Read the rules one time.

    (And the 4th place team has earned it because it has scored more than the 5th place team – simple math)

    1. Meiralles missed a clear chance and Roberto thinks that was why they lost,, lol..

      But he ignores the that we missed 2 great chances in the second half but still scored 2 legitimate goals.. Hist team only score one legitimate goal..

      1. Yes, but Roberto……. In football, you don’t get credit for missing chances, not even easy chances. If we got credit for missing chances, Giroud would be a much more valuable player.

    1. You truly are clueless. This is a TEAM game. Costa is getting the ball at his feet all game because Chelsea is filled with superstars – this gives him 20 times the opportunities.

      Put Costa on a weaker team and he will suddenly be sh#t and fans like you would wonder cluelessly what happened to him.

      Do you know anything about anything?

      1. this means our team is weak and not good enough…..

        title and CL is gone….

        we need to spend big and bring in a few more quality players…..

        1. troll.

          Chelsea played the two weakest teams in the PL and you are telling us how great Costa because he managed to score against them…

        2. Seriously Hafiz, and no offence, but it would be better if you went and supported the scum that is Chelsea.

    2. you might as well bring more fire to the table mentioning that it is CESC giving the killer passes, which lead Costa scoring more.

      arsenal is DEFINITELY hit harder by the world cup hang over.
      the germans played all the way till final. spain was out in group stage.
      both cazorla and cesc had played perhaps 1 game in their national side, giving them a much more time to train and return to fitness.

      where Chelsea has an advantage over is their key players other than Willian and Oscar and Ramires, were all not involved in the world cup much.

      Chelsea is definitely a much more prepared squad than us, and we are all over the place at the moment.
      to fix that and sacrifice the least, Wilshere should be drop. This will retain the clarity of roles between Ramsey and Ozil of support b2b, and an atking playmaker.
      the LCM role should really be a b2b defensive mid to cover ground in between. all he needs to do is win the ball, and find someone else to recycle the ball, mostly ramsey and ozil.
      with this, the LB hole that’s always been the issue should be reduced MUCH less. and we’ll have less of a problem at the back, giving the back 4 more time to organize.

      yes, it is the fabled DM we need. and not the striker. the attacking problem can easily be fixed as long as we have Ozil CAM, Walcott RW, and either Ox LW and Sanchez CF.

      the rest is then about playing together long enough and knowing how to organize the attack amongst each other.

      having a better LW or an even better ST would be a plus, but with our options up front, we shouldn’t be struggling to score goals.

      1. Tony Kroos, Scherrle, Muller, Lahm, basically most of the Germany players that contributed more than Mert and Podolski were back into their teams training long time ago..

        Podolski and Mert who were bit part players got extended breaks?


  14. Some people are so convinced that OZIL was instrumental in the first goal, it’s really clutching at straws. They are saying he created that Cazorla chance by passing him the ball wide, lol..

    And that is now another chance created stat for Ozil, even if we all know it is bolox.. He kept passing responsibility with his safe passes to team mates..

  15. Giroud most likely to be out for the besitkas game

    Arsene Wenger is worried Olivier Giroud could miss Arsenal’s Champions League play-off second leg with Besiktas after picking up an ankle injury in the 2-2 draw with Everton.

    The former Montpellier striker replaced Alexis Sanchez at half-time at Goodison Park and rescued a point with an equaliser one minute from time after Everton had initially raced into a two-goal lead.

    But the 27-year-old limped off before the whistle blew and Wenger is now concerned that the forward could be an injury doubt for the Gunners’s Champions League play-off meeting with Besiktas on Wednesday.

    “It is a big game on Wednesday, we hope we can recover,” he told Sky Sports. “I hope we have not lost Giroud in the final minute. It’s a stretched ankle. It doesn’t look good.”

    1. Podolski? This game will show if we intend to keep or sell him. We should only sell if we intend. To replace I don’t want to here we looked and couldn’t find anyone.

      Why should we have to wait for champL q to get manola? Cb is imperative

  16. From the way Wenger try out the players I forsee he is not buying any CF. We all know Wenger tactical wise is so poor, like to put players out of position, use wrong tactics against different team. Some time I feel he didn’t buy more players be cos he don’t know how to ustalise them. BUT why during invincible time, we got qualities on the bench he knows how to use them.

    As for Ramsey, just my thinking, he played so badly last few game is be cos of wilshere. He is trying to let wilshere to be more into the game to build up his confidence so himself trying not to out shine him.

    1. That would have actually made sense,if I didn’t watch the match but I did and it didn’t look like Ramsey was trying not to outshine wilshere, ramsey misplacing passes does not equal trying not to outshine wilshere. We need more than the goals from ramsey,he was not our best player last season because of only the goals,he needs to sit up and focus on his game more,but I know he’ll find his foot with time

  17. Utd signs Di Maria….

    they are spending and strengthening……

    Rojos, Di Maria, Mata, RVP, Rooney and Janu

    we will not finish top 4 if we do not spend big…..

  18. Campbell was shocking? He played 15 minutes and barely touched the ball. Control was an issue a few times (he seemed nervous) but he did get a few good crosses in.

    1. I don’t understand. He barely touched the ball but he was shocking. Those do not necessarily go together. If he did not get the ball how was he supposed to do something great with it?

  19. It’s just being reported that Abou Diaby has caught pneumonia from doing the ice bucket challenge. Sources say he’ll be out for up to 8 months

  20. Arsenal fans seem to need a lightening rod i.e a player to hate. Wilshire and Giroud would sleep a lot easier if Bendtner or Gervinho were still in the squad

  21. Anyone else find it surprising that our team’s fitness outlasted Everton? We had more players in the World Cup that are just getting back to speed and we played a midweek game in Turkey, yet it was still their team that tired first.

    I think it was Alexis that tired them out, every time we were trying to break out through him, their defence used all their energy to get back, they just couldn’t keep on for 90 minutes with that work-rate.

    Also encouraging that we play against a big team away from home and are able to get the better possession and more shots. The passing and finishing needs a bit of fine tuning, but we know the team can perform better than that. Playing badly against a big team, away from home and still rescuing a point is encouraging, even though the performance wasn’t.

  22. Good point think everyone would have taken
    That at the start of the game, I think arsenal capibilities lies in the hands of one man Wengee and wednesday night becuase by no means is that game a given. Win and get thru and hope we buy atleast 2players, my preference strengthen the defence with a D.m and c.bk and put chambers bk as a bk up to debuchy. Chambers has done his bit for now even though yday he was extremley poor which u cant realy blame him as he has beeen thrown in the deep end too soon.

    Khedria & manolas would be good business,

    Hearing stories abt podolski going??? If true most realistic targets id say are Remy or I may get stick for this lol danny welbeck(i like his non stop work rate & think he could provide good densive cover for our left bks and chip in with goals.

    Yday sanchez may have been abit quite but one thing uv gotta luv was his non stop work I think every fan luvs that, a player may not have the best of games but wen he puts a shift in it eases the blow a little. Sabchez is going to get stringer no doubt & I liked ozil dont think left wing was good for him.but hopefully for Wednesday wenger puts him bk.in middle with jack on bench.

    1. I played against Danny in the school leagues in Manchester everyone around him always spoke highly of his finishing ability he could very well follow the path of sturridge! But if it means we can’t go in for a big name forward next season then no let him go somewhere like spurs

  23. Seems strange to me that we all knew we needed a striker and DM since last season. One week to go in the transfer window and we’ve signed neither. Sanchez has clearly been brought in to play on either wing. Wenger should just go all out and bid for Carvalho tomorrow. Having Khedira or Vidal is all well and good but they’re both 27 years old, whereas Carvalho is only and can be our DM for years to come.

  24. When we have a fully fit team what do you guys think our starting 11 will be? Mine would be Szcz Debuchy Mert Kos Gibbs Arteta (or new DM) Ramsey Ozil Walcott Giroud (or new ST) Sanchez. I would rotate Chambers with Mert for games against quicker teams.

    1. Beginning to think that bellerin should be given game time as debuchys weaknesses are much like sagnas …. Merts weaknesses already clear way too slow and awful passing out of defensive….Monreal is a bench player at best…between Ramsey and wilshere it all depends on form …. Neither on form now but wilshere is clearly better on ball but Ramsey is scoring…. so until we bring in another attacking option Ramsey likely to nudge it though whatever pundits on this site think wilshere is the more
      Complete midfield player …. DM a must ASAP

      My preferred team when players on form plus plausible additions

      Debuchy chambers kos Gibbs
      Wilshere ozil carzola
      Sanchez reus

  25. is it just me or this is the 1st time KJs got away with his rating? haha
    (note: I apprecitae KJs for always having the time to do the ratings!)

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